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Source: "Newark, New York and Vicinity Directory 1931-32." Newark, N.Y.: The Newark Union-Gazette. 1931.


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The Union - Gazette Directory
of Newark, New York, and vicinity

Copyright 1931

By John E. Bubois
Editor and Proprietor
The Newark Union - Gazette
Newark N.Y.

September 1,1931
Newark N.Y.

"The Best Town on the Line"

    The Village of Newark, N.Y. is situated in the County of Wayne; thirty miles east of Rochester, N.Y., fifty-one miles west of Syracuse, N.Y; and eighteen miles south of Lake Ontario.

    It is located on the Pennsylania, the New York Central, the West Shore railroads, the Barge Canal, and the State highways. The Eastern Greyhound Lines Inc, operate thru Newark between Rochester and Syracuse and points East and West.

    The population of Newark in past years has been as follows up to 1931: 1905, 4,554; 1910*, 6,227; 1915, 6,468; 1920*, 6,964; 1925, 7,309; 1927, 7,472; 1929, 7,688; 1930*, 7,649; 1931, 7,878.

    Each figure includes the inmate population of the Newark State School exclusive of employees, which is 1,459 in 1931.

    The population of Wayne County is as follows: 1910*, 50,179; 1920*, 48,827; 1930*, 49,995;

    The population of the town of Arcadia in which Newark is situated is as follows: 1910*, 8,672; 1920*, 9,266; 1930*, 10,051.

    The asterisk indicates the official United States census figures. The other years are the Union-Gazette directory figures.

    Newark is the largest village in Wayne County and in financial and commercial responsibility is easily the most important village on the main line of the New York Central Railroad between Rochester and Syracuse.

    Newark is in the center of a rich farming community and enjoys excellent educational, religious, social, business and health advantages.

Public Facilities

Some of the public facilities or institutions are herewith recorded for reference:


NEW YORK CENTRAL station at Railroad avenue. J.P. Shortall, ticket agent. Freight office North main Street.

WEST SHORE freight office at North main Street. H.P. Vanduesen, freight agent.

PENNSYLVANIA station and freight office at East Miller Street. John Murphy, agent.

EASTERN GREYHOUND LINES, INC., ticket office at Adeline Restaurant four corners, Main and Union Streets; Ben Woods, proprietor.

BARGE CANAL - Terminal, Superintendents's office, Van Buren Street. Supt. E.L. Keeler.

MUNICIPAL AIRPORT - West Pearl Street.

HOSPITAL - 25 beds - 122 West Miller Street, Mrs E. W. York, owner.

POST OFFICE - South Main Street, opposite Park, A. N. Christy, Postmaster.

TELEGRAPH - Western Union, East Union Street, Sarah A. McDermott, operator; Postal, Gardenier Hotel, Margaret Bocchino, operator.

TELEPHONE - Wayne Telephone Company, East Union Street, Bell System, H. P. McDonough, President

NEWARK FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY - Corner of High Street and Mason Street. Mrs Louise VanDuser, librarian.

NEWARK STATE SCHOOL, for men and women mentally defective, is located in Newark on Church Street. On January 1st, 1931, the population was as follows: 238 employees, 1,132 women in the institution, 109 women in colony houses, 218 on parole, making a total, in addition to the employees, of 1,459 women in the institution.

NEWARK CHAMBER OF COMMERMCE - Rhea Chittenden, president; Leroy Wright, secretary.

NEWARK MERCHANTS RETAIL COUNCIL - Merrill Holloway, chairman


Supervisor - Theron Y Allerton
Clerk - Fred C Frey
Constables - Paul D Reeves, Earl Doty, Harvey E Shufelt, Frank Stilwell
Justices - Charles Palmatier, Abram Decker, Eugene Catin, Wales Nichols
Overseer of Poor - Fred W Traub
Superintendent of Highways - Murray Welcher
Assessors - Frederick M Phelps, Lyman Farnsworth, Fred C Shaw
Collector - Levi Cattieu
Health Officer - Dr. D F Johnson
School Directors - William Robinson, Jacob Loos

Board of Education

President - Mrs Cora E P Elliott
Vice-President - Jacob Loos
Clerk - Mrs O W Bumpus
George Barker
William Plighter

Officers of the District

Clerk - Mrs. Cora E P Elliott
Treasurer - George Sleight
Tax Collector - Charles Palmatier
Medical inspector - Dr J L Davis
Attendance Officer - George Townsend


Baptist- Corner of East Avenue and Miller Street, Rev J D Brehaut, pastor

Christian Science - Corner Mason and High Streets

Evangelical - Corner Colton Avenue and East Miller Street, Rev Dallas M Blatt, pastor

Lutheran - East Miller Street, Rev Bertram Dallmann, pastor

Methodist Episcopal - Corner So Main and High Streets, Rev Harold G Stearns, pastor

Presbyterian - Church Street facing village park, Rev Willis R Sanderson, pastor

Reformed - East Avenue, Rev Benjamin DeYoung, pastor

St Mark's Espiscopal- Corner So Main and Williams Streets, Rev Charles W Walker, rector

St. Michael Catholic - Corner So Main and Franklin Streets, Rev J J Ganey, pastor

Fire Department Officers

Chief- Harry W Parker
First Assistant Chief - George Fox
Second Assistant Chief - Parke Pulver
Secretary - George Goldsworthy
Treasurer - E J Cunningham

Officers of Various Hose Companies

Excelsior Hook and Ladder Co - No 4
President - William Stauring
Vice-President - Carlton Hoste
Secretary - C E Brinkerhoff
Treasurer - J Auther Dear
Captain - H G Stell
Lieutenant - C Krusemark

New York Central Hose Co - No 5
President - William Brown
Vice-President - Raymond Rynearson
Secretary - Llewellyn Harrison Jr
Treasurer - George Doty
Captain - Elmer Cunningham
Lieutenant - William Morrison

Deluge Hose Company - No 1
President - Roger Allerton
Captain - O C Cornell
Lieutenant - Arthur Lyman
Secretary - Louis Schweitzer Jr
Treasurer - Ray VanGorder

Arcadia Hose Co - No 2
President - Jacob Loos
Secretary - George Fox
Treasurer - Frank Benjamin
Captain - Charles Douglas
Lieutenant - Morris Genthner

Protective Extinguisher - No 3
President - Henry B Rogers
Treasurer - C P H Vary
Secretary - George Townsend
Captain - Paul Fortmiller
First Lieutenant - Charles B Klefeker

Fraternal Organizations

August Mauer Post of American Legion
Commander, Clifford Newton
Treasurer, Fred Young

B P O Elks
Exalted Ruler, John Keane
Secretary, Theodore Beales

Forensic Club High School
President, Rhea Merriam
Vice-President, Maynard DuRei
Secretary, William Scheetz
Treasurer, Robert Gulick

Italian - American Civic Club
President, A F Colacino
Vice-President, Daniel Rocondo
Secretary, Thos J Colacino
Treasurer, Jas V Rotella
Reference Committee,
Daniel Rotondo
Frank Ruffalo
Cosma DeMarco

Knights of Columbus 4th degree Assembly
F Friar, Father Ganey
F Navigator, Wm T Sabedra
F Captain, Wm Delaney
F Admiral, Jas Rotella
F Pilot, Chas Lemmens
F Comptroller, A F Colacino

The Lions Club
President - Gordon Meyer
Secretary - Lloyd Burcroff
Treasurer - Cecil Davidson

Masonic Club No 301
President - A G Leroux
Secretary - O W Bumpus

Modern Woodmen of America
Venerable Counsel, Peter Martin
Clerk, Charles H Berger

Newark Chapter No117 R.A.M.
High Priest, W Harold Porter
Secretary, Charles H Berger

Newark Council No 897 Knights of Columbus
Chaplain, Father Ganey
Grand Knight, Thos Flynn
Dep.Gr. Knight Edw DeWeaver
Fin, Secretary, Howard Franklin
Recorder, Bernard VanderBrook
Treasurer, Eugene Morgan
Chancellor, Thos Healy
Warden, Chas Lemmens
Lecturer, Danford Eaton

Newark Country Club
President, Paul V Fortmiller
Vice-President, Frank W Coates
Secretary, J Logan Anderson
Treasurer, H B Rogers

Newark Lodge No 83 F & A M
Master, George R Feller
Secretary, Charles H Burger

Newark Rotary Club
President, Lewis A Gilbert
Atty, secretary, Charles Baldwin

Odd Fellows Encampment
Chief Patriarch, John DeMay
Senor Warden, John DeHond
Scribe, Leslie Lanse

Odd Fellows Lodge
Noble Grand, C V Crider
Vice - Grand, E W Robinson
Recording Secretary, George Goldsworthy
Financial Secretary, John Hoffmeyer
Treasurer, Ivan DeMay

Patrons of Husbandry Newark Grange
Master, Mrs John Hartnagel
Secretary, Nellie J Gosline
Treasurer, George VanAuken

Red Man Saskachewan Tribe
Roger Allerton

Retail Council of the Newark Chamber of Commerce
Chairman, Merrill Holloway

Sons of Italy Lodge 449
Venerable, John Truini
Ass't Venerable, Daniel Rotondo
Financial Secretary, Thos C Colacino
Corresponding Secretary, Frank Gullo
Oratore, John Delmastro
Past Venerable, Silvio Greco

Sons of Veterans
Commander, L W Harrison
Secretary, Erwin D Thomas

The Newark Chamber of Commerce President, Rhea E Chittenden Vice - President, A Eugene Bolles Secretary, Leroy Wright Treasurer, Harrison Bloomer

Clubs for Women

American Legion Auxiliary
President, Mrs Ruth Pulver
Secretary, Mrs Lillian Young
Treasurer, Mrs Louisa Rogers

Bay View Club
President, Mrs Ralph Wilder
Vice - President, Mrs J H Barrett
Treasurer, Mrs Elias Croucher
Secretary, Mrs George Nye

Book Club
Chairman, Mrs George C Peirson
Mrs George Burnham
Mrs W M Flikins

Child Welfare League Perkins School
President, Mrs Harold Porter
Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs Julian Merson

Child Welfare League Roosevelt School
President, Mrs Albert Merriam
Vice-President, Mrs Cecil Chase
Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs Jacob Lemmens

Child Welfare League Lincoln School
President, Mrs George Witt
Vice-President, Mrs Malard Abbott
Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs A S Ketchum

Coterie Club
President, Mrs Mary Ball
Vice-President, Mrs Madge Blackmar
Secretary, Mrs Fred C White
Treasurer, Mrs Lillian Greenwood

Daughters of the American Revolution
Regent, Miss Anna L Miller
Secretary, Mrs Grace P Lane
Treasurer, Mrs Margaret Cope

General John Swift Chapter Daughters of 1812
Regent, Mrs Abram D Smith
Vice-Regents, Miss Clara A Prescott
Mrs George D York
Secretary, Miss Minnie Snitzel
Treasurer, Minnie F Snyder

Historical Society of the Town of Arcadia
President, Miss Clara A Prescott
Secretary, E H Clark

Industrial Aid Society
President, Mrs O W Bumpus
Vice - President, Mrs C H Stuart
Secretary, Mrs J E Dubois
Treasurer, Mrs E B Elliott
Assistant Treasurer, Miss Ethel Williams

Mooseheart Legionnaires
Senior Regent, Mary Downs
Recorder, Nellie Starks
Treasurer, Dorothy Hall

Order of Eastern Star
Worthy Matron, Mrs Roszena MacFall
Secretary, Mrs Bessie Darrow

Red Cross Society
President, Mrs J L Metcalf

Silver Link Rebekah Lodge
Noble Grand, Mrs Isabella Goldsworthy
Secretary, Mrs Jessis Chatfield

St Rita's Circle Daughters of Isabella
Regent, Miss Nan Hallinan
Financial secretary, Miss Anna McLaughlin
Recording secretary, Miss Mary Grieve
Treasurer, Miss Esther DeWeaver
Scribe, Miss Mary Ferguson

Travelers Club
Guide, Mrs T E Elliott
Assistant guide, Miss Josephine Young
Secretary treasurer, Mrs J P Shearer

The Fortnightly Club
President, Mrs Claude Mather
Secretary-treasurer, Mrs A G Leroux

The Tuesday Club
Guide, Mrs Lewis VanTassel
Assistant guide, Mrs Harry Crofoot
Secretary, Mrs Fred Monroe

Womans Benefit Association
President, Grace Stanton
Recording secretary, Carrie Pratt

Womans Christian Temperance Union
President, Miss Jennie A Armstrong
Corresponding secretary, Mrs Carrie L VanDeusen
Recording secretary, Mrs Lizzie S West

Wauwatosa Council Degree of Pocahantas
Prophetes, Mrs Edith DePuyt
Pocahantos, Mrs Abram Vandermill

Newark Notaries Public

Charles Baldwin
Frank J Baltzel
Charles Henry Berger
Freda Buell Blass
John J Blass
Leslie W Bronk
Mildred E Bronk
Kenneth Reuben Brown
Charles W Burgess
Frederick E Burgreen
Emil J Charlebois
Arthur N Christy
Harold F Clark
Phillip B Compton
Charles E Converse
Nyna M Cook
Elmer J Cunningham
Joseph A Cunningham
Bessie F Darrow
Mary E DeVito
Merrell M DuBois
Grace Mae Engels
Emogene G Evarts
Jane M Flood
John H Fortmiller
Bertha C Frey
Stuart D Hallagan
H W Herman
Charles H Herrick
Elizabeth M Herrick
Joseph L Huntington
James D Hurley
Earl L Keeler
Caleb P Kelly
F Burnette Kelly
T Spencer Knight
Walter Walton Ladd
Clarence A LeRoy
Ray W Marble
Anna S McLaughlin
Lewis W Morse
Walter W Muth
John Nieskes
Doris M Peck
Ernest E Pritchard
Wilford T Purchase
Cornelia D Reynolds
Orey E Richards
Geo L Richmond
James B Robinson
Vincent S Roche
Eugene A Schiltz
Truman W Scutt
Harvey E Shufelt
George A Sleight
Peter R Sleight
Carlton F Smith
Ralph S Smith
Elmer E Stell
Grace Ethel Stell
Ralph J Storm
Kenneth D Strite
Wesley G Thompson
Ella A Thoms
Edith May Valmore
Calvin P H Vary
Clarence Verdow
Byron C Williams
Don Ephriam Williams
Francis T Wiser
Charles S Wright
Leroy H Wright

Municipal Board

Chairman, Dr D F Johnson
Chas Drake
Mitchell Chadwick
Clerk, J Elbert Fisk
Consulting engineer, Leroy Wright

Newark Village Officers

Mayor, C F Smith


1st Dist, Jacob J Brill
2nd Dist, E Douglas Colburn
3rd Dist, Curtis Scofield
4th Dist, John L Metcalf
Treasurer, George A Sleight
Street Commissioner, Fred Unger
Attorney, W T Purchase
Park Commissioner, Peter R Sleight
Clerk, J Elbert Fisk
Village Nurse, Florence N Grieve
Fire Truck Driver, C E Brinkerhoff
Assistant Fire Driver and Janitor of City Hall, W J Utter
Dairy Inspector, Dr D D Lefevre

Newark Board of Health

Same as Village Board
Health Officer, John A Morrissey
Secretary and Registrar of Vital Statistics, Fred C Frey

Newark Post Office

Postmaster, A N Christy
Assistant Postmaster, C S Humeston
Superintendent of Mails, A R Taylor
Clerks, Cecil Quinlin
Bradley Palmer
Bert W Mitchell
P W Libbert
W C Landfield
Carlyle G Stratton
George E Unger
J E Swart
Harold Bradley
Clarence Heath
Auxiliary Clerks, Stanley McFall
Charles Milbrook

Village Carriers and Routes

Harold Stiles, Route 1
D F Bradley, Route 2
C B Espenmiller, Route 3
Ford Durfee, Route 4
George Goldsworthy, Route 5
C F Lindstrom, Route 6
Kenneth Jones
Cuyler Ridley
Roemer Mangan,
Auxiliary Carriers
Parcel Post Truck, Kenneth Jones

Rural Carriers and Routes

Fred Filkins, Route 1
Russel Ridley, Route 2
Roy Winans, Route 3
A G LeRoux, Route 4


The Newark Courier Inc
South Main Street
A Eugene Bolles, Publisher, Weekly, Thursdays

The Newark Union Gazette
DuBois Block, South Main Street
John E DuBois, publisher, semi-weekly, Tuesdays and Fridays

The Marion Enterprise
Published by The Union-Gazette
John E Dubois, publisher, weekly, Thursdays

Police Department

Police Justice, Charles Palmatier
Police Board, John Metcalf, E Douglas Colburn
Solon McKown, Chief
William Artlip, Night Captain
William Scheerens, Traffic
Special Policemen
Ward 1, Arthur Mattews
Ward 2, George Trowbridge
Vincent Lyke
James Severson
Irving A Clark,
Mrs John R Hayden, Police Matron

Public Buildings

Newark Free Public Library, corner High and Mason Sts
Mrs Louise VanDuser, Librarian

City Hall
East Union Street, executive, Legislative, and judicial offices of village
Headquarters of fire departments, city water works

Newark State School
On Asylum Hill, Church Street
Dr Charles L Vaux, Superintendent


High School
Corner Church St and East Ave, called the Washington School

Lincoln School
North Main St

Roosevelt School
Cor. East Union and Vienna Streets

Perkins School
West Maple Ave

Superintendent of Schools
Mr. F Neff Stroup, office in the High School building


Mr F Neff Stroup, Superintendent

Senior High School

Mr E R Woelfel, Principal
Mr E R Woelfel, Mathematics
Mrs Marjorie Comstock, Mathematics
Miss Pricilla Bronson, History, Mathematics
Miss Ruth E Williams, History
Mr Robert E Hubbard, Science
Miss Mary Moore, Biology, Civics
Mr Leon F Lee, Agriculture
Mr Harry A Crofoot, Vocational
Mr Donald B Burditt, Vocational
Miss Martha Munson, English
Miss Irene B Quiri, English
Mrs Elizabeth H Crane, English
Miss Frances M Wright, French, German
Miss Catherine M Glynn, Latin
Miss Adeline M Pillot, Commercial
Miss Dorothy G Darch, Commercial
Miss Elise I Reed, Homemaking
Miss Evelyn Fisher, Homemaking
Miss Norma Larson, Librarian
Mrs Clementine H Cowles, Study Hall

Washington Grammer School

Miss C Edith Tallman, Director of Junior High
Miss C Edith Tallman, 8th grade
Mr Francis Stein, 8th grade
Miss Mildred Perrin, 8th grade
Miss Marion L'Amoreaux, 7th grade
Miss Lana F Morrison, 7th grade
Miss Margaret Munson,7th grade
Miss Eloise Robeson, 7th grade

Charles H Perkins School

Mrs Lula Shafer, Principal
Mrs Lula Shafer, 6th grade
Miss Mabel E West, 5 th grade
Miss Mina E Elve, 4th grade
Mrs Frances K Shannon, 3rd grade
Miss Dorothy Garrison, 2nd and 3rd grades
Miss Laura H LeRoux, 2nd grade
Miss Juliette Lucas, 1st grade
Miss Marianne LaSalle, 1st grade
Miss Sophia E Vogt, Kindergarten

Lincoln School

Mr Elmer J Cunningham, Principal
Mr Elmer J Cunninghan, 6th grade
Mrs Roszena MacFall, 5th grade
Miss Jennie Ellison, 5th and 6th grades
Miss Sarah L Merrick, 4th grade
Miss Frances LeFaivre, 3rd grade
Mrs Marguerite Sanford, 3rd grade
Miss Mary G Hamm, 2nd grade
Miss Nellie Goseline, 1st grade
Miss Lillian J Davenport, Kindergarten

Roosevelt School

Mr Edmund J Hochbrueckner, Principal
Mr Edmund J Hochbrueckner, 6th grade
Miss Edna Mildahn, 5th grade
Miss Eva L Wilder, 4h grade
Miss Elizabeth B Loomis, 3rd grade
Miss Bertha A Kelly, 2nd grade
Miss Anna M Fortmiller, 1st grade
Miss Magdalene Scheiterle, Kindergarten

Special Teachers

Mr Harold W Hatsell, Physical Training
Miss Marie Schramm, Physical Training
Miss Florence E Bain, Music
Mr Chester T Robb, Instrumental Music
Miss Nina E Hedden, Drawing
Miss Emma McCabe, Health Teacher
Miss Marguerite Lloyd, Dental Hygienist
Miss J Ruth Seymour, Special Class
Miss Bertha M O'Hara, Penmanship

Wayne County Officials

John Taber, Auburn, Cayuga County NY

State Senator
Charles J Hewitt, Locke, Cayuga County NY

Member of Assembly
Harry L Averill, Palmyra

County Judge
Gordon G Harris, Newark

County Surrogate and Children's Court Stenographer
Miss Helen I Buckley, Lyons

Childrens Court Judge
Gordon G Harris, Newark

County Court Clerk
W Ralph Strain, Lyons

County Surrogate
Lewis A Gilbert, Newark

Clerk Surrogates Court
Caroline E Austin, Lyons

Deputy Clerk Surrogates Court
Miss Katharine Austin, Lyons

District Attorney
Charles B Brasser, Williamson

County Attorney
Charles H Herrick, Newark

County Clerk
Charles A Noble, Lyons

Deputy County Clerk
Fred C Peer, Lyons

Special Deputy County Clerk and Court Clerk
W Ralph Strain, Lyons

Deputy County Clerk in Charge of Motor Vehicle Bureau
Clifford A Noble, Lyons

County Treasurer
Sheridan E Wood, Savannah

Deputy County Treasurer
Carrie A Bennett, Lyons

Special Deputy County Treasurer
Gladys Hitchcock, Lyons

Jeremiah Collins, Lyons

Deputy Sheriff, Jailer
John L Newman, Macedon

Commissioner of Public Welfare
Willis W Cosad, Wolcott

County Superintendent of Highways
LeVan R Barnes, Clyde

Dr George D Winchell, Rose
Dr Arthur Besemer, Marion
James L Becker, Red Creek
Walter J Mepham, Ontario

County Sealer of Weights and Measures
Charles B Herendeen, Newark

Commissioners of Election
Edward Sautter, Lyons
Charles H Ford, Clyde

District Superintendents of Schools
Lewis H Clark, Sodus
Virginia C Hill, Palmyra
Mrs Ida Cosad, Wolcott
Frank L Miller, Lyons

Board of Child Welfare
W Ray Converse, Chairman, Palmyra
Katharine A Austin, Secretary, Lyons
Mrs Alice Richmond, Newark
Mrs Arthur C Potts, Clyde
Mrs Lucy H Mason, Marion
Mrs Clement Wadsworth, Wolcott
Dr George H Watson, Lyons
Willis W Cosad, Commissioner of Public Welfare, Wolcott

County Nurses
Jessie R McClellan,Newark
Maud C Devol, Wolcott

Supervisors Clerk
Durfee Hoag, Macedon

Wayne County Board of Supervisors

Arcadia, Theron Y Allerton, Newark NY
Butler, Charles I Mead
Galen, Harvey H Benning, Clyde NY
Huron, Dana P Waldron, Wolcott NY
Lyons, George H Holloway, Lyons NY
Macedon, George A Bradley, Macedon NY
Marion, Melvin E Warner, Marion NY
Ontario, Charles W Fewster, Ontario NY
Palmyra, Harry L Averill, Palmyra NY
Rose, Orin A Skutt, North Rose NY
Savannah, C Ernest E Reynolds, Savannah NY
Sodas, Elmer G Butts, Marion R F D 3
Walworth, Leander W Baker, Walworth NY
Williamson, George A Morse, Williamson NY
Wolcott, Harvey H Sharp, Red Creek NY

Town Clerks

Arcadia, Fred C Frey, Newark NY
Butler, Myrtle E VanHoesen, South Butler NY
Galden, Kenneth Spencer, Clyde NY
Huron, Teunis S Fowler, Wolcott NY
Lyons, Richard H Hartnagel, Lyons NY
Macedon, Fred C Kemp, Macedon NY
Marion, L A Shoales, Marion NY
Ontario, Jacob Kohlman, Ontario NY
Palmyra, Harry E Williamson, Palmyra NY
Rose, Ray Osgood, Rose NY
Savannah, Welling C Soule, Savannah NY
Sodas, George H Knapp, Sodas NY
Walworth, Charles D Tuttle, Walworth NY
Williamson, Elmer E Decker, Williamson NY
Wolcott, W M VanPatten, Wolcott NY

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