1st Baptist Church of Newark, NY

The following ladies contributed one or more tried and true family favorite recipes to a mimeographed cookbook. All names are spelled exactly as in the original. This cookbook has been donated to the Office of the County Historian.


First Baptist Church
Newark, N.Y.

Lend-A-Hand 1955

Amy Avery
Kay Avery
Eva Baity
Mrs. Eva Barnes
Wilma Bergstra
May Blankenburg
Elva Boeckmann
Neola Browning
Nellie Burgreen
Mrs. Byron J. Carr
Lynn Carr
Lillian P. Cassada
Gladys Charlebois
Mrs. J. W. Chase
Mrs. W. W. Colby
Mary S. Cook
Lucile Davidson
Mrs. Peter Dayton
Lillian DeKruger
Mrs. Peter DeNagel
Ina Dion
Ruth Ann Dion
Edwine Du Rei, Batavia, N.Y.
Julia Ellis
Mrs. J. Finewood
Doris Gifford
Grandma Gifford
Grace Gulick
Mrs. Lee Haile, Portland, Oregon
Marie Heath
Minnie Hildebrandt
Virginia Hinkley
Marion Hyatt
Millie M. Hyatt
Ardis Jarrell
Mrs. J. Jones
Isabelle Lawton
E. Lovejoy
Minnie Luckbach
Pauline McClellan
Mary Moorhead
Mrs. W. L. Mussack
Mrs. Bradley Palmer
Mrs. Leo Palmer
Mrs. Edward Reed
Marian Reed
Winifred Reed
Doris Rice
Mrs. Stanley Rice
Wanda Rice
Murl Rohlin
Anna Stachia
Mrs. Tack
Mrs. Tuttle
Marie VanBussum
Mrs. Edward Van Ryan
Mrs. Wedman
Mrs. William Work
May E. Young

The site coordinators aren't related to any of the individuals listed, so we have no information about them. We realize that some of the spellings may be incorrect, but as you recognize your relatives, typing this rare mid-20th century resource up was worthwhile. The lists have been proofread against the original book, and to maintain the historical integrity of this resource, the spellings of your relatives' names will remain as in the original. We thank you in advance for not emailing us with questions but directing ALL inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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