Source: "Boyd's Business Directory of over One Hundred Cities and Villages in New York State," by Andrew Boyd. Albany, N.Y.: Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons. 1869.

NEWARK, Wayne County.

Wayne county formed April 11, 1823; named in honor of General Anthony Wayne. Newark is a canal village and important station upon the N. Y. C. R. R., 99 miles from Buffalo, and 199 from Albany. It was incorporated July 21, 1853. It has a bank, a weekly newspaper, and several manufactories.

Andrews L. hotel, Canal

Baker Henry T. blacksmith, Arcadia village
Baldwin Edwin A. (Baldwin & Lowrey), Palmyra.
Baldwin & Lowrey (A. Baldwin and J.C. Lowrey), butchers, Palmyra
Barber Dennis, grocer, Arcadia village
Barney Wm. P. (Reed & Barney), Main n. Canal
Bartle Andrew C. (Bartle & Eames), Palmyra
BARTLE & EANES (A.C. Bartle and S.A. Eames), planing mills, Palmyra
Beckwith John W. harnessmaker, Arcadia village
Blackman Edwin, dry goods, Main
Blakely James G. tinsmith, Canal near Main.
Bridger James, grocer, opp. R.R. depot
Briggs J.E. (Williams & Briggs), Main
Bronk & Spoon (C. Brook and J.P. Spoon), builders, Arcadia village
Bronk Casper (Bronk & Spoon), Arcadia village
Buck D.D. Rev. pastor Methodist church
Burgdorff J.C. Rev. pastor Christian church
BURNHAM EDWIN K. lawyer, Canal n. Main
Butler Wm. M. telegraph operator

Coans Calvin, shoemaker, Willow av. n. Canal
COOK GEORGE & BROS. (N. and J. Cook), grocers, Arcadia village
Cook James (George Cook & Bros.), Arcadia village
Cook Nathaniel (George Cook & Bros.), Arcadia village
Cookiugham Wm. carriage manuf. Arcadia village
Cronise Henry (Cronise & Kemper), Arcadia village
Cronise John S. (Cronise & Co.), Main n. Canal
CRONISE & CO. (J.S. Cronise, J.A. Miller and J.F. Herman), hardware, Main n. Canal
Cronise & Kemper (H. Cronise and D. Kemper), dry goods, &c. Arcadia village
Crothers O. maltster

Darling Wm. H. shoemaker, Arcadia village
Davis Mason, shoemaker, Main cor. Canal
Dawley Philander, grocer, Canal near Main
Dillenbeck Arie M. (Dillenbeck & Roberts), Arcadia village
DILLENBECK JOHN, dry goods, also postmaster, Arcadia village
DILLENBECK & ROBERTS (A.M. Dillenbeck and I. Roberts), grocers, Arcadia village
Dowd J.H. photographer, Main near Canal
Doffing ____, barber, Main near Canal

Eames Spencer S. (Bartle & Eames), Palmyra
Edgett Ezra A. preserver

Filkins ____, coal yard, Palmyra, near Main
Fitch Charles H. hardware, Arcadia village
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NEWARK, Fletcher Williams, president; E.T. Grant, cashier; capital, $50,000, Main
Ford James W. grocer Canal near Main
Frear Charles H. & Bros. (W.S.L. Frear), grocers, Main near Canal
Frear William S.L. (Charles H. Frear & Bros.), Main near Canal

GARDENIER Z.B. Newark Hotel, Willow avenue near Main
Garlock Cyrus, cooper, Canal
Gaslin George B. marble worker, Palmyra near Main
Gee Jacob (Gee, Lamoreaux & Co.), Arcadia village
Gee, Lamoreaux A Co. (J. Gee, M. Lamoreaux and A.M. Phelps), lumber, Arcadia village
Grant David W. (Grant & Lamoreaux), Arcadia village
Grant E.T. cashier First National Bank of Newark
GRANT & LAMOREAUX (Wm. Grant and D.W. Lamoreaux), grist mill, Arcadia vil.

Haight John, brick yard, Arcadia village
Hankenson James W. clothing, Main near Canal
Harris O.W. shoemaker, Palmyra near Main
Hays A. tailor, Arcadia village
Hays Alexander, ticket agent
Headen John L. justice of peace, Arcadia village
Heath George A. furniture, Arcadia village
Hensel Charles, tailor, Wilson ave. near Canal
Herman J.F. (Cronise & Co.), Main near Canal
Hooper T.S. hotel, Arcadia village
Horton Theodore F. druggist, Arcadia village

Jroat Wm. S. (Jroat & Robinson), Canal n. Main
Jroat & Robinson (Wm. S. Groat and J.N. Robinson), blacksmiths, Canal near Main

Kelley Charles H. physician, Arcadia village
Kemper Daniel (Cronise & Kemper), Arcadia village
Kemper Morton (Kemper & Rose), Arcadia village
KEMPER & ROSE (M. Kemper and L.L. Rose), grain dealers, Arcadia village
Kenyon Malcolm, stationer, Main near Canal
Krum, Silvester & Co. (S. Krum), bakers, Canal near Main

Lamoreaux Andrew O. coal yard, Arcadia village
Lamoreaux David W. (Grant & Lamoreaux), Arcadia village
Lamoreaux Moses (Gee, Lamoreaux & Co.), Arcadia village
Langdon E.D. hotel opp. R.R. depot
Lewis G.L. hotel opp. R.R. depot
Lord J. Mrs. milliner, Canal near Main
Lowrey John C. (Baldwin & Lowrey), Palmyra
Lusk C.C. butcher, Arcadia village
Lusk Chilon B. butcher, Arcadia village
Lusk Jacob G. (Whiting & Lusk), Willow avenue near Canal

Madison John S. malthouse, Palmyra
McCall L.C. mililner, Main near Canal
McGregor Peter, shoemaker, Main near Canal
Miller Charles (Miller & Web), Willow av
Miller Frank & Co. (V.F. Miller), harnessmakers, Willow avenue corner Canal
Miller J.A. (Cronise & Co.), Main near Canal
Miller Valentine F. (Frank Miller & Co.), Willow avenue near Canal
Miller & Weh (Ch. Miller and C. Weh), blacksmiths, Willow avenue
Morse H.H. dry goods, Main near Canal
Morse R.E. clothing, Main near Canal

NEWARK HOTEL. Z.B. Gardenier. Willow avenue near Main
Newark Masonic Ledge No. 83, meet Monday evenings
NEWARK WEEKLY COURIER. B. Howe Randolph, editor. Palmyra n. Main
NORTON L.M. lawyer, Main near Canal

Oleary Jerry, barber, Arcadia village

Padget B.M. dentist, Canal near Main
Palmer Richard H. livery, Willow avenue
Pease Dwight A. photographer, Main n. Palmyra
PEIRSON S.S. & CO. bankers. Main c. Canal
Phelps A.M. (Gee, Lamoreaux & Co.), Arcadia village
Piggott Rev. pastor, Episcopal church
Pnoyer Elizabeth, hats, &c. Main near Canal
PRESCOTT JOEL H. insurance agent and postmaster, Palmyra
Price George Henry, boat builder, Arcadia village
Price R. brickyard, Arcadia village
Pyatt David (Pyatt & Co), Main near Canal
Pyatt & Co. (D. Pyatt), grocers, Main n. Canal

RANDOLPH B. HOWE, editor Newark Weekly Courier
Randolph W.B. Rev. pastor Universalist church
Reed R.M. jeweler, Main
Reed Rufus (Reed & Barney), Main near Canal
Reed & Barney (R. Reed and W.P. Barney), dry goods, &c. Main near Canal
Roberts Ingham (Dillenbeck & Roberts), Arcadia village
Robinson John N. (Jroat & Robinson), Canal n. Main
Rose Laurin L. (Kemper & Rose), Arcadia village
Rowland Edwin, livery, Arcadia village
Runyon Lewis, tailor, Palmyra near Main
Rush Wm. billiards, Arcadia village

Salvage Charles, shoemaker, Palmyra near Main
Sheldon H.D. hardware, Main near Canal
Sherman D.A. coal yard, Canal near Main
Shumway G.R.F. Rev. pastor Presbyt'n church
Smith Andrew, blacksmith, Arcadia village
Snider George S. dry goods, Canal near Main
Soverhill A.D. lawyer, Main near Canal
Soverhill E.P. dry goods, Main near Canal
Spoon James P. (Bronk & Spoon), Arcadia village
Spoor ____ Rev. pastor Arcadia Baptist church
Squier James H. carriage maker, Willow av.
Stuart John E. (C.W. Stuart & Bro.), Willow av.
STUART C.W. & BRO. (J.E. Stuart), nurserymen, Willow av.
Suthers Ambrose, clothing, Main cor. Canal

TEARE WILLIAM, tanner, Palmyra
Thomas Joseph, restaurant, Palmyra near Main
TRACY S.R. & GREENWOOD, cultivators, Canal near Main
Trumbull George, barber, Main near Canal

Vanderhoof Isaac, grocer, Palmyra near Main
Vandusen John, shingle factory, Main

Warner John S. grocer, Arcadia village
Weh Conrad (Miller & Weh), Willow av.
Westfall & Pierson (John R. Westfall and H.J. Pierson), grocers, Palmyra
Wheeler Benjamin, tanner, Arcadia village
Whitbeck Leonard L. blacksmith, Arcadia village
Whiting Charles M. (Whiting & Lusk), Willow ave. near Canal
WHITING & LUSK (C.M. Whiting and J.P. Lusk), cabinet makers, Willow avenue n. Canal
WHITNEY WILLIAM H. druggist, Canal near Main
Wilber T. & Son (J.C. Wilber), plows, harrows, &c. Main
Williams Fletcher, pres't First National Bank of Newark
Williams S.K. (Williams & Briggs), Main
Williams & Briggs (S.K. Williams and J.B. Briggs), lawyers, Main
WRIGHT BENJAMIN F. dry goods and groceries, Willow ave, near Canal
Wyatt George & Son (S. Wyatt), shoemakers, Willow ave. near Canal
Wyatt Seymour (George Wyatt & Son), Willow ave. near Canal

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