Arcadia NY
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Bette Sasso would appreciate your assistance identifying this photo of a couple driving an ox cart. Do you recognize the buildings or the people? She estimates the date to be 1905. [Note: many early migrants to Wayne County wended their way through the forests with wagons and carts drawn by teams of oxen.]

"There is no photographer's stamp on the photograph. In 1946 my family lived in a house in Rochester, NY that Adelbert Cronise lived in. He and his wife were there until 1933, when they passed away. There were two other families that lived in the house between 1934 - 1945. This photo was found in the house. It could have been left by any of the three families. I know that Adelbert Cronise's family came from Wayne County (he was born in Arcadia) and that he had relatives there. I have no proof that this photo is from Wayne County, but I am just curious as to where the location is. That's why I am trying to find out if it could have been Wayne County. Thank you for your assistance."
Bette Sasso

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Created: 6/8/04
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