Source: "Newark, New York and Vicinity Directory 1931-32." Newark, N.Y.: The Newark Union-Gazette. 1931.

Automobile Sales Service and Supplies

Adkin V F, West Union
Beach E T, Batteries, So Main
Beeman R F, No Main
Bond Ned, So Main
Cayuga Oil Co, No Main St
Dator H L & Son, West Union
Dunlop Tires, W Union
Colonial Oil Co, W Main
DeJohn James, E Union
Franklin Howard, W Union
Farnsworth L H, No Main
Gridley V M, West Union
Haag Ed, W Union
Halcus Gordon, W Union
Herman Karl, West Union
Howard H M, paint shop, W Union
Menzner Wesley, No Main
Minet Sales Co, W Union
McDougall George, East Avenue
Newark Auto Supply, West Union
Newark Motors Inc, So Main
Purol Co, East Miller
Ruffalo Sam, No Main
Rutbell R D, So Main St
Shell Gas Co, W Union
Scofield Curtis C, East Union
Scutt & Lindstrom, West Union
Utter W J, North Main
Warner Manley, So Main
Montgomery Ward Co, So Main
Weeks George A, VanBuren
Ben Woods Oil Co, No Main
Woods Tire Shop, West Union
Wright Jay, No Main

Auditors & Accountants

H D Tarbell, First National Bank Bldg, E Union

Art Shops

Hoffmeyer Lena J, So Main
Rogers Inc, E Miller
Wheat's Studio, W Union


Arcadia Bakery, C V Crider, So Main
Home Dairy Co, So Main


Arcadia Trust Co, Corner of South Main and East Union, Peter R Sleight Pres
First National Bank, Corner of South Main East Union, Ernest V Peirson Pres

Barber Shops

Ashton Samuel, E Union
DePolo Joseph, East Union
Halstead Barber Shop, So Main
Hoover's Barber Shop, So Main
Mason Frank, East Union
Volpe Gerald, No Main
Tommy's Barber Shop, W Union
Pitts Orrin, So Main
Norsen Charles, So Main

Billiard Rooms

Frey Fred C, East Union
Heath Daniel, E Union
Appleman Albert, W Union
DeMarco Larry, No Main
Moore Arthur, W Union


Hockenberger-DeMay Inc Water Street
Weimer George, No Main St

Cameras And Supplies

Allaart John, W Main
Darrow E J, East Miller St
Hicks L H, So Main St
Rogers Inc, E Miller St
Wheat L H, W Union St
Wildhack H J, So Main St.

Canned Goods - Wholesale

Comstock Canneries Inc, W Miller
Edgett-Burnham Co, W Union St
Perfection Canning Co Inc, Hoffman St

Carpets And Rugs

Parker H W, East Miller
Roche W B & Son, W Union St
Stuerwald J & Son, E Union St
Schulz A G, So Main St
Chaffee A B, So Main St
Ward M, So Main St

Carriages And Wagons

Dator H L & Son, W Union St


Devito Anthony B, Fillmore St
DeNagel Bros, W Miller St
Goetzman & Newman, East Ave
Martin C B, High St
Ruffalo Frank, Willow Ave
Parker Earl, W Miller
Pulver Parke, No Main


Mundy & Mundy, Church St

Cigars- Wholesale

Croucher G W, E Union St

Cleaning and Pressing

Amico A, No Main St
Keuka Dry Cleaners, E Union St
Colacino T J, E Union St
Star Tailoring, West Union St
Stott's Cleaners and Dyers, West Miller St
VanEtten C K, E Union St


Elliott E B & Sons, E Union
Farber's Clothing Shop, E Union
Hankenson Clothing Co, So Main
Holloway, W Union
Montgomery Ward & Co, So Main
Penny J C, So Main

Coal And Wood

Filkins & Hoff, East Ave
Price & Schiltz, No Main St
Newark Coal Co Inc, Church St
E Warner & Son, New York Central


Laudise Michael, East Main
Colarocco Peter, No Main
DeDomenico Sully, E Main

Confectionery And Ice Cream

Baltzel F J, So Main St
Hicks Lewis H, Drug Store, South Main St
Kuney & Robeson, E Union St
Newark Candy Kitchen, E Union
Onyx Candy Shop, So Main St
Ruffalo James, No Main St
Ursano, JOe, No Main St
Wildhack H J, So Main St

Contractors and Builders

DeBarr Augustus, E Miller St
Goossen John Jr, So Main St
Heath C W, So Main St
Himes William, So Main St
Hutchby Thomas, No Main St
Rooker Philip, Elm St
VanBuren C W, W Maple Ave


Newark Creamery, East Pearl St
VanDermill & Rawden, East Newark


Davis C H, Pulver block
Mcdonald N L, Stever block
Phelps A C, Pollock block
Radder R R, First National Bank Bldg
Williams S F, Masonic Bldg

(Doctors - See Physicians)


Allaart John, W Union St
Hicks Lewis H, So Main St
Wildhack H J, So Main St


Slaght Drapery Shop, W Union St
Chaffees Inc, So Main St
Montgomery Ward & Co, So Main
J C Penny Co, So Main St
Hoffmeyer Lena J, So Main

Dry Goods

Chaffees Inc, So Main St
Farnsworth L H, No Main St
Hoffmeyer Lena J, So Main St
People's Store Co, W Union St
Penny J C Co, So Main
Slaght Drapery Shop, W Union
Teirson Isaac, Vienna St
Montgomery Ward & Co, So Main

Electric (Appliances)

Empire Gas & Electric Co, West Union St
Dryer O W, E Union St

Electricians (Fixtures)

Beach Electric Co, So Main St
Beck Charles, E Union St
Libbert J J & Son, E Union St

Fancy Work Store

Hoffmeyer Lena J, So Main St

Farm Implements

Barker Bros Hardware, So Main
Dator H L & Son, W Main St
Garlock Hardware Corp, E Union
Mattison Hardware Co, So Main
Nichols Hardware Co, W Union
Mills George, R D 2 Newark

Feather Renovating and Mattresses

Codde John, Lyons Rd

Five & Ten Cent Stores

Woolworth's, So Main St
( See Variety Stores)
Fishman M H Co, So Main St


Wayne Floral Co, Grace Ave
Bryant Lynn T, Bryant St
Graham John, Madison Ave

Flour, Feed Or Grain

Graf, Fred & Son, East Newark
Peirson E V & Co, Mud Mills
Wayne Co. Milling Co, West Union
E Warner & Son, NY Central
Cornwall C A & Son, No Main St

Furniture Or Repairing

Montgomery Ward & Co, So Main
Hallagan Mfg Co (Wholesale only)
Parker H W, East Miller St
Prutzman J R, Lyons Rd
Roche W B & Son, W Union St
Schulz Arthur G, So Main St
Stuerwald J & Son, E Union St

(See automobile dealers)

Gas And Fitting

Empire Gas & Electric Co.


A&P Tea Co, E Union St
A&P Tea Co, So Main St
Allen Charles, East Miller
Critelli Felix, E Union St
Farnsworth L H, No Main St
Hart Store, So Main St
Maressa A, W Union St
Market Basket, So Main St
Market Basket, E Union St
Grand Union, So Main St
Palace Cash Market, No Main St
Peoples Store Co, W Union St
Eddie's Market, West Union St
Red & White Store, No Main St
Ruffalo Joseph, No Main St
Teirson Isaac, Vienna St
VanHorn A, E Union St
Welcher C A & Son, W Miller St
(See Markets)


Forbes Mrs A V, High St
Harper Method Shop, Sleight Blk
Howley Mrs Margaret, E Union
Parker Marion, Beauty Salon, W Miller St
Rose Briar Parlor, So Main St
Crane's Beauty Shop, E Union
Phillips Ina, Beauty Parlor, So Main St


Barker Bros Hardware Co, South Main St
Garlock Hardware Corp, E Union
Mattison Hardware Co, So Main
Nichols Hardware Co, W Union


Newark Hospital, W Miller St


Eagle Hotel James Ruffalo, prop, Water St
Gardenier Hotel Ray Gardenier prop, E Union St
Windsor Hotel, Dufloo & Larson, props, Corner East Ave and East Union St


Brill J J, Landon Ave
Brown Kenneth R, Capitol Theatre Bldg
Feller George R, 115 Wilson St
Fortmiller F L, Pollock Ave
Fortmiller J H, Pollock Ave
Gay Lloyd M, Capitol Theatre Bldg
Huntington J L, Pollock Ave
Kelly-Spencer, Capitol Theatre Bldg
Marble J W & Son, So Main St
Muth George W &Son, Arcadia Bank Bldg
Prescott & Bronk, Masonic Bldg
Snyder Minnie F, Masonic Bldg
Stell Elmer E, 108 Grace Ave
Tellier & Fikes Inc, First National Bank Bldg


Berger F G, So Main St
Hayden J R, Sleight Block
Oderkirk S H, E Union St
Kelly Jewelry Store, E Union St

Junk Dealers

Bolkowsky Gus, E Union St
Leventhal Meyer, W Union St
Port William, W Union St

Landscape Architects

National Landscape Service Inc, Sleight Block


Wayne Laundry, W Union St Sing Lee, East Ave


Gilbert Lewis A, So Main St
Herrick Charles H, Hankenson Blk
Harris Gordon G, Arcadia Bank Bldg
Wright Stanley, So Main
Hurley James D, East Union St
Purchase W T, Masonic Block
Williams B C, So Main St

Bus Lines

Eastern Greyhound, office at Adeline Restaurant, West Union St

Lumber and Wood Work

Bartle A C Lumber Co, W Union
Caves Joel, Lumber Mill, Harrison Street


Autocraft Corp, truck and automobile trailers
Bartle A C, Lumber Co, planing mill, interior wood and furnishings
Bilotta Bros, soft drinks
Bloomer Bros Co, paper box factory, paper mill
Chase J W & Son, potato chips, salad dressing, wholesalers
Grippin Manufacturing Co, crack filler
Hallagan Mfg Co, furniture
Humeson Clarence L, So Main St
Hunt Manufacturing Co, separators refrigerators poultry supplies etc
Newark Creamery Co, butter and other dairy products
Reed Manufacturing Co, tinware enamelware
Stuart C G & Co, extracts toilet articles, VanBuren St

Marble and Granite

Flynn M J, West Union St

Mason Contractors

Genthner Roy & Raymond
Monje Adrian
Mancuso Anthony
Beeder Edward
Schuman O E
Stratton G A

Meat Markets

Farnsworth L H, No Main St
Market Basket, So Main
Loos & Alexander, E Newark
City Market, DeMarco's, E Union
Harts, So Main St
Grand Union, So Main St
A & P Store, So Main St
Palace Cash Market, North Main St
Reeves Parke M, East Union St
Ruffalo & Sons, No Main St
Roche Thomas, East Ave
Teirson Isaac, Vienna St
Van Horn A, East Union St
Doane E W, W Union
Red & White, North Main St

Milk Dealers

City Dairy Co, East Union
Newark Creamery Co, East Pearl
Standard Dairy, West Ave
Vandermill & Rawden, East Union
Welcher Harold
Sanitary Dairy

(See Ready to Wear)


The Newark Courier Inc, So Main St, A Eugene Bolles publisher, weekly Thursdays
The Newark Union-Gazette, DuBois Block, So Main St, John E DuBois publisher, semi-weekly Tuesdays and Fridays
The Marion Enterprise, published by The Union-Gazette, John E DuBois publisher, Weekly Thursdays

Newspapers Books Periodicals-Dealers

Allaart J A, W Union St
Bilotta John, E Union St
Lawrence O A, No Main St
Rogers Inc, E Miller St
United Cigars, So Main St
Wildhack H J, So Main St

Nursery Firms

Bryant L T
Emmons & Co
Empire State Nursery Co
Fruit growers Nurseries
Green Acres Nurseries
Jackson & Perkins Co
Knight & Bostwick
Moore William C & Co
National Landscape Service
Quaker Hill Nurseries
Silver Hill Nurseries
Stuart C W & Co
VanInwagen C L
Wayne Nurseries

Oil Heating (See Hardware)


Donnelly Dr F C, East Miller
Galusha M L, Church St
VanBussum Edgar, So Main St
Westfall Leon, Sleight Block


Chittenden W C, East Miller St

Painters and Paper Hangers

Chapman Edward, Elm St
Colburn E D & Co, E Main St
Craver Bros, Lily St
Palmer L W, Ford St
Lyke J L & Son, So Main St
Phillips William, Harrison St
Stauring William, Colton Ave

Peanuts and Popcorn

Chase J W, West Union St
Lawrence O A, No Main St

Radio - Music

Roche E B & Son, W Union St
Stuerwald J & Son, E Union St
Kelly C P, East Union St
Wheat Leonard, W Union St
Mattison Hardware, So Main St
Garlock Hardware, E Union St
Hayden John R, So Main St
Montgomery Ward & Co, So Main
Menzner W, No Main St
Schulz Authur, So Main St
Parker Harry, E Miller St
Beach E T, So Main St
Barker Bros, So Main St


Darrow E J, East Miller St
Wheat Studio, W Union St


Craft G H, East Miller
Davis J L, East Miller St
Donnelly F C, East Miller St
DuBois Elmer, East Miller St
Johnson D F, High St
Morrisey J A, High St
Reed J A, Maple Court
Lucas Frank, So Main St
Tansley Evan, So Main St
Young A A, East Miller St

Picture Framing

Darrow Ernest, East Miller
Roche W B & Son, W Union St
Stuerwald J & Son, East Union St
Wheat L H, West Union St


Bronk W J, Grange Buldg
Fox E, So Main St
Reed Clarence, W Miller St
Stewart Clark B, W Miller St

Produce Dealers

Arcadia Produce Co, Lake St
Cornwall C A & Son, No Main St
Wellbrock J C, Elliott Block


Newark Courier Inc, So Main St
Newark Union-Gazette, So Main St
Wright & Vanderbrook, No Main

Ready to Wear Millinery

Arcadia Dept Store, So Main
Chaffee's Inc, So Main
Farnsworth Fashion Shoppe, East Union
Hoffmeyer Lena, So Main
Penney J C Co, So Main
Kelley McCarty, E Union
Style Shop, R Brown, So Main
Walsh Shoppe, So Main
Montgomery Ward Co, So Main

Real Estate Agencies

Nieskes John, Masonic Bldg
Kelley-Spencer, Capitol Theatre Bldg
Fortmiller J H, So Main St

Restaurants and Tea Rooms

Adeline Restaurant, W Union St
Colasurdo Anthony, East Union St
Gardenier Hotel, E Union St
Greco Silvo, No Main St
Newark Lunch Car, E Union St
Coffee Shop, E Union St
Home Dairy Cafeteria, So Main St
The Venetian Tea Garden, No Main
Windsor Hotel, E Main St

Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing Machine agency, E Union St, hemstitching

Shoe Shine Parlor

Billotta John, E Union St
Laudise M, E Union St
Newark Shoe Shine Parlor, E Union St
Up To Date Shoe Shine, E Union

Shoe Stores

Boynton J J, So Main St
Elve & Combes, E Union St
Endicott-Johnson, E Union St
Penney J C Co, So Main St
Montgomery Ward, So Main St
Farnsworth L H, No Main St

Sporting Goods
(See Hardware)

Stationery Stores

Rogers Store Inc, E Miller St
( See Druggists)


Dedee Frank, Madison St
Elliott's, E Union St


VanEtten C K, E Union St
Colacino T J, E Union St
Elliott's, E Union St


Postal Telegraph, Gardenier Hotel
Western Union, E Union St


American Telephone and Telegraph, repeater station, Grace Ave
Wayne Telephone Co, E Union St


Capitol Theatre, So Main St
Newark Theatre, E Union St

(See Cartmen)


Parker H W, E Miller St
Roche W B & Son, W Union St
Stuerwald J & Son, E Union St
Schulz A G, So Main St


LeFevre D D, W Miller St

Wall Paper

Cut Rate Wall Paper Store, E Union
Slaght's Draper Store, W Union
Wills Wall Paper & Pain Store, E Union St

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