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Town of Arcadia, Wayne County, NY

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Price 20 Cents
Newark, N.Y.

The Alma Mater
Presented on Behalf of Class of 1916
By Margaret Settle, '16, and Roy Robinson, '16
Tune: Russian National Hymn

Hail Alma Mater: Noble and strong;
Praise Her, let echoes aye the sound prolong;
Our emblem always rise victor in the fray,
March on in pride and state, Maroon and Gray.

Presented on Behalf of Class of 1917
By Katharine Van Hoesen, '17

Our Newark High School; long may that name
Live in our memories, always the same.
May glory crown her brown, nothing ever mar,
And may she be to us a guiding star.

Class Song of 1916
Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore.

Honor and virtue may ours be forever, for
ours is a class ne'er to be excelled;
Loyalty upholding our Alma Mater as
guardian and keeper for ever more.
Proudly our banner gleams, maroon and blue of '16.
Long may it stand for us a star of inspiration-
Nineteen sixteen evermore.
Newark High we leave thee profoundest
wishes, for many happy days.

Alma Mater and 1916

Hail Alma Mater! Noble and strong;
Praise Her, then 1916 in one song
Out of Maroon and Gray rises a new hue
Now just one rousing cheer, Maroon and Blue!


Effie M. Bill, alias "Billy," is our salutatorian and that's nothing against her either. She is droll of answer, but always gets there eventually. "I think so,---yes."

Frederic D. Burgess answers to the name of "Fritz," Senior Vice-President, 1916; basket ball, 1914-1915, 1915-1916; tennis manager, 1915-1916; base ball, 1916; first and second Senior plays. "You crumb!"

Gladys R. Clark, they call "Glad." That expresses it exactly. She is an authority on decorations, both for persons and dance halls. First Senior play. "I should say not!"

"Egg," when cracked, reveals Egbert Farrell, who is custodian of the Senior funds - also of "Peg" Settle. First and second Senior plays; track, 1914. "I forgot."

Esther Cull, when acting natural is "Shrimp." She is "quiet, unassuming - sweet and pretty as a rose - everything that a real lady should be!" Favorite expression - smiling

D. Clinton Gould, in a broader sense is called "Jelly." Always ready with a smile (except when awakened too early). First and second Senior plays; prize-speaking contest, 1916. "Wait foh dat pole horse."

"Stub" Fischer's first name is really Lavangie. When you see her temper rising, it's time to duck. "Aw gwan!"

When we say, "Rummy," we mean Earl Harris. He is rather quiet, except when a good joke is needed. "Match you a nickel."

"Fish," when out of water, is Emily C. Fisher. She is ready for anything you suggest. A "better scout" would be hard to find. "My word!"

"Hymerson," signed the hotel register in Washington, Emerson Hyman. Who knows what secrets are held in that great mind? "Huh?" (doubtfully)

Emma Bernice Garlock signs her notes M. E., and it doesn't mean Methodist Episcopal. She is one of Newark High School's greatest gigglers. "Oh help!"

"Horse," drives under the license of Fletcher H. Miller. He loves the ladies as a bird likes salt on its tail. He hasn't much to say except when someone says "fish" or "hunt." Then he shines like a tin can. President of Class of 1916 in Junior year; basket ball, 1914-1915, 1915-1916; first Senior play; custodian of the High School flag, 1915-16. (After a brilliant history recitation - "Aw I dunno!")

Lurana G. Martin, taking the part of "Julie" is a trim little lass, not heard unless called upon. Quaint as she is pretty, she is always at hand when needed. Second Senior play. "Now Bob!"

Summer Munn is known to his more intimate friends as "Money." He is one of these Eat-Sleep-and-be-Merry types. "Is that so?"

"Peg," who signs her checks with Margaret H. Settle, is our Class Secretary. She is an inspiration for one who wants to study. One could not ask for a better friend. First and second Senior plays. "Scuse I!"

Roy W. Robinson's stage name is "Robbie." Vice-President of Class of 1916 in Junior year; basket ball, 1913-1914; captain, 1914-1915; track, 1914; tennis, 1915-1916; first and second Senior plays. "Let 'em roll."

That fellow with the curly hair was captain of the 1916 baseball team. "Sandy" also blew in on the 1915-1916 basket ball floor. It says on his diploma, Ernest P. Sanford. "Don't let me hurry you."

Ethel Thomas, a loyal little "Dixie" girl, both in defense of her "Virginia," and in her true Southern hospitality. "So zu sagen."

Frances P. Throop is another one of our bright and shining stars. "Fran," is one of those people who have high standings and good times combined; second senior play. "Oh, hen!"

Paul H. Stevens is more commonly known as "Steve." Senior President 1916; track, 1914; manager of basket ball team, 1914-1915; and played 1915-1916 also; first and second Senior plays; prize-speaking, 1915. "Will you 'tend to that, please?"

Margaret C. Weinman, when spoken of as other than "Valedictorian," is "Peggy." If you want to know anything, go to her - she is a veritable dictionary. "Whoop!"

Wesley Thompson gets his half fare ticket in short order, or rather trousers. Being of short stay among us, no nickname more handicapping than "Wes" or "Tompy" has been given him. Second Senior play. "Whee!"

Alta Grace Winspear, "A. G." for Short (George), was the wife of poor henpecked Peter Wycombe in the first Senior play. It is a shame to make one with such a kind disposition, play this part. But she carried it off "on high" as she does anaything she attempts. "Oh, he's a worm!"

Walter Sutcliffe, whom we call "Walt," always arrives in time for the party to close. He now performs operations on a chess board, and "his soft gu-tar," but will some day be a noted surgeon. "Aw, now you stop!"

"Bill" will vote under the name of William Winans. If no one else dares to do it, call on Bill. (Better unwritten)

Biggest Bluffer, W. Sutcliffe
Hardest Worker, F. Burgess
Biggest Grind, E. Fisher
Most Handsome Boy, E. Farrell
Most Beautiful Girl, M. Settle
Most Bashful Boy, F. Miller
Best Athlete, R. Robinson
Best Boy Dancer, R. Robinson
Best Girl Dancer, M. Settle
Best Entertainer, G. Clark
Biggest Flirt, W. Thompson
Most Studious, M. Weinman
Favorite Book, Dear Enemy
Favorite Song, Alma Mater
Favorite Sport, Basket Ball
Favorite Movie Actor, Warren Kerrigan
Favorite Movie Acress, Theda Bara
Favorite Study Period, Seventh

Biggest Bluffer, Effie Bill
Hardest Worker, E. Sanford
Biggest Grind, P. Stevens
Most Handsome Boy, C. Gould
Most Beautiful Girl, G. Clark
Most Bashful Boy, R. Robinson
Best Athlete, D.C. Gould
Best Boy Dancer, W. Sutcliffe
Best Girl Dancer, A. G. Winspear
Best Entertainer, E. Garlock
Biggest Flirt, F. Throop
Most Studious, A. G. Winspear
Favorite Book, Shakespear's Works
Favorite Song, Sweet and Low
Favorite Sport, Base Ball
Favorite Movie Actor, Charlie Chaplin
Favorite Movie Actress, Pearl White
Favorite Study Period, Chapel Period

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