Published by the Student Body
Newark High School
During the School Year of 1914-15

Editorial Staff: G. Fort Van Hoesen, '15. Editor-in-Chief

Literary: Irene Robison, '15; Ernest P. Sanford, '16

Athletics: Harold W. Fisk, '17; Paul H. Stevens, '15

Alumni Notes: Harold Stiles, '14; Dorothea Buckner, '14; Izetta Cuyler, '14

Knocks and Grinds: Elizabeth Filkins, '15; Florence Johnston, '15

Exchange Editor: Ethel Peirson, '15

Social and School Notes: Margaret Settle, '16; Margaret Weinman, '16

Faculty Adviser: Miss Helen Spear

Business Staff

Business Manager, Roy Robinson, '16; Asst. Business Manager, Frederic Burgess, '16

(The following are compositions listed by title along with the author)

Resolved - That National Prohibition Is Practical - Frederick Fortmiller.

Resolved - That the United States Should Not Prepare for War - Florence Johnston, '16.

Resolved - That the Commission Form of Government is the Best Government for Cities - Ellen Gregory, '15.

High School Notes - Commencement

The Valedictory and Salutatory addresses were given by Miss Edith VanDeusen and Miss Irene Robinson, who, although they were the two members who had the best averages for their four years' course, were followed closely for the honors by three other graduates.

The Opera House was decorated very tastily by the Juniors, with the help of Miss Longwell and Miss Carrington. Superintendent Fort acted as chairman and introduced the speakers.

The program was as follows:

Invocation - Rev. C.M. Creighton

Salutatory - Miss Irene Viola Robinson

Valedictory - Miss Mary Edith VanDeusen

Solo - "A Birthday" - Mrs. R.A.S. Bloomer

Address: "The Call of the Age" - Rev. Albert W. Beaven

Presentation of Diplomas - Wilson M. Gould, Pres. Of Board of Education

Class Day Exercises

The Class of 1915 held their class day exercises at the High School, Monday evening June the twenty-first. Those who took part in the program certainly deserve a great deal of praise for the excellent manner in which they entertained the large number of persons who were present.

The program was as follows:

Quartette: "Calm as the Night" - Misses Welcher, VanDeusen, Farrell, Robinson

President's Address: George Weinman

Knocks and Grinds: Edna Campbell

Want Ads: Edna Kaupp

Lost and Found: Myra Dator

Class Poem: Grace Farrell

Class Prophecy: Merle Jewett

Class Song: The Class

Class Will: Elizabeth Filkins

Advice to Juniors: Frederick Fortmiller

Presentation of Gift: George Weinman

Song : "Song Spangled Banner"

Opening Address: George Weinman

Class History: Ethel Peirson

(students mentioned) Edith VanDeusen, Irene Robison, Frederick Fortmiller, Myra Dator, Irene Robison, Edna Campbell, Seward Price, George Weinman, Elizabeth Filkins, Ralph West, Ethel Peirson, Paul Stevens, John Cornwell, Bill Croucher, Henry Buckner, Lawrence Tack, Cecil Chase, Loren Olmstead, Russel Moore, Roy Robinson, Paul Stevens and Fritz Burgess.

Knocks and Grinds:

(students mentioned) George Weinman, Mildred Robinson, Roszena Schuman, Irene Robison, John Cornwell, Myra Dator, Sumner Munn, Fletcher Miller, Basil Greenlaw, Doris Moorre, Annie Tracy, Marion Quance, Edith VanDeusen, Keith Moshier, Lee Davie, Herbert Jackson, Levangie Fisher, Kathryn O'Connel, Margaret Crozier, Arthur Richards, Alberta Hoff, Arthur Leib, Mildren Robinson, Irene Robison, Ethel Schwartz, Bill Croucher, Francis Chambers, Buckner, Gould, Sanford, Lucy Rynearson, Lurana Martin, Stevens, Leib, Sutcliffe, Moshier, Emerson Hyman, Garlock, Moshier, Lee Colburn, Wright, Alta Grace Winspear, Miller, Roy Robinson, Edna Campbell.

Want Ads:

(students mentioned) Earl Harris, Basil Greenlaw, Fletcher Miller, Alta Grace Winspear, Gladys Clark, Thomas Driscoll, Keith Mosher, Gilmer Chase, Julia Simon, Clinton Gould, Edna Campbell, Lee Davie, Francis Chambers, Izetta Cuyler, Henry Buckner, Edna Campbell, Roszena Schuman, Irene Robison, Horace Dewitt, Florence Johnston, John Cornwall, Ethel Peirson, Frederick Fortmiller, Roy Robinson, Ethel Thomas, William Croucher, Marian Wheat, Doris Moore, Frederic Burgess, Ethel Thomas, Arthur Leib, Charles Mackey, Roszena Christina Schuman, Edna Kaupp

Lost and Found:

(students mentioned) Arthur Leib, Francis Chambers, Edna Campbell, Hudson Wright, John Cornwell, Edna Kaupp, Florence Johnston, Henry Buckner, Basil Greenlaw, Ernest Sanford, Fletcher Miller, Seward Price, Arthur Leib, Floyd Richards, Irene Robison, William Croucher, Mildred Rolbinson, Charles Mackey, Lee Colburn, Myra Dator

Class Will:

(students mentioned) Gladys Clark, Emily Fisher, Harris, Florence Johnston, Esther Cull, Frederic Burgess, Alta Grace, Roy Robinson, Albert, Fletcher Miller, Helen Garlock, Doris Moore, Elizabeth Filkins

Interscholastic Prize Speaking Contest:

Florence Edmonds, Lyons; Marion Aldrich, Palmyra; Misses Welcher, Farrell, Robinson, VanDeusen, Garlock; Elizabeth Filkins, Newark; Mina Goossen, Marion; Misses Garlock, Robinson, VanDeusen, Bucker. Messrs. Cornwell, P:rice, Croucher, Robinson; Lois Beaumeister, Clyde; Lela Douglas, Savannah; Margaret Settle.

The judges were unanimous in their decision and awarded the cup to Miss Elizabeth Filkins. Honorable mention was made of Lois Beaumeister of Clyde. This being the second year that the cup had been won for Newark, there was great joy in the heart of every Newarkites when the final decision was rendered. The judges were Frederick J. Medden of Seneca Falls, W.E. DeMelt of Penn Yan and Ray K. Savage of Rochester.

Alumni Notes:

Glenn Stevens is home from union for the summer.

Frances Snyder has returned to Newark for the summer vacation.

Clayton Wolfe, Altus Croucher, Stuart Perkins, Archie Scheer and jean Egan are home from Cornell.

J.O. Davis returned from Syracuse about two weeks ago.

Jerome Watters, '10, was graduated from the American School of Osteopathy at Kirksville, Mo., on June 7th, and has accepted a position as staff physician at the Stell-Hildreth Osteopathic Sanitarium for mental and nervous diseases at Macon, Illinois.

Marion Peirson and Dorothy Perkins are home from William Smith College.

Frances Keane, '11, is home from Fulton, where she has been teaching for the past year.

Margaret Peirson is home from National Park Seminary, Washington, D.C.

Edwin York is home from the University of New York.

Laird VanDyck, '10, graduated from Rutgers College, June 14th.

Raymond Greenwood is home from Cornell.

Alice VanDyck has returned to Newark from Columbia University.

Alta VanAuken is home for the summer vacation from Barnard.

Olive Allerton, who has just completed her second year at Syracuse, has been visiting some of her Newark friends.

Nina Hedden returned home from Syracuse several days ago.

Howard Noble was in town recently, visiting Harold Stiles.

Elizabeth Tack, '12, is home for the summer.

Junior Surnames and Nicknames

Burgess, Fritz

Cull, Shrimp

Farrell, Mike

Fisher, E. MR.

Fischer, Shortie

Greenlaw, Bas

Harris, Bummy

Miller, Fletch

Robinson, Robbie

Schwarz, E.B.S.

Sanford, Sandy

Stevens, Steve

Thomas, Tommy

Throop, Dimples

Tracy, Happy Fish

Winspear, A.G.

Winans, Bill

Clark, Glad


Pure Ice Cream - F.J. Baltzel

The Crescent Theatre, the House of Good Photo Plays

Jones Drug Store

Arcadia National Bank Pays 4 Per Cent. On Savings Deposits

Slade's Drug Store

Brown & Phillips - Nifty Summer Dresses

Hankinson's - Clothes

Corner Drug Store

O.C. Robinson - Googles with lens ground to your prescription

S.H. Oderkirk - Jewelry, Watches, Clock Repairing

H.B. Rogers - School Books and Supplies

Proseus & Elve - Footwear

Murphy's Barber Shop - Sporting Goods of All Kinds

J. Simon The Model Clothing House 24-26 E. Union St.

Boynton's Fine Footwear, Trunks and Bags

Sanitary Market

Dr. A.C. Phelps, Dentist, 9 Opera House Block

Mrs. C.E. Moshier, Life Insurance, Room.3, Pulver Block

Dr. S.F. Williams, Dentist, DuBois Block

Dr. R.R. Radder, Dental Surgeon, First National Bank Building

H.O. Paul - Royal Tailoring Has No Equal

School Directory 1914-1915

Frank M. Jenner, Principal

Athletic Association

President, Wm. M. Fort

Vice-Pres., Frank M. Jenner

Secretary, Roy Robinson

Treasurer, Paul Stevens

Basketball Team

Captain, Lawrence F. Tack

Manager, Paul H. Stevens

Baseball Team

Manager, William Croucher

Representative to Wayne Co. A.A.

Frederick Fortmiller

Tennis Team

Manager, Frederic Burgess

Cheer Leader

William Sutcliffe

Class Officers 1915

President, George Weinman

Vice-Pres., Elizabeth Filkins

Treasurer, Ethel Peirson

Secretary, Ralph West

Class Officers 1916

President, Fletcher Miller

Vice-Pres., Roy Robinson

Secretary, Basil Greenlaw

Treasurer, Florence Johnston

The Krawen

Editor-in-Chief, George Fort VanHoesen

Business Manager, Roy W. Robinson

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