Village of Newark Directory 1900
Part 3
Surnames P - Y


of the

Village of Newark,



Names, Occupations, Street and Number


Compiled, Printed and Sold by
W.C. & F.D. Burgess,

Publishers of

The Arcadian Weekly Gazette,


Third Edition Contains 1915 Names

- P -

Padley, H.J., stationary engineer, 2 North Norton st.
Page, Arthur, lineman, 18 Hoffman st.
Page, Frank P., railroad conductor, 8 Blackmar st.
Page, Frank J., drayman, 37 West Miller st.
Page, Mrs. D.M., 16 Mason st.
Page, M.J., salesman, 22 East ave.
Painter, W.C., pressman, 17 East ave.
Palmer, G.F., 6 Mason st.
Palmer, Phebe, 4 Church st.
Palmer, Benjamin, car-inspector, 57 Union st.
Palmer, Mrs. Sarah, 54 Main st.
Palmer, R.H., farmer 61 Main st.
Palms, Andrew, carpenter, 15 East ave.
Palms, Ada, dressmaker, 15 East ave.
Palms, Cornelia, dressmaker, 15 East ave.
Parish, Joseph, laborer, 19 East ave.
Parish, Eliz., dressmaker, 19 East ave.
Parker, Chas., brakeman, 16 Murray st.
Parker, Edward, 16 Murray st.
Parker, Wm., can-maker, 96 Palmyra st.
Parker, Emma, tobacco stripper, 96 Palmyra st.
Parkhurst, Ed. S., 51 Vienna st.
Parkhurst, Mrs. laura, 30 Vienna st.
Parks, F.S., laborer, 23 Van Buren st.
Parks, Mrs. Eliza., 41 East Miller st.
Parsons, O.C., physician, 39 Main st.
Passnier, Fred, railroad employee, 83 Van Buren st.
Passnier, Mary, domestic, 83 Van Buren st.
Passnier, Peter, laboer, 83 Van Buren st.
Patterson, John, merchant, 1 Lyons st.
Patterson, Wm., lock-tender, 35 West Miller st.
Patterson, Minnie, dressmaker, 35 West Miller st.
Patterson, Benj., furniture-finisher, 103 Palmyra st.
Paul, Jno., cabiner-maker, 105 Palmyra st.
Paul, L.H., wood-worker, 105 Palmyra st.
Payne, Mrs. C., 25 West Miller st.
Peek, Seymour, carpenter, 36 Mason st.
Peek, Bertha, school-teacher, 36 Mason st.
Peer, Milton S., truckman, 75 Union st.
Peirson, Byron, mason, Unsion st.
Peirson, Minnie, Union st.
Peirson, Mrs. B., box-maker, Union st.
Peirson, Chas. A., stationary engineer, Union st.
Peirson, W.T., clerk, 13 West Miller st.
Peirson, Geo. C., farmer, 8 Williams st.
Peirson, Mrs. Mary, 8 Williams st.
Peirson, E.V., banker, 13 Williams st.
Peirson, Geo. H., 34 East ave.
Peirson, Myrta, 34 East ave.
Peirson, S. Ray, banker, 37 Church st.
Peirson, S.S., banker, 6 West Miller st.
Peirson, Miss Adelaide, 24 West Miller st.
Peirson, Miss Mae, teacher of elocution and expression, 24 West Miller st.
Peirson, Carl, teamster, 132 Union st.
Peirson, Henry J., janitor Union school, 12 East Miller st.
Pelis, Mary, domestic, 26 West Maple ave.
Pembroke, Jerome, brakeman, 78 Willow ave.
Percy, S.T., clerk, 54 East Miller st.
Perduyn, John Jr., grocer, 115 Union st.
Perduyn, James, machinest, 115 Union st.
Perduyn, Wm., tinsmith, 115 Union st.
Perduyn, Sarah, dressmaker, 115 Union st.
Perduyn, John, Sr., laborer, 115 Union st.
Perduyn, Carrie, milliner, 115 Union st.
Perduyn, Geo. C., nurseryman, 17 High st.
Perkins, C.H., nurseryman and produce dealer, 18 High st.
Perry, Mrs., 35 VanBuren st.
Perry, Emma, 35 VanBuren st.
Perry, Louis, butcher, 35 VanBuren st.
Pettinger, Richard, engineer, 56 Union st.
Pettis, Willis, carpenter, 33 East Miller st.
Phelps, Mrs. Mary, 52 West Miller st.
Phelps, Mrs. L.A., 2 High st.
Phelps, Fred M., clerk, C.W. Stuart Nursery Co., 2 High st.
Philley, Fred, R.R. employee, 106 Church st.
Phillips, Clark, 8 East Miller st.
Phillips, Mrs. Clark, organist, Baptist church, 8 East Miller st.
Phillips, Phebe, 32 East Miller st.
Phillips, Adah, wardrobe attendant, asylum.
Phillips, Geo., Palmyra st.
Pierce, Fred, cigar maker, 14 Mason st.
Pierce, Geo., lock-tender, 7 Maple court.
Pierce, Birdina, student, 7 Maple court.
Pitkin, Mrs. J., 20 VanBuren st.
Pitkin, Frank, book-keeper, 1 East Miller st.
Pitkin, J.M., nurseryman, 13 East Miller st.
Pitts, J.G., 8 West Miller st.
Plass, Mrs. Sarah, 12 Church st.
Plass, Mandeville, mail carrier and truant officer, 5 Burnham st.
Plighter, Wm., contractor and builder, 7 Dell st.
Pollock, L.D., traveling salesman, 5 Scott st.
Potter, John, electrician, 52 Union st.
Potter, R., well-driver, 5 Franklin st.
Potter, Lewis, carpenter, 17 Railroad ave.
Powers, Henry, clerk, 17 Railroad ave.
Power, Mrs. B.B., 39 Willow ave.
Pratt, Mrs. H.W., 39 Willow ave. (same address as Mrs. B.B. Power)
Preis, Rev. J., pastor Evangelical church, 2 Norton st.
Prendergast, Alice L., laundress, Asylum.
Prentice, Jacob, shoemaker, 137 Willow ave.
Prescott, Mrs. Harriet, 49 East Miller st.
Prescott, Hettie, 49 East Miller st.
Prescott, T.D., jeweler and insurance ag't, 43 East ave.
Prescott, Grace, student, 43 East ave.
Prescott, Joel H ., 14 East Miller st.
Price, Geo. H., grocer, 128 Union st.
Price, Perry G., coal dealer, 134 Union st.
Price, A.R., clerk, 128 Union st.
Probasco, Floyd, upholsterer, 55 Church st.
Proseus, Jos., farmer, 40 Mason st.
Proseus, Albert, shoe-dealer, 19 Madison ave.
Proseus, Henry, coal-dealer, 17 Madison st.
Provo, Israel, carpenter, 1 West Maple ave.
Pultz, C., mail clerk, 113 Willow ave.
Pulver, Sarah, 125 Willow ave.
Pulver, Norman, section hand, 125 Willow ave.
Pulver, W.B., shoe-dealer, 3 Grant st.
Pulver, Mrs. Ellen, 8 Grant st.
Pulver, Alfred, 3 Mason st.
Pulver, Mrs. W.H., 9 Washington st.
Pulver, J.E., dry goods merchant, 6 Franklin st.
Pulver, Arthur, teamster, 149 Palmyra st.
Pulver, M.A., 17 Union st.
Pulver, Mrs. L., 132 Union st.
Pulver, J.H., 56 Main st.
Pulver, M.S., 17 Union st.
Pulver, Belle, 76 Main st.
Pulver, Eli, 24 Van Buren st.
Purchase, L.H., mgr. malt house, 5 Norton st.
Purchase, Wilford, law-student, 5 Norton st.
Putnam, Mrs. E., 12 Van Buren st.
Pyatt, Mrs. Amelia, 51 Main st.

- Q -

Quance, W.F., floriest, 43 Madison ave.
Quance, J.L., 35 Madison ave.
Quance, Edwin, florist, 35 Madison ave.
Quance, Joseph, canner, 35 Madison ave.
Quance, Herbert, student, 35 Madison ave.
Quance, Benj., canner, 58 Church st.
Quigley, Martin E. Sr., R.R. engineer, 1 Jefferson st.
Quigley, Martin E. Jr., student, 1 Jefferson st.
Quinlin, Cecil, laborer, 52 Main st.

- R -

Rahm, John, section hand, 4 Pearl st.
Ramspberger, Edward, malster, middle lock.
Randall, R.F., 105 Willow ave.
Randall, R.B., attorney, 105 Willow ave.
Randall, Mrs. Sarah, 13 High st.
Randall, J.J., miller, 29 East ave.
Rarrick, Austin, laborer, Dell st.
Reed, Albert, clerk, Union st., Sherman flat.
Reed, Mrs. Albert, stenographer, Union st., Sherman flat.
Reed, Rufus, 4 West Miller st.
Reed, Maynard, produce dealer, Elm st.
Reed, Mrs. Abbie, 33 Main st.
Reed, William Q., 4 Church st.
Reed, Ernest J., produce buyer, 24 Madison st.
Reed, J.A., physician, 2 Maple court.
Reed, Mrs. A.C., 71 Main st.
Reed, Mrs. J.T., 24 Madison ave.
Reese, M.T., laborer, Main st.
Rehklau, D.J., engineer, asylum.
Rehklau, Kate J., storekeeper, asylum.
Rehklau, Michael, 17 Mason st.
Rennseller, Emma, 3 Godfrey st.
Rennseller, John, laborer, 3 Godfrey st.
Rennseller, Fred, section hand, 26 Vienna st.
Reynolds, W.H., prop. feed store, 1 Moore st.
Reynolds, Jane, 5 Williams st.
Reynolds, Robt., Stansell st.
Rhodes, C., milliner, 9 East Miller st.
Rhuberry, Jno., laborer, 14 Sherman ave.
Rhuberry, Lula, 14 Sherman ave.
Rhykerd, Mrs. L.A., 5 Washington st.
Rhykerd, Flora, dressmaker, 5 Washington st.
Rice, M.A., laborer, 81 VanBuren st.
Richards, Edward, tinsmith, 47 Van Buren st.
Richards, S.S., photographer, 10 Franklin st.
Richardson, Mrs. Mary E., 29 West ave.
Richardson, Harry, 29 West ave.
Richardson, Alice, typewriter, 29 West ave.
Richardson, D. Grace, school-teacher, 6 Prospect st.
Richmond, Emma B., librarian Free Library, 33 West Miller st.
Richmond, Marvin H., jeweler, 14 1/2 Prospect st.
Richmond, I.E., optician, 14 Prospect st.
Richmond, Edwin, salesman, 104 Palmyra st.
Rider, Mrs. Lydia, 52 Main st.
Ridell, John, Willow ave.
Rietschy, Paul, cigar maker, 139 Union st.
Roberts, Horatio, 9 Prospect st.
Robinson, Wm. L., sexton cemetery, 71 West Miller st.
Robinson, Edward, tinsmith, 51 East Miller st.
Robinson, Mrs. Lydia, 20 East Miller st.
Robinson, Floyd, 20 East Miller st.
Robinson, C.R., baggage clerk, 16 East ave.
Robinson, E.C., postal clerk, 16 East ave.
Robinson, Chas., laborer, 96 Palmyra st.
Robinson, James, 102 Palmyra st.
Robinson, O.C., jeweler, 50 Main st.
Robinson, James, mason, 102 Palmyra st.
Robertson, Jas. D., dry goods merchant, Norton st.
Robyn, Martin, laborer, 22 Madison ave.
Robyn, Peter, teamster, Madison ave.
Roche, W.B., furniture dealer and undertaker, 20 Palmyra st.
Roche, Thos., butcher, 13 1/2 East ave.
Roe, W.A., miller, and Sec. of Electric Light, Heat and Power Co., 26 West Maple ave.
Rogers, Frank, brakeman, 5 Van Buren st.
Rogers, H.B., newsdealer, stationer, &c., 1 East Miller st.
Rogers, Mrs. Lottie, dressmaker, 32 Church st.
Roberts, Wm., 28 Vienna st.
Rogers, John T., 41 1/2 Church st.
Rogers, Mary L., dining room attendant, asylum.
Roller, Mrs. J.J., 8 Church st.
Roller, Irving, clerk, 8 Church st.
Romans, Miss Jane, 19 Church st.
Rosch, Chas., harness-maker, 20 Siegrist st.
Ross, Charles, section hand, Harrison st.
Rowe, Gurdon, teamster, 109 Main st.
Rowe, Nelson, tinner, 109 Main st.
Rowe, Bert, teamster, 105 Main st.
Rowe, Mrs. Elizabeth, 105 Main st.
Rowe, Nelson P., 95 Main st.
Rowley, Martha, 10 East Maple ave.
Royce, Ira, laborer, 5 Stansell ave.
Royce, Emma, 5 Stansell ave.
Roys, Harriett, domestic servant, 24 East Miller st.
Ruff, Ernest, mason, 38 Vienna st.
Ruffle, Wm., laborer, 10 Butler st.
Ruffolo, Samuel, tobacco agent, 23 Willow ave.
Ruffolo, Ruffolo, section hand, Willow ave.
Rundell, W.A., laborer, 2 Butler st.
Rundell, Nathan, Pearl st.
Rupert, W.B., produce buyer, 7 Lillie st.
Rupert, Conrad, produce buyer, 106 Main st.
Rupert, Geo., produce buyer, 106 Main st.
Russell, Letitia A., 35 Main st.
Runyon, Lewis, 4 Stansell st.
Ryckman, A.G., painter, 5 Willow ave.
Ryckman, Mrs. E., dressmaker, 5 Willow ave.
Ryckman, David Jr., laborer, 45 Murray st.
Ryckman, Maud, tobacco stripper, 45 Murray st.
Ryckman, Morris, laborer, 45 Murray st.
Ryckman, David Sr., cobbler, 45 Murray st.
Ryckman, Beatrice, attendant, asylum.
Ryckman, Satie, attendant, asylum.
Ryckman, Mary, 66 Union st.
Ryckman, Frank, cigar maker, 66 Union st.

- S -

Saalwacher, Ed. J., butcher, 184 Union st.
Sager, Ira, carpenter, 26 Van Buren st.
Sager, W.B., plater, 26 Van Buren st.
Sager, Harriett, box maker, 26 Van Buren st.
Sager, Wm., locomotive engineer, 52 Union st.
Salisbury, Edward, foreman Hunt Mfg. Co., 30 1/2 Church st.
Salladine, W.A., traveling salesman, 6 Willow ave.
Sanford, Annie, domestic servant, 20 East Miller
Sanford, James, Justice of the Peace, 119 Willow ave.
Sauter, Amelia, supervisor, asylum.
Sayles, Manley T., bus driver, 35 Union st.
Schadd, Kail, section hand, 7 Siegrist st.
Schapp, Jas., 23 Van Buren st.
Schapp, Wm., tinsmith, 48 Willow ave.
Schattner, Jno., mason, Hoffman st.
Schlect, Christopher, fireman, 9 Lake st.
Schepp, Francis, 20 Stuart ave.
Schaick, Geo., gardner, asylum, 64 Church st.
Schingler, John, laborer, 176 Union st.
Schinsinger, M., 22 Siegrist st.
Schreiber, Mrs. Nellie, 35 West Maple ave.
Schulz, Mrs. E., 1 Clinton st.
Schuman, Elizabeth, baker, asylum.
Schuman, Chas. F., contractor and builder, 46 East ave.
Schuman, O.E., mason, 46 East ave.
Schuman, Henry C., mason, 59 East ave.
Schuman, W.F., liquor dealer, 8 Palmyra st.
Schuman, L., laborer, 1 Mill st.
Schuman, Emma, box maker, 1 Mill st.
Schuman, Nellie, box maker, 1 Mill st.
Schuten, Peter, laborer, 145 Palmyra st.
Schuten, Frank, tinner, 145 Palmyra st.
Schutt, Elias, laborer, 1 Stansell st.
Schutz, Fred, turner, Norton st.
Scott, J.G., produce buyer, 38 East Miller st.
See, Frank A., painter, 85 Van Buren st.
See, Myron, gardener, 85 Van Buren st.
Seeley, Wm., lock tender.
Seider, Chas., foreman Keener's planing mill, 22 Church st.
Seider, Olin, clerk, 22 Church st.
Seider, Ernest, 97 Main st.
Severson, James, laborer, Stuart ave.
Severson, J.E., market gardener, Willow ave.
Severson, Mrs. J., 48 Murray st.
Severson, Andros, laborer, 48 Murray st.
Seybold, John, barber, 20 East Miller st.
Schannon, Joseph, section foreman, 51 East Miller st.
Shayles, Mrs. Sophia, 25 Van Buren st.
Sheer, A.D., R.R. postal clerk, 13 Prospect st.
Sheffield, Jno., coal dealer, 21 West Miller st.
Sheffield, James, coal dealer, 35 Mason st.
Sheldon, Mrs. Samantha, 121 Union st.
Shepherdson, A.J., brakeman, 19 Siegrist st.
Sherman, S.F., Mgr. and Prop. Sherman opera house, Sherman flat, Union st.
Sherman, Lydia A., 36 Willow ave.
Sherman, Geo., glazer, Norton st.
Sherwood, Tibbets, farmer, 102 Palmyra st.
Shipman, Hermione, 7 Maple Court.
Shirley, Geo., carpenter, 50 West Miller st.
Shirtz, Mrs. E.M., 3 Norton st.
Shirtz, Estella, clerk, 3 Norton st.
Shirtz, Myron, drug clerk, 3 Norton st.
Shufelt, Wm., miller, 51 1/2 Vienna st.
Shufelt, Mrs. Margaret, 33 West Miller st.
Shumway, Mrs. Gertrude, 14 Grant st.
Sias, Rev. G.W., pastor Universalist church, 23 East Miller.
Siegrist, Mrs. Mary, 22 Van Buren st.
Sierns, Levi, 35 Murray st.
Silliman, Jessie, assistant industrial teacher, asylum.
Simon, Jacob, clothier and furnisher, 15 Maple ave.
Skinner, Mrs. A.R., 84 Palmyra st.
Skinner, Harry B., florist, 84 Palmyra st.
Skinner, Clara A., attendant, asylum.
Slater, T., clerk, 52 Union st.
Sleighel, Geo., sexton, 186 Union.
Sleighel, Belle, tailoress, 186 Union st.
Sleighel, Chester, miller, 186 Union st.
Sleight, Peter R., banker, 36 East ave.
Sleight, Mrs. E., 64 Main st.
Smith, Frank, operator, 98 Willow ave.
Smith, Nellie E., 116 Willow ave.
Smith, Meta, 116 Willow ave.
Smith, W.E., brakeman, 116 Willow ave.
Smith, S.D., grocer, 13 West Miller st.
Smith, J.J., produce dealer, 7 Grant st.
Smith, Ernest A., clerk, 7 Grant st.
Smith, D.P., banker, 6 High st.
Smith, Irva A., alternate supervisor, asylum.
Smith, Mrs. Lodicie E., night attendant, asylum.
Smith, W.A., clerk, 6 East Maple ave.
Smith, Rufus, awnings, over Corner Drug Store.
Smith, Miss Julia, teacher, 14 East Maple ave.
Smith, Theodore, baker, 44 Palmyra st.
Smith, Mrs. Ella, 48 East Miller st.
Smith, C.L., cigar manufacturer, 18 East Miller st.
Smith, Frank, brakeman, 109 Main st.
Snitzell, J.P., 10 Prospect st.
Snyder, Judson, railroad employee, 22 Madison ave.
Snyder, L.J., painter, 7 Scott st.
Snyder, John L., tinner, 1 Norton st.
Snyder, Eli, 33 Church st.
Soper, Ernest, brakeman, Hooper st.
Soper, Orson, Hooper st.
Soper, Smith, market-gardener, Bloom st.
Soverhill, E.P., real estate ag't, 43 West Miller st.
Soverhill, H.B., clerk, 43 West Miller st.
Soverhill, C.P., coal-dealer, 57 East Miller st.
Soverhill, Ada, teacher, 57 East Miller st.
Southers, Mrs. Salinda, 68 Main st.
Spangle, Wm. G., N.C.R. Agt., 100 Main st.
Sparr, Martin, mason, Bartle ave.
Spalding, Mrs. E.E., 15 Mason st.
Spear, Mahlon, 6 Williams st.
Spears, W.J., paper hanger and decorator, 2 East Maple ave.
Spire, Mrs. Mary, 34 West Miller st.
Spire, D.R., 34 West Miller st.
Spoor, Mrs. Ellen, 7 Lillie st.
Spoor, Ransom R., m'f'r iron and steel fences, 4 East Miller st.
Spoor, Frank, 105 Union st.
Spoor, Mrs. R.R., dressmaker, 4 East Miller st.
Spoor, Harry, decorator, 38 Church st.
Sprague, W.A., blacksmith, 178 Union st.
Springer, H.C., general agent Empire D. & H. Society, 52 Union st.
Squier, Clarence, tailor, 33 Willow ave.
Stacy, E.E., brakeman, 112 1/2 Union st.
Stansell, H.H., lock tender, 18 Willow ave.
Stansell, L.H., factory hand, 18 Willow ave.
Stansell, C.R., express messenger, 18 Willow ave.
Stansell, Mary, stenographer, 18 Willow ave.
Stansell, Gertrude, book-keeper, 18 Willow ave.
Stansell, Geo., laborer, 14 Grant st.
Stanton, J.W., blacksmith, 112 Church st.
Staphose, Fred, barber, 9 Mason st.
Stauch, Fred, farmer, 24 Hoffman st.
Stauring, Leland P., man of all work, asylum, 55 Church st.
Steele, E.B., jeweler, Elm st.
Stell, Louis, laborer, 126 Church st.
Stell, Mrs. C.P., dressmaker, 71 Union st.
Stephenson, Wm., wood-worker, 82 Main st.
Stephenson, Mrs. Mary, 82 Main st.
Stephenson, Geo., portrait and decorator, 98 Willow ave.
Stevens, H.B., Prop. Newark stable barns, Hoffman st.
Stever, J.E., m'f'r extracts and bak'g powder, 36 W. Miller st.
Stever, Sada, stenographer, 36 West Miller st.
Stever, Mrs. Philip, 53 Church st.
Stever, Mrs. Eliz., 65 Vienna st.
Stewart, A.V., farmer, 121 Church st.
Stewart, Carl, tinsmith, 121 Church st.
Stewart, Wm., railroad employee, 75 Main st.
Stiles, James, cigar manuf'r, 11 East Miller st.
Stocking, Caroline, 121 Union st.
Stone, Harry, brakeman, 71 East Miller st.
Story, Guy, barber, 47 Van Buren st.
Stratton, G.W., gardener, 9 Blackmar st.
Stratton, Mrs. G.W., nurse, 9 Blackmar st.
Stratton, B.F., cabinet-worker, 9 Blackmar st.
Strong, Chas., laboorer, 29 Mason st.
Stuart, John E., 11 Williams st.
Stuart, C.H., nurseryman, 62 Willow ave.
Stuart, C.W., nurseryman, 62 Willow ave.
Stuart, Mrs. Adeline, 62 Willow ave.
Stuart, S.B., 62 Willow ave.
Stuerwald, John, furniture and undertaking, 25 Union st.
Stuerwald, Fred, 25 Union st.
Sturgis, Mrs. Eliza, Willow ave.
Sullivan, Jas. F., confectioner, Gillson Hotel
Sunderville, Jacob, laborer, 11 Willow ave.
Sunderville, Joseph, carpenter, 99 Main st.
Supner, Chas., nurseryman, 14 Palmyra st.
Swallow, Mrs. M., 10 East Miller st.
Swartz, Edward, factory-hand, 16 Siegrist st.
Sweeney, Thos., 55 Murray st.
Sweeney, Mary, tailoress, 52 Murray St.
Sweeney, Jock, laborer, Murray st.
Sweezy, A.G., watch-maker, Elm st.

- T -

Tabor, Mrs. Amanda, 58 Main st.
Tack, Peter Jr., brakeman, 10 1/2 Blackmar st.
Tack, Frank C., postal clerk, 73 East Miller st.
Tator, Cyrus A., 72 Main st.
Tator, Jacob, 72 Main st.
Taylor, Henry, 35 West Maple ave.
Taylor, Mrs. Helen, 13 Van Buren st.
Taylor, John, 109 Palmyra st.
Taylor, Miss E.V., domestic servant, 4 Myrtle ave.
Taylor, Arthur, lock tender, 3 Moore st.
Taylor, Mrs. Wm., dressmaker, 45 West Miller st.
Taylor, Sarah, tailoress, 28 Hoffman st.
Teller, J.H., printer, 106 Palmyra st.
Teller, Mrs. J.H., compositor, 106 Palmyra st.
Teller, Mrs. Cornelia, 106 Palmyra st.
Tellier, Abraham, laborer, 112 Palmyra st.
Tellier, Jacob, laborer, 112 Palmyra st.
Tellier, Abram, tinner, 110 Union st.
Tetley, J.F., proprietor Farmers' hotel, 146 Willow ave.
Thatcher, E.P., physician, 40 Main st.
Thomas, Byron, 67 Main st.
Thomas, Edward, carpenter, 119 Church st.
Thomas, Elliott, jeweler, 50 Church st.
Thomas, Irwin, carpenter, 119 Church st.
Thorn, L.J., carpenter, 4 Hooper st.
Thorn, H., laborer, 4 Hooper st.
Thorne, Levina, cook, 17 Railroad ave.
Tillotson, Oscar, retired farmer, 31 East Miller st.
Tinney, Salem, paper hanger and grainer, 92 Palmyra st.
Tinney, Martha D., compositor, 92 Palmyra st.
Todd, Miss Pleasant, nurse, 44 East ave.
Tolhurst, Geo., laborer, 6 Cuyler st.
Toms, Chas., sawyer, 18 Harrison st.
Torrey, H.A., yard conductor, West Shore, 115 Willow ave.
Tournay, A.E., 9 Franklin st.
Towlerton, Jas., 24 Church st.
Townsend, G.B., P.O. clerk, Prospect st.
Townsend, Sarah, 17 High st.
Trainor, Geo., lock tender, 122 Church st.
Trainor, Mabel, box maker, 122 Church st.
Trask, Bertha, domestic, 118 Union st.
Traub, I.W., carpenter, 92 Union st.
Traver, Mrs. Jane, 5 Williams st.
Traver, Andrew, 5 Williams st.
Troutman, Philip, teamster, 16 Godfrey st.
Troutman, Jessie, school teacher, 16 Godfrey st.
Tucker, Mrs. D.O., industrial teacher, asylum.
Tucker, Mrs. Emma, corner East ave. and Church st.
Tull, Melvin, section man.
Tucker, J., baggageman, 27 Van Buren st.
Turner, Mrs. Lydia, 52 Palmyra st.
Turner, Wm., laborer, 20 Harrison st.
Tyler, Mrs. E.J., Fillmore st.

- U -

Unger, Fred, carriage maker, Moore st.
Utter, Chas., stationary engineer, 11 West Miller st.
Utter, Geo. H., carpenter, 4 West Miller st.
Utter, Wm., driver, 86 1/2 Palmyra st.
Utter, Uriah Sr., 58 Union st.
Utter, Fred, tinsmith, 58 Union st.
Utter, Eugene, tinsmith, 58 Union st.

- V -

Van Auken, Henry, grocer, 52 East Miller st.
Van Auken, Stella, domestic, 7 Franklin st.
Van Buren, Chas., architect and builder, 31 West Maple ave.
Vandercook, Mrs. Jane, domestic, 1 East Miller st.
Vanderbrook, Abram, brakeman, 30 Mason st.
Vanderbrook, John, printer, 30 Mason st.
Vanderbrook, Nellie, milliner apprentice, 30 Mason st.
Vandenburg, Lillian, book-keeper, 22 East ave.
Vandenburg, Geo. T., clerk, 19 West Miller st.
Vanderbilt, A.H., 14 Washington st.
Vanderlike, Marie, clerk, 32 West Maple ave.
Vanderpool, Wm., laborer, 12 Blackmar st.
Van Dura, D.B., freight-handler, 14 Willow ave.
Van Dura, Matilda, domestic, 11 Scott st.
Van Dusen, J.P., market gardener, 16 West Maple ave.
Van Dusen, Ella M., school teacher, 16 West Maple ave.
Van Dusen, Anna, teacher, 16 West Maple ave.
Van Dusen, Robt., farmer and gardener, West Maple ave.
Van Duser, Rob't, clerk, 20 West Miller st.
Van Duser, May, student, 20 West Miller st.
Van Duser, S.B., dry goods merchant, 5 Myrtle ave.
Van Duser, Orville, clerk, 5 Myrtle ave.
Van Dyke, Rev. L.B., minister, 10 Williams st.
Vangee, Jacob, tinsmith, 1 Sherman ave.
Van Gorder, Geo., tinsmith, North Norton st.
Van Gorder, Mrs. Ellis, North Norton st.
Van Hoesen, G.W., farmer, 27 Church st.
Van Horn, Abram, clerk, 24 Van Buren st.
Van Inwagen, Ray, operator, 66 Main st.
Van Inwagen, Evelyn, clerk, 66 Main st.
Van Inwagen, A.S., miller, 66 Main st.
Van Inwagen, C.L., nurseryman, 36 Madison ave.
Van Lare, Peter, laborer, Union st.
Van Lare, Daniel, laborer, Union st.
Van Orman, Oliver, 15 Pearl st.
Van Orman, Chas., laborer, 15 Pearl st.
Van Ryan, Adrian, 141 Palmyra st.
Van Ryan, Isaac, laborer, 141 Palmyra st.
Van Ryan, Abram, miller, 141 Palmyra st.
Van Ryan, Edward, laborer, 141 Palmyra st.
Van Scaffel, Anna, domestic, 7 Grant st.
Van Slyck, May, milliner, 7 High st.
Van Valkenburgh, Wm.
Van Wormer, Phoebe, 45 West Miller st.
Van Wormer, Miss Ada, dressmaker, 45 West Miller st.
Vary, C.P.H., banker, 12 Williams st.
Veeder, Edith C., attendant, asylum.
Verbridge, Edward, clerk, 4 East Maple ave.
Vercrouse, Elmer, salesman, 40 Palmyra st.
Vercrouse, Jacob, over 40 Palmyra st.
Verdow, Anthony, machinist, 20 Hoffman st.
Versprill, Wm., mail messenger, North Norton st.
Vervurs, Peter, laborer, 7 Burnham st.
Vialls, Jos. L., dealer in sewing machine supplies, 113 Main st.
Vincent, G.H., painter, 112 Church st.
Vosburgh, Mrs. Mary, 23 East Miller st.
Vosburgh, Miss Louise, 23 East Miller st.
Vosburgh, Miss Anable, 23 East Miller st.

- W -

Wade, Thos., trainman, 27 Van Buren st.
Wakeman, Jennie, domestic, 46 Main st.
Wakeman, W.M., iron dealer, 85 Union st.
Wakeman, Michael, junk dealer, 9 West Miller st.
Wakeman, Charles, junk dealer, 9 West Miller st.
Wakeman, Olen, junk dealer, 9 West Miller st.
Walker, Mary, physician, asylum.
Walker, Mrs. Anna, 57 West Miller st.
Walker, Augusta, clerk, 57 West Miller st.
Wall, Alex, 70 Main st.
Wall, Hiram, teamster, 90 Willow ave.
Wait, S.A., burcher, Moore st.
Wall, Mary B., 90 Willow ave.
Walsh, Pat'k, 50 East Miller st.
Walsh, Marg't, vocal and instrumental teacher, 50 East Miller st.
Walsh, Mary L., organist St. Michael's, 50 East Miller st.
Walsh, Ella A., tailoress, 50 East Miller st.
Walsh, Edward, engine dispatcher, 42 Willow ave.
Walter, Amelia S., cook, asylum.
Walters, Stephen, 62 Palmyra st.
Walton, Grace M., attendant, asylum.
Ware, M.H., 62 Church st.
Waring, Mrs. Sarah, 56 East Miller st.
Warner, Emma, 10 Blackmar st.
Warner, Jos., fish-dealer, 77 Palmyra st.
Warner, Chas., clerk, 77 Palmyra st.
Waterbury, Mrs. Frances, 40 East Miller st.
Watters, Gifford B., postal clerk, 112 Main st.
Weaver, Andrew, drayman, 89 Palmyra st.
Weaver, Wells, laborer.
Weeks, Wm., R.R. operator, Hoffman st.
Weeks, C.H., tinsmith, 141 Willow ave.
Weh, Conrad, prop. Cottage Hotel, 43 Union st.
Weh, Florence L., dressmaker, 43 Union st.
Welch, Jas., locomotive engineer, 35 East Miller st.
Welcher, C.A., grocer, 5 Maple court.
Welcher, Frank, salesman, 5 Maple court.
Welcher, Edgar, farmer, 49 West Miller st.
Wells, A.C., 11 High st.
Welsh, Mary A., attendant, asylum.
Welsh, Eugene, locomotive engineer, 47 Van Buren st.
West, Mrs. E.N., 89 Main st.
West, Chas., carpenter, 53 West Miller st.
West, Isaac, laborer, Willow ave.
West, Elmer, carpenter, 12 Siegrist st.
West, Nettie, box-maker, 12 Siegrist st.
Westfall, David, teamster, asylum, 107 Church st.
Westfall, Alfred, carpenter, 47 Church st.
Westfall, Mrs. J.R., 48 East ave.
Wheat, L.H., photographer, 34 East ave.
Wheeler, Daisy, 38 Church st.
Whitbeck, James H., farmer, 157 Union st.
Whitbeck, Edward, tinsmith, 8 High st.
Whitbeck, Leonard, baker, 16 Siegrist st.
Whitbeck, Marietta, 16 Siegrist st.
White, C.S., 50 East ave.
White, Fred C., grocer, 52 East ave.
White, E.F., printer, 52 East ave.
White, Mrs. Lydia, 20 Siegrist st.
White, E.N., printer, 14 Godfrey st.
White, Mabel, compositor, 14 Godfrey st.
White, P.S., R.R. conductor, 10 Siegrist st.
White, M.D., gardener, 2 Siegrist st.
Whitney, Chas., contractor, Norton st.
Whitney, Geo., finisher, Norton st.
Whitney, Mabel, Norton st.
Whittemore, Frank, carpenter, 12 Church st.
Wideman, Theodore, clerk, 52 Union st.
Wiemer, Geo., blacksmith, 132 Willow ave.
Wilber, M.H., shoe-dealer, 2 Jefferson st.
Wilber, Levi, laborer, 4 Pearl st.
Wilber, Frank, laborer, Stuart ave.
Wilber, Ray, stationary engineer, Union st., Sherman flat
Wilber, Mrs. Ray, dressmaker, Union st., Sherman flat
Wilcox, Wm., driver and coachman, 36 East Miller st.
Wilcoxen, Mary, 40 East Miller.
Wilcoxen, Rhoda, 40 East Miller st.
Wilder, Edwin, teacher, 65 Church st.
Wilder, Ralph E., clerk, 65 Church st.
Wilder, Beulah, teacher, 65 Church st.
Wilder, Mrs. M.L., 65 Church st.
Wilder, Ward, student, 65 Church st.
Wiley, Rev. A.C., pastor Christian church, 37 East Miller st.
Wiley, Maud, school teacher, 37 East Miller st.
Williams, Wm., cigar maker, 52 Union st.
Williams, Arthur, decorator, 12 East Miller st.
Williams, B.C., lawyer, 11 Scott st.
Williams, S.K., lawyer, 9 Scott st.
Williams, Cora, cook, asylum.
Williams, A.E., grocer, 3 High st.
Williams, Helen, 3 High st.
Williams, Mavert, 3 High st.
Williams, Rose, 9 Grant st.
Williams, Geo. W.S., agent, 44 East ave.
Williams, G.W., R.R. clerk, 29 East Miller st.
Williams, M.D., lock tender, 83 West Miller st.
Williams, A.M., 83 West Miller st.
Williams, Mrs. M.D., mgr. Empire Telephone Co., 83 West Miller st.
Williamson, Russell, tinsmith, 51 East Miller st.
Willis, Mrs. Marie, 12 East ave.
Wilkinson, Wealthy, 80 Union st.
Willoughby, Edward, locomotive engineer, 52 Union st.
Willoughby, Mrs. Maude, domestic, Palmyra st.
Wilson, Jacob, editor Newark Courier, 86 Willow ave.
Winans, Mrs. David, East Maple ave.
Winegar, Frank, lock tender, 4 Blackmar st.
Winslow, Lillian P., attendant, asylum.
Winspear, C.W., superintendent asylum.
Winspear, Gertrude E., matron asylum.
Wiser, J.E., druggist, 61 West Miller st.
Wiser, Louise, book-keeper, 61 West Miller st.
Wolfe, Fred, painter, 60 West Maple ave.
Wood, Mrs. Flora, 2 Franklin st.
Wood, Bessie, stenographer, 2 Franklin st.
Wood, Minnie, school teacher, 2 Franklin st.
Wood, Wm., laborer, 3 Canal st.
Woodruff, Robt. T., laborer, 81 Union st.
Woodruff, Edward, malster, 85 Van Buren st.
Woodworth, Minnie, school teacher, 5 Maple Court.
Wright, Mrs. Adelaide, 7 East Maple ave.
Wright, Herman B., 9 East Maple ave.
Wright, A.C., laborer, 104 Church st.
Wright, Frank W., railroad conductor, 51 Church st.
Wright, Wm., printer, 51 Church st.
Wright, Mrs. S., proprietor Willow ave. house, 28 Willow ave.
Wright, Geo. Jr., laborer, 28 Willow ave.
Wright, J., baggageman, New York Central, Frey st.
Wright, Frank, 92 Willow ave.
Wright, Geo. Sr., teamster, 15 Siegrist ave.
Wright, Luther, laborer, 15 Siegrist ave.
Wright, Lillian, tailoress, 15 Siegrist ave.
Wright, Chas., fireman, locomotive, 15 Siegrist ave.
Wyckhoff, Orrin, clerk, 69 1/2 Union st.

- Y -

Yackeals, Chas., clerk, 13 Willow ave.
York, G.D., physician, 2 West Miller st.
York, D.P., minister, 2 West Miller st.
Young, Mrs. M.A., 41 Mason st.
Young, A.A., physician, 22 East Miller st.
Young, Adella M., attendant, asylum.
Young, John, laborer, 88 1/2 Union st.
Young, Philip, laborer, Godfrey st.
Young, Fred, barber, 156 Union st.
Young, Charles L., towpath

NOTE: All names, and order of names, are exactly as in the original historical resource. To maintain historical authenticity, spellings of names won't be changed or "corrected." The site coordinators have NO information about individuals listed in this directory. We thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for information about persons listed to the Office of the County Historian in Lyons, NY.

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