Village of Newark Directory 1900
Part 1
Surnames A - F


of the

Village of Newark,



Names, Occupations, Street and Number


Compiled, Printed and Sold by
W.C. & F.D. Burgess,

Publishers of

The Arcadian Weekly Gazette,


Third Edition Contains 1915 Names

- A -

Ackerson, Geo., carpenter, 19 East Miller st.
Ackerson, Ina, domestic, 78 Willow ave.
Aikin, J.N., 81 Union st.
Album, Hannah, domestic, 8 West Miller st.
Aldrich, Lawrence, salesman, 47 Union st.
Aldrich, Hulbert, dentist and insurance agent, 47 Union st.
Aldrich, Wm., laborer, 32 Vienna st.
Allaart, Peter, market gardener, 39 West ave.
Allaart, Cornelius, wood-worker, 39 West ave.
Allaart, A.J., woodworker, West ave.
Allaart, Jno., drug clerk, West ave.
Allen, John, 62 Church st.
Allen, Mark B., carpenter, 10 East Maple ave.
Allen, Bessie, student, 10 East Maple ave.
Allerton, O.H., capitalist, 47 Main st.
Allerton, Fred M., produce dealer, 4 Mason st.
Allerton, Miss Lois J., 58 Main st.
Allerton, Theron Y., 15 Prospect st.
Allerton, Mrs. L., 12 VanBuren st.
Allerton, Miss Jennie, 12 VanBuren st.
Alison, Henry, tinsmith, 52 Union st.
Alting, Lena, domestic, 62 Willow ave.
Alting, Andrew, farmer, Grace ave.
Alting, Chas., laborer, Grace ave.
Alting, Wm., farmer, Grace ave.
Amato, Mike, laborer
Anderson, John, evaporator; paper hanger, 26 East Miller st.
Anderson, A.D., prop. Arlington House, 47 VanBuren st.
Appleman, Albert, blacksmith, 121 Willow ave.
Appleman, Mamie, compositor, 121 Willow ave.
Appleman, Louise, domestic, 7 Prospect st.
Archer, Fayette, tinsmith, 36 Willow ave.
Armington, Irma, box-maker, 30 East Miller st.
Ashton, W.P., barber, 35 Madison ave.
Atwood, Earnest, carpenter, 44 Willow ave.
Atwood, Lewis, tinner, 44 Willow ave.
Atwood, Joseph, laborer, 44 Willow ave.
Austin, Mrs., 17 Mason st.
Austin, Brier, carpenter, 91 Palmyra st.
Axtell, B.R., laborer, 177 Union st.

- B -

Backus, Edward, laborer, 102 1/2 Union st.
Baheie, Fred, porter, 52 Union st.
Bailey, F.G., farmer, 58 East ave.
Bailey, A., 22 Harrison st.
Baily, Frank, section-hand, Canal st.
Bailey, Nettie, 29 Church st.
Bailey, John, lineman, 52 Union st.
Baker, Rudolph, laborer, 170 Union st.
Baker, Miss L.C., 37 Mason st.
Baldwin, L.G., clerk, 105 Union st.
Baldwin, E.W., 30 East ave.
Baldwin, Bertha, 30 East ave.
Ballou, Silas, supt. Peirson ware-house, 156 Willow ave.
Ballou, Frank, book-keeper, 17 Railroad ave.
Baltzel, Geo. laborer, 137 Church st.
Barrenger, Mrs. Ellen, 2 Cooper st.
Barclay, Mrs., 20 VanBuren st.
Barker, Jno., clerk, 37 West Miller st.
Barnes, Ed, painter, 20 East Miller st.
Barnes, T.B., florist, 111 Church st.
Barnum, Mrs. Sarah J., 85 Union st.
Bartholome, Katherine, attendant, asylum
Bartle, A.C., lumber dealer and prop. Newark Planing Mill, 3 Madison ave.
Bartle, Jas. P., 8 West Maple ave.
Bartle, Warren, packer and stripper, 8 West Maple ave.
Barton, E., farmer (retired), 93 Main st.
Barrett, Althea, 80 Union st.
Baughden, L.M., 61 West Miller st.
Baxter, Mrs. Salinda, 68 Main st.
Baxter, Geo., teamster, 83 Union st.
Baxter, Oscar, teamster, 64 Union st.
Baylord, Edward, clerk, 34 Palmyra st.
Baylord, Anna, domestic, 36 East ave.
Beach, C.H., book-keeper, 13 Madison ave.
Beader, Wm., brakeman, Bloomer ave.
Beal, Ellsworth, grocer, 174 Union st.
Beatty, John, tinner and clerk, 16 High st.
Beatty, Emma J., attendant, asylum
Beck, Chas., florist and gardener, 161 Cor. Stansell & Union st.
Becker, Mrs. Mary, 1 Siegrist st.
Behage, Peter, wood-worker, 20 East Miller st.
Behncke, Ernst, farmer, West Maple ave.
Behncke, Kurt, West Maple ave.
Behncke, Adele, West Maple ave.
Behncke, Katherine, 7 Mason st.
Behncke, Max, coachman, 47 Main st.
Bell, Joseph, laborer, 1 Siegrist st.
Bell, Frank, laborer, 2 Washington st.
Bender, John, 20 West ave.
Bender, Jacob, tailor, 14 Madison ave.
Benton, Mrs. J.W., 91 Willow ave.
Bennett, Frank L., merchant, 7 Willow ave.
Bennett, Hannah, 68 Union st.
Bennett, Mrs. Ida, 4 Stansell st.
Berger, Jos., drayman, 114 Union st.
Berger, Mrs. Agnes, 114 Union st.
Berkley, Mrs. M.S., 139 1/2 Union st.
Berrigan, Anne, laundress, asylum
Berry, Reuben, 75 East Miller st.
Berry, Mellie, operator, 13 Butler st.
Billingham, Chauncey, fruit grower, 113 Palmyra st.
Billingham, A.T., barber, 113 Palmyra st.
Bird, Elmer, book-keeper, 19 Mason st.
Bishop, Frank, farmer, West ave.
Black, W.C., merchant (dry goods), 52 Willow ave.
Blackmar, Anna, 20 Palmyra st.
Blackman, Teddie, driver, 24 East Miller st.
Blauvelt, George, 12 High st.
Bleik, Jacoob, lock tender, 39 Vienna st.
Bloom, Jacob, nurseryman, Bloom st.
Bloom, George, nurseryman, 11 Stuart ave.
Bloom, Edward, laborer, 11 Stuart ave.
Bloom, William, laborer, 11 Stuart ave.
Bloomer, Mrs. Helen, 78 Main st.
Bloomer, Charles, salesman and paper box manufacturer, 78 Main st.
Bloomer, Sherman, paper box manufacturer, 78 Main st.
Blossom, Henry, teamster, 69 East Miller st.
Bobrowsky, Herman, hardware merchant, 6 Blackmar st.
Bohmeleim, Chas., laborer, Lake st.
Booth, H.W., barber, 9 Mason st.
Booth, Edwin, 56 West Miller st.
Borst, Mrs. Julia, 174 Union st.
Bostwick, T.H., fireman, 6 Van Buren st.
Bostwick, Mrs. C.M., 28 Van Buren St.
Bostwick, Wm., mason tender, 28 Van Buren st.
Boswell, Frank, shipping clerk, 20 East Miller st.
Boundine, Louise, domestic, 1 East Miller st.
Bowman, G.H., locomotive engineer, 35 Van Buren st.
Boynton, Philo, 91 1/2 Union st.
Boynton, J.J., clerk, 91 1/2 Union st.
Bradley, H.S., engineer, 4 Norton st.
Bradley, Geo., student, 4 Norton st.
Bradley, James, section hand, Dell st.
Bradley, D.F., mail carrier, 5 Dell st.
Brainard, Wm., section hand, 2 Siegrist st.
Brainard, Jas., 66 Main st.
Brainard, MRs. S.W., 63 East ave.
Bramer, Chas., grocer, 80 Palmyra st.
Bridgeman, C.H., prop. variety store, 18 Grant st.
Brewer, Fred, police justice, 43 East Miller st.
Brewer, Florence, 43 East Miller st.
Briggs, Mrs. Melvina, 10 East Maple ave.
Briggs, Mrs. Margaret, 25 East Miller st.
Briggs, Seward, baker, 44 Palmyra st.
Briggs, Leora, milliner, 44 Palmyra st.
Brill, Peter, tinsmith, 3 Pearl st.
Brissie, Albert, laborer, 170 1/2 Union st.
Brittain, Rev. Alfred, pastor St. Mark's church, 44 Main st.
Bronk, W.J., tinner, 127 Church st.
Brown, F.E., lawyer, 14 Williams st.
Brown, Edith, book-keeper, 16 Washington st.
Brown, Mrs. Mary, 16 Washington st.
Brown, Fred, student, 16 Washington st.
Brown, Wm., can-maker, Dell st.
Brown, Richard, section hand, Dell st.
Brown, Gertrude, compositor, Dell st.
Brown, P., section hand, Bostwick ave.
Brown, John, section hand, Bostwick ave.
Brown, James H., laborer, tow-path
Brown, M.W., carpenter, 52 Church st.
Brown, Wm., tinsmith, 20 East Miller st.
Brownell, Allen C., 104 Main st.
Brownell, M. Alice, physician, 104 Main st.
Bruce, C.E., decorator, 20 East ave.
Bruce, Walter, decorator, 52 Union st.
Bruse, Wm., fireman, 60 East Miller st.
Brumer, Catherine, domestic, 58 Main st.
Bryant L.J., gardener, Willow ave.
Bryant, L.T., clerk, Willow ave.
Bryant, Ray, gardener, Stuart ave.
Buck, Monroe, foreman sash department, Keener factory, Bartle ave.
Buck, Milton G., woodworker, Bartle ave.
Buck, Charles, operator, 52 Murray st.
Buckley, Harriet, teacher, 36 Main st.
Bullock, Mrs. Elmira, 58 East ave.
Burch, Charles, tailor, 70 Main st.
Burchard, Charles, 48 West Miller st.
Burcroff, William, mason, 50 1/2 West Miller st.
Burden, Benjamin, mason-tender, tow path
Burden, Lewis, laborer, tow path
Burgess, Mrs. N.R., dressmaker, 38 Church st.
Burgess, Rev. A.P., Supt. Anti-Saloon League, 7 Williams st.
Burgess, W.C., editor Gazette, 48 East ave.
Burgess, F.D., editor Gazette, Prospect st.
Burgett, Helen M., 46 Palmyra st.
Burgett, Frances R., 46 Palmyra st.
Burke, John F., laborer, 28 East ave.
Burke, Cleophas S., travelling salesman, 11 Washington st.
Burke, Lena, 11 Washington st.
Burke, Flossie, student, 11 Washington st.
Burke, John, locomotive engineer, 14 Harrison st.
Burleigh, E.E., insurance and real estate agent, 31 Mason st.
Burleigh, W.H., Adams Express messenger, Bartle ave.
Burleigh, Ray, tinsmith, 133 Union st.
Burley, S.M., lock tender, 28 Vienna st.
Burley, Helen, press-feeder, 28 Vienna st.
Burley, Mrs. M., dressmaker, 28 Vienna st.
Burnap, E.L., proprietor of Steam Laundry, 2 Franklin st.
Burnett, Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 13 Prospect st.
Burnett, Henry, laborer, 60 Union st.
Burnett, Edith, tailoress, 60 Union st.
Burnham, Edwin K., lawyer, 63 West Maple ave.
Burnham, Geo. A., Mgr. canning factory, 63 West Maple ave.
Burnham, Edwin D., box-maker and book-keeper, 63 West Maple ave.
Burnham, A.D., 49 Church st.
Burnham, Cecil, box-maker, 49 Church st.
Burns, Jno. locomotive fireman, 81 Main st.
Burns, Mrs., 47 Madison ave.
Burns, Palmer, tinner, 47 Madison ave.
Burns, Eliza, domestic, 34 Main st.
Burns, Thos. section-foreman, 46 Murray st.
Burns, James J., clerk, 46 Murray st.
Burns, Jas., section-hand, 51 Murray st.
Burns, Michael, nurseryman, 51 Murray st.
Burns, Mrs. Anna, 51 Murray st.
Burrud, N.J., cigar and mince meat mfr., 54 West Miller st.
Burrows, W.O., broom-maker, 11 East Maple st.
Burroughs, H.D., clerk, 51 East Miller st.
Burroughs, Frank, carpenter, 7 Elm st.
Burt, Howard, painter, 64 West Maple st.
Burt, J.E., book-keeper, 64 West Maple st.
Burt, Cora, book-keeper, 64 West Maple st.
Bushart, Wm., clerk, 42 Palmyra st.
Bushart, Mrs. Wm., milliner, 42 Palmyra st.
Butts, Sarah Mrs., 112 Union st.
Byrnes, Jos., tinsmith, 20 East Miller st.

- C -

Cable, Lulu, box-maker, 149 Palmyra st.
Cable, Fred, factory hand, 149 Palmyra st.
Cady, Mrs. L.E., 71 Main st.
Calnen, Michael, laborer, 89 Van Buren st.
Calnen, Anna, folder, 89 Van Buren st.
Calnen, Mary, 72 Church st.
Camp, Emma, domestic, 9 Williams st.
Campbier, Josiah, laborer, 147 Palmyra st.
Campbell, P.J., farmer, 57 Vienna st.
Campbell, Nathan, farmer, 57 Vienna st.
Campbell, Claude, farmer, 57 Vienna st.
Carr, Mrs. F.C., 37 Mason st.
Carr, C.H., 37 Mason st.
Carr, Edwin L., clerk and tinner, 12 Mason st.
Carl, Mrs. M.A., 24 VanBuren st.
Carson, W.O., brakeman, 13 Siegrist st.
Case, Wm., railroad employee, 119 Union st.
Caswell, S.H., Mfg. of Cream Separator, 31 Main st.
Caswell, Edith, 31 Main st.
Cattoo, Josiah, printer, 117 Union st.
Cattoo, Levi, tailor, 117 Union st.
Cattoo, Jacob, nurseryman, 117 Union st.
Cattoo, Jennie, school teacher, 117 Union st.
Caudell, Miss E., milliner, 113 Main st.
Chadwick, C.C., gateman, 48 Church st.
Chadwick, Mitchell, salesman, 48 Church st.
Chamberlin, Mrs. Rebecca, 7 Franlin st.
Chapman, S.K., barber, 8 Willow ave.
Chapman, D.H., liveryman, 8 Willow ave.
Chapman, W.H. clerk, 8 Willow ave.
Chase, J.W., grocer, 6 Grant st.
Chase, N.B., nurseryman, 41 1/2 East Miller st.
Chesley, Mabel, teacher Union school, 5 Maple court.
Chittenden, Mrs. Sarah, 34 East Miller st.
Christy, Arthur, Jr., clerk, 87 Palmyra st.
Church, Byron, clerk, 9 Butler st.
Clark, C.E., florist and gardener, Vienna st.
Clark, Robt., laborer, 12 Washington st.
Clark, H.S., drayman, 11 Prospect st.
Clark, Blanche, 11 Prospect st.
Clark, Mrs. E., 9 Butler st.
Clary, W.J., hackman, 21 1/2 Church st.
Clary, Mrs. W.J., dressmanker, 21 1/2 Church st.
Cobb, Phhilip, 20 Godfrey st.
Cobb, John, operator, 20 Godfrey st.
Cline, Mrs. Phebe, 31 Madison ave.
Coffin, Sarah M., dressmaker, 52 Main st.
Coffin, Caroline, dressmaker, 52 Main st.
Cogan, P.J., brakeman, 7 Siegrist st.
Cook, Amelia, domestic, 15 Maple ave.
Cook, Nathan, laborer, 77 Union st.
Cook, Nathaniel, shoe maker, 171 Union st.
Cook, Geo., bank watch, 6 Vienna st.
Cook, Robt. E., R.R. conductor, 4 Van Buren st.
Colburn, Irving, justice of the peace, 100 Church st.
Colburn, Douglasls, painter, 125 Union st.
Cole, Margaret, dressmaker, 53 Main st.
Cole, Frank, hostler.
Cole, A.W., cigar maker, 18 Mason st.
Coleman, Mrs. Sarah, 12 Washington st.
Collins, Jerry, fireman, 52 Union st.
Colter, Mrs. Hannah, Elm st.
Colter, Geo., brakeman, 66 Palmyra st.
Colton, Henry, farmer, 37 Church st.
Comstock, M.A., Supt. of Wm. F. Hunt Mfg. Co., 37 East ave.
Comstock, S.E., Jr., member C.H. Perkins Co., 37 East ave.
Conine, W.H., 86 Main st.
Conrad, W.C., R.R. clerk, 42 1/2 West Miller st.
Content, Edward, TInsmith's helper, Fillmore st.
Content, Isaac, laborer, Fillmore st.
Connor, Mrs. Bridget, 75 West Miller st.
Connor, Ella, compositor, 75 West Miller st.
Connors, Patrick, laborer, 10 Stuart ave.
Conklin, Mrs. J., 1 Washington st.
Conklin, Ida, 168 Union st.
Conklin, Ralph, steam fiter, 168 Union st.
Conklin, Wm., R.R. clerk, 168 Union st.
Conklin, Edward L., wood workman, 168 Union st.
Conklin, Clarence, Prop. planing mill, 121 Union st.
Conklin, Alice, photographer, 121 Union st.
Conklin, John, 7 Stansell st.
Conway, Thos., cigar manufacturer, 56 Union st.
Cooley, Wm., carpenter, 53 East Miller st.
Cooper, Mrs. M.E., dressmaker, 30 Church st.
Copper, Mrs., 25 Vienna st.
Coppernoll, W.J. Dr., physician, 6 Myrtle ave.
Corteville, B.J., clerk, 12 East ave.
Cory, Mrs. Mary, 77 VanBuren st.
Cosgrove, Thos., switch-lighter W.S., 25 Murray st.
Cosgrove, Andrew, plumber, 25 Murray st.
Cosgrove, Anna, dressmaker, 25 Murray st.
Cosgrove, M.J., 25 Murray st.
Cobb, Chas., laborer, Murray st.
Cobb, Fred, laborer, Murray st.
Cobb, Bertha, domestic, 58 Main St.
Courtright, L., 55 Union st.
Couse, Carrie, cook asylum, (address left out)
Coveney, Wm., teamster, 36 Palmyra st.
Cowles, E.F., traveling salesman, 11 Madison ave.
Collward, Maggie, domestic, 33 Main st.
Cox, J.T., carpenter, 18 Siegrist st.
Cox, James, farmer, 110 Main st.
Cox, Harrison, 108 Union st.
Cox, Robert, carpenter, Norton st.
Coyle, Jas., stationary engineer, 12 Franklin st.
Coyle, J. Herbert, stationary engineer, 12 Franklin st.
Coyle, Edward, printer, 12 Franklin st.
Coyne, B.W., W.S. yard-master, Prospect st.
Cozzens, Mrs. 102 Willow ave.
Cozzens, Wm., laborer, 102 Willow ave.
Cozzens, Henry, laborer, 102 Willow ave.
Craft, G.H., physician, 126 Willow ave.
Craft, Mrs. C.L., teacher instrumental, 126 Willow ave.
Crane, DeWitt C., farmer, East Maple ave.
Craig, Thos., R.R. conductor, Stuart ave.
Craig, Mary, domestic, 18 High st.
Cratar, Mrs. C., coal dealer, 33 Van Buren st.
Crater, Geo., coal dealer, 33 Van Buren st.
Craver, Norman, malster, 3 Clinton st.
Crawford, Judson, coachman, 3 Burnham st.
Crawford, Pearl, dining-room attendant, asylum.
Crawford, Gabriel, blacksmith, 31 Siegrist st.
Crawford, Leon, switchman, 7 Van Buren st.
Crawford, Jarvis, laborer, 55 West Maple ave.
Crellen, Chas., produce-buyer, 24 Stuart ave.
Crocker, Mrs. Marie, 25 East Miller st.
Cronise, John S., 33 Main st.
Cronk, Chas., locomotive engineer, 35 Van Buren st.
Crothers, Chas., produce-dealer, 46 Main st.
Crothers, Homer, 46 Main st.
Crothers, Mrs. Jane, 46 Main st.
Croucher, I.N., cigar manufacturer, 6 East Miller st.
Croucher, Elias, traveling salesman, 25 Mason st.
Croucher, Geo. W., cigar manufacturer, 5 Franklin st.
Crowe, Patrick, fireman locomotive, 46 Willow ave.
Crowe, Mary, nurse, 13 Van Buren st.
Culver, Myron, 3 Van Buren st.
Culver, Lucy, telephone operator, 3 Van Buren st.
Culver, C.W., farmer, 54 Vienna st.
Culver, W.J., omnibus driver, 9 Scott st.
Cunningham, W.L., cooper, 23 Pearl st.
Cunningham, E.J., school teacher, 23 Pearl st.
Cunningham, E., 32 West Miller st.
Cuykendall, D.J., Prop. Gilson House, Willow ave.

- D -

Dayton, Wm., plumber and electrician, tow path.
Dayton, David, well digger, tow path.
Dear, James, butcher, 28 Murray st.
DeCann, Jno., section, hand, 7 Butler st.
DeCann, Wilber, laborer, 7 Butler st.
DeCann, Samuel, laborer, 7 Butler st.
Decker, Peter, teamster, 78 Willow ave.
Dee, Bryon, locomotive enginer, 30 Van Buren st. (Bryon exactly as in directory)
Deede, Wm., laborer, Dell st.
Deede, Abraham, laborer, Dell st.
Deede, Minnie, Dell st.
DeForest, Percy, R.R. conductor, 80 Union st.
DeGroat, John, clerk, 52 Union st.
DeHondt, Edward, laborer, Pearl st.
DeHondt, Peter, tinsmith, 22 Pearl st.
DeLaney, Jno., section foreman, 9 Pearl st.
DeLaney, Matthew, section hand, 9 Pearl st.
DeLaney, Mrs. J., 9 Pearl st.
DeLine, Maud, domestic, 12 West Miller st.
Delong, Esther, cook, 52 Union st.
DeLizery, Isaac, teamster, 25 Vienna st.
DeMay, Bartle, section hand, 4 Siegrist st.
DeMay, Mary, domestic, 9 Scott st.
DeMott, Michael laborer, 22 Vienna st.
Dempsey, Edwin E., tinsmith, 83 Main st.
Denning, John, harness maker, 19 Van Buren st.
Denning, Patrick, harness maker, 19 Van Buren st.
Denning, Wm., clerk, 19 Van Buren st.
Denning, Anna, school teacher, 19 Van Buren st.
Dent, Mrs. Geo. 119 Palmyra st.
DePow, Mrs., West ave.
DePow, John, laborer, West ave.
Depuy, Wm., R.R. conductor, 68 Palmyra st.
DeValkberg, Wm., teamster, 67 East Miller st.
DeVelder, Chas., 12 Williams st.
DeVelder, Sophia, domestic, 12 Williams st.
DeVelder, Frank, laborer, 145 Railroad ave.
DeVelder, Edward, laborer, 4 Butler st.
DeVoist, Katharine, night attendant, asylum.
DeVolder, Abram, tinsmith, Willow ave.
DeVoll, E., cigar manufacturer, Bartle ave.
DeWeaver, Augustus, stationary engineer, Fillmore st.
DeWeaver, Stanley, 2 Clinton st.
DeWeaver, Carl, R.R. roundsman, Stuart ave.
DeWitt, Nettie, domestic, 33 Masons st.
Dewey, Mrs. Jane, 29 Vienna st.
Dewey, Hattie, box maker, 29 Vienna st.
Dillenbeck, Jno., canvasser, 129 Union st.
Dillenbeck, A.M., grocer, 137 Union st.
Dillenbeck, Herbert, lock-tender, 120 Church st.
Dillenbeck, Geo., farmer, 38 West ave.
Ditmars, Mrs. Rachel, 4 Grant st.
Doane, Mrs. Esther, 73 1/2 Union st.
Doane, Reynard, cigar manufacturer, Church st.
Doane, Edward, clerk, 25 West Miller st.
Dodge, Jennie, student, 49 Church st.
Dodd, Alonzo, 34 Palmyra st.
Dodd, Fred, 34 Palmyra st.
Dodd, John, 34 Palmyra st.
Dodd, Wm., 34 Palmyra st.
Donahue, Jno. laborer, Tow-path
Donahue, Patrick, brakeman, Tow-path
Donatelle, Geo., section-hand, 18 Church st.
Donk, Augustus, station agent, N.Y.C., 13 Butler st.
Donk, James, student, 13 Butler st.
Donk, Mrs. A., operator, 13 Butler st.
Donk, Christina, domestic, 20 Prospect st.
Donk, Mrs. Libbie, ladies' tailoress, 26 Church st.
Donk, Arthur, driver, 26 Church st.
Dormady, John, laborer, Frey st.
Doty, Orin E.., 90 Main st.
Doty, Olin E., ag't. Bradstreet's mercantile, 90 Main st.
Doty, Geo. W., post-office clerk, 90 Main st.
Doty, Ernest M., reporter and student, 90 Main st.
Doty, Wm., cigar-maker and retailer, 8 Van Buren st.
DoVille, A.J., agent, 11 East Maple ave.
Downs, Jas., factory foreman, Bloomer Bros., 23 Murray st.
Downs, Margaret, compositor, 23 Murray st.
Downs, Wm., canvasser, 23 Murray st.
Downs, Nellie, tailoress, 23 Murray st.
Downs, M., laborer, 23 Murray st.
Doyle, Anna K., assistant seamstress, Asylum
DuBois, A.F., editor Newark Union, 64 Main st.
DuBois, Mrs. Mary, 29 Mason st.
DuBois, John, student, 29 Mason st.
DuBois, J.B., farmer, Stuart ave.
Duncan, James R., 56 Palmyra st.
Duncan, Wm. A., bottler, 103 Willow ave.
Duncan, H.S., teamster, 101 Willow ave.
Dunkin, Rev. D.G., pastor Baptist church, 13 1/2 E. Miller st.
Dunn, L. Isabel, issuing clerk, Asylum
Drake, H.R., mfr. butter trays and boxes, 118 Union st.
Drake, Albert, machinest, box-maker, 118 Unnion st.
Drake, G.A., carpenter, engineer, 36 Church st.
Drake, Dr. N.D., dentist, 115 Union st.
Drake, J.E., carpenter, 91 1/2 Union st.
Drake, Anson, laborer, 18 Hoffman st.
Drake, Fred, tinsmith, 18 Hoffman st.
Drake, Frank, tinsmith, 18 Hoffman st.
Driscoll, M.J., traveling salesman, 7 Washington st.
Driscoll, Timothy, railroad carpenter, 57 East ave.
Durfee, Mrs. Mary, 50 Main st.

- E -

Eames, Mrs. Spencer S., 5 East Miller st.
Eames, Miss Mary S., 5 East Miller st.
Eaton, Alonzo, agent N.C. railway, Dell st.
Eaton, Jesse, cigar-maker, 79 Union st.
Eaton, Mary, 79 Union st.
Eaton, Geo., 79 Union st.
Eckrich, Jos. finisher, 55 Church st.
Edson, Mrs. J.L., 15 William st.
Edgett, Mrs. Harriet C., 7 Mason st.
Eggleston, Henry, traveling salesman, 33 East ave.
Eggleston, Geo W., traveling salesman, 33 East ave.
Eggleston, Lillian, asst. cashier 1st Nat'l Bank, 33 East ave.
Eggleston, Oliver, lock-tender, 153 Union st.
Eggleston, Myrtie, book-keeper, 153 Union st.
Eggleston, Wm., tinsmith, 169 Union st.
Eickhoff, Mrs. Mary, 8 Church st.
Eickhoff, Miss Mary, 8 Church st.
Elliott, E.B., clothier and tailor, 23 Union st.
Elliott, Mrs. Eliz., 4 Scott St.
Elliott, E.B., Jr., clothier, 61 East ave.
Elliott, T.E., clothier, 2 Scott st.
Elliott, Wesley, section-foreman, 19 Willow ave.
Elliott, Henry, laborer, 19 Willow ave.
Elliott, Howard, blacksmith-helper, 19 Willow ave.
Elliott, Clarence, section-hand, 19 Willow ave.
Elliott, L., laborer, 55 West Maple ave.
Elliott, Maude, tailoress, 55 West Maple ave.
Elliott, Jno., clerk, 29 1/2 East ave.
Elliott, Wm., brakeman, Blackmar st.
Elliott, Albert, lock-tender, Blackmar st.
Elliott, Eugene, actor.
Ellis, Chas., clerk, 117 Palmyra st.
Ellis, Geo., shoemaker, 117 Palmyra st.
Ellis, Arthur, saloon, 9 Willow ave.
Ellsworth, Chas., laborer, 13 Palmyra st.
Elve, Jeanette, 18 Church st.
Elve, John, clerk, 18 Church st.
Elve, MIna, student, 18 Church st.
Emerson, A.J., tinsmith, 17 Main st.
Emery, Fred, barber, 28 1/2 Hoffman st.
Ennells, N.H., gardener and sexton, 14 Siegrist st.
Engels, Nellie, night attendant, Asylum
Ennis, Mary, 51 Main st.
Espenschied, J.M., book-keeper, 1 Dell st.
Estey, Mrs. C.W., 5 Grant st.
Evans, Raymond, painter, 21 Church st.
Evert, Mrs. M.E., 6 Norton st.
Eyer, Mrs. Lydia, Moore st.

- F -

Faas, Jacob, tinsmith, 1 Sherman ave.
Farnsworth, Samuel, evaporator, Pearl st.
Farnsworth, H.E., grocer, 138 Willow ave.
Farnsworth, L.H., grocer, 138 Willow ave.
Farnsworth, Thos. M., laborer, 11 Siegrist st.
Farnsworth, Wright, laborer, 11 Siegrist st.
Farnsworth, Thomas, laborer, 11 Siegrist st.
Farnsworth, S.T., bartender, 146 Willow ave.
Fairchild, Anna, trimmer, 33 Church st.
Fanning, Benjamin, plumber and fitter, Bartle ave.
Farrell, J.J., nurseryman, 94 Willow ave.
Farrell, Rose, typewriter, 33 Madison ave.
Farrell, Thos., 33 Madison ave.
Fasig, John, cigar-maker, 35 Union st.
Faust, Mrs., 3 Pearl st.
Feller, Mrs. A.D., 9 Madison ave.
Fellows, P.S., 99 Willow ave.
Fellows, Mrs. P.S., book-keeper, 99 Willow ave.
Fenck, Mrs. Jno., Bartle ave.
Ferguson, J.G., 12 Grant st.
Ferguson, Cora, domestic, 49 Murray st.
Ferguson, Claude, laborer, 49 Murray st.
Fields, Irving, tinsmith, 51 East Miller st.
Fiero, Wm., stationary engineer, 93 Union st.
Fiero, Ray, stationary engineer, 93 Union st.
Fiero, P.M., portrait canvasser, 98 Willow ave.
Filkins, Frank, upholsterer, 36 1/2 East Miller st.
Filkins, Irene, 41 West Mller st.
Filkins, W.M., coal, 9 Grant st.
Filtz, Mrs. Marian, 52 West Miller st.
Finch, John, car inspector, N.C. Railway, 6 Siegrist st.
FInch, Reynolds, teamster, 15 High st.
Finley, Luther, prop'r omnibus line, 13 Union st.
Fish, Chas. L., brakeman, 74 Main st.
Fish, J.M., carpenter, 91 Union st.
Fish, Emma, dressmaker, 91 Union st.
Fish, Albert, gateman, N.Y.C., 16 Pearl st.
Fish, Melvin J., mechanic, Lillie st.
Fisk, E.W., office sup't Reed factory, 3 Franklin st.
Fisk, D.B., 7 Maple court.
Fisk, Perle, 7 Maple court.
Fisk, Edward, 80 Main st.
Fisk, Emma 80 Main st.
Fisk, Anna, milliner, 80 Main st.
Fisk, Wm., 3 Franklin st.
Fisk, Ford B., clerk, 46 Palmyra st.
Fischer, Fred, teamster, 9 Maple court.
Fitch, Mrs. S.C., 65 Vienna st.
Flemming, Eveline, 130 Union st.
Flint, Wm., foreman Grippin Mfg. Co., 48 West Miller st.
Flynn, M.J., granite and marble cutter, 52 Palmyra st.
Flynn, Eugene, factory-hand, 52 Palmyra st.
Flynn, Catherine, book-keeper, 52 Palmyra st.
Flynn, John, can-maker, 46 West Miller st.
Foote, A.L., miller, 15 Mason st.
Ford, J.H., 110 Main st.
Ford, Chas., operator, 14 Hoffman st.
Ford, J.W., 19 East Miller st.
Fortmiller, Louis, shoe dealer, 20 Prospect st.
Fortmiller, Valentine, harness-maker, 27 East Miller st.
Fortmiller, John, book-keeper, 27 East Miller st.
Fountain, J.S., medical canvasser, 7 Blackmar st.
Fountain, Kittie, domestic, 44 Main st.
Fowler, Geo. W.,. horseman, Fair grounds
Fox, Frank, blacksmith, 1 Dell st.
Fraley, Charlotte, 8 West Maple ave.
Frear, Mrs. Judith O., 89 Main st.
Frech, Mrs. Geo., 85 West Miller st.
Frech, Julia, clerk, 85 West Miller st.
Frech, Wm., clerk, 85 West Miller st.
Frech, A.F., mfr. engines, and jeweler, 42 Vienna st.
Frech, O.C., grocer, 6 Norton st.
Frech, Edwin, mail-carrier, 16 West ave.
Freeman, Mrs. M.E., 41 East Miller st.
Freeman, Mrs. A., 60 Union st.
Freemouw, John, printer, 55 Church st.
Freemouw, Abraham, nurseryman, 29 West Maple ave.
Fremouw, Sarah, domestic, 13 Williams st.
Friesman, Emma, domestic, 5 East Miller st.
Frey, Libbie, tailoress, 66 Union st.
Frey, Leonard, cigar manufacturer, 66 Union st.
Frey, Leonard, Sr., prop'r Brunswick, 156 Union st.
Frey, Chas., ice dealer, 44 East Miller st.
Frey, Ora, clerk, 44 East Miller st.
Frey, F.C., cigar manufacturer, 13 Van Buren st.
Frey, Lois, 13 Van Buren st.
Frey, Wm., teamster, 112 Willow ave.
Frey, Jno. teamster, 117 Willow ave.
Frey, Della, compositor, 117 Willow ave.
Frey, Geo., farmer, 4 Murray st.
Frey, Henry, freight-handler, 4 Murray st.
Frey, Lena, press-feeder, 4 Murray st.
Frey, Bertha, paper-box maker, 4 Murray st.
Frisby, Alex., 3 Burnham st.
Fuller, Geo., carpenter, 51 East Miller st.
Fuller, Jno., section-hand, 65 Murray st.
Fuller, Renia, 65 Murray st.

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