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Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, from a booklet at the Office of the County Historian

Below listed are the advertisers listed in the ARCADIA AGRICULTURAL SOCIETYBooklet (gives Premiums, Rules and Regulations) from the Annual Exhibition on the Grounds of the Society, at Newark, October 8,9, and 10, 1874:

*As Good As The Best! - The Excelsior Mills! Robt. Van Duser, Miller. Flour and Feed for sale: All Orders Filled Promptly! Flour delivered in Town!

*Custom Work Made A Specialty! Give Us A Trial! Order Cards may be got at Pierson's, W.B. Williams & Son's, Pyatt & Burnham's, and Landon's Groceries. J.D. REEVES & CO. Located 2 Miles North of Newark

*JACOB LUSK, Manufacturer and Dealer in Cabinet Ware and Undertaker, Newark, New York. One Door North of Newark Hotel. Mr. L. keeps constantly on hand a complete stock in his line, including Parlor and Bed-Room Suits, Chairs, Bedsteads, Mattresses, &c. Also, Mirrors and Picture Frames. An Elegant and Costly Hearse at Command. Coffins and Caskets in all Styles.

*LUMBER! Bartle & Eames, Newark, N.Y., Saginaw Lumber Yard! And Planing Mill! Established in 1853. A Full Stock of Seasoned Pine, Oak, Ash & Hemlock Lumber & Timber. Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Pickets, &c., Manufactured to Order. Particular Attention to Special Bills for House Finishing! Mill and Yard West End of Village. A.C. Bartle - S.S. Eames.

*Nicholoy & VanDuser, Dealers in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods! Custom and Ready-Made Clothing, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Carpetings, Floor Oil Cloths, Fine Wall Paper and House Decorations, Newark, New York.

*The Custom Tailoring Department is Under the Supervision of E.B. Elliott, Acknowledged by all who know of him to be The Best Cutter In Wayne County. Try Him! All Work Warranted. A Large Stock of Cloths Constantly on Hand.

*John Dillenbeck, East Newark, N.Y. General Merchant! Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Clothing, Hats, Caps, &c., and Wall Paper and Shades! A Fine Assortment! Highest Market Price, in Cash, paid for Produce.

*Joel H. Prescott, Insurance and Real Estate Agent. None But Sound, Old and Well Tried Companies Represented. Farmers Insured at the Lowest Rates. All Losses Promptly Adjusted and Paid by me, at my Office, Corinthian Hall Block, Newark, Wayne County, N.Y.

*H. Cronise, Dealer in Dry Goods! And Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, &c. A Full and Choice Line of Durable and Fashionable Goods At Prices to Suit the Times. East Newark, N.Y.

*J.E. Briggs, Attorney and Counselor at Law! Office in The Stuart Block, Over the Jewelry Store, Newark, N.Y. Besides the Usual Courts, Practices in the U.S. Courts, Particularly in Bankrupt Cases.

*J. Stuerwald, Furniture Dealer! And Undertaker, East Newark, New York. A Full Assortment! And Low Prices! A Fine New Hearse, Coffins, &c., Always Ready! A Call to Examine Goods and Learn Prices, is Respectfully Solicited.

*O.W. Harris, Dealer in Boots And Shoes Located in the Morse Block, next South of Cronise & Co's Newark, N.Y. Keeps Constantly on Hand a Complete Stock of All Styles, adapted to all seasons of the year. Everything First-Class and Warranted.

*In the Field Again! J.S. Cronise & Co. Are in the Field Again, with A More Complete STOCK OF STOVES, Than Ever Before. New Styles and New Prices! THE NEW AMERICAN! For 1874 Is the King of Base-Burner Stoves. We have reason to feel a just and laudable pride in presenting the new pattern of this Elegant Stove. The success which this Stove has met with (having sold over 200 in this vicinity) gives us renewed confidence in again presenting them to the public. THE SHINING LIGHT, Something New for 1874. With Double Illuminated Base and Clinker Grate. In all stoves heretofore brought out, the lower mica lights illuminated the ash pan, ash pit, ashes, clinkers, and refuse at the bottom of the fire pot, which, after the fire has been running a few hours, present anything but a cheerful aspect. This is entirely obviated in THE SHINING LIGHT FOR 1874 By a Patent Double Fire-Pot. COOK STOVES! We have a greater variety of First-Class Cook Stoves than any other house in the County. Among them will be found the Celebrated FEARLESS, of which we have scores of living witnesses to their many good qualities. We have also the VINDICATOR, which has a larger oven than any other First-Class Stove in the market - being 22x22, for wood and coal. THE PHOENIX FOR 1874. For a Large Oven, Low Price, Reservoir Cook Stove, this is the most popular Stove in the market. We have also on hand, at all times, a Complete Assortment of Shelf Hardware! At "Live and Let Live" Prices. Newark, N.Y.

*THE NEWARK COURIER is The Largest Paper Has Much the Largest Circulation, and By Far The Most News Of All the Papers in Wayne County! It has the Most Correspondence, The Best Stories, and Most Reliable Information. It is Bold, Cutting, and Independent, But Always Just. Great Improvements will be made in 1875, and Liberal Premiums will be Offered! For Cheap and Excellent Printing Of any kind, call or write to the Courier Office, Newark, Wayne Co., N.Y.


A Special Premium of FIFTY DOLLARS

Is Offered by the Directors of the Society


Style and Proportion Considered.



For best and largest variety of Worsted Work, By R.H. Palmer, Newark, N.Y.


For best display of Paintings in Oil,

By Dr. D.F. Wilcox, President of Village, Newark, N.Y.


For Best Log Cabin Quilt,

By P. Van Tassel, Newark, N.Y.


For Best Single Horse,

By Cronise & Co., Hardware Merchants, Newark, N.Y.


For Bread and Biscuit from Excelsior Mills Flour

By J.D. Reeves, of Excelsior Mills, Newark, N.Y.


For best display of Sheep,

By Dr. C.G. Pomeroy, Newark, N.Y.


For best display of Fowls,

By J. Wilson, Courier, Newark, N.Y.


For best display of Farm Implements,

By George W. Daniels, East Newark, N.Y.


(See Poultry)

By G.M. Soverhill, of Cronies & Co., Newark, N.Y.

Special Premiums of $2.00 each are given for poultry, as seen under that head, by D.A. Sherman, of Newark, and H.G. Dickerson, Jr., and G.G. Wickson, Jr., of Lyons. W.H. Sternbergh, Melvin Ostrander and A.H. Vanderbilt, of Newark, each give $1.00.

Persons gaining these prizes will be entitled to no other premium on the same animals or articles - except in the case of poultry. The awards will be made by the respective committees of the departments to which the articles or animals belong.

The original booklet may be viewed at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, N.Y.

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