Thursday, February 11, 1869

Part 1

The following was transcribed from an original copy of "The Newark Courier," Thursday, February 11, 1869. This particular issue of the paper mainly informed readers about politics and social issues, and contained out-of-county human interest stories, jokes, poetry, and many local advertisements. Limited news coverage of the county is abstracted below. All spellings are as in the original and will not be "corrected."


HIGGINS-STEVER - At the residence of the bride's father, Dec. 24, 1868, by Rev. John Spinks, Mr. Erasmus H. Higgins of Newark, to Miss Frances Stever of Fairville.

FELLER-WAKEMAN - By the same, at the residence of the bride's father, Jan. 26th, 1869, Mr. Arthur D. Feller, to Miss Catherine Wakeman, both of Arcadia.

St.JOHN-HICKS - At the residence of the bride's uncle, Jan. 20th, 1869, by Rev. David Croft, Mr. Chas. R. St. John of Phelps, N.Y. to Miss Carrie Hicks, of Wyalusing, Bradford Co., Pa.

List of Letters.

Remaining uncalled for in the Newark Post-Office, for the week ending February 11th, 1869.

J. Andrews, Frank Anderson, Louis Burggraaf, James Brandyho, Dan Briant, Condit & Wheeler, Miss Lucie M. Crosbie, Arnold Corey, J.J. Davy, Cate Farrell, Miss Mary Gilligan, P.T. Heart, Mrs. Doct. Jenkins, Wm. Miles & Co., M. Newman, David Nichols, Sylvester Parks, C.H. Shipman, Mrs. M. Smith, H.S. Watson, Danl. Williams.
To the Association for the Dispensation of Invaluable Information. (Registered.)



At the Annual Meeting of the stockholders of the First Cheese Manufacturing Company, of Arcadia, held Jany. 5th, 1869, the Secretary's report showed the indebtedness of the Company to be $477.29.

J. Keller, S.W. Rundell, E.H. Richmond

From Sodus.

From our Special Correspondent.

We have been nearly blockaded the most of the past week with snow - Some days without mail; but the Sun has smiled upon us again.

The Presiding Elder was not present at the M.E. Quarterly meeting. Rev. M.S. Leet officiated. There was a fine day, good attendance, and about one hundred and sixty Communicants.

Sales of Real Estate; Andrews Fulton sold 19 acres to Martin Garison for $1200. George Weaver sold to Rufus F. Norris 119 acres for $8,920. S.E. Reed sold to J.A. Boyd 73 Acres, for $4,380. Wm. Lowley sold to J. Wrightson 4 Acres for $1,000. Joseph Polger sold to R.F. Norris 15 1/2 Acres for $1,550.

Dr. L.M. Gaylord has been to Albany to the State Medical association during the storm.

Hopkins Mill to be enlarged so as to receive two more runs of stone.


Farm for Sale.

A Farm of 100 Acres of Land, in the southwest corner of the Town of Lyons, 3 1/2 miles from the village, is offered for sale. The land is under the best cultivation, except 12 acres of first-class Timber. On the Farm are two Houses, both in good condition, large Barn, Outbuildings, two Wells, Cistern, Young Orchard of Choice Fruit, never failing Springs, Fences in good condition, and everything about the place handy, in good order and as it should be.

On the Ground are 25 acres of WHEAT.

Possession given April 1st. Terms to accommodate the purchaser. Inquire of the subscriber on the premises, or by mail. Lyons, Dec. 30, 1868.


Local and Miscellaneous

The Charter election went Democratic.

The Episcopal Church.
Commenced their Lenten Services yesterday. These services will continue some time, and will be quite interesting and important. The sermon by Mr. Pigott on Sabbath evening, on the subject of Charity, was eloquent and impressive.

We are pleased.
To call attention to the old stand-by Padget, who has successfully practiced dentistry in our village for the last ten years; he has secured the services of J.W. Pritchard, whose skill as an operative dentist is unquestioned.

The Arcadia.
Baptist Sabbath School Concert is to be held at their Church in East Newark, next Sunday evening. The concerts of this school have been of the most interesting character, and Elder Spoor has added greatly to their textual attractiveness.

At the Universalist Church.
Next Sabbath Morning, the subject of discourse will be Matt. XXV. 46.

Thos. D. Youngs.
Has been appointed Postmaster at Marion.

There will be a Sociable this evening at the residence of Mr. Geo. Peirson's for the benefit of the Hydesville Church.

There will be a grand entertainment at the Baptist Church, at East Newark, Wednesday evening, Feb. 17th, consisting of Charades, Tableaux, Singing, etc.

E.L. Chadwick.
Has sold his farm to Mr. Whitney for $150 per acre.

James T. Brady.
The most distinguished member of the legal profession in this country, died of apoplexy, on the 9th inst., aged 54. Mr. Brady was the most remarkable criminal lawyer in the United States, and his practice was enormous.

From Clyde.

From our Special Correspondent.

The First National Paper Mill suspended operation some time ago and after passing into hands of others, is now being converted into a distillery. The Original Co. declared a dividend of 28 per cent the first year, after settling up their account. But the 28 per cent was on the wrong side of the Ledger to make it profitable to stockholders.

The other Mill across the run, which used to manufacture printing paper stops operation tonight never to be started again by the present Co., having run the stockholders in debt about $84,000. All the property is worth or more. It remains to be seen what will be done with the property.

The matter of Miller's Bank is still the main topic. The general opinion is that he owes about 150,000 dollars, and don't pay. The business men of Clyde lose very little, if lose it prove to be; the debts are mostly among the farmers and those who had a few hundred dollars.

I see by your paper you have ten Churches in Newark. Now although we have but five Churches in Clyde, still we can boast of twenty places where can be bought something stronger than water, and are in hopes when our Still commences operation and runs to its full capacity, which will be about forty barrels a day, it will be able to supply our home consumption.

A young man by the name of McCurdy, employed in livery stable, committed suicide by taking an ounce of laudanum.


[human interest stories from outside of Wayne County]

A Miss McCarren, aged about nineteen years, recently died near Mascontah, Ill., and was buried in the "Silver Creek Cemetery." Her last request was to be buried in her black silk dress, wearing her gold watch and her usual ornaments. Her request being acceded to, it was discovered the next day that the corpse had been robbed of these valuables, and even the silver screws of the coffin had been taken. One thousand dollars reward is offered by her father for the capture of the dastardly perpetrator of the act.

A few days ago a colored woman, name Violet Stevens, died at Oswego, aged one hundred and four years. She was brought up in the family of Gov. Seymour's grandfather, and was the Governor's nurse.

SUPREME COURT. - County of Wayne. - William Tear against Luther H. Whiting - Summons - To Luther H. Whiting, defendant: You are hereby Summoned to answer the complaint of William Tear, plaintiff, a copy of which was filed in the Wayne County Clerks office, Dec. 25, 1868, and to serve a copy of your answer on the subscriber, at his office, in Newark, Wayne County, New York, within twenty days after the service of this Summons exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will take judgment against you for Fifty-five dollars and nine cents, with interest from April 2d, 1866, besides costs.
Plaintiff's Attorney,
Newark, N.Y.

PURSUANT TO AN ORDER of Geo. W. Cowles, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Edmund T. Aldrich late of Arcadia, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to J.H. Prescott, the Executor of the said deceased, at the office of said Executor in Newark, on or before the 10th day of March A.D. 1869. Dated Aug. 27, 1868.


REFEREES SALE - Supreme Court. - WAYNE COUNTY - Jerome Sickels, plaintiff, against Rebecca Durfee and other defendants: In pursuance and by virtue of a judgment and decree of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, the subscriber as referee therein, will sell at public auction at the Newark Hotel, at Newark, Wayne county, N.Y., on the 20th day of March next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, all that tract or parcel of land situate in the town of Palmyra in said county, and bounded and described as follows: - Beginning at a stake at the North-east corner of lands formerly owned by Henry M. Clark; thence south four degrees west, seven chains and twelve links to the center of the road; thence along the center of the road south, sixty-two degrees east, to chains; thence north twenty three and one-half degrees, east, eight chains and forty-one links; thence north eighty-six degrees, west four chains and sixty-three links to the place of beginning, containing two acres and seventy-eight and one-fifth rods of land.
Dated January 29th, 1869
WILLIAMS & BRIGGS, Plff's Attorney


This institution is located in the village of Newark, Wayne County, N.Y., and is now in a most prosperous condition. - The Principal is Mr. WILSON, and the Preceptress is Mrs. HOLCOMBE, assisted by several other able teachers.

The course of instruction is adapted to the various aims of the students. Those who are preparing for teaching, for college, or for general business, have all offered to them here of the best of advantages. Among other things, the science of book-keeping is thoroughly taught.

The rates of tuition are low, being $6 for all branches, in the senior, and $5 in the junior department, for a term of twelve weeks.

The winter term began January 4th, and will end April 1st.

Board of Education
R. THOMAS, President
J.S. CRONISE, Sect'y


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