December 29, 1887

Formerly Published in Wolcott, N.Y.

Transcribed and Contributed by Diana Niedermeier

The following was transcribed from the Lake Shore News, a now-defunct newspaper published in Wolcott, N.Y. that covered local news about eastern Wayne county. All first and surname spellings are as in the original. Many, many thanks to Diana Niedermeier for her thoughtfulness in contributing!

Lake Shore News, December 29, 1887. Published in Wolcott, N.Y.

Sodus Centre

---Miss Ella LaDue is home from Orange, N.J. where she has been spending the summer.

---Cassius M. Clapp is carrying his right arm in a sling, the result of a fall in the Tremont House, Buffalo.

---Our erring colored brother, Jasper Newport, is expected home Friday from his long-enforced sojourn in Auburn.

---Wm. Kansfer is preparing to erect extensive carriage shops on the site of his present buildings as early in the spring as the season will permit.

---Capt. Jno. J. Sheffield, for many years one of the most prominent citizens of Sodus Point, has moved to Newark where will engage in the lumber business.

---Thos. Trumbull, of Halls Corners and Mrs. Lottie Messinger were united in wedlock last Thursday evening, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. N. R. Hurd.

---Owing to the increase in his line of business, Mr. E. B. Mather has been obliged to purchase additional territory. He has bought eighteen acres south and west of his extensive kilns at Calciana, where he will open new quarries next spring.

---"Prof." A. E. Soloder, Cannibal (sic), etc. addressed an audience of about twenty small boys in the Baptist Church last Friday evening. His voice seemed to possess a juniper gingle that rumbled harshly on the ears of his audience.

---Holiday visitors in town are Wm. L. Pitcher of Rochester; Prin. Stuver, of Sodus Point; Mrs. Jno. Nowlan of Blossburg, Pa.; Miss Mate Hartman of Clyde; Charles Woodruff, of New Haven Mich. and Omar M. Curtis of Wolcott.

---Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thornton celebrated their twentieth anniversary at their pleasant home south of the village, Monday evening. The reception was a recherche affair, the elite of this town and neighboring towns, assembling to participate in the pleasures of the season.

---The following schooners have gone into Winter quarters in the harbor of Great Sodus Bay: "Pride of America," of St Catharines, "Charger," of Sodus Point, "E. H. Rutherford," of Toronto, "Fred L. Wells," of Pultneyville and "William Keller," of Oswego.

---Henry McMullen, of South Sodus, met with a painful accident while chopping in the woods last Monday. His axe caught on a limb and glanced striking Mr. M on the right side of his face, cutting and ugly gash from the rear extremity of the right molar to the lower angle of the inferior maxillary.

---The shock caused buy the sudden and unexpected death of Maj. W. H. Sentell proved too much for his aged mother. She survived him only two weeks. Her remains were interred from the family residence Monday. Her life was a noble example, well worthy of emulation. Her loss will be deeply felt in the Methodist Church of which she had long been an honored member.


---Mr. T Downer has been confined to the house for a number of days by sickness.

---Mr. B Kemplin cut his foot quite badly a few days ago. D. Baker was called in and sewed up the wound.

---Mr and Mrs. Chas. Hawley, of Seneca Falls, are visiting some of their many friends in the locality.

---Mr. N. J. Field, our enterprising merchant, informs us that he has purchased about $6,000 worth of dried apples this season.

---Mr. T Vought, keeper of the lighthouse near Fair Haven, with his family are enjoying a little season of rest and recreation with relatives and friends here.

---PHILLIPS-ABRAMS:- At the parsonage, Dec.22, 1887, by Rev. M. L. Baker, Mr. Adelbert B. Phillips to Miss Anna D. Abrams. The groom is an enterprising young farmer of good steady habits, who belongs to one of the oldest and most respected families in town. The bride is a young lady of refinement and good taste who has been carefully schooled in etiquette as well as in the more practical duties of life. The young couple have a large circle of relatives and still larger circle of friends in this locality, who wish them well.

DITTON-TAGUE--In Huron, at the home of the bride, Dec. 22, 1887 by Rev. G. W. Davis, Manly Ditton of Syracuse, and Miss Matie Tague of Huron.

CAMPBELL--In Wolcott, December 25th 1887, Mrs Angee Campbell, wife of Jesse M. Campbell, aged 41 years.


---Mr. Chas. Knapp, of Grand Rapids, Mich., is spending a few days with his father, Mr. John Knapp.

---The marriage of Mr. Will Johnson and Miss Myrta McCaughan at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. John McCaughn, last Wednesday evening, was the most select event of the season in this vicinity. Only the imtimate friends of the bride and groom were present, but from the accounts given by those who were so happy as to receive an invitation the nature and extent of the festivities may be readily judged. It affords us exquisite pleasure to be among those who congratulate. The happy couple are spending the honeymoon among friends and relatives at Weedsport and Port Byron.


Last Wednesday John Brennan, a young man who lives two miles east of Savannah, went to that village accompanied by a brother, and proceeded to fill up on the choicest varieties of Savannah liquors.

By the time the shades of night began falling he was very tired, and concluded that he preferred riding home to walking. He is a good judge of horse flesh and before very long his fancy was struck by a horse that a son of Cortez Simmons had driven into town to take his father back home upon his arrival from Newark, where he was attending the A. O. U. W. reunion. Brennan and another man got in and drove off home, and then turned the horse loose in the road.

Brennan and his brother were arrested on the charge of grand larceny, and John pleaded guilty to horse stealing and was brought to Lyons, Friday. His brother was discharged, the evidence not being sufficient to hold him.--Lyons Republican


There was filed in the Clerk's office Monday a decision of considerable importance to the bonded towns of the county. It was Judge Cowles's finding in regard to the bonding of the town of Sodus.

The case was known as that of Lewis H. Clark, a tax-payer of the town of Sodus, against Andrew F. Sheldon, as Treasurer of Wayne County. The suit was begun in 1881 to compel the Treasurer to set aside all taxes collected in the town of Sodus upon the Rome, Watertown, and Ogdensburg railroad company and that of the Sodus Bay and Southern railroad company as a sinking fund to pay the bonded indebtedness of the town. It has been to the Court of Appeals, where a decision in favor of the town was rendered, and the case remanded to the County Judge for final adjudication in regard to the amount due the town. In the decision of Judge Cowles, just filed in the County Clerk's office, he finds the town entitled to $2,430 and accrued interest. This was a test case, and the other bonded towns of the county, Williamson, Wolcott, Ontario and Arcadia, will now unite with this town in a suit against the county for all railroad taxes paid to the county since 1872---Republican


The Property Owned By Maggie Seymour, on Draper Street, Wolcott.


Terms easy. For further particulars enquire of L. D. Seymour, Wolcott, N.Y.


WAYNE COUNTY COURT- Amy Reed, Plaintiff against Amy Richfield, Myrtie Schaffer, Carrie Aspinwall, Sarah A. Nichols, Alphonzo Ingersol, Ariel C. Stanton, Amy Forsyth, Caroline Bartrane, Charles Stanton, Clarrissa M. Lincoln, Charles Hayes, Daniel S. Ingersol, Wm. B. Ingersol, Leander Wright, Lyman White, Lydia Ann Fisk, John M. White, Emerett A. Davis, Lydia Malvin, Elmer Ingersol, Louise Parmelee, Clara Childress, Lydia Saunders, Susan A. Menck, Clarrissa J. Robinson, Daniel S. Robinson, Wm. S. Robinson, Mary A. Bradbury, Hattie M Bowen, Mary E. Hill, Charles I. Gorham, Mason Gorham, Jewett Gorham, Rose Gorham, Frank Gorham, Martha Gorham, Elizabeth Brown, Cora Chatfield, Mary Glass, Helen Rice, Alfred H Brightman, Alfred D. Hayes, William L. Stanton, Mary E. Anderson, Etta Mosher, Phebe Mosher, David E. Stanton, Dora Stanton, William A. Stanton, Combs, Robinson, and Robinson (whose first names are unknown) and Alace Funk, Defendants.

SUMMONS- To the above named Defendants: You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in the action, and to serve a copy of your answer onthe Plaintiff's Attorney within twenty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service and in case of your failure to answer, judgment will be taken against you by the default for the relief demanded in the complaint--Dated Nov. 20 1887
H. H. Wheeler, Plaintiff's Attorney. Office and P.O. address, South Butler, Wayne Co., N.Y.

TO THE DEFENDANTS Amy Richfield, Myrtie Schaffer, Charles Stanton, Sarah A. Nichols, Ariel C. Stanton, Caroline Bartrane, Clarrissa M. Lincoln, Charles Hayes, David E. Stanton, Dora Stanton, Wm. A. Stanton, Daniel S. Ingersol, Wm. B. Ingersol, Louisa Parmelee, Clara Childress, Lydia Saunders, Susan A. Menck, Clarrissa Robinson, Daniel S. Robinson, Mary A. Bradbury, Mary Glass, Helen Rice, Alfred H Brightman, Alfred D. Hayes, Mary E. Anderson, Alace Funk, Combs, Robinson and Robinson (whose first names are unknown): The foregoing summons is served upon you by publication, pursuant to an order of the Hon. Geroge W. Cowles, County Judge of Wayne County, N.Y. dated November 29, 1887 and filed with the complaint in the office of the Clerk of said county, at Lyons, Wayne Co., N.Y.
Dated Dec. 2, 1887. H.H. Wheeler, Plaintiff's Attorney, South Butler, N.Y.


---W.W. Paddock, hardwear dealer, generously remembered his employes in the store, Christmas Eve, with a fine present to each, which was duly appreciated by the recipients.

---C. T. Johnson was recently elected Commander of T. W. Johnson post, S. of V., to fill vacancy occasioned by the resignation of W. A. Hyde, and O.M. Curtis was elected to fill the chair of Senior Vice-Commander.

---The semi-annual meeting of the W. C. T. U. will be held at the home of Miss Lida V. Kellogg, Wednesday afternoon of next week, Jan. 3 1888. We hope for an attendance of all the members and any others who are particularly interested. REC. SEC.

---Our townsman, F. S. Johnson, was pleasantly surprised Saturday evening in receiving from his employees a beautiful testimonial of their regard for him in the shape of a fine book of engravings, entitled "Nature's Hallelujahs." It was a beautiful gift and one which he will highly prize.

---Death entered the home of our townsman, Mr. Jesse M. Campbell, Christmas night and called away his wife, Mrs. Angee Campbell, aged 41 years. Mrs. Campbell has been seriously ill for the past nine weeks, though for a few days prior to her death her friends thought her to be improving. She was suddenly taken worse on Sunday and died Sunday evening. The funeral was held from the residance yesterday (Wednesday) at 3 P.M., Rev. L.M. Clarke conducting the service.

---Rev. L.M. Clarke, pastor of the Presbyterian church, was the recipient of a valuable gold watch from his church and congregation (intended as a Christmas gift) immediately after the prayer meeting on Thursday evening. Wm. H. Thacker made the presentation remarks and they were so ingeniously arranged that the Rev. gentleman was completely fogged as to the true inwardness of the occasion--not having the slightest idea that he was to be the recipient of the gift until the shining gold was placed in front of him. There was a large attendance upon the prayer meeting that evening and it was amusing to witness the surprise of the pastor. He was completely knocked from his base and could only find words to express his heartfelt thanks for the beautiful and valuable gift. Mrs. Clarke was also remembered with a purse of $15. Hearty greetings ensued and the prayer meeting of Thursday evening, Dec. 22, 1887, was indeed a joyous occasion to all who were present.

---The entertainment given by P.A. Burdick Lodge of Good Templars, at the Opera House, Saturday evening was well attended. The Christmas tree was laden with valuable presents. W.H. Coon, Esq., who has been the faithful and efficient presiding officer of the Lodge since its organization, was the recipient of a beautiful hanging lamp--the gift of members of the Lodge. Roe L. Hindrick made the presentation in an elaborate and eulogistic speech with quite a sprinkling of good humor, which was appropriately responded to by Mr. Coon, with thanks. Mr. Hendrick, we learn, was also presented with a gift in the shape of a pen-Rev. L.M. Clarke doing the honors of the occasion. We congratulate Mr. H. "The pen is mightier than the sword," even if it has a wooden handle. The excercises passed off very pleasantly and was financially a success-affording quite a little sum for the Lodge treasury.

R. T. OF T.

At the regular meeting of Wolcott Council, R. T. of T. No. 117 held a their Lodge Rooms on Monday evening, Dec. 26, 1887, the annual election of officers for the ensuring year took place and the following named brothers were chosen:

D.C. Whitford......S.C
G.W. Fanning.......V.C.
E.H. Reed..........P.C.
James Mizen........Chaplain
H.R. Paddock.......R.S.& F. S.
Frank Campbell.....Treasurer
David Wicks........Herald
Jackson Terbush....Guard
E.T. Mason.........Sentinel
Dr. T.S. Fish......Medical Examiner
Alfred Brooks......Trustee
D.C. Whitfor.......Delegate to G.C.
H.R, Paddock.......Alternate


Among the visitors in town over Christmas are: Strother Rice and sister Nellie, and Wellie Henderson of Syracuse; E.M. Walker, of Phoenix; A.V. Armstrong and wife of Buffalo; Frank W. Hague and wife, of Lockport; S.E. Bullock, of Rochester; W.I. Tompkins and Mr. Gold, of Buffalo; H. Lester Paddock and wife and Miss Sarah Weeks, of Skaneateles; Dr. E.P. Thatcher and wife, of Newark; Will Armstrong and wife, Miss Nellie Armstrong and Frank Armstrong, of Geneseo; Chas. G. Reynolds, of New Haven, Conn.


---Dave Taylor, who has been under the weather some days past, is out again attending to business.

---Jerome Hibbard lingers, with alternating hopes and fears for the future, for several days past, confined to his bed.

---Christmas calls by friends from neighboring localities, are numerous among us: Dr. Wm. H. Sweeting and wife, at his father's (Dr. M.F. Sweeting); Charlie Davis and wife of Weedsport, at his mother's (Mrs. Ann Davis); Riley Wilson and wife, at his father's (Mr. George Wilson); and others, "too numerous to mention".

---Miss Stella Wheeler, who has been spending some months in San Francisco and Oakland, Cal. was recently stopping for a time in and about Los Angeles, and is now sojourning at San Diego or in some of the smaller fruit growing valleys, on the extreme southern border of the State--El Cajon (El-ka-hon) and Sequon, &c., which are becoming famous for their product of the best quality of raisins on the continent.

---The last sad rites attendant upon the remains of our late lamented Supervisor, Isaac Lockwood, were had at his residence on Thursday, at midday. Although the weather was severe, the attendance was immense. There was not only a general turn out of our own town but many from adjoining towns- Rose, Galen, Savannah and others-and the Board of Supervisors, the Treasurer and other officials, from Lyons; it is safe to say that such a congregation was never before seen in that part of our town. The arrangments made by the friends of the deceased, and which seemed to be carried out under the admirable supervision of his long time friend and neighbor (Mr. Wm.B. Kellogg) were all in good taste and all that could be desired. The procession-in sleighs-which followed the remains (in the hearse) for interment in our South Butler cemetery, was nearly a mile long.


MISS E.J.WILSON, (Established in 1863)
FASHIONABLE MILLINER- Store No. 3 Furnace street, nearly opposite of her old place of business. A complete stock of Seasonable Goods constantly on hand. The patronage of the public solicited and satisfaction guaranteed.

LAW AND INSURANCE OFFICE- Roe & Ellis' Bank Building, Wolcott, N.Y.

ATTORNEY & COUNSELOR AT LAW and Justice of the Peace, Wolcott, N.Y. Office opposite Wolcott House. Special attention given to collections.

AGENT for Bradley andBaltimore Phosphates Soluble Pacific Guano, Macedon Drills, Syracuse and Milburn Wagons, Perry Spring Tooth Harrow, New Warrior Mower, Champion Wheel Rakes, Lyons Mill and Sieves. Extras on hand. Post Office, Butler Center, N.Y.

DENTIST- Rooms over A.H. Whitbeck's Millinery Store, Main street, Wolcott, N.Y. Special attention given to the preservation of the natural teeth.

WOLCOTT MARBLE & GRANITE WORKS! Monuments and Headstones, Built of Columbian Black and all other varieties of Marble, Granite & Freestone.
MOTTO-Fine Work, Low Prices. J.E. LAWRENCE, PR.

Enumeration of Articles in the next issue of the News. A.W.MOORE.

NEW FOUNDRY- FRED KNAPP Has His New Foundry On Mill St. Ready To Do All Kinds Of Work in his line at the Lowest Prices, and will fill any Order for CASTINGS and Machine Work, at Lower Rates than any other Foundry here can do, as he does his own work.

AGRICULTURAL IMPLEM'NTS of all kinds, constantly on hand, cheap as the cheapest. He is prepared at all times to do GAS AND STEAM FITTINGS, having the only tools for that work in this vicinity. Having had the patronage of this community for a longtime, he asks a continuance of the same. Respectfully, FRED KNAPP,
Wolcott, Dec 15, 1887.

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