Wednesday, May 25, 1904


Transcribed and Contributed by Diana Niedermeier

The following was transcribed from The Wolcott Courier, a now-defunct newspaper published in Wolcott, N.Y. All first and surname spellings are as in the original. Many, many thanks to Diana Niedermeier for her long, hard work transcribing over the summer, and thoughtfulness in contributing!



---The Taylor mail pouch factory at Lyons shipped 2,500 pouches last week.

---Mr. Nobles, H.L. Rumsey's miller has accepted a position in Geneva and will leave Wolcott soon.

---C.J. Walker of Butler, has been furnishing the Wolcott market with a fine quality of asparagus for some time.

---Samuel Perry informs us that he had peas in blossom last week Thursday in his garden on East Port Bay street.

---Manager Walker of the Wolcott pickle factory did some riding through Rose last week, he reports good prospects in that direction for growing pickles.

---Captain W.H. Fields of Sodus Point, has sold the steamer Ideal to Duluth parties, who started for that city Wednesday with the boat, using their own crew.

The steamer Sunbeam will be run by Captain Fields on the bay this summer.

---Col. A.S. Wood of this village will deliver the Memorial Day address at Fair Haven and will give an address in Oswego in the evening.

---A full-grown snow bank was uncovered at the rear of Bevier & Armstrong's store Friday. No ice, but genuine snow. Will Kane discovered it while removing some rubbish.

---C.T. Metcalf purchased a pair of carriage horses near Syracuse last week. On Thursday he drove to Cato and got them. They are well matched and make a very attractive team.

---School Commissioner Ida Cosad will hold a competitive examination for the award of the scholarship to Cornell university on Saturday, June 4th, at the court house in Lyons.

---G.A. Durgey, formerly with H.F. Beachwood, has rented the blacksmith shop on Oswego street of J.S. Tyrrell, occupied by the late E.M. Sage, and has opened up for business.

---We notice by the Sodus Record that Princiapl(sic) H.G. Loveless of the Ontario High School, has been elected to the principalship of the Nunda High School.

There were sixty applicants. Mr. Loveless is a Wolcott boy and his many friends here will be pleased to learn of his success.

---Lighting struck a tree on Charles Richards' farm in the north part of the town. Striking at the base and tearing out the roots and peeling them clean.

---Dr. J.J. Tillapaugh was at Port Bay fishing Friday and reports a big catch of pickerel, perch and bullheads.

---The Lyons Sugar Beet Grower's Company has been incorporated and seventy-five acres of the Ganz farm in Galen has been leased.

---Game Protector, Claude Doville of Sodus Point, has been notified by state authorities to the effect that his salary has been increased from $500 to $600 a year and that he will be allowed $600 for expenses in the future instead of $150.

---L.W. Knapp has sold his horse to Leon VanVleck of Butler.


---Mrs. H.C. Whitford spent a day last week in Syracuse.

---George Quereau of North Rose was in town yesterday afternoon.

---C.W. Smith went to North Rose yesterday to photograph the Catchpole orchard.

---Charles Sharp of East Port Bay street, was in Rochester and Webster one day the past week.

---Rev. Mrs. Pitts arrived home from Oswego Saturday and occupied the pulpit at the M.P. church Sunday.

---Mrs. H.R. Lyle spent last week with her mother, Mrs. E.B. Kellogg in Huron. Mr. Lyle was a Sunday guest at the same place.

---Mrs. E.M. Sage and family will move to Canandaigua this week; her household goods will be loaded at the railroad station tomorrow.

---Alfred Sherman had the misfortune to cut his foot quite severely this week while splitting wood. Alf. says it is an awful calamity to the entire nation.

---Miss Ida Milliman, who has been in Thacker Bros. & Co's store for some time, has returned to Red Creek and Miss Eva Prevost has taken her place in the store.

---Mrs. George Flint of Fulton, has been in this section for a couple of weeks, visiting friends at North Wolcott and helping to care for Miss Bessie Barrick several days.

---Rev. M.R. Miles will leave Wolcott Friday, May 27 for the Catskill Advent conference that meets at Craigeclare, Sullivan county, and will be absent three Sundays.

---Dr. Dwight F. Johnson arrived in Wolcott from New York Friday and will spend a two weeks' vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson, and other friends in this section.

---Milton E. Gates, Clark Foster and Spencer Burgdorf landed 17 fine pickerel at Port Bay one day the past week. The Courier office was the recipient of the largest of the lot- a handsome one weighing 8 1/2 pounds. Thanks, gentlemen, it was highly relished, we assure you.

---E.A. Wadsworth, Walter Strait, M.E. Gates, Leslie Caster and Porter Brockway, members of the Wolcott band, went to Oswego Monday and from there they went to Kingston, Canada,with the Kingsford band of Oswego, where they played yesterday at the celebration of the queen's birthday.

---Benjamin W. Colvin of Elmira, accompanied by a friend, Roy LaFrance, arrived in Wolcott yesterday afternoon and was met at the depot by Giles M. Winchell who took them to his home in Butler, where they will spend some time. Mr. Colvin is much improved from his recent severe illness, and, Mr. LaFrance being also an invalid, it is thought a stay in the country will be a great benefit to them both. The many friends of Mr. Colvin will be pleased to learn of his recovery and will no doubt visit him during his stay in Butler.


---The Board of Education have notified Miss Pearl Haynor, music instructor, that her services for the remaining part of the term are not required. Miss Haynor will be greatly missed here.


---Mrs. Alfred Prevost is on the sick list.

---R.H. Kelly is said to be slightly improving.

---Mrs. Martin Calkins of West Butler, is quite sick.

---The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Wise has been quite sick this week.

---We regret to learn that Mrs. Alonzo Caywood of Burrill's Corners, is again confined to her bed.

---Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Olmsted have both been sick for a week. Mrs. O. being confined to her bed, the result of vaccination.

---Miss Beatrice Chappell has been worse since going to Mr. Kelley's and on Monday her sister, Mrs. G.W. Ball, came to Wolcott and took her to her home at Hilton.

---The school in district No .6, in Rose, is closed for the present owing to the sickness of the teacher, Miss Ethel V. Piersall, who is very sick with typhoid fever, at her home in Wolcott.


As Irving Lash and family of this village, were coming towards Wolcott from the north Friday the team of colts which he was driving ran away, away, and the occupants of the wagon barely escaped serious injuries.

They had reached the home of Lincoln Harder on the Furnace road, and while halting there, the two children, who were on the seat with Mr. Lash, changed to the back seat with their mother. This left Mr. L. sitting on one end of the seat which failed to be fastened securely to the box, therefore it tipped up, throwing him over on the wheel. At this the team started and Mr. Lash was thrown out, but still hung to the reins which pulled the team around and in this way Mrs. L. and the children were thrown out, and the horses broke away and ran into an apple tree which stopped them; but they were completely cleared from the wagon by the force in which they went astride the tree.

Dr. Tillapaugh came up just as the occupants of the wagon were being righted about and upon examination found the little girl had suffered the fracture of an arm and Mr. Lash's finger was broken, but aside from Mrs. Lash being somewhat shaken up by the fall, no other injuries were sustained. The injured ones were taken to Dr. Tillapaugh's office and the fractures were set and all are doing well.

As Mr. Lash was leading the colts home a wheelman came up behind him which frightened the already nervous animals and they made another spring, but no serious trouble was experienced from this.


---A.H. Whitbeck is to paint his house on Jefferson street, recently purchased of R.L. Hendrick.

---H.D. Winchell is having his residence on New Harford street brightened up by the application of paint.

---"Jim" Srubley is still paying 4 1/2 cents a pound for calves; he reports his business as opening up in fine shape.

---H.L. Rumsey purcheased a handsome surrey of McGillvra & Van Patten this week; he also bought a team.

---L.D. Seymour has a large force at work on the wall for his new residence on New Hartford street, and the work is being pushed along at a rapid rate.

---Rather a novel sight was witnessed on our streets one day this week when Draper Seymour wheeled down town on a bicycle and perched upon his shoulder sat his pet dove, greatly enjoying the ride, never attempting to fly away.


Miss Bessie E. Barrick, who has been sick but a short time, died at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Charles Dean, near North Wolcott, yesterday, May 24th, at 12:30 o'clock. She was 18 years of age on the 7th of last September.

About seven weeks ago she was taken sick, the trouble at first being strong symptoms of typhoid fever; but later it was found her lungs were badly affected, and she gradually grew worse until she closed her eyes in death. She appeared to be confident until near the last that she would get well, but her friends had lost all hopes some time ago.

In the death of Bessie Barrick, this community loses one of its most highly respected young ladies. Being posessed(sic) with that even disposition and noble character, she was loved by all who met her. Her life seemed to be one of perfect happiness, and a smile which was ever evident upon her countenance won for her a host of admiring friends. Trouble appeared to be the fartherest from her thoughts, and by this she made all around her forget for a time their own trials.

She was born in the very room where she died, and her home has always been made with Mr. and Mrs. Dean who have always loved her as their own. For a time her mother lived in Wolcott Village for the purpose of giving Bessie the school advantages here, but their home, nevertheless, was at the Dean farm.

Although not unexpected, the news of her death was a shock to everyone throughout the neighborhood, and as the message reached this village over the telephone wire, the gloom of sadness was spread over the place, and as the words were spoken with a feeling of sorrow, and the deepest sympathy is extended by all to the heartbroken mother and the other relatives who feel they have lost the light of their lives.

With her large circle of associates, a link has been taken from their chain and the gap will be difficult to fill, as the memory of her will always linger at that point.

It is certainly hard to think a pure young life should be blotted out in the very brightest stage of womanhood, when at her age all joys of the present and hopes for the future are at their height, but such is life composed.

Happy to-day, with joys galore, To-morrow they're gone forever more.

The funeral will be held from the house Friday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock, Rev. W.H. Latimer of the Wolcott M.E. church and Rev. M.S. Mowers of the North Wolcott M.P. church, officiating. Burial will be made in Leavenworth cemetery at Wolcott.


Mrs. Lucy Marble, whose illness has been mentioned from time to time in the COURIER recently, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Martin Calkins, at West Butler Thursday morning. Her age was 88 years, 11 months and 19 days.

Mrs. Marble had been a resident of this village and vicinity for many years and was widely known and highly respected; her husband died some time ago. She is survived by a son Jerome Marble, of this village, two daughters, Mrs. Abram Eygnor and Mrs. James Reynolds, both of North Wolcott, and two sisters, Mrs. Calkins of West Butler and another who resides in Jefferson county.

Owing to the sickness of Mrs. Calkins, the body was taken to the home of Mrs. Eygnor at North Wolcott, where a funeral was held on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock, Rev. M.S. Mowers, pastor of the M.E. church at that place officiating. Burial was made in the Thorn cemetery near North Wolcott.


The quarantines have nearly all been raised from the houses in Wolcott. The Conway house will be fumigated to-day, also part of the Cooper house. That of Mrs. Madan has already been cleared, therefore the small-pox scare in this village has died a natural death, and now everything will be done to stamp out every trace of the disease which was supposed to have been here. No new cases either here or here-abouts have been discovered.


---Mrs. Fannie Snider of Sodus spent Monday at Hotel Wayne.

---Herbert Altman still continues very ill with erysipelas.

---Ernest Altman of Fulton, is a guest at the home of Eugene McCarthy.

---Mr. Roy Wood is home awaiting orders. He is in the employ of the government and has been on a revenue cutter stationed in Pensacola, Florida.

---One of the most interesting L.L.S. meetings of the season, was held at Mrs. and Miss Woods's Friday evening June 20.


---The funeral of Mrs. Marble was held at the home of her daughter Mrs. Abe Eugnor, Saturday at 2:00 o'clock, Rev. M.S. Mowers officiating.

Burial took place in the Thorn cemetery. The bereaved relatives have the sympathy of the whole neighborhood.

---The little son of Dell Phillips is no better at the present writting(sic), but is still growing weaker.

---Mrs. Roy LaFevre and little son, Roland, after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raynor, for a week returned to their home in Wolcott Sunday.

---Clifford Brewster spent the Sabbath at Ed Phelps'.

---Miss Kitty Vance of Fair Haven, visited at John Harnden's recently.


---John Terbush of Wolcott, is painting the E.R. Morton residence on Main street.

---James Barnes has sold the Davenport farm, which he recently purchased, Stephen Cahoon.

---Allen Proseus of North Rose, spent Sunday with friends on West street.

---Mrs. Samantha Proseus is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C.M.Clapp, and other North Rose friends.

___Square Bryant has been spending a week with his daughter, Mrs. G.D. Winchell, at Rose.

---Charles Schlosser from Lyons has opened a shoe shop in the Pierce house on Mill street.

---J.A. Towns was the guest of Rose friends over Sunday.

---Will Olmsted of Wolcott, is again acting as clerk at the Johnson House at Sodus Point.

---Mrs. R.W. Harris of Atlanta, Ga. is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Harris.

---M.C. Ackerman, who as trustee of the Calciana school district less than two years ago, contracted to pay a teacher twenty dollars per week for forty weeks, was recently arrested under the provisions of the Compulsory Education law and fined three dollars by Judge H.L. Kelly.

---Edward Cramer has sold his interest in his mother's estate to his sister, Mrs. DeGrasse Bates.

---Miss Annie Norris has been reelected preceptress of the Warwick, N.Y. High School for another year.

---John Lowley has been granted a final judgement(sic) of divorce from his wife, Hannah E. Lowley.

---Miss Louise Norris will be graduated from the library course of the Syracuse University next month.

---Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Hayes are entertaining the Sodus Center S.F. club at their Sodus Point cottage to-day.

---The death of Mrs. Susan Pulver Covey occurred at her home in Jamestown, N.Y., Saturday. Deceased was a resident of this village until her removal to Jamestown a few years ago. Her age was 53 years.


---Mrs. Shotwell is visiting Mrs. M. Cramer.

---The Baptist society of Victory held a Ladies' Aid meeting at Mrs. Charles Cramer's Thursday afternoon.

---Benson Spickerman and wife are entertaining their daughter, Mrs. Jewell, of New York.

---Mrs. John Flatt is improving.

---Mrs. Hiram Roerbeck is very sick.

---Mrs. Alfred Vanderpool visited Mrs. Berson Spickerman Saturday.

---Next Sunday evening Rev. Don Husted will preach a sermon to fathers.

---Mrs. Charlotte Wendover is repairing her house; she expects to move here soon.

---The Ladies' Aid society of the M.E. church was re-organized at the home of Mrs. Ayles Saturday afternoon. The following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Satie Wood; vice-president, Mrs. Charles Teachout; secretary, Mrs. Sumner Bacon; treasurer, Miss Iva French.

The next meeting will be held Thursday June 30th, at the home of Mrs. Daniel Olmsted.


---Seymour Blauvelt is quite sick.

---Mrs. Harriet Wadsworth returned to her daughter's Mrs. Wm. Sharp last Friday, after making a two weeks' visit on this street.

---Frank Richardson and wife visited at Guy Waldorf's last Thursday.

---Miss Cora Porter has been spending the last two weeks at home.

---Mrs. Wilkinson has returned to her home in Victory, after staying some weeks with her son, Lewis.

---Rumor says that Will Caster is about to return home after a short stay in Ohio.

---Mrs. Isaac Upham is staying with her aunt in Butler for a few days.

---Dr. Dwight Johnson of New York is home for a short time visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson.

---Henry Wadsworth and wife and Alva Morehouse and wife attended the funeral of Mrs. Lucy Marble at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. Eygnor, at North Wolcott Saturday.

---Fred Wadsworth is the owner of a fine colt.

---Miss Anna Rice and others visited Mrs. M.B. Wadsworth's last Wednesday.

---We understand that William Lash has bought Mrs. Bennie Brown's place on East Port Bay street. Mr. Lash has a buyer for his place where he now lives. Mrs. Brown thinks of going West and make her home with her daughter. Frank Richardson has recently purchased the land of Mr. Lash which joins his on the south.

---Mr. and Mrs. Bert Eygnor were callers on this street Sunday.

---Wm. Loveless and family visited his friends near West Butler, Sunday.

---Horace Richardson and wife and Guy Waldorf and wife visited at Frank Richardson's Sunday.

---W.J. Sharp and wife of Red Creek were callers through this section Sunday.

---Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Eygnor visited her parents Sunday.

---Mr. and Mrs. Fay Blauvelt visited her parents at Alton, Sunday.

---One day last week as Fay Blauvelt was handling a large coil of fence wire it fell and struck his foot with such force that had it not been for the softness of the ground where he was standing his foot would surely have been broken. As it was he escaped with a severe bruise.


---Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Miller of Butler Center and Mr. and Mrs. Smith Pulver of Spring Lake were callers at G. G. Wood's one day last week.

---Dee Dobbin called on friends at Butler Center and Wolcott, Sunday.

---Manville Dobbin and family of Wolcott and Adelbert Goodsell and family of Butler Center were guests at A.J. Baldwin's Sunday.

---Duane VanTassel and family called on friends at Butler Center Sunday.

---Austin Devoe was a guest at G.G. Wood's for a few days last week.

---Mrs. E.C. Baldwin of Wolcott and Mrs. W.H. Baldwin of Butler Center called on friends here one day last week.

---The funeral of Mrs. Matthew Durkin was held at Red Creek Thursday at 11 o'clock, Rev. J. H. Hopkins of Oswego officiated.


--- Mrs. Margaret Hunter and daughter, Margaret, have gone to New York for a visit of four weeks.

---Rev. W.P. Moody will speak to Hudson Post, Memorial Sunday May 29, at the M.E. church in this place.

---G.L. Furbush, travelling(sic) salesman for the Hudson Portland Cement Co., spent Friday night and Saturday at his brother-in-law's Henry Miller.

---Albert Curtin has purchased large incubator and brooder. The rest of us people will have to take a back seat.

---Mrs. J.J. Smith has so far recovered from her recent illness as to be out on the street once more.

---Mrs. Burt Bridge and son, Curtis have returned to their home in Madison county.

---Owing to illness of Mrs. Ball, Arbor Day was not observed until last Friday afternoon. It was gladly welcomed by the children.


---Miss Belle Phillips spent Saturday with friends in Wolcott.

---Mr. and Mrs. Giles Winchell and daughter, Laura, visited Savannah friends one day last week.

---Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Henderson of Wolcott were callers at Eustace Henderson's Sunday afternoon.

---Miss Olive and Clara Dobbin attended church at Rose Sunday and spent the afternoon with their brother.

---Ben Colvin of Elmira, has so far recovered from his recent illness that he expects to visit his aunt, Mrs. Giles Winchell, and fish and hunt for a few days.

---Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Baldwin visited friends at Crocketts Saturday and Sunday.

---Mr. and Mrs. Levi Decker of Jackson, Mich., who were called here by the death of Mrs. D's sister, Mrs. Howell, of Fulton, were guests of Wm. Easton's over Thursday night.

---Mrs. J. Dobbin and Mrs. Elmer Baldwin visited friends at North Wolcott last Friday.

---Hiram McQueen and family were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.Z. McQueen.

---John Dobbin is planting corn this week.


---Dr. G.A. Jones put in a phone at Lewis Wright's last week and would think Lew would have to hire someone to attend it, if they keep on ringing him up as they have done.

---Olyve Hedges spent Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. M. Lynch, on East Port Bay street.

---F.R. Little, also Clark Brundige took a load of calves to Clyde Saturday for J. Gillett.

---Mrs. Burr Lum was in quite a critical condition last week. She went to sleep as usual Friday night but could not be awakened until 1 p.m. Saturday. At present we are informed that she is improving.

---At this writing, Monday morning, Fletcher Little is quite sick. Last week one day he harrowed 20 acres for Orson Gillett.

Where is there another young man who can bet this?


---W.J. Lamb and R.H. Lamb with their families were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Stoppard last Friday.

---Mildred Lamb spent a few days last week with her uncle, Byron Burnett, at North Huron.

---Hiram McQueen and family visited his brother, W.Z. McQueen, and wife Sunday.

---Myron Lamb and wife of North Rose, were callers at J.W. Cowles' Sunday afternoon.

---The family of Town Clerk J.R. Chapin are all complaining of lame arms; having been vaccinated.

---Mrs. Manley Pitts is suffering with a hard cold.

---W.J. Lamb, wife and daughter, Nellie, called on relatives at North Rose Sunday.

---Emerilla McQueen is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Warren Serger, in Rose.

---A.M. Lamb and wife visited relatives at North Huron Sunday.

---Rev. and Mrs. J.R. Guthrie were guests of C.E. McQueen and family at dinner Monday.


---R.P. Bailey called at Wm. Sandall's on Sunday.

---Perry Prindle is building an addition to his house.

---Albert Richardson and wife called in this part of the town last Sunday.

---Jas. Green went to Clyde one day last week and returned with a new Farmer's Favorite grain drill.

---G.A. Slaght and wife visited at L.A. Parson's one day last week.

---Dr. Gay Jones was here one day last week looking after the telephone business.

---Mrs. B.R. Lum is quite sick at present writing.

---Frank Terbush, we understand will put in a gasoline engine to run his dry house machinery, this fall.

---Wm. Eygnor and wife were at North Wolcott Saturday attending the funeral of Mrs. Lucy Marble.

---Fred Rice is now working at L.A. Parson's.

---It is reported that John Day of Dutch street, and Mary Gage of Lummisville, were married recently.

Richardson's Corners and Vicinity

---The L.B.D. Circle met at the home of Mrs. Della Fenn Saturday. All members were present. An old-fashioned quilting party was held, then came a fine literary program and puzzle contest, Mrs. Belle Coleman being the winner of the prize.

---Mrs. Alonzo Caywood of Burrills Corners is now confined to her bed again; her sister, Mrs. Ella Dunham is with her.

---When will wonders cease? Two little girls have come to live with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Baker; they are not twins, but two and four years old. The children are from Rochester and already seem quite contented in their new home.

---Mrs. N.V. Bigelow is in very poor health.

---Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Fenn visited at her uncle's C.L. Bigelow Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. B. are remarkably smart for their age, and it is quieting and peaceful for one to enter their home- a home where peace and contentment reigns. "Aunt Chrissie" prepared her own dinner for nine of us, and did it with all the grace and ease of a young person.

---J.A. Coleman is one of the busiest men on the street. Everyone has a little planting to do and none can do it quite as well as Jud.

---S.L. Sears now has his phone in and is ready for business.

---Mrs. Biancy Stevens seems to be improving under the care of Dr. Houston.

---Mr. and Mrs. I.Y. Upham spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Cady VanVleck of Red Creek.

---Dr. D.F. Johnson of Bellevue hospital, New York, is spending his vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson.

---Mr. and Mrs. George Waterman visited her parents, Irving Scott and wife, at North Wolcott, Friday night.

---Miss Kittie Chapple, who has been stopping for a time at Andrew Kelly's, seems to be growing weaker and on Monday her sister moved her to her home at Hilton.

---Hattie Eygnor of North Wolcott, was a guest of Arthur Eygnor and wife Monday night.


---The Clyde High School Cadet Coronet Band has lately been organized and a new membership of about 30 and under the leadership of Mr. R.E. Flynn as musical director. The band is equipped with new instruments and will appear for the first time publicly on May 30th with spic-span new suits of West Point cadet gray, trimmed with black, which will give the boys a decidedly fine military appearance. Their services have been retained by Snedaker Post, G.A.R., for Decoration Day. Also the old Saxton Band,named in honor of the late Hon. Judge Chas. F. Saxton, has been reorganized and takes the name of the A.M. Graham Coronet Band of Clyde, N.Y. New suits of bright red have been ordered from St. Louis, at a cost of nearly $400, the greater part of which was the gift of Mrs. Graham and the name of Arch M. Graham will appear upon the head of the bass drum. This band has also about 30 members. At this rate Clyde's corps of band musicians must be very efficient and up-to-date for a village of that size.

---Miss Weltha Talcott has been a week's guest at R.S. Tracy's.

---E.W. Newberry of Wolcott, was a guest last Sunday At R.S. Tracy's.

---Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Lamb were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wright.

---Edward O'Dell of Tyre, visited his brother, Daniel, who is in very poor health.

---Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Thorpe were Sunday guests of Mrs. M. Chaddock and Capt. F.J. Chaddock and wife.

---Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Olmsted and family of Millville, were guests at R.S. Tracy's over Sunday.

---Of all "mans" that we ever became acquainted with we have an impression that Sant Riggs beats them all. If Sant's wife is entitled to any love at all at his hands, it is our candid opinion that it is all bestowed upon the equine race. Mr. Riggs had lately disposed of his team of bays to Frank Abbott of Huron and immediately another pair of stately steppers, weighing some 1200 pounds a piece or better, of slightly sorrel hue, takes their place. Oh, Sant can do it when it comes to the selection of a friend and servant of man.


---Joel Lee has a large field of corn planted.

---Mrs. Alice Wilson is improving the appearance of her farm house by the addition of a large porch in front.

---Mrs. Estelle McKoon was in Rochester last week Tuesday and on her return stopped and called on Mrs. George Collier at the Sodus hospital, finding her getting along nicely.

---Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Walker of Butler, spent Sunday with Mrs. Wilkins and Mrs. McKoon.

---Miss Anna Moore is home from Syracuse.

---Miss Margaret Lyman has closed her school at Alton.

---Miss Evalene Osgood has accepted a situation as teacher in the second grade of the Spring Valley High School.

---News has been received here of the marriage of Frank Bishop of Chicago, formerly of Rose, and Miss Clara Hunter of Chicago.

---News has been received here of the death of Mrs. George H. Jeffers of Lincoln, Kansas, formerly of Rose.

Her death was caused by consumption. She was 61 years old. She is survived by her husband, two sons at Lincoln, two sisters, Mrs. Henrietta Wilkinson of Rose, and Mrs. Granville L. Armstrong of West Butler, and two half brothers, Josiah Streeter and Henry Jeffers, both of this village.

---Dr. John E. Brandshaw has been appointed health officer for the town of Rose for a term of four years.

---A Sunday school has been organized in the Towne school-house with Frank Kellogg as snperintendent(sic)and Mrs. Rose Kellogg as assistant.


---Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lyle were callers on Huron friends Sunday.

---Mrs. Bort and Mrs. VanAradale were recent callers on Huron friends.

---The quarantine notice "small-pox suspect" was removed from the residence of John Warner on Wednesday.

---Lyle Fosmire who was reported sick has been able to attend to his work all the week as usual.

---Frank Ridgeway who was quarantined at Chet. Luffman's only had an attack of grippe.

---The Huron people are becoming more than ever convinced that there is not now and has not been any small-pox in our town. At this date the notice still remains at Truman Warner's. Later, Health Officer Jones on supposition that Mrs. Truman Warner who had an attack of sore throat, might have small-pox ordered the school at Dist. No.10 closed he giving a written order for the closing of the school.

---Mrs. Ella Henry has placed a monument on the family lot in the Huron cemetery during the past week. The stone was purchased of Corrigan at Clyde.

---Stanley & Son are making extensive repairs to the farm house of Supervisor Prindle.

---Our Supervisor (sic) has concluded that his specialty in farming is strawberry culture, he having recently finished the setting of a large field to this crop. It is a well known fact that Brother Prindle is very popular in Albany and we doubt not that he has already placed an invitation with Governor Odell to be his guest in 1905. Should the Governor accept and visit Huron in strawberry time next year he would be royally entertained by Brother Prindle and as Huron is noted for its fine crops in this line it would be a visit long to be remembered.


---J.N. Ward being drawn to act as juror in Lyons reports lots of cases to be tried, and thinks about two weeks will be the limit.

---We notice that Joseph Raynor takes no back seat as a trainer of horses; he is now breaking a fine coltto draw him on a cart.

---Mrs. Chatfield and Mrs. Cook made neighborly calls on Friday of last week.

---Leroy Henderson is making vast improvements upon the farm which he recently purchased of A. Bullock & Son.

---Reports come to us that while M. Harder is improving, his wife is very sick with pneumonia.

---Leon VanVleck has a very fine colt that he bought of L.W. Knapp.

---Elmer Harder is the first that we know of who has corn planted. All told, he has eight acres.

---Edmund Ward is having a porch built to his house; E. Wolven doing the work.

---John Wellott and family visited at H.D. VanVleck's on Sunday of this week.

---Bert Raynor has not been able to do his work this week, having inflammation of the eyes.

---Mrs. Couling, mother of Mrs. Jas. Miller, died on Thursday of last week after a lingering illness.

---Mrs. Franc(sic) Mead does not gain very rapidly; having been sick about 2 years.

---Miss May Harper takes the cake as a canvasser; she has already sent in five orders to the Larkin Co. and receives with each a valuable present.

---Merenus VanVleck is making extensive repairs on his house by building a fine porch; Brown Bros. are doing the stone work.


---Mr. and Mrs. James Miller were in Cato Saturday, to attend the funeral of Mrs. Miller's mother, Mrs. Coulling, who died at the home of her son, Wm. Coulling, May 19, at the age of 87 years. Funeral was held at the house at 1:00 o'clock p. m., Saturday. Burial was made in the family lot in Victory.

---L. Douglass returned from his visit with friends in Auburn and Syracuse Saturday; he also visited Ed Laird and family in Oriskany.

---Guy Washburn and wife of Wolcott, are spending some time with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Washburn.

--- M. Harder has so far recovered from his serious illness as to be able to take a short drive in the early afternoon Sunday. His wife is very sick being confined to her bed. Dr. Garry Mount of South Butler is attending her.

---Hugh Wing is home from Wolcott suffering from vaccinating.

---Charles Reamer of Newark, W. Souls and W. Phillips of Savannah were in this place Wednesday, and were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Madigan.


Pursuant to an order of S.N. Sawyer, Surrogate of Wayne county, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Fannie Richardson, late of the town of Wolcott, in the county of Wayne, deceased, that they are required to present the same, with the vouchers thereof, to Horace D. Richardson, the Administrator of the said deceased, at the residence of the said Horace D. Richardson, in the townof Wolcott, N.Y. on or before the 31st day of May, A.D., 1904-Dated Nov. 19th, 1903.
Attorney for Administrator, Wolcott, N. Y.

CITATION- The People of the State of New York, by the Grace of God Free and Independent:
To Lillian Mandess Stewart, Zada Stewart, send greeting:
Whereas, Mary E. Atkinson of the town of Rose, has lately applied to our Surrogate of the county of Wayne for the Proof of the Will of Sally Catherine Stewart late of Rose, in said county, deceased, which relates to both real and personal estate:
Therefore, you and each of you are cited and required to appear at the office of the said Surrogate, in the village of Lyons, in said county, on the 29th day of June, 1904, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day, to attend the probate of said Will. And such of you as are hereby cited as are under the age of twenty-one years, are required to appear by yourguardian if you have one, or if you have none, to appear and apply for one to be appointed, and in the event of your neglect or failure to do so the said Surrogate will at the time and place above named appoint a competent and responsible person to appear as special guardian for you herein.
In testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed.

Witness Hon. S.N. Saywer,
Surrogate of the county of
Wayne, at the Surrogate's
office in said county, the 15th
day of April in the year of
our Lord one thousand nine
hundred and four.
S.N. SAWYER Surrogate

Marion P. Northup, Plaintiff,
The Presbyterian Church and Society of Wolcott, N.Y., Geo. S. Horton and Della Horton his wife, Gardner H. Northup as Administrators of the etc., with will annexed of Samantha Cole, Allen Taylor, and Harriet Taylor, Wesley Cole and Lilly Cole his wife, Manley Cole and Libbie Cole his wife, James Graham and Anna Graham his wife, Frank Graham and Mrs. Frank Graham his wife, whose first name is unknown and is hence designated as Mrs. Frank, Rachel Deviney, all the heirs at law and next of kin of the personal representatives if any of Samantha Cole and Peter Cole doceased(sic), Fred Cole and Vina Cole his wife and Harlow Deviney, Defendants.

To the above named defendants:
You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff in this actionand to serve a copy of your answer on the plaintiffs attorney within twenty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgement will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the complaint.
Trial to be held in the County of Wayne.
Plaintiff's Attorney;
Office and P.O. Address, Wolcott, N.Y.
Dated this 6th day of April, 1904

To Fred Cole, Anna Cole, Allen Taylor and Harriet Taylor and the heirs at law and next of kin and personal representatives if any of Samantha Cole and Peter Cole deceased.
The foregoing summons is served upon you by publication pursuant to an order of Hon. S. Nelson Sawyer, County Judge of wayne(sic) county dated on the 15 day of April, 1904 and filed with the complaint in the office of the said County of Wayne, in said state.

The object of this action is to foreclose two mortgages held by the above named Marion P. Northup plaintiff upon the lands hereinafter described of which Peter Cole and Samantha Cole were at one time owners and occupiers, to wit.
All that tract and parcel of land situate in the Village of Wolcott, in the County of Wayne, and State of New York and bounded and described as follows, on the west side of Furnace street and immediately in front of the premisis(sic) formally owned and occpied(sic) by A.S. Wood (Oct. 1, 1877) and being the same lot deeded by James Wright and wife to said Wood and by said Wood and wife back to said Wright and bounded on the north by the John Sherman lot so called, east by the center of Furnace street, south by the lot now occupied by W.P. Colvin and west by land owned by Henry S. Cornwell, references had to deed dated Oct. 1, 1877 made by Eugene M. Walker to Harriet Taylor.

Dated April 16, 1904.
      EDW. T. BROWN,
      Plaintiff's attorney,
      Wolcott, N.Y.

Gardner H. Northup, Plaintiff,
Omar M. Curtis individually and as executor of the last will and testament of Helen E. Miers deceased, Jennie A. Curtis, Nellie A. Curtis, George W. Miers, Josephine Miers his wife, John W. Miers and Mrs. John W. Miers his wife whose first name is unknown and is hence designated as Mrs. John W., George W. Miers Jr. and Mrs. George W. Miers his wife whose first name is unknown and is hence designated as Mrs. George W., Belle Miers Beatty, Defendants.
To the above named Defendants:--
You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in this action, and to serve a copy of your answer on the plaintiff's attorneys within twenty days after the service of this summons exclusive of the day of service; and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgement will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the complaint.
Trial to be held in the County of Wayne. Dated this 10th day of May, 1904.
            HORTON & BROWN, Plaintiff's Attorneys
            Office and P.O. Address, Wolcott, N.Y.

To George W. Miers, Josephine Miers, John W. Miers, Mrs. John W. Miers, George W. Meirs, Jr., and Mrs. George W. Miers, and Belle Miers Beatty.
The foregoing summons is served upon you by publication pursuant to an order of Hon. S. N. Sawyer, Wayne County Judge,dated May 13th, 1904, and filed with the complaint in the office of the Clerk of the County of Wayne at Lyons, N.Y., May 16, 1904.
The object of this action is the foreclosure of a mortgage on the John Miers farm situate in the town of Sodus, N.Y., containing 115 acres and owned by Jennie A. Curtis and Helen E. Miers at the time of the death of the said Helen E. Miers.
Dated May 16th, 1904.
HORTON & BROWN, Plaintiff's Attorneys,
Wolcott, N.Y.

CITATION- The People of the State of New York, by the Grace of God, Free and Independent:
To William R. Cahoon, of Alton, Wayne Co., N.Y., Mary A. Fowler of Wolcott, Wayne Co., N.Y. Stephen D.Cahoon of North Rose, Wayne Co., N.Y., R. Newell Cahoon, of Wolcott, Wayne Co., N.Y. Addie Thompson of North Rose, Wayne Co., N.Y., Osman Cahoon, Salona Payne, Minnie Cahoon, Stephen D. Cahoon, 2d, Frankie Cahoon, Evilena Cahoon of Huron, Wayne Co., N.Y., Mary B. Cahoon of Rose, Wayne Co., N.Y., Roy E. Cahoon and Linda E. Cahoon of Wolcott, Wayne Co., N.Y.William Cahoon 2d, of Huron, Wayne Co., N.Y., Emma Orr of Brookings, So. Dakota, Nelia Barnard of Wankon Iowa, Ed. A. Newell of 1130 Iowa Street, Dubuque, Iowa, Dell Newell of Forsyth, Missouri, Ella Eaton of Cresco, Iowa, Fred I. Newell of 237 North Central Ave., Austin Station, Chicago, Ill., Benjamin B. Newell of 119 McKinnie Street, Youngstown, Ohio, May Newell of Waukon, Iowa, Sadie Metz of 203 East Pine Street, Albion Michigan, Susamy Quimby of Bronson, Branch Co., Michigan Route 1, Mary Tyndall (wife of George Tyndall) of Fremont, Newago Co., Michigan, Harriet Schwartz of Bronson, Brance Co., Michigan, Phebe J. Quimby of Qunicy, Branch Co., Michigan, Nettie Drumm of Peck, Sanilac Co., Michigan, Box 35, Mrs. Laura Snyder of Edgewater Jefferson Co., Colorado, Box 513, Libbie F. Olson of Cass Lake, Minnesota, Dora Clark, Dickinson, Stark Co., No. Dakota, Walter Fowler of Hankinson, Co. No. Dakota and May Sharood, 1024 Vanslyke Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota, send greeting:

To all other creditors of and persons interested in the estate of Emily J. Newell late of Wolcott, Wayne county, New York, deceased, send greeting:
You and each of you are hereby cited and required personally to be and appear before our Surrogate of our county of Wayne at his office in the village of Lyons, in said county on the 11th day of July 1904, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, to attend the final judicial settlement of the accounts of Stephen D. Fowler and Charlie E. Cahoon, as executors of the will and estate of the said deceased.
And you the said Minnie Cahoon, Stephen D. Cahoon, 2d, Frankie Cahoon, Evilena Cahoon, Mary B. Cahoon Roy E. Cahoon and Linda E. Cahoon, and all such of you as are hearby cited, as are under the age of twenty-one years, are hereby notified that unless you then and there appear by your general guardian, the said Surrogate will at the time and place above named, appoint a competent and responsible person to appear as special gardian(sic) for you herein,
Given under my hand and the seal of the Surrogate's Court of (L.S.) the said County of Wayne at Palmyra, in said county, the 20th day of May, A.D. 1904.
      S.N. SAWYER, Surrogate.
      E.H. KELLOGG, Attorney for Executors,
         Wolcott, N.Y.


Physician and Surgeon,
OFFI E(sic), in the W.D. ampbell(sic) block.
RESIDEN E(sic) in the H.R. Paddock
house, Jefferson street, near E. Main.
WOL  OTT(sic), N.Y.
In office unless out on professional business.
Diseases of women a specialty.
Night bell at residence.


Director for
Merritt E. Newberry,
W.D. Campbell building, first door south of
Telegraph Office
Calls attended Night or Day

Top Buggies, Open Buggies, Rubber and
Steel Tire Surreys and 3-spring Wagons,
One and two-horse Farm Wagons, and a
large stock of Harnesses, Lap Robes and
Whips. Call and get Prices.
McGillvra & VanPatten,
Wolcott, New York

MRS. G.M. McWharf,

Draper St., Wolcott, N.Y.
Fur Ladies' Furnishing Goods.
A large line of New Samples and
New Fashion Catalogues for the
Spring and Summer of 1904

Shirt Waist Suits, Waists, Skirts, Silk
and Cloth Coats, Blouse Jackets.
Rain Coats, Capes, Petticoats, Under-
Muslins and Knitted Underwear.

Goods Sold By The Yard

Custom Made Corsets.
Gilbert Co., Conn.    Barcley Co., N.J.

Call before buying elsewhere and examine
goods and prices. Will Call in regard
to orders if requesfed(sic). Drop card in


Campbell Bldg, Wolcott, N.Y.
Successor to Dr. R.L. Hamilton

W.D.Campbell block.
Leave your order on Thursday
for Fresh Fish on Friday.
Give us your trade in all kinds
of fresh and salt meats.
Local and long distance Telephone.

New Wall Paper
Largest Stock.   Lowest Prices.
Come and see for yourself.
Large variety. All prices to suit your purse
and prices lower than goods are sold in the
Give us a chance to show you.
Wolcott, N.Y.



We have a complete stock of Low Shoes.
New "Drop Toe", flat fore part
E.P. Reed's Light Sole Turn
Cuban heel Tan Oxford....$3.50
Oxfords, pat tip, Cuban and common sense heel,....$2.00
Same style in guaranteed patent colt Oxford.......3.50
Full Dress, guaranteed coltskin, Cuban heel, light sole Oxford........2.25
Same style in pat. colt guarteed Oxford...........3.00
Seamless Crumped front guaranteed pat. colt Oxfords...3.50
Blucher cut Welt, guaranteed patent colt skin.......2.00


has chosen this motto

And has made a fundamental business principal
  for to-day and for always
  for the rich and for the poor
  for cash and for credit
  his expenses are small
  his goods are bought for cash
  he buyes of the best factories

COURIER MAY 25, 1904

W.C.T.U Institute.

The Wayne County Institute of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, held in Alton on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, was a grand success. The session opened Tuesday afternoon with President protem Mrs. H.N. Granger of Sodus, in the chair. After the usual order of business several interesting discussions were held, those led by Mrs. Evelyn C. Tolman and Mrs. Helen E. Bliss being exceptionally interesting.

The address of the evening was made by Miss Rhena E. Mosher, her subject being "The Future of Republic." It was praised on all sides.

Mrs. Mary J. Weaver and Miss Rhena Mosher occupied most of the session Wednesday forenoon. A splendid paper on the Loyal Temperance Legion was read by Mrs. C. Fuller.

The session Wednesday afternoon was perhaps the most interesting of any during the convention. Miss Pauline Fuller gave a recitation which was much enjoyed. Rev. F.M. Windnagle of the Sodus M.E. church, Rev. R.M. Connell of Lincoln, F.A. VanHee of Sodus, Ross Hersey of Red Creek and Miss Rhena Mosher held a parliament, discussing the question "How can Christians Make an Aggressive and Successful Warfare Against the Saloon?" Miss Edna M. Thirkell of Sodus gave a recitation which was considered most excellent. Miss Bessie Emery of Alton, recited in a manner that pleased every auditor. A vocal duet by Miss Bertha Musson and Miss Helen Burns was much enjoyed.

The Institute closed with the evening session, and the principal interest centering in an address by Mrs. Mary J. Weaver, the subject being "Behind Prison Bars."

The attendance was large throughout, and every session full of interest.

Resolutions were passed thanking the women of Alton for the splendid entertainment.

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