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Wayne County, N.Y.

Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, from papers at the Office of the County Historian.

The Commercial Press was a monthly newspaper from Pultneyville, Town of Williamson. The Office of the County Historian has a small bundle of issues. A small part of the paper was devoted to Personal Items, listing various names of people from the area.

There is some fascinating reading about the Lake Ontario shipping trade in the 1860s, and neat ads for businesses from all over the place in these papers. There was quite a schedule of ships from Pultneyville to Charlotte to Toronto, naming ships and captains (the new ferry runs between Charlotte/Rochester and Toronto.) Not to be ignored in this paper are the railroad schedules, with stops in Palmyra, Oswego, Syracuse. And the Pultneyville & Palmyra Stage. "Leave daily at 6:45am - Arriving at 7:30pm connection at Palmyra with the N.Y.C.R. Road, Going West at 9:46a.m. and 4:20p.m. Going East at 11:20a.m. and 4:20p.m." The obits aren't detailed but give such an essence of the way life was. Spellings and misspellings are exactly as in the original paper.

Allyn Hess Perry
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July 2004

January 1869
March 1869
April 1869
May 1869
June 1869


January 1869


-Phillip Allen, of Ontario, lost his wife, she having died November 23.

-James Gordon, died at his residence in this town, December 14th, aged about 80 years.

-George Butts, of Sodus, and school teacher in this village, has fifty-seven scholars to look after.

-Elias Sutfin, was married to Miss. Harriett Cambeth, both of Ontario, by the Rev. O. Eastman, November 26th.

-Mrs. George B. Maines, of our town, has the "Howe Improved Sewing Machine' for sale at her residence. It is said to be the best in use.

-Mrs. Herman Betcher, daughter of our fellow townsman A.A. Cornwall, left for her home in Red Wing, Minn., Monday, December 21.

-Samuel McIntire, of Palmyra, delivered a Temperance Lecture at the Church in this village before the I.O. of G.T., December 27.

-William Fowler died at his residence in Sodus, a few days since. It is said that George Paddock had an Insurance Policy on his life for $3000.

-W. Sinsabaugh, Williamson, has a fine assortment of Harnesses, Blankets, Bells &c. Mrs. S. has a great variety of winter bonnets, Hats &c.

-Hon. Ornon Archer, of Palmyra, we understand is a candidate for the office of United States Attorney, for the northern district of New York.

-Ansel A. Cornwall, Dealer in Cassimeres, Vesting Cloths, and Gents Furnishing Goods. Give us a call, as I can sell you Ready Made Clothing cheaper than you can get the cloth.

-Thomas Fish, has counted up twenty persons in this town, he being one of the number, whose average ages are over 80 years, and they voted for General Grant.

-George L. Palmer, having sold his farm, will sell off his personal property at auction, at his residence, four and a half miles west of here, on the lake road, December 22.

-George Alstrope, has a fine hog, Chester white and Leisterchire blood, mixed. Farmers if you want to improve your stock call on George, and he will trot him out for you.

-George Morgan had his grainery opened on the night of December 18th, and twelve bushels of oats stolen out. George says if the thief will return the oats he will divide with him.

-Rev. J.R. Pendall, M.E. Clergyman of our village, is to have a Donation Visit at the Methodist Church, in Williamson on Tuesday evening, December 22. Mr. Pendall, is holding a series of very interesting meetings at Ontario.

-Dr. Seaman, of Sodus, was stopped in his buggy near Sidney Allen's, by a man on foot who demanded his money. The Dr. said if that was what he wanted he could have it, when he drew his whip and gave him a good cowhiding and left for home.

-Hon. T.M. Pomeroy, our M.C., was in his seat at the opening of Congress.

-Mrs. James Johnson, mother of Miss. Joanna Johnson, the school teacher, died December 19, and was burried the 21.

-Rev. Erastus P. Smith, Rector of St. Johns Church, Sodus, will have a Donation Visit at the house of George Swales' in Sodus, on Wednesday evening, December 30th. All of his friends are respectfully invited to attend.

-E.H. Cady, of Lyons, has Gate & Northrop's "Improved Mop Wringer." He is in town canvassing for the same; and we pronounce it a good thing and should be in every house. You have only to see it and you are sure to purchase it.

-Capt. S.D. Tomkinson, of the Schr. Arcturus; Capt. A.A. Holling, of the Rival; Capt. J.T. Holling, of the Charger; Capt. Russ Smith, of the Propeller City of Concord; Capt. Wm. Waters, of the Tug ___ Chicago, have all arrived home.

-Asa! Hiram Harden says that he knows a man who lives in Michigan, that formerly lived in this town, that got up one morning early to cut straw, and run his lines through the straw cutter and didn't discover his mistake until he came to the buckles. How is that?

-Dr. A.G. Austin, and Dr. Barton P. Peer, have arrived home from Michigan, where they have been on a hunting expedition for three or four weeks. They say they have killed eleven of those animals called Deer; but we have failed to see any up to the time of our going to press.

-Prof. J.E. Tiffany, of Walworth, and now teacher of the "Pultneyville Select School," has the following scholars: George Shove, Willard Curtis, Charles Todd, Charles Lacy, Clarence W. Auchampach, Alpheus Curtis, George Waters, Orlando Powers, Fremont Powers, Leland Powers, Frank Granger, Frank Craggs, Eliza Cornwall, Lillie Holcomb, Ella Waters, Ella Owen, Frank Shipley, Fannie Russell, Elia Craggs, Ellen Reynolds, Sarah Cady, Emma Shipley, Mina Powers.

-Capt. Zenus Burnell, came very near getting sand in his eyes this fall. He was on the Brig C.P. Williams, when she sprung a leak in a blow about 10 o'clock one night, and in an hour and a half she water-logged. They then threw off their deck load of lumber, when she rolled over, the crew then getting on to the side of the vessel and remained there over seventeen hours, and on the Sunday following they were picked up by the Barge Ensomite, and taken to Detroit, having lost every thing but the clothes they had on.


March 1869


-Hiram Harding, they say has made up his mind to buy a new hat, as he has sold his calf.

-Abm. Decan having sold his farm, disposed of his personal property at auction February 9th.

-Peter Goodluck having sold his farm, sold off his personal property at Auction March 6th.

-Hon. S.K. Williams, our state senator, will please accept our thanks for public documents received.

_George L. Palmer is about leaving Ontario, but is undecided for the present where his future home will be.

-John Malcomb has sold his farm, consisting of thirty acres, to William Drayton, of this town, for $2000.

-John Wrightson, of Sodus, having sold his farm, will sell off his personal property at Auction March 6th.

-Charles P. Moody has sold the house and lot in this village, formerly owned by Mr. Lawson to Mathias Enos, for $450.

-H.L. Koon, intending to go west, will sell off his personal property at Auction, March 3.

-John Reynolds will pay the highest market price for Plums, Peaches, and Dried Apples, delivered at his store in this village.

-Aaron Clark, an uncle of Prof. L.H. Clark, died at the residence of his brother, Eli Clark, in Sodus, February 23, aged 68 years.

-Simeon Leroy sold off his personal property at auction, at his residence, on the farm lately owned by John N. Brownell, February 19th.

-D.V. Lacy has sold his house and lot in this village to J.M. Stoddard, of Walworth, for $14,00 and give possession April 1, to Mr. Shove, the tanner.

-Samuel Farnsworth, of this town, had a Cow strayed or stolen from the Nathan Austin farm, February 111th. A liberal reward will be paid for the animal when found.

-Dr. A.F. Sheldon, of our village, has purchased 19 acres of land adjoining him, of Peter Holland, for $2,200, and sold off three and a half acres to John Stonechest, for $800.

-Enos D. Willets, son of Jonathan Willets, was married to Miss Sarah, daughter of Freeman Allen, at the residence of the bride's father, in Ontario, by the Rev. J.R. Pendell, Feb. 18.

-Robert Russell has sold his farm, situated on the bear swamp road, formerly owned by William Springer, consisting of 50 acres, to his brother Richard, consideration $4,000.

-Charles Robison, died at the residence of his son James Robison, in this village, January 21, aged 89 years. His remains were taken to Columbia County for Internment.

-J. Haven Powers, of this village, is now on the road traveling for Crow, Robinson & Clark, Syracuse, wholesale dealers in goods for men's wear, gents' furnishing goods, &c., &c.

-John Crayton, of Williamson, has purchased the wagon shop owned by Wing Obrien in our village, price paid $500. Mr. Crayton has also purchased the house and lot of Richard Russell, consideration $550.

-James B. Craggs, of this village, has 500,000 Hawthorn plants, for sale. They are known the world over; and make the cheapest, finest looking, and most durable garden, field, or ornamental fence to be found.

-Asabel Todd Jr., and George W. Griffen, of our village, have purchased "Wright's old Tannery," of William Case, for the purpose of starting a pail, tub, pump and wooden-ware factory, consideration $1000.

-Isaac Straight, writing from Elkhorn, Wis., says the winter has been mild and pleasant, and no cold weather since the 10th of December, and then the mercury went 12 degrees below zero, snow only about six inches deep at any time.

-Capt. Russ Smith, of this place, has again been appointed by the "Northern Transportation Co.," to the Captaincy of the propeller City of Concord, and will leave for Ogdensburgh, about the first of April, where she went into winter quarters.

-Evi D. Stoddard, having leased his farm, the one formerly owned by William Waters, will dispose of his personal property at Auction, March 16th. He has purchased the house and lot belonging to Mrs. Moses in this village, for $1500, and will take possession April first.

-Henry Gardner, of this town, shot himself with a shot gun, at the residence of Mr. Charles Maines, at Williamson, February 9th, aged about 45 years. He had been in a melancholy mood for some time. On his person were found $1000, $100 being in gold.

-Rev. Dr. Bell, of Lyons, gave his celebrated lecture "Around the Horn," at the brick church, in Williamson, February 23, for the special benefit of the Sabbath school. He will lecture again at the same place, on Monday Evening, March 29. Subject, "Across the Great Desert, Including a visit to Bringham Young."

-Daniel L. Reed of our town, don't feel much like blowing dead wind, but does say that he can just beat the state on the pig question; as he has recently killed a pig that was only eight months old, and after it was dressed and hung up through the night weighed 397 pounds. This must be the pig that Dud Palmer told about when he wanted them to guess what it weighed.

-Rev. Armon Spencer, would tender to his people, and to the public generally, (so many as were at the Brick Church, on the evening of the 27th ult, honoring him by their presence, and presents,) his grateful acknowledgement for a very generous donation, which left him better by $125 after paying expenses of nearly forty dollars. His donations during the past seven years indicate gradual progress.


April 1869


-J. Williamson sold off his personal property at auction March 10th, half a mile north of Pickleville.

-Peter Holland, having sold his farm near this place, sold off his personal property at auction March 13th.

-Wm. Hoagland they say is about joining the Masons so that some one else can look in the glass and see what he rode.

-John F. Walton and wife, of Alexandria Bay, have been stopping in town a few days, with A.A. Cornwall, and left for home April 6th.

-John Malcomb has purchased Gilbert Culver's farm in this town, consisting of twenty nine acres, a part of the Bullock farm - consideration $1700.

-Misses. Emily, Bell, Mary and Addie Throop, of Palmyra, have been stopping in town a few days at Capt. H.N. Throop's. They returned home April 3rd.

-S.C. Moody writes from Beliot, Wis., under date of March 29th, says they have had fine spring weather, and the farmers will soon have their spring grain sown, and that some was sown a week ago.

-Capt. James B. Todd has purchased of Zeanus Burnell his house and lot - consideration $600. He took possession April 1st. We understand that he intends making extensive repairs next fall.

-Samuel Farnsworth, having sold his farm two and a half miles north east of Williamson Corners, sold off his personal property at auction March 15th. He found his cow under his straw stack - dead.

-Joel B. Pratt, of Ontario, lost about forty bushels of wheat and ten bushels of clover seed, flax seed and meal from his grainery a few nights since, but we understand that it has been recovered.

-Mr. Wheelock H. Phelps, son of Geo. D. Phelps, formerly of this place, was married at the "Kirby House," in Milwaukee, Wis., to Miss Sarah M., daughter of the late Bethel Todd, at this place, February 28th.

-The annual entertainment of the Pultneyville Select School will be repeated Tuesday evening, April 13th, at the Union Church, at which time will be presented the exceedingly popular comedy "Still Water Run Deep," to conclude with the laughable farce "A "Regular Fix." Turn out and give Prof. Tiffany a rousing benefit.

-John Boyington was married to Miss Martha Hill, by the Rev. Mr. Maines, March 19th, all of Ontario.

-Zeanus Burnell has moved into the house he bought of Mrs. Calhoun, and is making some good improvements.

-Miss Joanna Johnson has taken the district school for the next term. She is well qualified for the position.

-John VanHee's horses run away in this place a few days since, and run against Mary Russel but did not hurt her seriously.

-Anthony Legner has sold thirty-seven acres of land to Abram Cuvalier for $2200, and Legner has purchased fifty acres of land of Charles Tassell - consideration $3700.

-John Cliqunnoi will sell his personal property at auction April 13th, at his residence two and a half miles south east of Pickliville, in the town of Sodus.

-Mrs. Wm. Fleming has sold off her personal property and intends going west soon. John and Melvin, her sons, have gone to Michigan, and are doing well.

-Geo. L. Tinklepaugh, of Sodus, is a fire insurance agent who attends to his business, and pays promptly, and generally before due when a fire occurs. He is a careful, straight forward agent. Give him a call if your policy has run out.

-Geo. W. Griffin and Capt. James T. Holling have been out with their two-wheel velocipedes and managed them, we thought, first rate and could get up almost any speed they desired. It is yet to be seen how useful they may become. The work may be less than walking; if so the speed is an improvement.

-Judge Noah Davis, Member of Congress from the Monroe and Orleans district, made a good, sound speech in favor of the repeal of the Tenure-of-Office Bill in the House March 16th. We have looked the speech over and think it would have done honor to any M.C. He is able to make his mark with the ablest men of our nation.

-Capt. Samuel W. Roys arrived home from San Francisco, Cal., a few days since. He has been in command of a vessel employed in the merchant service. He was at San Francisco at the time the recent earthquake took place. He says the published accounts did not give one quarter of the amount of damage done buildings and personal property.


May 1869

John M. Reynolds, Editor and Proprietor.

Charles H. Reynolds Publisher.

ARRIVALS - James H. Eaton, Mat. Van Waggoner and Lady, Syracuse; James Howard, John Glenn, Rochester; Capt. John S. Todd, Michigan; John Van Winkle, Lyma; J.C. Ayer & Co's Agt Mass.; L.S. Cuyler, Ohio; Lorenzo Fish and son Ithaca.

OUT OF TOWN - Mrs. C.P. Farwell, Mrs. Prof. Samuel Owen, Michigan; Mrs. H.M. Griffen, and Daughter, Rochester.

CLEARED - The first craft out of our port this season is the Schr. Grace Sherwood, Capt. Mat. Morley, having cleared for Sodus, April 21.

FAST IN THE ICE - The propeller City of Concord, Capt. Russ Smith, was fast in the Ice off Port Colbourn, on Lake Erie, April 23. If they will only give Russ time he will work out.

APPOINTMENTS - While our friend Beach of the Brockport Republic, got beat for the Post Office of that place, by a war widdow with four children, Holton of the Seneca County Courier comes out ahead at Seneca Falls. Pom is a hard fellow to beat if he wasn't returned to congress.

GOOD NEWS - Friend Rew, editor of the Rochester Express, has been appointed to the position of Collector of Internal Revinue, for the 28th district, comprising the counties of Monroe and Orleans, vice Samuel Allen removed. Mr. Rew is a fine fellow, is capable, has a host of warm friends, and will attend to the duties of his office with credit to himself and honor to the district.

"I GUESS NOT." - Tinsley wants to know if there is any paper in the country that makes a better show of local items generally than his paper. You get up a good paper Bill, and we think it is hard to beat; but when we started our sheet ten years ago, publishing our personal item list of which we still continue to do, (and of which no county paper is worth a snap unless they give all the local news,) we were laughed at by all of you editors, and said it might answer in small towns like this, but not in places of the size of Lyons, or Palmyra. How is this change to be accounted for?

BLIND TOM - We had the pleasure of seeing and hearing the great musical prodigy a few evenings since; he is truly a genius and every one should see and hear him. His execution and his touches on the Piano are perfect, can play any piece of music that he ever heard, and his power of imitation is wonderful. The question is asked how does he possess this musical power? It can be accounted for we contend in this way. Blind Tom is like thousands of other persons that are scattered throughout the world, nothing more or less than what is termed a medium, through which persons in the spirit form can communicate, causing them to speake in public, heal the sick, restore the blind, as well as other remarkable mediumistic powers which has been witnessed by us, as well as thousands of others, all of which is in perfect accordance with the laws of our being. Tom therefore having this gift for music, he is consequently used by the master musicians, who once lived on this or some other planet to perform on the Piano as he does, astonishing and delighting the audiences wherever he goes.

-Tomkins Allen, of Leslie, Michigan, paid us a flying visit April 27th, on his way home from New York, where he had been to purchase Dry Goods.

-Miss Joanna Johnson commenced the district school in our village April 26th.


-Slee has stopped smoking and gone to chewing gum.

-John Malcomb lost his third wife April 19, disease congestion of the lungs.

-Zebulon Moore, of Lyons, was stricken with Paralysis in New York, April 15.

-Mrs. Isaac Fish, died at the residence of her son Harry, in this town, April 25, aged 78.

-William S. Pratt has purchased a farm of Orvis Potter in Marion, consisting of 62 acres for $4,920.

-Uncle George Aistrope has now purchased the farm lately owned by John Malcomb, consideration $2,800.

-Mrs. Ezra Smith, died at the residence of Charles Arms, in Sodus, April 22, and was burried at Williamson the 24.

-Prof. William J. Douglass gave a vocal and instrumental concert at the M.E. Church in Williamson, Saturday evening April 24.

-James Green sold off his personal property at auction, at his residence, half a mile west of the Kenion School House, March 24.

-Frank Devolder sold off his personal property at auction, at his residence on the lake road, two miles north of Sodus village, March 23.

-Chauncey Fish of this town, has been appointed Deputy Collector of Customs for this port, by Collector Parsons of Rochester.

-Hon. G.W. Cowles, our M.C., Hon. S.K. Williams, our State Senator, will please accept our thanks for documents received.

-Abram Johnson has now his Lime Kiln in running order, three quarters of a mile west of the village of Joy, and is now prepared to furnish lime at all times.

-Abram Albright of Ontario, a few miles west of here, raised and sold to a Rochester firm 800 bushels of Clover Seed for $850. A snug little sum from one article of farm produce.

-Mrs. Sinsabaugh, of Williamson, has just returned from the city with the spring stile of goods, the nicest and best. She can be found at her shop first door east of the Post Office.

-Henry Beter of this village, was married to Mary, only daughter of John F. Gramkee, Sodus, at the residence of the brides father, by the Rev. Mr. Baxter, of the Centinary Church.

-Hon. Ornon Archer, of Palmyra, has been appointed Assessor of Internal Revinue for this district, vice Joseph W. Gates removed. Mr. A., will enter upon his duties May first.

-Mrs. Dr. W.C. Hunt, of Chicago, daughter of Maj. George W. Cuyler, of Palmyra, died at the former place April 17th, and was brought to Palmyra for interment the 20th.

-J.W. Powers, and E.J. Roys, are setting the farmers in this locality a good example, by trying to improve their stock. For further particulars enquire of Thomas Craggs.

-Rufus A. Moses, has purchased a farm of E. Prosus, Sodus, comprising 77 acres, for $5,390. He has taken possession and moved his family. How the dirt will have to fly now.

-Johnson & Erasmussen, have started a meat market at this place and Williamson. It is hoped the inhabitants of both places will patronize them in preference to any outsides who may come along.

-A.A. Cornwall, of our village, is desirous of closing out his stock of goods at cost; and all who are indebted to him either by note or book account, are requested to call and settle immediately and save cost.

-W.C. Ives of Clyde, is still on earth, dealing in Watches, Clocks and Jewelry of all kinds. He has also a fine stock of Ready-Made Clothing that he has just received from New York. Give him a call when you visit that town.

-H. Epstein, of Rochester, has just started a first class Clothing Store in our village, the store adjoining Gazlay's Hotel. Mr. E., comes here well recommended and is a tip top fellow and bound to see if you will only give him a call.

-Capt. James T. Holling, of the Schr. Charger, Capt. Armine A. Holling, of the Rival, and Capt. William Leaver, of the Mediterranean, are fitting out their respective vessels, the two former at Toledo, the latter at Sodus.

-Prof. Howell Charles Williams, of Buffalo, was married to Mrs. Frank Beemer, daughter of S.S. Poppinoe, of Williamson, at the residence of the brides father, by the Rev. Mr. Webster, rector of St. John's Church, Palmyra, April 13.

-Henry Ward Jr., for a long time connected with the New York Central Rail Road, at Auburn and Seneca Falls, has now moved to Waterloo, Iowa, where he goes into business for himself in the fir trade. While the Old Subscriber leaves a host of warm friends behind, he goes to his new home highly endorsed by his late employers.

-Joseph Gazley will have a fine Hall for concerts, lectures, balls &c., in this village when completed. It is eighty feet long by twenty-five wide , and twelve and a half feet high, with an arched roof. He intends to have it dedicated July 4, by a Grand Ball. Mr. George Cole of this place has the contract for building, and he has displayed a great deal of taste as well as workmanship in its construction.

-Capt. Russ Smith, of the propeller City of Concord, will, we are informed, make a pleasure excursion from this place to Chicago, about the middle of June. Fare for the round trip, including meals and state rooms $20, each. Time allowed to complete the trip about two weeks. This is one of the finest trips on this continent, and a good time now to make it. For further particulars enquire of Dr. A.F. Sheldon, of this place.


June 1869

A CARD - Prof. Tiffany desires to tender his thanks to the students of the Select school for the gratuitous benefit given him, to the musical quartette for assistance rendered, and to the patrons of the School for public favors received...........................................J.E. Tiffany

ARRIVALS FOR MAY - Mrs. Olive Tabor, Flo. Ward, Mrs. A.A. Cornwall, Rochester; Mrs. C.P. Farwell, Mrs. Prof. Samuel Owen, Chicago; Geo. Cady and sister, Mrs. Dr. D.C. Powers and daughter, Cold Water, Mich.; Jas. H. Eaton, Frank Diel, J. Haven Powers, Syracuse; Miss Mary Durfee, Kankakee, Ill.; Mrs. Wm. Okeefe, Marshall, Mich.; L.T. Norton, John Rhodes, Victor; Dr. Monroe, England; A.A. Cornwall, Canada.


-Mr. Liddle, also an old resident of our town, died April 27th, aged about 85 years.

-Capt. H.N. Throop is constantly receiving yellow cedar posts direct from Canada for his saw mill.

-Hon. S.K. Williams, our State Senator, will please accept our thanks for the "Red Book" received.

-Mrs. E.J. Roys died at her residence in this town, May 16, of consumption, and was taken to Palmyra for burial.

-Samuel Bachman, clothing merchant, at No. 2 on the Bridge, is doing a big business in his line, and sells clothing cheap.

-Prof. L.H. Clark, of Sodus, delivered the address at the decoration of the soldiers' graves in our Cemetery, Sunday, May 30th.

-Silas Anthony, formerly of this town, now of Marengo, Michigan, is well and hearty, and has dragged nine acres of ground in one day.

-Nicholas Alcock, one of our oldest inhabitants in this town, died at his residence in this place June 4th, at the advanced age of 95 years.

-Geo. W. Griffin has purchased the goods of the firm of Lyon & Griffin, and will continue the business at the old stand in this village.

-Charley Bingham, of Palmyra, will please accept our sincere thanks for the Music received. Doe says you are to be left out in the wet.

-George L.Tinklepaugh is always ready to attend to Insurance business. He does it up in good style and is always on hand promptly to adjust all losses whenever they accrue.

-J.S. Reed will have a dance at his Hotel in Ontario Corners, on Friday evening, July 2d. Music by White's full band. Bill, $2.50, including supper and dance.

-Byron, son of Cornelius Brewer, formerly of this town, now of Johnson county, Kansas, lost his little boy, Archer, May 2d, with inflammation of the brain and spine.

-William Case and wife, formerly of this town, now of Webster, were thrown from a carriage a short time since and hurt very badly, but are fast recovering.

-Stephen Burton, of this town, died May 20th, while under the effects of chloriform, opium and whisky, taken for the purpose of having teeth extracted at Dr. L.S. Reeve's.

-John Clark, Jr., son of Dr. John Clark, of Guilford, Chenango county, N.Y., was admitted to the bar, at the General Term of the Supreme Court, held at Rochester, June 10th.

-Married at the residence of Asa H. Stoddard, March 31, Mr. Joseph E. Delano, of Cooper, Michigan, to Miss Sarah A. Bedford, daughter of Joseph Bedford, Williamson, N.Y.

-Mrs. Asbury Shipley of our town died at her residence, June 2d, and was taken to the "Centinary Chapel" for interment. She was buried by the I.O. of G.T., of which she was a member.

-Daniel T. Hunt, of the firm of "Allard Hunt & Co.," jobbers of Hats, Caps,Furs and Straw Goods, at No. 55 Main street, Rochester, is a tip top fellow, and they can best them all in prices.

-William W. Shipley is agent for the "Buckeye Mower and Self-Raking Reaper" for this section. Those wishing to purchase should call on William and get price and terms before purchasing elsewhere.

-Storms & Furman, No. 2 Buffalo street, is the place to buy cheap clothing. Call on our friend Mr. McFarlin, who is in the store and he will convince you of the fact by giving prices lower than any other house in the city.

-Rev. E.P. Smith and wife, rector of "St. John's Church," Sodus, has been absent about two weeks on a visit to his friends in the eastern section of our State. He will hold evening service at the Union Church in our village on Sunday evening, June 27th, at 7 o'clock.

-A.A. Cornwall, of this place, and Richard F. Cornwall, of Rochester, have leased "Ayers Hotel" in Rochester, purchased the furniture of Silas L. Keyes, the late proprietor, and took possession June 1st. Ansel has a host of friends and they will stand by him, for he knows how to keep a hotel.

-Joseph Gazlay will dedicate his new Hall in Pultneyville on Monday evening, July 5th, by a grand Ball. Let the citizens of this and our adjoining towns turn out en mass and give him a warm time. The room is twenty five by eighty-two feet, and twelve feet high.

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