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Wayne County, N.Y.

Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, from papers at the Office of the County Historian.

The Commercial Press was a monthly newspaper from Pultneyville, Town of Williamson. The Office of the County Historian has a small bundle of issues. A small part of the paper was devoted to Personal Items, listing various names of people from the area.

There is some fascinating reading about the Lake Ontario shipping trade in the 1860s, and neat ads for businesses from all over the place in these papers. There was quite a schedule of ships from Pultneyville to Charlotte to Toronto, naming ships and captains (the new ferry runs between Charlotte/Rochester and Toronto.) Not to be ignored in this paper are the railroad schedules, with stops in Palmyra, Oswego, Syracuse. And the Pultneyville & Palmyra Stage. "Leave daily at 6:45am - Arriving at 7:30pm connection at Palmyra with the N.Y.C.R. Road, Going West at 9:46a.m. and 4:20p.m. Going East at 11:20a.m. and 4:20p.m." The obits aren't detailed but give such an essence of the way life was. Spellings and misspellings are exactly as in the original paper.

Allyn Hess Perry
Co-coordinator, Wayne County NYGenWeb
July 2004

September 1867
October 1867
November 1867
December 1867


September 1867

ARRIVALS - H. Auchampach and Wife, Ansel Cornwall and Daughter, Florence Ward, Mrs. A. Cornwall 5th and Son, Alex. Bay; G.E. Curliss, Buffalo; Isaac Wilbur, Mrs. H.M. Griffen and Daughter; Josephine Gazlay, Henry Beter, John Glen, Rochester; Dr. Eaton and Ladies, Syracuse; Mrs. Alvard and family, and the Millis family, Jennie Roys, Oswego; Aaron Brewer and Wife, New York; K.M.K. Glen, Macedon; Geo. Jessup, Palmyra; Frank Throop and Brother, Port Gibson; Sophia Wilcox and Sister, Napoli; Mrs. C.S. Hoot, New York; Mrs. Joseph Gazlay, Avon; H. Salisbury, Clyde; Obed Aldrich and Wife, Dansville; Mary Durfee, Charlotte.


-Dr. Belden died at his residence in Sodus, on Thursday August 23, aged sixty-eight. He was burried in Masonic Order.

-John Caywood, a resident of Butler in this County, died July 28th, at the advanced age of one hundred and two years.

-Phillip Robison has purchased a building of Alfred Allen, and moved it up on to the street and intends to open a Grocery Store.

-Prof. A. Ayers, of Oneida County, a gentleman of experience in educational matters, has assumed the control of the Walworth Academy.

-Isaac Miller's house in Clyde, was entered by burglars on the evening of August 7th, and a quantity of Money and Silver Ware was taken.

-Capt. James T. Holling, sold the Schr. Alfred Allen for $7,700. She was owned by Capt. Jim, his father, and W. Waters of this village.

-Prof. J.S. Lemon, Principal of the Macedon Academy, opened his school on Monday, Aug. 7. The school has the best reputation of any in the state.

-Tinsley of the Lyons Republican, says that the apple crop in this county will be about an averaged one this year. "Bill" is big on killing fruit in advance.

-Mr. Butlers house in Palmyra, was entered by burglars on Sunday night August 17th, and $44 and a watch was stolen from under a gentlemans pillar.

-Prof. Thomas B. Lovell, Principal of Marion Collegiate Institute, opened his school July 5th. Mr. Lovell is a gentleman well qualified for the position he holds.

-Judge Hall, of Seneca County, has designated the "Lyons Republican" and Wayne Democratic Press, as the papers in this County, to publish Notices in Bankruptsy.

-E.M. Anderson and Wife, W.H. Boman and Wife, W.H. Southwick, and Wife, have returned from a trip down to Montreal, Quebec, Portland and the White Mountains.

-Rev. Horace Eaton, Dr. Kingman, Maj. J. A. Holmes, Dr. W.B. Brown, Isaac G. Bronson, and some thirty others, have organized a society of Good Templars in Palmyra.

-Lorenzo Parker and Mrs. Bailey Durfee, of Palmyra, had their houses entered by burglars a few nights since, and a Gold Watch and some Silver Ware were stolen from the latter.

-John Lawrence, of Walworth, and a deacon in the Presbyterian Church in that place, and for thirty-one years a resident of that town, died a few days since aged seventy-five years.

-Prof. Lewis H. Clark, as will be noticed on our first page, intends to open an Arithmetic School in this village. He will also commence his Winter School about the 10th of December.

-Mrs. Lydia Fish, mother of Mrs. Durfee Sherman, of Newark, died July 30th, at the ripe age of eighty-three years and was esteemed by all who knew her.

-Dingman Vanbone, a boy of about 15 years old, and a resident of our village, was arrested and brought before Esq. Throop for stealing, and was sentenced to the Rochester Penitentury for a term of years.

-John DuBois, of this village, found one of his horses legs almost cut off a short time since, and no clue of the rascal has been found. Mr. D. Bois also had a quantity of Wood set on fire by some one.

-Averill of the Palmyra Courier, says their walls to the new Town Hall is about completed, and that the workmen are engaged in putting on the roof, and that it is to be a very imposing building when completed.

-Thomas Raines, son of the Rev. J. Raines, formerly of this place, has resigned the position of Cashier in the First National Bank of Geneva, and accepted the same position in the Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Rochester.

-Mrs. Mary Pratt, the wife of John Pratt, an old resident of this town, died August 21, aged 74 years, and was burried the 24. Mrs. Mariah Brightman, daughter of Mrs. Pratt died Aug. 23, and burried the 26, aged 50 years.

-Prof. Elisha Curtiss, Principal of the Sodus Acade3my, commenced the Fall Term of his Academy, August 18th. A Teachers class is to be organized this term, and those wishing to fit themselves for Teachers have now a fine chance.

-Roys & Pallister have commenced the Forwarding and Commission business in this place, and intend to do their business in a prompt and business like manner. They intend to keep on hand Flour, Salt, Plaster &c. Give them a call.

-George O. Baker, of Clyde, has been appointed by the Grand Master of the State of New York, as District Deputy Grand Master for the 18th, Masonic District of this State, comprising the counties of Seneca, Wayne, Ontario, and Yates.

-Dr. Campbell, of Savannah, came very near drowning August 6th, as he was walking over the Rail Road Bridge across Seneca River, he accidentally slipped through where the water was about fifteen feet deep, and was only saved by the timely assistant of a man with a boat.


October 1867



There was a large and enthusiastic meeting of the citizens of Sodus, at Whitney's Hall, Tuesday, Sept. 17th, to aid in the organization of the "Lake Shore Rail Road Company." Much interest was manifested by all. The meeting was called to order by Prof. Lewis H. Clark, on whose motion Willis T. Gaylord was chosen Chairman, and E.W. Danforth, Secretary. Prof. Clark then read the report of the Rail Road meeting at Oswego, Aug. 31. A.M. Winchester then stated the object of the meeting. Hon. S.K. Williams, of Newark, was then introduced, who expressed himself strongly in favor of the road, spoke of its necessity, and promised his hearty cooperation.

D.W. Parshall Esq. of Lyons, was then called upon, who was much in favor of the road, and said he was ready to act with the rest in any way they might propose. Mr. Parshall was then chosen a Delegate to represent the town of Sodus at the next meeting. On motion of Prof. Clark, E.A. Green, J.W. Bell, were appointed Corresponding Committee. Also in accordance with a motion, Oril Smith, A.B. Williams, J.A. Boyd and J. Paddock, are a Committee to circulate subscriptions.

The meeting then adjourned all feeling confident that the time is not far distant, when the "Lake Ontario Shore R.R. Co.," will be built, and that the citizens of Sodus are not only willing but anxious to aid in its early construction......................................................................E.W. Danforth, Sec.

ARRIVALS - Mrs. A.A. Cornwall, Redwing, Min.; B.J. Woodhull and Wife, Camden, N.Y.; J. Henry Gloyd and Wife, Montreal; Mrs. John Reynolds, Mrs. Mary Farwell, Norwich, N.Y.; Capt. P.B. Macy, New York; Charles Walton, Wife and Sister, Alexandria Bay, N.Y.; Edward Cross and Wife, Rochester; Capt. J.H. Ledyard, Chicago; Mr. Gould, Seneca Falls; John S. Rich, Marion; Mrs. Z. Burnell, Buffalo; Miss. Georgia Timerson, Oswego; E.R. Woodhull, Penn Yan; Griffin & Lyon, Port Chester, N.Y.

OUT OF TOWN - Miss. Eliza Stoddard, Skeneateles; Mrs. James B. Todd, Mrs. Geo. B. Maines, Kingston; John W. VanWinkle, Lima, N.Y. Miss. Florence Ward, at school in Rochester; Miss. Mary Durfee, Marion; R. Reynolds, Courtland, N.Y.; Amasa Garrett, Ellenville, N.Y.; Ashabel S. Todd, Homer, N.Y.

A SAD CALAMITY - A Baptist Pic-Nic was being held in a grove on the lake shore, about eight miles west of this place, when thirteen persons got into a boat or punt, and were capsized, eight of them drowned. It is not necessary here to go into the particulars, only to say that the boat was capable of carrying about five persons safely, and ignorance of boating was the cause. The following persons were drowned: Sara Pye, aged 19; Bell Crandall, aged 10 years; Hattie Turner, aged 10 years; Patience Diver, aged 14 years; Frank Pullman, aged 10 years; Frank Smith, aged 12 years; Patrick Dunkin, aged 14 years; Frank Almond, aged 14 years. The bodies were all recovered in a day or two, and consigned to the tomb.

CONFERENCE APPOINTMENTS - The following appointments have been made, as far as our own County is concerned: Macedon, Ezra Tinker; Walworth, D.S. Chase; Newark, D.D. Buck; Fairville, C.E. Hermans; Sodus, A.S. Baker; South Sodus, R. Powell; Lyons, Wm. Manning; Clyde, P. McKinstry; Palmyra, C.S. Fox; East Palmyra, W.W. Runyon; Marion, J.B. Knott; Pultneyville, J.A. Swallow, vice J.M. Bull.

RAIL ROAD MEETING - As will be noticed in another column, a meeting has been called at this place, Tuesday, October 15th, to take into consideration the propriety of extending the "Northern Central Railway," that now terminates at Canandaigua, to this place. It is expected that Hon. James C. Smith, of Canandaigua, will address the meeting.

DEDICATION - The new M.E. Church in Ontario, was dedicated on Thursday, Sept. 12, Rev. B.I. Ives, of Auburn, officiating. A debt of some $1750 hung over the church, and Ives told them he could not dedicate a Church with such a debt hanging over it, and by his winning way the necessary amount was raised, and then went ahead with the ceremony.

SPIRITUAL MEETING - J.W. Seaver, will Lecture on Spiritualism at the Union Church, in this village, on Sunday, October 6th, at 2 and 7 P.M.


-H.H. Pound has some poetry on our last page that won't hurt any one to read.

-Orrin Danforth, of Sodus, is building a new house just north of Sodus village, and to cost $2,000.

-Maj. A.B. Williams, from the U.S. Naval Academy, at Anapolis Md., is at home in Lyons, for a short time.

-S.S. Fish, Esq., son of Harry S. Fish, of our town, has received the appointment of City Attorney of New Orleans.

-Asbury Shipley brought into town a short time since, thirty-five apples that filled a half bushel measure. Beat this who can.

-Erastus Rogers has his house about completed and is we are informed the largest house in Sodus, and will cost about $6,000.

-Amasa Miners house near Palmyra, was on September 13th, struck by lightning, and was at the time covered with lightning rods.

-Hon. William Edwards, of Sodus Point, is very ill, having suffered from a stroke of Paralysis, and we are informed he cannot get well.

-W.J. Beck, of Utica, has just finished his writing school in this village, having had about twenty scholars, and giving universal satisfaction.

-Byron J. Woodhull, son of Ezra R. Woodhull of our village, was married to Miss. Dell Stanford, of Ontario, by Rev. Mr. Dunning, Sept. 16.

-Miss. Mary Moore, of Palmyra, assisted Mr. Norvill and Daughters at a concert in Lyons, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings Sept. 18 and 19th.

-Hon. A.B. Williams, of Lyons, has sold his interest in the new suspension bridge, now building just below Niagara Falls, to Hon. Thurlow Weed for $30,000.

-Capt. Thomas Roys arrived in town a few days since on a visit, bringing with him his patent harpoon for killing whale. It was decidedly a saucy looking thing.

-George Culver, of Chesaning, Mich., will accept our thanks for remittances received; and reports the friends all well in that locality that were formerly from this town.

-Allen Deyeo has sold his farm, consisting of 50 acres, to Waters Shipley, and has purchased a farm of Dr. Foster, Clifton Springs, consisting of 100 acres - consideration $6,000.

-Evi D. Stoddard, of this town, had a horse, buggy and harness stolen Sept. 21, and the thief, with the property was captured the 23, at Havana, N.Y.

-Pomeroy Tucker, of Palmyra, is agent for the best Fire and Travellers Insurance Companies in the United States. See his advertisement in another column.

-Rufus A. Moses is building a dwelling house for Miles Landing in Sodus, and will cost about $3000; he is also to build one the next season for John Pulver to cost $4000.

-H. Auchampach, has the subscription paper now ready, and all who wish Prof. L.H. Clark to teach a Select School in our village this winter should hand in their names at once.

-Thomas Burbank, of New Orleans, died at his residence a short time since of Yellow Fever. He was formerly a resident of Marion, and now has a brother residing in that village.

-Mr. Hotchkiss, of Lyons, had his barn, with its entire content destroyed by fire, Aug. 29th. Loss estimated at $250 and no insurance. Supposed to be the work of an incendiary.

-Ira Cady, lost his two barns, together with its contents, grain &c., by fire, on Friday evening September 20. Mr. Cady had an auction to sell off his personal property Saturday September 28.

-Roys & Pallister have come out with a bill announcing that they wish to buy 10,000 bbls. Of Winter Apples delivered at their Store House or Steamboat Dock, and will pay cash on delivery.

-Alfred Palmer, of Sodus, has been declared a bankrupt by Samuel Hutchinson and others, and papers are filled with Judge Hall for that purpose, and they are ordered to show cause by September 23.

-Hon. Joseph W. Gates, Assessor for this district, was presented with a case, containing some thirty-odd articles of solid silver ware, from his Assistants of the district. His son Addison was also presented with a gold headed cane.

-Erastus Smith, of Guilford, Chenango Co., N.Y., has been appointed by the Bishop of the Episcopal Church, to fill the place of Rev. Mr. Salt of Sodus; and to make Sodus Point his residence, preaching there in the morning, and at the ridge in the evening.

-T. Scott Ledyard, Roys & Pallister, W.B. Liddle, Jacob D. Pearsall, S.P. & R.B. Belden, A.A. Cornwall, and some five or six others are now in the market for buying fall and winter apples at this place. It is believed that over 25,000 barrels will be shipped from this point alone.


November 1867

NOTICE - The New York Medical Colledge for Women, will begin their Fifth Annual Term of twenty weeks, at the Colledge in 12th Street, two doors east of Fourth Avenue, the first Monday in November. Address the Dean, Mrs. C.S. Lozier, M.D., 451 West 34th street, N.Y., or the Secretary, Mrs. C.F. Wells, care of Fowler & Wells, New York.

RAIL ROAD MEETING - At the Rail Road meeting held in this village Tuesday, October 15th, Mr. Rufus Sweeting, Superintendent of one of the Blast Furnaces that was recently destroyed by fire in Ontario, and was owned by Mr. Gould, of Seneca Falls, N.Y., stated a few facts at the meeting worthy of consideration. He says that our ore is not only inexhaustible, but will be very valuable as soon as the modes of transportation can be had, that will make it easy of access to all point; and that Mr. Gould is already prepared to enter into a contract with some one for the delivery of twenty-five thousand tons of this ore at this place, to be transported to Williamsport, Pa., via Oswego and Canal, for his furnace at that place; and if the "Northern Central Railway" should be extended to this place, thousands and thousands of tons of this ore would be shipped to all points south, and coal brought back in return.

Mr. Sweeting also stated that in the event of this contemplated extension, he knows of parties who would immediately commence the erection of a Blast Furnace and Rolling Mill at this place, with a capital stock of $200,000. The Iron and Ore business, coupled with the Coal trade from Pennsylvania, the Lumber traffic of Canada, and the rich fruit section through which this road would pass, would at once give a new impetus to life, activity, and commercial pursuits, as soon as the sound of the iron horse is heard in our midst.

Lines of communication would at once be established with our Canadian friends, across the lake, forming a direct and quick route from Baltimore to all points in Canada, and the far famed fishing grounds of the River St. Lawrence.

Let the subject be agitated, by holding meetings along the proposed line, until the whole country, as well the Rauil Road interest has been as aroused to a sense of their duty, then and only then can we expect to accomplish the desired undertaking.

NOTICE - Our paper is a little late this month, owing to a little Male episode in our family over which we preside; if there is not much news in this number, we trust our readers will extend to us a reasonable amount of Charity in our nervous and fatherly condition.


-Dr. D.C. Power, has been elected Mayor of the city of Cold Water, Mich.; he was formerly from our town.

-Prof. L.H. Clark, has Two yearling Heifers, Two do. Steers, One yearling Colt, and Two last spring Colts for sale.

-William Case has sold his Hotel in Williamson to Horace Hash - consideration $5,000 and has taken possession.

-Prof. J.S. Lemon, of the Macedon Academy, organized a Lodge of Good Templars in Sodus, on Thursday, October 25th.

-Mrs. Dr. Rickabargh with her three children, has been spending a month with her father, J.S. Pound in West Walworth.

-Hon. William Edwards, died at his residence in Sodus Point, Tuesday, October 15, and was burried the 17th, aged about 73 years.

-David Mead, of Clyde, had about forty bushels of wheat stolen from his barn a short time ago and no trace of the thief has been found.

-Capt. Mervin Pallister, we understand, has made the quickest trip with the Schr. "Pilot", from Charlotte to Oswego that is on record.

-David Vandemma having sold his place in the new road, near Jacob Carlier's, sold off his personal property at Auction October 16th.

-John Palmer, N.S. Eddy, Corydon Adams, and Robert Russell, were drawn on the Jury at the October term, Judge Cowles presiding.

-Mrs. R.A. Moses, has sold her store in this place to Mr. Beckwith - consideration $400. He intends to fit it up in good style, and open a Cabinet Shop.

-Philander Roys, of Conn., was married to Ellen, only daughter of Philander B. Roys, of our village, by the Rev. J.A. Swallow, Thursday, October 31.

-Harmonus De Reight has sold his place just outside of the village limits, consisting of 21 acres to Peter Holland - consideration $2100, and will take possession next April.

-Daniel Quimby, of Ontario, had his barn destroyed by fire together with a quantity of fodder, Tuesday evening, October 1st. Supposed to be accidental.

-Beiter & Woodhull, have just received a new lot of goods at No. 5 Washington St., consisting of Hats Caps and a fine lot of Gents Furnishing Goods.

-A. Taylor, has been appointed Post Master at Sodus Centre, and Merritt Purdy at West Butler, in our county.

-Charles R. Sprong, of Sodus, raised and sold 1213 bushels of four rowed barley; and was purchased by A.A. Cornwall of this place, at $1.31 per bushel. Beat it who can.

-Roys & Pallister, will keep constantly on hand at their Store House in this place, on Mill Street, near the bridge, Flour, Feed, Salt, Plaster, Water Lime, Canada Peas, Coal &c.

-Mrs. J.A. and Miss. S. Rice, invite the attention of the public to their fine assortment of Millinery, and Fancy Goods, just opened at Williamson Corners. See their advertisement.

-James M'Elrain, J. VanAuken, T. Harrington and C. Pell, had their houses broken into a few nights since in Lyons; the two latter persons were fired at by the burglars barely missing them.

-Benjamin Slocum, of Ontario, lost his barn by fire, Tuesday evening, October 1st. It was filled with hay, wheat, oats, and no Insurance. It was set on fire by a little five years old looking for hens eggs, as he lit a match to find the nest.

-Prof. Lewis H. Clark, will open the third annual session of the "Pultneyville Select School," on Monday, December 2d. All wishing to attend should hand in their names and fill up the list as soon as possible. H. Auchampach has the paper.

-E.M.K. Glen, of Macedon, is elected Member of Assembly from this District, DeWit C. Parshall from the Eastern District; Hon. S.K. Williams is returned to the State Senate, Geo. W. Cowles, is re-elected County Judge; John P. Bennett, Sheriff.

-Lyon & Griffin, of Port Chester, N.Y., have purchased the Store and Dock formerly owned by Powers & Allen - consideration $5,300, and have taken possession; they are wide-a-wake young men and hope they will be liberally patronized. See their advertisement in another column.

-D. Dana Buck, of Newark, delivered a Poem at the Presbyterian Church, in Sodus, October 4, on "Lights and Shadows of the Hearthstone." He was followed October 11, by Prof. J.H. Lemon, of Macedon, on "The Independent Man." followed by the Rev. W.L. Page, of Wolcott, on "American Ideas," October 18; he by the Rev. H. Eaton, of Palmyra, on "Woodman spare that Tree," October 25; closing by the Rev. James Ireland, of Sodus, on "Astronomy," Nov. 1st.


Leo Miller, Chicago; Amasa Garritt, Ellenville; John W. Walton, Wife and Daughter, Alex. Bay; C.W. Haynes, Port Byron; B. VanZant, Rochester; March Dilyae & Co's., Agent, Jim Eaton, Price's Agent, Syracuse; H.N. Throop, Mrs. Capt. Russ Smith, Oswego; Mrs. Capt. James B. Todd, Mrs. Geo. B. Maines, Kingston, Ont.; Miss Mary Durfee, Lyons; Capt. J.H. Ledyard, Montreal; Darwin Cooper, Mrs. P.P. Cooper, Cooperstown; Frank Lakey, Capt. Lakey, Pomeroy Tucker, V. Nims and Lady, Hon. Ornon Archer, Andrew Lyon, Palmyra; E.M.K. Glen, Macedon; Geo. W. Griffin and Wife, Samuel Lyon, Port Chester, N.Y.,; J. Haven Powers, Cold Water, Mich.; Capt. S.D. Tomkinson, Buffalo.


December 1867



Williamson, November 20, 1867

Mr. Editor;

The Star Club of Williamson, and the second nine of the Eckfords, of Marion, played a friendly match of Base Ball, October 19th, on the ground of the Eckfords, H.J. Thomas acting as umpire and who gave satisfaction to both parties. Five innings were played, the score standing - Eckfords 26, Stars 31; Z.T. Griffin, and John Stevens acting as scorers. As the day was fine, everything passed off lovely.

When the return game is played I will send you the result.

Yours &c., A Subscriber.


Walworth, Nov.20, 1867

Mr. Editor:

Enclosed please find a problem if you have room in your paper,

And obliged your P.H.H.

A horses in the midst of a meadow suppose,

Made fast to a stake by a line from his nose,

How long must the line be that feeding all around

Will permit him to graze one acre of ground.

It's a very plain case if you only suppose,

That it's just seven feet from his tail to his nose,

For the line will then be, the rule can't fail,

Just seven feet less than if tied to his tail.

DIED - "Kate", wife of John M. Reynolds, departed this life Sunday evening, December 1st, 1867, and was buried the 3d, aged 35 years and 12 days. The Episcopal Burial Servises were read at the house by the Rev. Erastus Smith, of Sodus Point, when the remains were then taken to our cemetery for interment. She leaves behind a husband and two children, one ten years old and the youngest five weeks old, together with a number of relatives and friends. She has been troubled at times, for several years, with a lung disease, which had threatened her life; but had so far recovered, as we supposed, to be out of danger; and for the past year had enjoyed life, and the society of others, more than for several years past but after the birth of the last boy, she began to show symptoms of a doubtful character, gradually failing, until quick consumption ended her days, leaving this cold and desolate world for a brighter one, without a pain or struggle.

To those that were with her throughout her sickness, and those that assisted in her burial, we tended to each and all of you our sincere and heart-felt thanks................J.M.R.

SELECT SCHOOL - Proffessor Clark commences his Select School in this place Monday Dec. 2.

FESTIVAL - An Oyster Festival and Dance, will be held at the "Williamson Cheese and Butter Factory," Thursday evening, December 5th.

I.O.G.T. - A Lodge of the "Independent Order of Good Templars," has been organized in our village, and is in a flourishing condition. They have fitted up a room over Lyon & Griffin's store, and it numbers some sixty members.

THE NEWARK COURIER - This paper comes to us in a new dress and looks neat and clean. It is published by B. Howe Randolph, at $2.00 a year in advance. Brother R. is a good fellow, but don't like the idea of our getting a Road from Canandaigua to this place.

N.C. RAILWAY EXTENSION - By direction of the public meeting at Canandaigua on the 14th November, the Committee previously appointed have entered into correspondence with the N.C. Railway Co., relative to the proposed extension of the R. Road from Canadaigua to Pultneyville. We hope to be able to announce a favorable result in the next issue of our paper.


-Henry Hust, of Marion, having sold his farm, sold off his personal property at Auction Nov. 12.

-Wing O'Bryan, has purchased the Wagon Shop in this village, and taken possession.

-Smith Pratt, sold his farm in Ontario to Joel Pratt, consisting of 84 acres - consideration $3500.

-John Allen, son of the late Jedediah Allen of Sodus, died at his residence in Marengo, Mich. October 30.

-Lyon & Griffin, have just reseived their New Goods, and opened their store to the public November 25th.

-Cornelius T. Peer, sold his personal property at Auction, at his residence, west of Marion, November 21.

-The "Blackmer Farm" at Sodus Point, was sold a few days since to a Mr. Rogers for $30000.

-Capt. John S. Todd, is for the winter, in the store with Lyon & Griffin, where he will be pleased to see his friends.

-Mrs. Elizabeth Arnold, living on the lake road, near Dr. Cook's farm, pared and dried 500 bushels of Apples this fall.

-Anthony Bogart Jr. sold off his personal property at Auction, at his residence, two miles west of Sodus village, November 20.

-John N. Brownell, having sold his farm and moved to Macedon, sold his personal property at Auction November 20.

-George Aistrope has a fine Chester White Hog, which he would like to have all the farmers look at, that wish to improve their stock.

-Dr. J.P. Austin of Williamson, has a matched span of Chestnut Mares, six years old, rangy, and make a splendid appearance.

-H. Auchampach, has always on hand a fine assortment of Harnesses, Robes, Blankets, and a fine lot of Saddlery Hard-Ware. Give him a call.

-George Whyley, sold off his personal property at Auction, at his residence in Sodus, near the Lyman Dunning farm, November 14.

-H.L. Hurlbut, of Herkimer, the reformed drunkard, instituted a lodge of "Good Templars" in this village November 13.

-Mrs. M. Deyoe, sold her personal property at Auction December 4.

-John Reynolds is constantly receiving a fine stock of goods, which will be sold cheap for cash.

-Cornelius Brewer, has sold his farm, formerly owned by William Holling, to Phillip Hoot, for $1,000.

-Cooper & Cottrell Photographers of Williamson, have something new for the holidays, go see it and look their stock over.

-Owen B. Earl, having sold his farm, two miles south of Ontario Centre, sold his personal property at Auction, November 27.

-Joseph Gazlay, will have the "Seventeenth Annual Dance," or Sailors Return, on Christmas Eve. For further particulars see cards.

-Mrs. Andrew Warner died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Laura Winslow, in Ontario, November 13, and was buried the 16th, aged 88.

-Thomas Robinson, formerly of Palmyra, died at his residence in Freeport, Ill., November 10, aged 62 years. He was well known to the inhabitants in this vicinity.

-John Nufgles, has sold his farm, formerly owned by William Gowthrop, to Edward Baker, son of Joshua Baker, Consisting of 56 acres, consideration $2,800.

-Mrs. Anna Adams, died at her residence on the Ridge road west of Williamson village, Thursday, November 11th, and was buried the 14th, aged 83 years.

-Joseph S. Anthony, having sold his farm, disposed of his personal property at Auction, at his residence, one mile north of Ontario Centre, formerly owned by John Blackman, Nov. 21.

-Judge Cowles, and District Attorney Camp, were the only two on the county ticket that run ahead of the state ticket; the former receiving 1,822 majority, the latter 1,298, McKean's being only 1,230.

-A. Cornwall, of Alexandria Bay, Jefferson Co., and son of the late Andrew Cornwall, of our village, has been elected Member of Assembly from that county. "Drew" was formerly a clerk in John Reynolds' store in this place, and afterwards moved to that county. He is strictly a war democrat, and spent a good share of his time in raising recruits. He will make a good member, honest and reliable.

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