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Wayne County, N.Y.

Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, from papers at the Office of the County Historian.

The Commercial Press was a monthly newspaper from Pultneyville, Town of Williamson. The Office of the County Historian has a small bundle of issues. A small part of the paper was devoted to Personal Items, listing various names of people from the area.

There is some fascinating reading about the Lake Ontario shipping trade in the 1860s, and neat ads for businesses from all over the place in these papers. There was quite a schedule of ships from Pultneyville to Charlotte to Toronto, naming ships and captains (the new ferry runs between Charlotte/Rochester and Toronto.) Not to be ignored in this paper are the railroad schedules, with stops in Palmyra, Oswego, Syracuse. And the Pultneyville & Palmyra Stage. "Leave daily at 6:45am - Arriving at 7:30pm connection at Palmyra with the N.Y.C.R. Road, Going West at 9:46a.m. and 4:20p.m. Going East at 11:20a.m. and 4:20p.m." The obits aren't detailed but give such an essence of the way life was. Spellings and misspellings are exactly as in the original paper.

Allyn Hess Perry
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July 2004

May 1867
June 1867
July 1867
August 1867


May 1867


The owners of lots in the Cemetery, who have improved them during the last season, are now requested to give notice to the Committee, if they desire them improved, as Mr. Parnell proposes to keep them in fine order this season for $1.25.

Come forward friends and let us beautify "the City of the Dead!" The only way to do it is by joint action.

Pultneyville, April 25, 1867.......................................................S.C. Cuyler


Died at the residence of his father, James Robinson, in Pultneyville, Wayne Co., N.Y., on the 15th of April, 1867, Mr. Charles Robinson, aged 33 years.

Our friend Charles was cut down, in the morning of life, by that most flattering of all diseases "Consumption," which had long since marked him as its "victim," though he had been confined to the house only a few months. The deceased was a young man of generous impulses, warm in his attachments, devoted to his friends, and true in all the relations of life. It was only a few days before his death, that he became satisfied he could not get well, and as he began to reflect upon the important change, he became earnest and thoughtful about the future, desired and sought acceptence with God, seemed to enjoy much in "Social Prayer," and was truly happy in the contemplation of the thought that he would soon meet his near and dear friends in Spirit Life. He was faithful to those who came to see him, exorting them to live a life of holiness, and thus fit themselves for the home of the blessed. As I sat by his bed it was a pleasure to hear him say, with such earnestness and faith, that he would meet me in the spirit world when I was called home.

Charles leaves a little girl who is now an orphan, together with a large circle of relatives, to mourn his early departure....................................................................................S.C.C.


Preparations are being made by the Canandaigua people as well as the "Northern Central Railway Co.," to order a survey for a Rail Road between this place and Canandaigua. The distance is only twenty-eight miles, no heavy grading, or costly bridges will be required; and when completed will give us an unbroken communication with Baltimore, and will at the same time run through one of the best fruit sections of this state. It will not only be beneficial to us, but will open to our southern friends the vast lumbering districts of Canada, and will give them another outlet for their coal.


Capt. H.N. Throop, Supt. Of the "Ontario Steamboat Co.," will commence the season's business by starting one of the Steamers about the 15th of May. The Daily Line will be put on the 1st of June.

-We had the pleasure of calling on B. How Randolph, Editor of the "Newark Courier," a few days since, and found him in his sanctum. He is a sociable, jovial, whole-souled fellow. He was formerly in the Office of the "Oswego Advertiser."

-We understand that Secretary Stanton has ordered the Government Surveyors on to the frontier, and that our harbor will be surveyed by them sometime in June.

-The "Western Union Telegraph Company" propose running a Telegraph Line from Palmyra to this place if the people along the route will set the poles.

-The people of this town are beginning to get interested in Cheese making, and efforts are being made to erect a Factory near the South School House.


-Dr. D.C. Higgins, of Newark, is stopping in town for a short time.

-Miss Josephine Gazlay commenced a Select School in this place April 15th.

-Hon. Ornon Archer will please accept our thanks for the "Red Book" received.

-Charles S. Decoe, formerly of Williamson, but now residing in Michigan, was in town April 10th.

-D.S. Mack, of Ontario, was, when last heard from, at Council Bluffs, Mo., waiting for an opportunity to cross the river.

-Cassius, son of Enos Hopkins, was married to Miss Vernelia, daughter of John Millet, April 9th, by William A. Fuller Esq., all of Ontario.

-Mrs. Betsey Clever (formerly Bush) died of Heart disease April 12th and was buried the 14th. She leaves an aged mother in destitute circumstances.

-Miss Emma Allen, daughter of our townsman Alfred Allen Esq., has gone to Cleveland, Ohio, on a visit to her friends, and will be absent most of the summer.

-James P. Tillotson is a Director of the "Trumball County Coal Company," capital $150 000. "Jim" was formerly Clerk of the Steamer Cataract, but is now a resident of Ohio.

-Capt. John Palmer has returned from Canada where he purchased 400 000 feet of lumber for his Lumber Yard at this place. Those wishing to build will do well to call on Palmer & Holling.

-Gavitt & Lyon have moved into their new Banking Office in Palmyra. They are tip top fellows and are doing a good business. Lyon is as good at Banking as he was in the "Bazarr" business.

-Hon. S.C. Cuyler has been reinstated Deputy Collector of Customs for this Port, vice George H. Benton removed. Capt. Chauncey Fish and T. Scott Ledyard have been appointed inspectors of Customs at this port.

-Geo. B. Redfield, formerly of "Ayers Hotel," Rochester, has moved to the corner of Mill and Center streets, 100 feet north of the N.Y.C.R.R. Depot, where he will be pleased to see all of his old friends. It is called the "Redfield House."

-R. Reynolds has sold out his Clothing Store in this place to John Reynolds.

-Isaac Austin, of Saratoga, has been in town after his mother, Mrs. Oliver Bush.

-George H. Benton left town April 17th, and is spending a few days at Ithaca, N.Y.

-Capt. J.H. Ledyard has been apointed to the command of the Steamer Rochester which is to run between Oswego and Bellville.

-Zenus Burnell, John S. Sheffield and Mervin Pallister have left for Charlotte to put the Schr. Rival in readiness for this season's business.

-C.J. Ferrin has been re-appointed Post Master at Palmyra vice John W. Corning removed. "Charley" is an influential man and deserves the position.

-W.S. Throop, of this place, has been re-appointed Notary Public by Governor Fenton. All business entrusted with him will be attended to promptly.

-H.W. Tracy having sold his house and lot in Williamson, closed out his personal property at auction April 23rd. He intends to move to Michigan soon.

-Charles Robison, of this village, died at the residence of his father, of Consumption April 15th and was buried the 17th. His loss will be deeply felt in the family circle.

-Wing O'Bryan offers that beautiful horse of his for sale. Any information in regard to said horse, as to price &c., can be had by writing or calling on him at his residence in this place.

-Dr. A.F. Sheldon is ready at all times to attend to calls in his proffession. He has a fine Office fitted up at his residence, where he will be pleased to see all who may favor him with a call.

-"Dad" Huxley stabbed a man named Omens a few days since at Palmyra. It seems that Omens induced passengers to leave "Dad's" hack and get into his own, when he stabbed him twice in the side, inflicting a dangerous wound. He was held to bail.

-Mrs. Lyman Milliman has just returned from the East, having been there for a little Orphan Girl that had been given her. The child, since the death of her father, had been living with her uncle, until he married his second wife, when she turned the child into the street.


Capt. J.H. Ledyard, John Sheffield, Buffalo; Capt. H.N. Throop, Charlotte; R.H. Lawrence, Elmire; E.W. Burrall, Geneva; R.A. Moses and daughter, Chenango; John S. Rich, Marion; John Cooley, Jaycox & Green's agent, Syracuse; John Glenn, Buell's agent, Rochester; R. Reynolds, Warrick & Brown's agent, Utica; Miss M.L. Cuyler, Aurora; Mrs. Charles H. Hill, E.W. Hill, Sodus Point, N.Y. Will Sawyer and wife, Philadelphia, Pa. Arnold Albright, Saginaw, Mrs. Dr. D.C. Powers, Cold Water, Mich. Judge H.C. Cowles, Colorado.


June 1867

John M. Reynolds, Editor and proprietor.

OUR HARBOR - Mr. James S. Lawrence, Ass't. Engineer, of Buffalo, has been in town several days making a survey of our harbor. He goes from here to Charlotte, of which he intends to make his permanent home hereafter. Mr. Lawrence appears to be a perfect gentleman in every respect and was well liked by all who made his acquaintance.

NOPTICE - Mr. B.J. Woodhull has left the publishing department of this paper and gone into other business. All communications hereafter will be directed to "The Commercial Press."


-Capt. John G. Roys, of the Schr. Union will make pleasure trips from this place July 4th.

-John Okeefe and Wife, of Marshall, Mich., arrived in town on their bridle tour, May 20th.

-Charles S. Decoe and Wife are in town on a visit from Michigan, looking as fresh and young as ever.

-Mrs. Geo. W. Gazlay, of Calistoga Springs, Calafornia, will please accept our thanks for papers received.

-Mr. John Gramkee, has moved to Sodus, he intends to carry on the Merchant Tailoring business in that place.

-Ansel A. Cornwall of our place, will have charge of the Steamboat Dock this season, formerly owned by Power & Allen.

-P.W. Tinklepaugh, formerly of the Franklin House, Clyde, has just purchased the Belden House, Lyons, and taken possession.

-John Reynolds is a closing up his business in this place, and offers his property for sale, see notice of Tannery in another column.

-John Brown living two miles west of Williamson Village, is going to move to Vermont, and sold out his personal property at auction June 1.

-Hon. Horace Morley of Sodus Point, N.Y., and father of Capt. J.J. Morley of the steamer Bay State, died at his residence May 26th aged about 80 years.

-Mrs. Samuel Ledyard has gone to Cold Water, Mich., in company with her daughter, Mrs. Dr. D.C. Powers, where she will remain for a short time on a visit.

-Hon. Ornon Archer, of Palmyra, and Hon. Leander S. Ketcham, of Clyde, are the delegates from this county to the Constitutional Convention that meets at Albany June 3.

-Hon. S.G. Hadley, of Seneca County, has been appointed Registrar in Bankruptsy, for this Congressional District, composing the counties of Cayuga, Seneca and Wayne.

-Capt. A. Wakeley of our town, is the agent in this county for the sale of the "History of the Secret Service," by General L.C. Baker - see notice of the book in another column.

-Rufus A. Roys and daughter, Mrs. Pierce, of Michigan, brother of P.B. Roys of this village, are here on a visit. He was formerly a resident of our village about forty years ago.

-Griffith Borraidale, (son of John) is keeping a Hotel in Bellville, Canada, where the gold excitement is now raging. We saw Griff a few days since, with a vial of the previous stuff.

-W.C. Ives of Clyde, has again resumed the clothing trade, and now advertises that branch of business in connection with his jewelry trade. He keeps a good stock of goods. (Clyde Times)

-B.J. Woodhull, and Henry Beter, have entered into partnership, under the firm of Beter & Woodhull, in the clothing business, at the stand formerly owned by R. Reynolds, where they will be please to see all of their old friends.

-Dr. H.R. Moses of Sodus, had an Epalectic fit on Sunday May 19th, while on a visit to John Reynolds. Dr. R.F. Sheldon of our village was immediately called, he soon recovered and was able in a short time to leave for home.

-D.C. Barringer, formerly of this town, is now keeping the "Dafoe House," at Bellville, Canada, under the firm of D.C. Barringer & Co. Persons visiting the "Canada Gold Mines," will find this a first class house, and a gay lot of fellows that run it.

-Charles G. Richards of this town, is agent for this county for the sale of "Blodgett's Cats Claw Hay Fork." It will take off a load of hay over a beam fourteen feet high, at the rate of four hundred pounds a minute. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Richards.

-Capt. H.N. Throop intends building a pleasure Steamboat here this summer, for his own use. It will be about 100 feet long, and cost about $6,000,00. It will have a fine engine, and will be driven by a screw wheel; and when completed will be the finest model that floats the lake.

-W.B. Phelps formerly Chief Clerk of the "Ontario Steamboat Company," at Oswego, has resigned that post and accepted the Superintendency of the "Oswego and Syracuse Rail Road;" the Corporal will fill the new position with entire satisfaction to the company. We wish him success in his new field of duty.

-H.M. Griffen, of the firm of "Griffen Lacy & Co.," of this place, has just returned from New York, with a new stock of Hard-Ware, Books &c., of which they are determined to sell as cheap, if not cheaper than can be found elsewhere. They are also Agents for the sale of Warnick & Brown's Utica Tobacco.

ARRIVALS - W.S. Throop, Lyons; H.R. Moses and Wife, Sodus; Capt. James Pollock and Wife, Newark; Benham & Jones, Palmyra; H.M. Griffen, New York; B. VanZant, John Glen, Mrs. H.M. Griffen, Rochester; Jim Easton, Syracuse; C.P. Eaton, Laona; Mr. Freeman and wife Brockport, N.Y.; Charles S. Decoe and Wife, Michigan; Z. Burnell, Milwaukee; Warnick & Brown's Agent Utica


July 1867

FOURTH OF JULY - The Schrs. Allen, Hill, Union and Doran, will be present here on the Fourth to take out pleasure parties on the lake, the Steamer Lord Elgin is expected. The whole to conclude with a Boat Race, and Dance at the hotel in the evening.

EXHIBITION - The "Pultneyville Lyceum," under the supervision of Prof. Lewis H. Clark, gave their first Exhibition, at the Union Church, in this village, on Friday evening, June 21; the proceeds to go towards the improvement of the walks in our village. The following ladies took part in the exercises: Florence Ward, Emma Shipley, Mary Owen, Julia Brownell, Ellen Reynolds, Ella Owen, Josie Wilder, Phene Gazlay, Maria Waters, Ella Waters, Eliza Cornwall, Lilla Holcomb and Frank Selby, assisted by the following gentlemen: John W. Vanwinkle, President; Clara E. Auchampach, Secretary; Charles S. Lacy, Orland W. Powers, W. Brownell, Willard Curtiss, George Cady, A.E. Curtis and C. Vandemma. The above named persons acquitted themselves with great credit, and all present could not of been but well pleased with the evenings entertainment.

CHEESE FACTORY. The ___ for the erection of a Cheese Factory, in Marion, has been taken, and the work will be commenced immediately. It will be located on the farm of George Briggs, about three miles north-east of Marion village; arrangements are also being made to erect another one on the corner near Hiram Harding's in this town, the stock being already taken.


-James B. Craggs and Wife, Joseph Church and Wife, have gone west on a visit.

-Mrs. Peter Josee died June 21, and was burried in the Cemetery at this place the 23.

-George Carver of Lyons, has been appointed Deputy U.S. Marshall for the Northern District of New York.

-Prof. Townsend gave one of his Popular Lectures, before the students of Macedon Academy, on Tuesday June 25ht.

-J. Haven Powers and Wife, left for Cold water, Mich., June 22, on board of the Propeller Empire, Capt. Russ Smith.

-John H. Kemper of Newark, has been elected Assistant Sergeant-at-arms for the Constitutional Convention at Albany.

-W.F. Moore, of Palmyra, was awarded the first prize at the Trap-Shoot in that village a few days since, with a gun worth $175.

-Capt. J.H. Ledyard has arrived in town, he has been running the Steamer Rochester, plying between Oswego and Bellville.

-John Adams, was the only Juryman drawn from this town to attend the County Court, held at Lyons, Tuesday June 8th.

-Isaac Straight, writing from Bloomfield, Wis. says the prospects are good for a large crop of all kinds of fruit in that section of the state.

-T. Scott Ledyard, and Capt. Chauncey Fish, Inspectors of Customs at this port, have been removed by Collector Kelley of Rochester.

-George M. Nichols and Wife, have returned from New York, and will spend the summer with T. Scott Ledyard and family at this place.

-John Stretch, of Adrian, Mich., has been in town on a flying visit, looking harty and well as ever, notwithstanding he is over 70 years of age.

-Pomeroy Tucker, of Palmyra, is getting up a book on Mormonism; of which is now in the hands of the publishers, the Apppletons New York.

-Dr. R.F. Sheldon of our village has gone in for raising Imported Stock, of which all farmers should turn their attention to more than they do.

-Dr. D.S. Beardsley of our village, was the delegate from Pultneyville Lodge, No. 159 F.A.M. to the Grand Lodge held in New York June 4, 1867.

-Miss Maria Allen, (daughter of Peters Allen of our town) was married at the residence of the brides father June 5th, to Mr. Roe of Penfield. Rev. A. Spencer of Williamson officiating.

-Ansel A. Cornwall is now prepared to do the forwarding and commission business at the old stand of Powers & Allen. Shipments can be made to all points by steamer or sail vessel.

-Nellie Pallister has taken the village school in hand, and is a going to see what she can accomplish. "Nell" you have a tough lot to deal with, bring them on time or die in the attempt.

-Gustavus Mills, formerly Insurance Agent, of Newark, N.Y., and was occasionally in our locality, is now in the Pay Master General Office, Washington, D.C. He will please accept our thanks for Documents received.

-Charley Bingham is making extensive arrangements for a horse trot on the third and fourth of July at Palmyra. A number of first class horses will be present and if the weather is pleasant there will be a great crowd.

-W.T. Tinsley Editor of the Lyons Republican; W. VanCamp Editor of the Wayne Democratic Press; and friend Randolph of the Newark Courier, were in attendance at Penn Yan to the Editorial Convention.

-Capt. James Pollok, of Newark, N.Y., was a going into Buffalo a few nights since, jumped off from his Canal Boat to run a head and pay his tolls, when he was pounced upon by two ruffians and handled severely, cutting his face up very bad.

-George Esterly of Whitewater, Wis., had his Reaper Works destroyed by fire in that place June 6. Loss over $40,000, of which there was only an insurance of $15,000. Mr. Esterly's loss falls too heavy upon him, that he will not be able to rebuild again.

-Capt. H.N. Throop has made the following new appointments: Barney Mc Coy, Clerk, Thomas Mc Caffree, Engineer; and John Foley, Steward; of the Bay State. John Howard, Engineer of the Ontario. Mr. Myer and Mr. Maxwell, will be in the Office at Oswego.

-The Lyons Republican, says that the County Court has disposed of the following cases;

Eliza Graves vs. Elisha Chapman Judgement reversed.

Sarah Cooper vs. Harmon Feller. Plaintiff non-suited.

Peter Holland vs. A. Dubois. Judgement reversed.

-Simeon Holton, Editor of the Seneca County Courier, published at Seneca Falls N.Y.; C.B. Thompson, Editor of the Leroy Gazette, published at Leroy, N.Y.; Geo. D.A. Bridgman, Editor of the Penn Yan Express, published at Penn Yan, N.Y.; and G.W. Reynolds Editor of the Oneonta Herald, published at Oneonta, N.Y., will please accept our thanks for an exchange of papers, and due notice will be taken of them in our next number.

-The New Furnace, in Ontario, was destroyed by fire June 5th; insured for $5,000, a policy of $5,000 having run out a few days previous.


August 1867

DAILY LINE OF STEAMERS - Supt. Throop will start the Daily Line July 29th, at which time the Steamer Cataract and Lord Elgin will be added making a direct communication between Niagara Falls and Montreal. Capt. Throop has made the following new appointments for the Str. Cataract: Samuel Roat, Master; Mr. White, (formerly of the Bay State) Mate; William Oliver, Purser; William Van Neuken, Engineer. We also understand that Mr. Mc Coy, purser of the Bay State, is to be transferred to the Lord Elgin, and Mr. Cox, of Syracuse, will take his place.

BROKE A DRIFT - A raft of Rail Road Ties broke a drift on this lake Friday eve. July 19, and 15,000 of them are running loose all around the lake. Large quantities of them were to be seen in the lake below Sodus July 24th, so much so, that the Bay State was obliged to stop once, to prevent them from breaking the wheel. The raft was being towed to Charlotte.

ASSESSOR'S NOTICE - The Assessor's of this town have completed the Assessment Roll, and is now in the hands of Samuel Brown, for inspection twenty days. They will also meet at this village August 17th, and at Williamson Corners the 24th of August, to correct the list if necessary.

- Brig. General Holmes, at the Palmyra Depot, will please accept our thanks for a copy of the New York Central Rail Road Time Table and its connections.


Miss Nellie Pallister has her school under good control, and says she does not want any better one. The fact is, she has brought them to on the love principle, believing that more flies can be caught with mo-lassie's than vinegar.

-William H. Southwick, of Palmyra, left a few days since for Montreal, Quebec and Portland via American Express Steamers. Hank would undoubtedly have a good time if he was not so much on the broad brimed order.

-Maj. Allen, Typographical Engineer, stationed at Fort Ontario, Oswego, was in town a few days since looking after, and inquiring into, the condition of our harbor.

-Mason L. Rogers, of Marion, has the Agency for the Patent Dry House for that town. Call at his residence and examine it.


-Hon. S.K. Williams, of Newark, will please accept our thanks for Pub. Documents received.

-Prof. York, the Horse Tamer, has been in town driving his celebrated horse around the village without reins.

-Maj. H.J. Gilbert, of Palmyra, will please accept our thanks for that Music, a-la-dance that we have received.

-John W. Baker, we are informed, has been reinstated Post Master at Walworth, vice Nathan S. Eddy resigned.

-Hon. A.B. Williams, formerly of this County, has sold his property in Lyons, and is now living at Niagara Falls.

-Florence Ward, (daughter of Mrs. A.A. Cornwall of our village) has left for Alex. Bay, and will be absent several weeks.

-Capt. Samuel W. Roys and Mervin Pallister, have broke ground for a new Store House near the bridge, and intend to be ready for the fall trade.

-John S. Camp, of Lyons, William S. Stow, of Clyde, have been appointed by the Commissioners of Excise, as their Attorneys for the ensuing year.

-Ezra Chapman's son, was drowned at Palmyra July 1st,, while out a fishing. Mr. C. was a resident of Palmyra, and his son was only eight years old.

-Joseph Larue, of Lyons, was suddenly attacted by a hog a few days since, while driving him home, and was severely bitten, and his case is a very critical one.

-Mrs. A.A. Cornwall, Mrs. D.W. Lacy, left on the propeller "Empire," Capt. Russ Smith, Thursday, July 11; the former for Red Wing, in Min.; the latter for Chicago.

-Mrs. Sabrina Spencer, died at the residence of Dr. A.G. Austin in Williamson, of Consumption, July 10, and was burried the 12. Servises at the house, Hon. S.C. Cuyler officiating.

-Amos Case, late Master of Sodus Lodge No. 382 F.A.M., has been presented with a beautiful and costly Past Masters' Jewel, in silver and Gold, from the members of the Lodge, valued at $50.

-Mrs. John B. Graves, who lives about three miles from our village, left her residence Thursday July 4th for parts unknown; she had written on a slate in the house that they never would see or hear from her again. She has since been heard from as having left for England.

-Prof. Samuel Owen, the celebrated and wide world renowned Glass Blower, we are pleased to learn, has purchased Leo Miller's residence in this village, and will make this place his permanent home hereafter.

-James M. Scarritt, editor of the Clyde Times, invested a shin plaster in this Wayne Co., Musical Gift Concert, and draw a Cabinet Organ valued at $275. The luck of the editorial fraternity must of changed lately.

-R.L. Adams & Son of the Geneva Courier, have commenced publishing a monthly paper at Geneva, called The Busy World, a magazine of which each alternate page, will be devoted to advertising. Five thousand copies were struck off for July.

-E.S. Averell of the Palmyra Courier, and Hon. S.K. Williams of Newark, when last seen by us were on their way to Montreal and Quebec, via Steamer "Corinthian" and "Grand Trunk Railway." We hope they will keep away from the water works at the former place.

-James Pollock, of Lyons, came very near loosing his life by being run over by a locomotive near the Newark crossing several days since, the pilot on the engine catching the hind wheel of his wagon, throwing him down an embankment, and injuring him severely.

-George Esterley, of Whitewater, Wis., has his Reaper Works in running order again, and was not delayed five days by the first; that it will all be rebuilt there or elsewhere on a larger plan than before. He is now making arrangements to build 2500 Seeders and Cultivators combined.

-Edward Stevens of this town, left home in April last for Michigan, after Cattle, and was last heard from in Canada; and the family thought he had been murdered for his money; but at last it turns out that he was sick in Montreal, his wife and son immediately left for that place, and arrived home with him July 23.

-Horace Nash, Cyrenus C. Eddy, Barton P. Peer, Hiram Harding, Morrie Tucker, H. Cogswell and H. Wilcox, are the board of Trustees for the "Williamson Cheese and Butter Company,." The Officers are Horace Nash, President; Cyrenus C. Eddy, Vice President; Barton P. Peer, Secretary; Hiram Harding, Treasurer. The Factory is to be located on the corner near Hardings. The stock is all taken, and the work commenced.

ARRIVALS FOR JULY - John S. Rich & Son, Israel Springer, Marion; Mrs. Jennie Butler of Brighton, C.W; Capt. J.H. Ledyard, Oswego; Esq. Peddie, and Esq. Nash, Palmyra; J. Howard, Buell's Agent, Rochester; Mrs. Sullivan Reynolds, Mt. Upton; Prof. Owen, Deposite; Hon. S.K. Williams, Newark; Thomas Robbinson Esq, Clyde; "Obe" Hopkins and Geo. Carver, Lyons; Mrs. Cleveland and Daughter, of Canandaigua; Capt. Andrew Roys, Liverpool, England. Mr. Hamilton, Hartford, Conn; Charles Cornwall, Rockport C.B.

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