The Ninth New York
Heavy Artillery

A History of its Organization, Services in the Defenses of Washington, Marches, Camps, Battles, and Muster-Out, with Accounts of Life in a Rebel Prison, Personal Experiences, Names and Addresses of Surviving Members, Personal Sketches, and a Complete Roster of the Regiment.


Alfred Seelye Roe of Company A

Published by the Author, Worcester, Mass., 1899.


Chapter I. Second Wayne and Cayuga Regiment [the start of the regiment]

Chapter II. From Auburn to Washington [mustering the troops]

Chapter III. Through Washington [the troops arrive and accommodate to army life]

Chapter IV. Camp Life and Road-making

Chapter V. Camp Nellie Seward and Fort Kearney

Chapter VI. Camp Morris and the 9th Heavy Artillery

Chapter VII. Life in the Forts

Chapter VIII. Fort Foote

Chapter IX. Soldiering in the Defenses - ONE PAGE ON LINE.

Chapter X. A General Shaking-up [COMPLETE CHAPTER]

Chapter XI. Reaching the Front

Chapter XII. From the North Anna Through Cold Harbor

Chapter XIII. From Cold Harbor to Petersburg

Chapter XIV. To and Through Monocacy

Chapter XV. Retreat and Pursuit

Chapter XVI. The Valley and Winchester - ONE PAGE ON LINE.

Chapter XVII. The 3d Battalion from Petersburg to Harrisonburg

Chapter XVIII. The Valley and Cedar Creek

Chapter XIX. From Cedar Creek to Petersburg

Chapter XX. Petersburg, Through March, 1865

Chapter XXI. Breaking the Lines, and Sailor's Creek

Chapter XXII. The Danville Raid

Chapter XXIII. Richmond, Washington, and Home

Chapter XXIV. Those Who Were Left Behind

Chapter XXV. Miscellaneous [war stories, poems, humorous accounts]

Chapter XXVI. Prisoners of War - ONE PAGE ON LINE. This long chapter consists of first-hand accounts of various men who were prisoners, including a diary.

Chapter XXVII. Veteran Association [COMPLETE CHAPTER]

Chapter XXVIII. Personal Experiences of the Civil War - ONE PAGE ON LINE.

Chapter XXVIX. Personal Sketches [this does not include all men who served but men or families who gave Mr. Roe info]

Chapter XXX. Regimental Roster    Regimental Officers - PARTIAL.

   Company A [mainly men from the Red Creek area, Huron and Butler]

   Company B [mainly western Wayne County, Ontario, Walworth, Williamson]

   Company C [mainly Cato, Conquest, Victory, and other towns, as well as Seneca Co., Oswego Co., and Onondaga Co.]

   Company D [almost exclusively a Lyons company, with some from Sodus, Huron, Rose and Galen]

   Company E [mainly southern Cayuga Co., esp. Scipio, Venice and Moravia]

   Company F [primarily Auburn and nearby towns, and a few from northern Tompkins Co.]

   Company G [mainly men from Huron, Wolcott, Butler and Rose]

   Company H [mainly men from Galen, Clyde and Rose, with some from Cayuga and Onondaga Cos.]

   Company I [primarily a Cayuga Co. company, with men from Auburn, Owasco, and Sennett]

   Company K [a composite regiment, mainly men from Galen, Clyde, and Ira]

   Company L [men from all over, including Oswego, Onondaga County, Syracuse, Skaneateles, etc.]

   Company M [men from throughout the state, including Albany, Syracuse, Bergen, Batavia, the Hudson Valley, etc.] -SEVERAL PAGES ON LINE. Last updated 11/16/04.

   Unassigned Recruits [many men from Wayne, Cayuga, Onondaga, Tompkins, Seneca, Genesee, Brooklyn, and other counties]

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