Buried in Rose Cemetery

Wayne County, NY

A Work by Daryl Verstreate Jr.

"There is a time when someone comes to an end. At this point I believe I have exhausted all my avenues. Included is a report of all burials in Rose, NY Cemetery. This list of roughly 60-70 was compiled from the sexton and the additions where compiled by myself. The cemetery now stands at roughly 108 burials from the Civil War. Any additions or corrections are most welcome. Over 90% of the information has been verified by military and county documents. Please make all referrals or comments to Daryl Verstreate, Jr.

This may or may not be a complete documented list of the cemetery. This is my best effort to make a complete list with over 100 hours of work in the cemetery and historian's office doing documentation and research.

To honor the veterans of any war this would pay tribute to all that served. This year marks my patriot's 100th year of death. And this project honors him and all that served."

Daryl Verstreate, Jr.
4051 Dean Rd
Marion, NY 14505

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death Service

Allen, Solomon

Aurand, Harrison 1840 1909 Cavalry
Barless, Romain G. 70YR 4 Apr 1904 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Benjamin, David L. 8 July 1849 3 Dec 1889 Pvt Co. K. 9th NY Art.
Benjamin, Henry
8 Oct 1916 Co. K. 76 NY Inf.
Benedict, John A. 1843 1929 Co. K. 184th NY Vol.
Bovee, George E. 58Y 8MO 4 Oct 1901 Co. I. NYS Vol.
Bovee, Heman 67Y Feb 1908 94th NY Vol.
Bovee, William H.
28 Aug 1874 Co. K. 9 N. Y. H. Art'y.
Brewster, B. D. 1839 1912 Co. H. 9th Reg. NY H. Art.
Briggs, Birney 1842 1927 Co. E. 3rd N.Y. L.A.
Burns, John A.

Co. K. 9th NY H.A.
Burns, J. Wesley
6 Sept 1893 Co. D. 9th NY H. Art.
Campbell, Isaac G. 1837 1912 Co. F. 16th Art.
Chaddock, Jared

9th H.A.G.
Chapin, Stephen 1840 1911 Co. C. 148th NY Inf.
Cleveland, Jas.
Feb 1896 Co. K. 98th NY Vol.
Collins, Chauncey B. 1810 13 Feb 1896
Crisler, Jeremiah 50YR 15 Jan 1887 Co. K. 33rd NY Inf.
Davenport, Henry J. 1831 1917 Co. F. 125th NY Inf.
Davis, F. H. 1837 1920 Corp. Co E. 11th NY CAV.
Desmond, Timothy 75Y 23 Jan 1910 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Desmond, William 1841 1922 Co. C. 111th NY Vol.
Dickinson, Jay R. 1841 1925 Co. E. 3rd NY L.A.
Dickson, Ensign L. 1841 1918 Co A. 26th NY Ind't Bat'y
Doremus, Abraham 1824 1910 Co. F. 111th NY Inf.
Drury, Benjamin F. 1844 1921 Co. K. 111th NY Vol.
Ellinwood, George E. 65Y 1 Aug 1909 Bat. E. 3 NY L. Art.
Ellis, Lewis 1822 1896 Co. A. 3rd NY L. Art.
Fenk, Christian 25 Sep 1830 25 Feb 1900 Co. F. 111th NY Vol.
Ferris, Harvey J.
3 May 1927 Bat. C. 3rd NY L. Art.
Finch, Father
Gardner, Henry 1835 29-Mar-1905 Co. G 26th NY Inf.
Genung, Benjamin 20 Aug 1806 23 Mar 1888
Genung, William 1840 1864 Co. B. 111th NY Vol.
Gibbs, John 1843 1923 Co. C. 6th Regiment
Gragor, David J. 1835 1907 Co. C. 111th NY
Gillett, Charles B. 24Y 5M 11D 19 Aug 1867 Sgt. Co. D 30th Reg. NYSV
Note: Charles is buried in Ellinwood Cemetery in Rose.
Griswold, Wm. H. 1838 1929
Harmon, William J.
1 Aug 1896 Pvt Co. H. N.Y H. Art.
Harper, Alexander 1826 1916 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Harrington, Myron G. 11 Oct 1838 3 May 1922 Co. E. 3rd N.Y L.A.
Hecox, Charles B. 1844 1927 Co. K. 22nd NY CAV.
Hickok, Felton 1833 1902 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Hilts, Peter 74 Y 31 Aug 1901 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Holbrook, Jester H. 69Y 26 June 1916 Co. D. 4th NY H. Art.
Horton, William O. 63Y 25 Mar 1896 Co. K. 7 VT Vol.
Howard, Henry P. 1825 1906 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Jeffers, George 1846 1916
Jeffers, John H. 1840 1901
Jeffers, Lydia Ann? Or Nathan

Jeffers, ? 1825

King, Andrew 66YR 9 Nov 1900 Co. K. 9th NY H. Art.
King, Thomas 54YR 4 Dec 1889 Co. B. 27th N.Y.S. Vol.
Knapp, Henry 1843 1920 Co. H. 22nd Vol.
Lampson, Mortimer 1844 1924 Sur. 36th Reg. US Vol. Inf.
Langley, Samuel W. 1830 1915 Pvt. Co. G. 9th NY H. Art.
Lummis, Benjamin R. 6 Sept 1804 10 Jun 1882
Lyman, Jacob L. 1845 1906 Co. C. 111th NY Vol.
Marsh, Cornelius A. 1841 1917 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Marsh, George 1841 1917 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Marshall, Lauris 1847 1912 Co. E. 13th NY AV.
McCoy, William G. 1844 1863 Co. C. 111th NY Vol.
McDorman, Oran D.
19 Nov 1941 Corp. 305th Inf. 77 DIV.
McWharf, Theodore
22 Jan 1905 Co. C. 111th NY Inf.
Milem, George 1843 1926 Lt 2nd. Co. F. 98th Inf.
Miner, Philo 1847 1915 Co. E. 4th NY H.A.
Mix, William A. 1828 1902
Morey, Horace M. 1835 1910 Co. G. 9th NY H.A.
Murphy, G. W.
3 Sep 1867
Neeley, Nelson
26 May 1879 Asst. Surgeon
Norris, Thomas William

Oaks, Charles G. 1834 1923 Co. E. 5th Wi. Inf.
Otto, Jacob Guilford 13 Sep 1836 1 Jul 1863 Co. C. 6th NY Cavalry
Phillips, J. H. 25YR 3 Jun 1862
Phillips, H.H.

Phillips, Stephen
14 Dec 1864 Co. E. 10th NY Cavalry
Phillips, William

Pimm, Enos T. 71Y 11M 24D 6 Sept 1906 Co. H. 9th NY H. Art.
Pitcher, David 82Y 22 Dec 1896 Co. A. 14th Wi Inf.
Proseus, Franklin M.
9 Dec 1864 Pvt. Co. G. 9th NY H. Art.
Richardson, John 1814 1900 Co. D. 3rd NY L. Art.
Rounds, John C. 1844 1911 Co. C. NY H.A.
Seagar, Asher W. 9 May 1843 12 Nov 1915 Co D. 9th NY H.A.
Seagar, George W. 1842 1937 90th Inf.
Seelye, Judson J. 1837 1909 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Sherman, Charles 20 Apr 1839 19 Jun 1884 27th Reg Co. B NYS Vol.
Soule, Ira 1819 1901 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Soule, Ira T. 1846 1924 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Stickel, Joseph
1886 Co. K. 1st NYS V. CAV.
Stickles, Andrew N. 1838 1914 Co. B. 111th NY Inf.
Streeter, Josiah W.
25 Dec 1904 Co. C. 111th NY Vol.
Sutphin, William H. 5 Jun 1841 9 Jan 1910 Co. F. 98th N.Y. Inf.
Sweet, Michael 65Y 27 Nov 1889 Co. E. 8th NYS Vol.
Swift, George 24Y
Co. C. 100th NY Vol.
Talton, John T.
30 May 1882
Thompson, William M. 1842 1917 Co. D. 28th PA Inf.
Tickner, A. Jerome 1829 1911
Tillson, Charles E. 81Y 24-Jun-1906 Priv. Co. C. 184th NY
Tompkins, Henry 1815 1898 Co.H 9th H.A.
Valentine, lot
next to Peter
stone broken

Veley, Cornelius
7 Mar 1910 Co. B. 111th NY Vol.
Waite, Stephen M. 1825 1914 Co. H. 9th NY H.A.
Webers, Julius 1852 1919
Weed, William H.
22 Jan 1900 Co. C. 193rd NY Vol. Inf.
Wilkins, Hartwell 21 Jan 1845 28 Apr 1931
Winchell, Calvin R. 62YR 5 Feb 1896 Co. G. 9th NY H.A.
Wolf, James M. 1842 1905 Co. G. 3rd NY L. Art.

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