Guardianship Bond of Abraham Garlock

Marion, NY

Wayne County, NY

This document is one of a group transcribed and contributed by researcher Ron Reid. Ron has contributed many transcriptions of original documents to our site about Wayne County Kenyons and Garlocks who migrated west from Herkimer County NY in the 1830s.

Wayne Surrogate Court

In the matter of the guard-
ianship of Jacob Garlock
over Abram Garlock a minor
of fourteen years of age


         Guardian Bond

Filed December 11, 1847

            Know all men by these presents, that we Jacob Garlock and Jacob Hestor of the town of Marion in the county of Wayne are held and firmly bound unto Abram Garlock a minor residing in Marion aforesaid in the sum of two thousand dollars to be paid to the said minor his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, to which payment we bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these present, sealed with our seals; dated December 11, 1847.

            The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounden Jacob Garlock, shall and will faithfully in all things, discharge the duty of guardian to the said minor according to law, and render a true and just account of all moneys and property received by him, and of the application thereof, and of his guardianship in all respects, to any court having cognizance thereof when thereunto required, then this obligation to be void, also to remain in full force and virtue.

Sealed & delivered in  }
presence of              }                           Jacob Garlock
                                                          Jacob Hester

I approve of the surety named in the above bond. Dated December 11, 1847

                                                George H. Middleton
                                                  County Judge.

Wayne County ss:
                                    Jacob Hester of the town of Marion in the said county of Wayne being duly affirmed doth depose and say that he is a resident of the said town and county and a householder therein and that he is worth at least the sum of two thousand dollars over and above all his just debts and responsibilities, and further saith not.

Subscribed and affirmed to this     }         Jacob Hester
11th day of December 1847.        }
before me                                }
                       George H. Middleton
                                    County Judge

(Surrogate Proceedings, Wayne County, NY, Abram Garlock File No. 01701)

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