1887 Account on Final Settlement
Will of Friend Kenyon

Marion, NY

Wayne County, NY

This legal document is one of a group of documents transcribed and contributed by researcher Ron Reid. Ron has contributed many transcriptions of original documents to our site about Wayne County Kenyons and Garlocks who migrated west from Herkimer County NY in the 1830s. This document has been reformatted for ease in online reading.


Surrogate's  Court – County of Wayne.


                        OF THE ACCOUNT OF

                        John S. Rich

As the Executor of the last Will and Testament


                        Friend Kenyon           


To the Surrogate of the County of Wayne.

            I, John S. Rich of the town of Marion Wayne County, N.Y., do hereby render the following account of my proceedings as Executor of the Will of Friend Kenyon deceased, for judicial settlement:

            On the 9th day of February 1886 letters Testamentary upon the estate of Friend Kenyon late of the town of Marion deceased, were issued to me.

            On the 22nd day of August 1887 I caused an inventory of the personal estate of the deceased to be filed in this office, which personal estate therein set forth amounts, by appraisement, by the appraisers, duly appointed to Fifty Five 63/100 dollars.

SCHEDULE A, hereto annexed, contains a statement of all the property contained in said inventory, sold by me at private public sale, with the prices and manner of sale; which sales were fairly made by me, at the best prices that could then be had, with duel diligence, as I then believed.  It also contains a statement of all the debts due the said estate, and mentioned in said inventory, which have been collected, and also of all interest for moneys received by me for which I am legally accountable.

            SCHEDULE B,  (Not included here since it was all struck out and no Schedule B was attached.)

            SCHEDULE C,  hereto annexed, contains a statement of all moneys paid by me for funeral and other necessary expenses for said estate, together with the reasons and objects of such expenditure.

            On or about the 10th day of January 1887 I caused a notice for claimants to present their claims against the estate to me, within the period fixed by law, and at a certain place therein specified, to be published in a newspaper printed in this County according to law, for six months, pursuant to an order of the Surrogate of the County of Wayne, to which order notice and due proof of publication, herewith filed, I refer as part of this account.

            SCHEDULE D,  hereto annexed, contains a statement of all the claims of creditors presented to and allowed by me, or disputed by me.  It also contains a statement of all moneys paid by me to the creditors of the deceased, and their names and the time of such payments.

            SCHEDULE E, hereto annexed, cotains a statement of all moneys paid to the legatees, widow, or next of kin of the deceased.

            SCHEDULE F,hereto annexed, contains the names of all persons entitled to a share of the estate of said deceased, with their places of residence, degree of relationship, and a statement of which of them are minors, and whether they have any general guardian, and if so, their names and places of residence, to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

            SCHEDULE G  (all marked out and no schedule G included)


Amount received as per Schedule "A”                             $1034.75



Amount of Schedule "C”                                                        $426.52

            Leaving a balance of…………………………………………………….$608.23

To be distributed to those entitled thereto, subject to deduction of the amount of my commissions and of the expenses of this accounting.  The said Schedules, which are severally signed by me, are part of this account.

Schedule "A"

Containing an account of all money received from any source by Executor


March 30th      Received of Rev Maxwell (Rent)                                                        9.75

May 16th              "        from Sale House and Lot (at Auction)                            1025.00


Mrs. Melissa Gillett received from Rev. Mr. Maxwell rent for house and retained the same   the executor is unable to state the amount so received, and he holds the same as a claim against Mrs Gillett.  Sept 7th The executor has since learned the amount so retained to be $9.75

            Henry Gillett used the garden attached to house without paying rent for the same during two seasons.  The executor holds this as a claim against Henry Gillett.

                                                                                    John S. Rich

Schedule "C"

Containing a statement of all moneys paid by said executor for funeral and other necessary expenses for said estate, together with the reasons and objects of such expenditure.


Feby 4             Paid R.R. Fare to Lyons                                                         .52

  "     "               "        Dinners at Lyons                                                        1.00

  "     "               "        R.R. Fare return                                                            .52

  "     "               "        Telegram to Davis                                                         .29

  "     "               "        Team to Depot                                                            1.25

  "     "               "        Mosher and Lawn (appraiser)                                      2.50

  "     "               "        Telephone message                                                        .25


April 1st             "        Insurance Aetna Co.                                                   4.75


May 16             "               "            "      "                                                     3.75

  "     "               "        W.C. Austin (Undertaker)                                          53.29

  "     "               "        Dr. Richards (medical services)                                  92.90

  "     "               "    B. Beer (Sexton)                                                           2.50

  "     "               "        R.D. Curtis (printing)                                                 10.00

  "     "               "        T.M. Clark (Auctioner)                                              5.00

  "     "               "        Thad Collins Jr (Proving Will)                                    38.00

  "     "               "        A.F. Sheldon (Co. Taxes)(390)                                  3.90

  "     "               "        Expenses to Rochester to deposit money)                  2.00

  "     "               "        Paid Bond and mortgage on House & Lot)               127.75

  "     "               "        Printing Notice on final acct'g in Courier                   10.00

  "     "               "        Printing Notice on final acct'g in Enterprise               10.00

  "     "               "        School Tax of 1886                                                    .49


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Amt Brought over                                                       $369.66

Paid Road Tax of 1886                                                     1.00

   "       "       "   "   1887                                                  1.00

   "       Thomas Geer serving citations                            2.00

   "       Commissions on $1034.75                                50.80

   "       Ex to Lyons Sept 5th on final acct'g                      2.00


Schedule "D";

            No creditors have presented accounts which have not been paid.

                                                                                    John S. Rich

Schedule "E"

            No money has yet been paid to legatees or next of kin.

                                                                                    John S. Rich

Schedule "F"

Containing the names and places of residence of the persons entitled, as heirs at law and next of kin of said deceased to a share in his estate.

            Name                                       Relationship                            Residence

Anna M. Nichols                                a daughter                                Chicago, Ill

Melissa Gillett                                    "      "                                      Marion N.Y.

Elizabeth J. Terrill                              "      "                                      Grand Rapids, Mich

Revie Kenyon                                   " grandchild                             Battle Creek, Mich

Anna Kenyon                                     " grandchild                                 "      "          "

Ellen Poskett                                       " grandchild                             Howell, Mich

Jonas Kenyon                                     " son                                       Unknown

Charles Kenyon                                  " grandson                                      "

Jonas Kenyon Jr                                 "        "                                           "

James Kenyon                                    " grandson                               Unknown

Thomas Kenyon                                 "       "                                             "

Hattie D. Durfee                                 grandchild                                Marion N.Y.

Nellie E. Gillett                                           "                                           "       "

George H. Gillett                                        "                                           "        "

Maude M. Gillett                                       "                                           "       "

    The last named twois an are infants under the age of Twenty one years and has no general guardian within State.

                                                                                    John S. Rich


      County of Wayne,          }   ss:

John S. Rich Executor of the last Will and Testament of Friend Kenyon being duly sworn says that he is Executor of Friend Kenyon late of the of Marion deceased.

That the foregoing account contains, according to the best of his knowledge and belief, a full and true statement of all his receipts and disbursements on account of the estate of the said decedent; and of all manner and other property belonging to the said estate which have come to his hands, or which have been received b y any other person by his order or authority, for his use; and that he does not know of any error or omission in the said account to the prejudice of any creditor of, or person interested in, the estate of the said decendent.

            Th  deponent further says that the sums under twenty dollars, charged in said account, for which no vouchers or other evidences of payment are produced, or for which he may not be able to produce vouchers, or other evidences of payment, have been paid and disbursed by him as charged.

                                                                        John S. Rich

Sworn this 5th day of               }

Sept  August 1887 before me }

                        GW Cowles


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