Wayne County, N.Y.

The following remarkable notes, handwritten by Jeremiah Collins, long-time Deputy Sheriff and later Wayne County Sheriff, came from the Office of the County Historian. Kind permission to post them on line was granted by Mr. Collins' granddaughter, Larry Ann Evans. Each brief note refers to information that Sheriff Collins tagged to the original weapon or piece of evidence used in a crime. There are some notations that we can't figure out, such as what the asterisks were for by criminals' names, and exactly what Sheriff Collins meant by Case No. One, and so forth. The cases appear to refer to actual cases or boxes in which this "evidence" was kept. The language is blunt and colorful, reflecting the times and terminology used when the original notes were made. Spellings and punctuation are as written by Sheriff Collins and so we will not be correcting them. Auburn and Matteawan refer to large maximum security NYS state prisons.

Not all of the persons arrested were Wayne County residents - either their crimes, arrests, or captures occurred in Wayne County, and Jerry Collins was personally involved in their arrest. The site coordinators have absolutely no information about persons or events noted below. Most of these crimes and arrests would have been subjects of public interest and discussion, and written about in the newspapers. For further research direction, we suggest that you check online newspaper databases, or refer to microfilm copies of old newspapers, obtainable through interlibrary loan from the State Library in Albany if you're a New York State resident. The Office of the County Historian has information about the McFee Murder Trial. Should you recognize anyone as your relative (not all ancestors were nice), have original old clippings about these crimes, or have other information about Sheriff Collins' 51-year law enforcement career, please contact the site coordinators.


January 4, 1883 - January 1, 1934

The only Execution in this Jail.
William Fee, Murder, Executed in Wayne County at the Jail on March 23, 1860.


V. R. Howell, Sheriff, Jan. 1883-84-85, Jerry Collins
R. J. Parshall, Sheriff, Jan. 1886-87-88, Jerry Collins
Charles E. Reed *, Sheriff, Jan. 1889-90, Jerry Collins
Geo. W. Knowles, Sheriff, Dec. 2, 1890-91, Jerry Collins
Walter Thornton *, Sheriff, Jan. 1892-93, Jerry Collins
C. H. Ford, Sheriff, Jan. 1894, Jerry Collins
George M. Sweezey, Sheriff, Jan. 1895-96-97, Jerry Collins
D. C. Wheeler, Sheriff, Jan. 1898-99-1900, Jerry Collins
George R. Miles, Sheriff, Jan. 1901-02-03, Jerry Collins
Albert Yeomans, Sheriff, Jan. 1904-05-06, Jerry Collins
Jerry Collins, Sheriff, Jan. 1907-08-09, C.J. Collins
Orin H. Sherman, Sheriff, Jan. 1910-11-12, Jerry Collins
Jerry Collins, Sheriff, Jan. 1913-14-15, C.J. Collins
B. E. Valentine, Sheriff, Jan. 1916-17-18, Jerry Collins
John L. Newman, Sheriff, Jan. 1919-20-21, Jerry Collins
B. E. Valentine, Sheriff, Jan. 1922-23-24, Jerry Collins
Frank C. Rich, Sheriff, Jan. 1925-26-27, Jerry Collins
John L. Newman, Sheriff, Jan. 1928-29-30, Jerry Collins
Jerry Collins, Sheriff, Jan. 1931-32-33, J. L. Newman

* Died while in Office.

C A S E N O. O N E

No. 1. Gun, George De Lue.

George DeLue*, Burglary, Marion, N.Y., Elmira, June 24, 1920
George DeLue**, Burglary, Elmira, Oct. 27, 1921

"Boy Desperado of Wayne County." Of the "Kids", George DeLue, Burglar, was the hardest when captured, fire arms were always found on him. Having taken three trips from here, his last was in 1927 Auburn for ten years. DeLue, has done everything from jail breaking, bank burglarizing horse stealing and automobile stealing, down to breaking into the First Reformed Church in Marion from where he roamed the County on his burlarizing raids but always fell in Jerry Collins Hands.

No. 2. Gun, Frank Rogers.

Frank Rogers, Burglary, Clyde, N.Y., Auburn 8 yrs., May 27, 1911, Alias Buck
Frank Ryan, Burglary, Auburn 8 yrs. May 27, 1911, Alias George Brown

This pair arrested in Lyons, by Jerry Collins, for burglarizing Barnes Clothing Store in Clyde.

No. 3. Gun, Warren Boy, "Property of Sheriff John L. Newman."

Used by the Warren Boy to kill his father and mother who were all Cremated as the house caught fire from gun fire. It was one of Wayne County's most Gruesome Murders, and Sheriff Newman's hardest to solve.

No. 4. Gun, John Earle.

John Earle, Grand-Lac., Wolcott, N.Y., Auburn 8 yrs., Mar. 29, 1894

Earle and his partner Fred McPherson who turned state evidence were arrested by Jerry Collins, for Chloroforming and robbing J.H. Livingston aged Miser of Wolcott out of $11,500.00.

No. 5 Gun, William J. Devine

William J. Devine, Grand-Lac., Lyons, N.Y., Auburn 5 yrs. Mar. 21, 1895
Thomas Murray, Grand-Lac., Auburn 5 yrs. Mar. 21, 1895

These two burglarized Stoltz Clothing Store, in Lyons, N.Y.

No. 6. Gun, John I. Macakag.

John I. Macakag, Assault, Ontario, N.Y., Auburn 10 yrs. Feb. 16, 1906

Macakag, tried to settle a grudge with his gun, was lucky he did not go up for Murder.

No. 7. Gun, Howard Baker.

Howard Baker , Murder, Wolcott, N.Y., Sing Sing, Dec. 16, 1919, Sentenced to die Jan. 25, 1920

Joseph E. Higgins, Elmira, Feb. 23, 1920

These two were surprised by Wm. DeGreff, night policeman at Wolcott, N.Y. while Burglarizing Buckminster and Graves Store and Baker killed Officer DeGreff. Higgins was captured at Warren Penn., and Howard Baker alias Miller in Binghamton, N.Y. These thieves had been operating extensively in Eastern Ohio, Northwestern Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York. Baker was the first man to be electrocuted from Wayne County.

No. 8. Gun, Henry Porter.

Henry Porter, Burglary, Clyde, N.Y., Auburn 4 yrs., Mar. 21, 1913

Five Burglaries were committed in Clyde in one night by Porter, a big black pock marked n---er* at Groesbeck Jewelry Store. He made a big haul taking solid silver to the value of $400.00. Porter, was sound asleep in Fairport, N.Y., when Jerry Collins slipped the bracelets on him.

* Original word blocked out by site coordinators; the reader's understanding in this matter is appreciated. Please bear in mind the times in which this written and how you would deal with this and maintain historical integrity.

No. 9. Stiletto, Nickolas K. L. Fahkel.

Nickolas K. L. Fahkel Grand-Lac., Williamson, N.Y., Auburn 3 yrs. Nov. 23, 1907

Alias One nomed Nick (sp?)

Nick robbed a Store in Williamson, N.Y.

No. 10. Gun, John H. Pettibone.

John H. Pettibone, Burglary, Ontario, N.Y., Matteawan, June 5, 1907

An old convict who had too many convictions to be left at large any longer so was sent to Matteawan.

No. 11. Gun, James McCormick.

No. 12. Burglar Tools, Fred Shultz.

Edward Kelley, Murder, Sodus, N.Y., Auburn Life, 1907
Alias Bid Ed, Boston Ed, Leonard Sullivan, Robert Meade, Henry J. Kelly.

Fred Shultz, Auburn Life, 1907
Alias Gallager

James McCormick, Auburn 20 yrs. 1907
Alias Henry King

"Received their sentences in the Supreme Court of Rochester because of a change of Venue."

Killed Policeman Edward Pullman, of Sodus, in the Knapp's Bank where they were attempting to blow the safe. They were the three most noted crooks ever to be confined in this Jail. "The Police Chief's Convention in 1906 at Hot Springs, Ark., said, "That the gang you now have in custody is considered by all the Chiefs that met here as the worst mob traveling on the road today." Boston Ed Kelly, Bank Robber with his gang of "Peterman" received life at Auburn, after being transferred to Sing Sing, Kelly, escaped and is still at large. Fred Shultz, receiving life sentence to Auburn with him was transferred to Dannemora where he and John Murphy, known as "Canadian Blacke", made a desperate attempt to escape by Dynamiting the Prison. McCormick, received 20 years to Auburn on his release robbed a bank in Ohio, and is now serving 25 years in Columbus Penitentiary. This trio made a number of attempts to escape jail here. After long and expensive trials lasting more than a month each. The conviction of all three was the most famous convictions on circumstantial evidence every obtained in New York State.

No. 13. Gun, Frank Klanis

Frank Klanis, Murder, Macedon, N.Y., Auburn Life Sept. 14, 1906

Klanis killed Mrs. Mary Abramozzki, in her home with shot gun, then robbing the house escaped to Boston, Mass., where he was captured by Jerry Collins, at a Polish wedding in Brighton, a suburb of Boston.

"These Cases are the Property of JEREMIAH COLLINS
Should any Sheriff want them removed notify the Collins Family."

C A S E N O. T W O

No. 1. Perry's vest Pocket Gun.

No. 2. Handcuffs used on Perry.

Oliver Curtis Perry Train Robber Lyons, N.Y. Auburn 49 yrs. 3mos. May 21, 1892

"The Capture of Perry, by Jerry Collins, filled the telegraphic pages of the Newspapers from Maine to California for days." Perry, received the longest sentence given here, 49 years 3 months, May 21, 1892 to Auburn Prison, where he escaped from his cell block for two days, later being transferred to Matteawan, where he again escaped and was at large ten days was recaptured in New Jersey, and at this time was transferred to Dannemora prison. In 1892, the New York Daily's headlines read Jesse James, Outdone! "A deed that Shades Fictions Wildest Flight." "The daring attempt at express train robbery by the notorious train robber Perry, on the New York Central Railroad Sunday February 21st. stands absolutely unparalleled in the history of train robbery in America."

Readers of yellow-covered literature will search in vain for a parallel even in the fictitious annals of Western ruffianism. For desperation on the part of the robber and for the excitement in his pursuit and capture, nothing can approach it. Never before was there such a duel fought as that between the two flying locomotives, the one manned by a desperate criminal, and the other by three railroad employees who were pursuing him. The final Capture by Jerry Collins was the theatre of the most dare-devil, wild and wooly west performances that ever occurred in real life. The episode of that sensational capture has been the feature of hundreds of newspaper items; scores of magazine stories; and has been broadcast several times over the radio.

No. 3 Knife, Jerome Dormady.

Jerome Dormady, Murder, Newark, N.Y., Mattaewan Life, Nov.29, 1904

D. Esbon Snyder, was stabbed to death in Arcadia by Dormady, who came to Myers restaurant in Lyons after the crime and was recognized by George Van Wickle, who phoned Jerry Collins. He made the arrest at Myer's.

No. 4. Knife, Lottie Wooby.

Lottie Wooby, Murder, Lyons, N.Y., Mattaewan Life, Feb. 25, 1916

Lottie, stabbed her husband Porter, to death.

No. 5. Razor, Jacob Provo.

Jacob Provo, Murder, Newark, N.Y., Auburn Life, Feb. 16, 1906

Provo, cut his wife's throat with a razor in Arcadia, New York and hung himself in his cell at Auburn Prison the first night there. He was arrested near the Blue Cut by Jerry Collins.

No. 6. Gun, Eugene Day.

Eugene Day, Grand-Lac., Palmyra, N.Y., Auburn 10 yrs., Nov. 22, 1904
Alias James Howard

Eugene Day, a pay roll robber and freight car burglar, who was with Clarence Tear, Clyde's Notorious Criminal when he engineered Monroe County Jail break in 1892. Day, sent from Lyons to do ten years in Auburn in 1904 for robbing merchandise cars on the New york Central near Palymyra. Day, carried his Plunder away in a sack on the way to Rochester was arrested by the Palmyra Police and Jerry Collins.

No. 7. Gun, Michael Marvaso.

Michael Marvaso, Murder, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 10 yrs., Sept. 9, 1916

Joseph Pronest, was shot and robbed in Marvaso house at Newark. Marvaso, ran away to Youngstown, Ohio and was arrested there by Jerry Collins.

No. 8. Gun, Charles Meyatt.

Charles Meyatt, Burglary, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 10 yrs., Mar. 28, 1887
Alonzo Meyatt, Burglary, Auburn 5 yrs., Mar. 28, 1887

Meyatts hailed from Lawville, and burglarized a store in Newark. Were afterwards arrested in Wolcott, New York by Jerry Collins.

No. 9. Gun, John Thomas.

John Thomas, Burglary, Macedon, N.Y. Auburn 9 yrs. 6 mos. Nov. 19, 1885
Alias John Walsh

Thomas, an old time crook arrested for Burglary in Macedon.

No.10. Chain, Jasper Newport.

Samuel Williams, Murder, Sodus, N.Y., 2 Trials Discharged Dec. 22, 1883

Jasper Newport, Murder, Auburn 5 yrs. May 30, 1884

William Courtwright, Perjury, Auburn 2yr. 3mo. Apr. 18, 1884

Made, by Jasper Newport, when he was confined in Jail with Sam Williams, and Wm. Courtwright, all three held for the Murder of Jim Hall, a Sodus Point Saloon Keeper. Newport, received five years at Auburn for his part in the Crime, and William Courtwright received two years and three months for Perjury, Sam Williams, was convicted at his first trial to hang and acquitted at the second trial. Looking after these three men was the first important assignment of Jerry Collins.

No. 11. Knife, Matthias Lapp.

Matthias Lapp, Assault, Wolcott, N.Y., Auburn 4yrs. 7mos. Dec. 22, 1899

Second Count Auburn 3yrs.9mos. Dec.22, 1899

Lapp, assaulted a Jew peddler to rob him in Huron, New York.

No. 12. Knife, Pasquale Romeo.

Pasquale Romeo, Assault, Lyons, N.Y., Auburn 7 yrs. 8mos. Mar. 24, 1911

Guissepi Scaramaruino, Auburn 7 yrs. 8mos., Mar. 24, 1911

Antonio Maglinoe, a New York Central Track Walker had pepper thrown in his eyes and was stabbed and robbed. These prisoners were captured by Sheriff Sherman and Jerry Collins, near Geneva, where they had just tried to rob another man by the same tactics. They made a saw of this knife.

No. 13. Gun, Fred Chields.

Fred H. Chields, Murder, Clyde, N.Y., Matteawan Life May 9, 1894

Shot Jim Nichols, down in the Street at Clyde, New York.

No. 14. Knife, Frank Miller.

Frank Miller, Assault, Macedon, N.Y., Auburn 9yrs. 6mos. Feb. 15, l908

Run away with a young girl from Macedon and arrested in the Park Hotel at Lyons, by Jerry Collins.

No. 15. Gun, John Johnson.

John Johnson*, Burglary, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 10 yrs. May 29, 1885
John Johnson**, Assault Intent to Kill, Auburn 8 yrs. June 15, 1892
Alias John Cherry

Johnson, who was a former Sing Sing Convict, a big colored giant, was the most desperate criminal ever to be confined in this Jail, on receiving his first sentence here he tried to throw an ink well at the Judge. On his release from Auburn Prison, Jerry met him at the gate and he was brought back to Lyons, and given eight more years at Auburn in 1892, he never finished this term, having killed a fellow convict and wounding three others in prison shop. Johnson was first convict to ever be electrocuted in Auburn Prison.

No. 16. Gun, John W. Donnelley.

John W. Donnelley, Assault, Rose, N.Y. Auburn 16yrs. Sept. 16, 1903

Intent to Kill

Henry C. Hay, Auburn 15 yrs. Mar. 20, 1903

Donnelley, and Hay, received the heaviest sentences for assault and intent to kill for robbing an old man and his sister in Rose, New York.

No. 17. Gun, Henry Hart.

Henry Hart, Robbery, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 10yrs. Dec. 28, 1891

John Flynn, Auburn 10yrs., Dec. 28, 1891

Joseph Miller, Elmira, Dec. 31, 1891

Newark Police surprised these thieves while at work in a store at night.

No. 18. Gun, Eddie Collins.

James Kelley, Safe Blowers, Port Byron, N.Y., Turned over to U.S. Authorities at Auburn, N.Y. Jan. 24, 1908

John Doe Alias Canton Eddie Collins.

Thornton and Collins Notorious Post Office Yeggman Turned over to U.S. Authorities at Auburn. Captured here Jan. 24, 1908 by Lyons Police and Jerry Collins.

No. 19. Fountain Pen, John L. Fletcher.

John L. Fletcher, Forgery, Lyons, N.Y., Auburn 5 yrs. Dec. 11, 1925

Of all the men confined here John L. Fletcher, was the Beau Brummell, being an International Swindler who registered from Clydesdale, Scotland, at fashionable Hotels. "The Duke," had baggage for a world tour, packed with ten fine suits all English made including tuxedos, evening suits, fancy waist coats, expensive shirts, several fancy canes, he always drove a Packard or Pierce Arrow Car, had all the appearance of being a Prince of the Blood. He was arrested at the Onondaga Hotel in Syracuse by Jerry Collins for swindling an employee of Lyons National Bank for five hundred dollars.

No.?? Wilbur F. Hubbard

Wilbur F. Hubbard, Forgery, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 7 yrs. Dec. 26, 1893

Alias Wilbur F. Fisk.

Hubbard, who lived in Lyons, was a swindler and forger was arrested by Jerry Collins, in Indiana, over 1500 people were at the Railroad Station to see him step off the train. Being a musician was prominent in Church circles in Argos, Ind., he occupied the Christian pulpit. Being a smooth, old foxey rascal. His crooked transactions run into $10,000.00. There were eight indictments for forgery against him.

C A S E N O. T H R E E

No. 1. Gun, Julin Lavancher.

Julin Lavancher*, Grand-Lac., Clyde, N.Y., Auburn 1 yr. Dec. 18, 1897
Julin Lavancher**, Burglary, Auburn 10yrs. Dec. 22, 1902

Arrested for robbing a Store in Clyde by Jerry Collins, after a long chase through streets and allies.

No. 2. Gun, John Paszkaozki.

James Paszkaozki, Grand-Lac., Palmyra, N.Y., Elmira Feb. 11, 1907

Steve Munauzki, Elmira, Feb. 11, 1907

John Paszkaozki, Elmira, Feb. 11, 1907

Robbing freight cars on New York Central. This gang turned out to be desperate criminals. John Pasxkaoxki, was killed in a gun fight in the freight yards at Buffalo.

No. 3 Gun, Christapher King.

Christapher King*, Larceny, Clyde, N.Y., Auburn 1yr. 6 mo. Nov. 19, 1885
Christapher King**, Arson, Auburn 2 yrs. 2 mo., Sept. 7, 188?
Christapher King***, Assault , Auburn 4 yrs. 10mos. Dec.16, 188?
Christapher King****, Burglary, Matteawan Life Sept. 10, 189?

King's record shows that he was an often visitor at the Wayne County Jail.

No. 4. Gun, George Morrill.

George Morrill, Burglary, Marion, N.Y., Auburn 10yrs. Mar. 28, 1925

Burglarizing homes in Marion.

No. 5. Gun, Fred Baker.

Jacob Baker*, Burglary, Lyons, N.Y. , Elmira Dec. 17, 1923

Fred Baker*, Burglary, Elmira, Dec. 17, 1923

Baker Brothers liked to Rob stores in Lyons, their home town, and they always found good hide outs. It took some time to find them after they pulled a job. At present they are wanted for Burglarizing a gas station at Huron.

No. 6. Gun, Alfred J. Roberts.

Alfred J. Roberts, Highway Robbery, Captured for Police Dept. Auburn N.Y. Aug. 24, 1915
Alias Chicken Bobby Alias Dan Roberts

Edward J. Evers Alias John J. Weston.

This pair were surprised while cooking a supper near the West Shore railroad bridge in Lyons, by Jerry Collins, they had robbed three men at Port Byron, New York at the point of a gun, Chicken Bobby, was a former sailor and a very good linguist but a tough character. He and Evers received five years each at Auburn Prison.

No. 7. Gun, John Grambo.

John Grambo, Burglary, Savannah, N.Y., Auburn 3yrs. 6 mo. Dec.13, 1913

Bronek Zebroski, Burglary, Auburn 3yrs. 6 mo. Dec.13, 1913

A couple of hard Boys who had served time in Elmira for Robbery and went to States prison from here for burglarizing a store in Savannah.

No. 9. Razor, Beckley Trimper.

Beckley Trimper, Murder, Clyde, N.Y., Auburn 18 yrs. Aug. 2, 1909

Razor, used by Beckley Trimper, while in the Jail here at Lyons, Trimper, killed Morris Donovan, in the town of Galen, with a shot gun while intoxicated.

No. 10. Stiletto, Guiseppe De Lorenza.

Guiseppe De Lorenza, Murder, Captured for Sheriff of Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie, N.Y Nov. 27, 1915

Alias Joe Ross Alias Guiseppe Agasi

De Lorenza, a Black Hand Leader charged with the Murder of Dominiccio Farantino, whose dead body was found with two dozen knife wounds. Arrested by Jerry Collins, for Sheriff of Poughkeepsie, New York as Collins had arrested De Lorenza, before on a Black hand and shooting scrape in Lyons. Salvatoire Palietto, was ordered to pay $500.00 or Die.

No. 11. Stiletto, Angelo Raganses

Angelo Raganses, Assault, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 2yrs. 8 mo. Dec. 26, 1914

For assaulting a fellow Countyman. This was an old country grudge settled here.

No. 12. Stiletto, Tringadi Carmello.

Tringadi Carmello, Assault, Lyons, N.Y., Auburn 3 yrs. June 26, 1913

James Vilonia, Dominick Naples, Tringadi Carmello, committed a murderous assault on Byron Nellis, Sr., of Lyons.

No. 13. Stiletto, Antonio Carlos.

Antonio Carlos, Rape, Lyons, N.Y., Auburn 10yrs. 8mo. Sept. 9, 1908

Carlos, was captured by a mob in the Elm Wood Cemetery in Lyons, N.Y.

No. 14. Razor, Matteo Ricciardi.

Matteo Ricciardi, Assault, Newark, N.Y. Auburn 4yrs. 10mos. Dec. 13, 1907

Ricciardi, was arrested for slashing up a fellow countryman in a card game near Newark, N.Y.

No. 15. Stiletto, Giuseppi Montirmeglin.

Giuseppi Montirmeglin, Assault, Lyons, N.Y., Auburn 3 yrs. Dec. 19, 1898

Just another fight that the stiletto played the biggest part in again and Montirmeglin, wound up in Auburn Prison.

No. 16. Stiletto, Domenico Gentile.

Domenico Gentile, Assault, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 2 yrs. June 26, 1913
Alias Nicoli Cusano

Another stiletto that forced Domenico, to take a prison trip.

No. 17. Gun, James Small.

James Small, Assault, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 8 yrs. 6 mo. Nov. 18, 1918
Alias James Carl Youngs

Small, shot Anna Lerch, his sweetheart through the hip, and then shot himself in a fit of jealousy.

C A S E N O. F O U R

No. 1. Key, David H. Converse.

David H. Converse, Murder, Rose, N.Y., Auburn 10 yrs. Nov. 27, 1886

This Key was found in the North side while David Converse was in Jail. He killed his wife in a drunken quarrell with a chair at Rose, N.Y. After an investigation was arrested by Jerry Collins. Converse tried to commit suicide at the Jail by cutting his throat.

No. 2. Key, Jim Ditton.

James Ditton* , Larceny, Lyons, N.Y., Auburn 5 yrs. Dec. 17, 1888
James Ditton**, Burglary, Sodus, N.Y., Auburn 10 yrs. Dec. 18, 1897

James K. P. Ditton, was the King pin of the Counterfieters, served a term in Joliet Prison for having molds and coins in his possession. This key is a very good pattern of the Jail key. Jim, did not always stick to this racket his fingers were too long he burglarized houses and stole horses and painted them. His last arrest was made by Jerry Collins, at the "Owls Nest," where he had his horse painting plant.

No. 3. Stiletto, Angelo Raganese.

Angelo Raganese, Assault, Newark, N.Y., Auburn 2yrs. 8 mo. Dec. 26, 1914

Attempted to rob a fellow countrymen at Newark, N.Y.

No. 4. Knife, Peter Cezza.

Peter Cezza, Murder, Clyde, N.Y., Auburn 20yrs. To Life Apr. 23, 1917

Cezza, was called the fighting Pole. He killed a fellow countrymen in a Saloon over a card game.

No. 5. Stiletto, Thomas Rephiel.

Thomas Rephiel, Assault, Clyde, N.Y., Auburn 3 yrs. 1 mo. Mar. 19, 1908

Rephiel, was another example of what carrying such weapons will do to get one in prison.

No. 6. Gun, Ross Sergi.

Ross Sergi, Murder, Newark, N.Y., Auburn Life Dec. 26, 1911
Alias Nicolas Scotta

Santo De Carlo Auburn Life Dec. 26, 1911
Alias James Call

Killed Peter and Guiseppi DiSantes, while attempting to rob them with revolvers. Probably the most desperate battle put up against Robbers, was by Peter and Guiseppi DiSantes of Arcadia before they were killed in 1911. The Sheriff's office is deserving of the highest commendation for the excellent manner in which they handled this double Murder, as the Murderers were arrested by Sheriff Sherman and Deputy Collins.

No. 7 Gun, William Seibel.

William Seibel, Grand-Lac., Lyons, N.Y., Auburn 10yrs. Nov. 18, 1913
Alias Wingie

Wingie, who had only one arm was a very clever crook he was arrested in Syracuse, N.Y. by Jerry Collins for robbing a farmer near Lyons.

No. 8. Gun, Irving Carson.

Irving Carson, Burglary, Sodus, N.Y., Auburn 3 yrs. 7 mo. Feb. 17, 1911

George Daves, Auburn 3 yrs. Feb. 17, 1911

The capture of the Sodus Point Cottage Robbers by Sheriff Sherman and Jerry Collins, who did clever detective work. The Charles Point association offered a reward of $300.00 for their arrest. Their loot was located in a blind attic, ceiling replaced and papered over leaving no trace, in Maud Kings house in Daytonville near Newark.

No. 9. Gun, George Quackinbush.

George Quackinbush, Assault, Savannah, N.Y., Auburn 3yrs. 6mo. Nov. 24, 188?

Intent to Kill

Quackinbush, tried to kill his wife in a fit of jealousy at their home in Savannah.

No. 11. Gun, Phillip Valentine.

Phillip Valentine, Burglary, Clyde, N.Y., Auburn 10 yrs. Dec. 13, 1913
Alias Phillip Powers Alias Phillip Winn.

A clever burglar always looking for jewelry was arrested for burglarizing house in Clyde, N.Y.

No. 12. Gun, Albert Dimmers.

Albert Dimmers, or De Mears, who shot Catherine Brophy, alias Grace Dale, near Savannah, Oct. 16, 1911. After a quarrel. The fugitive Slayer wrote letters telling of crime from London on his way to Jerusalem, where he hopes to avoid capture in the Holy Land.

No. 15. Gun, Cyrus Foster.

Cyrus Foster, Blackmail, Palmyra, N.Y., Auburn 1 yr. & $1,000 Fine. Mar. 29, 1894

In 1894, Cyrus Foster, who was the dean of the Blackmailers long before the Black Hand, "La Mano Nera," was introduced by Guiseppi De Lorenza Alias Joseph Ross, and Tony Pullman.

No. 16. Key, Ralph Smith.

Ralph Smith, Grand-Lac., Palmyra, N.Y., Auburn 10yrs. Dec. 13, 1913

Key, made out of the top of a bucket and the lead that the cell door swings on. Smith, was a Notorious Jail Breaker and professional burglar arrested in Trenton, N.J. by Sheriff Valentine and Jerry Collins, as he walked from the penitentiary after finishing four years. Smith, escaped from Easton, Penna., jail in 1918 was wanted in Palmyra for burglarizing a dry goods store and drug store out of $1,000.00 worth of merchandise.

No. 17. Key, George A. Lumbert.

George A. Lumbert, Murder, Rose, N.Y., Auburn Life Feb. 26, 1892

This Key, was made during the time George A. Lumbert was in the Jail here. He killed his father with an ax at Rose, N.Y.

Murder committed with shot gun, Jerry Collins, made Arrest. Charles Lapp, killed his wife and wounded his child and father-in-law, at Alton, N.Y., and received 20 years to Auburn prison June 30, 1919.

Carefully prepared by volunteer Nancy Allen Valvano. Thank you again.

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