Part 2

Clyde, Huron, Newark, North Rose, Red Creek


In the year 1873 J. William Strang of Junius, Seneca County, became interested in the Grange movement. He acquainted himself with the aims and purposes of the order and was convinced that it was a force for programs and betterment of farmers. Mr. Strang visited many farmers whom he regarded as likely to sympathize with Grange movement and in most cases secured their names on the charter of the proposed Grange.

On the eighth of January, 1874, a meeting of the farmers of the Town of Galen and vicinity was called at the Town Hall at Clyde and Grange No. 33 was instituted by George Sprague, then Secretary of the New York Grange with a full charter membership of twenty-seven.

At the first regular meeting of Clyde Grange, drill in the degree work was an important part of the proceedings. The total number of initiates during the first year was sixty.

In 1876 the Grange Library was recommended. Several members brought books for the purpose of forming a nucleus of a Grange Library. A special fund was set aside to buy books and an annual party was held each year with a turkey supper in the Town Hall and a dance afterwards.

Since the organization of the Grange its meetings have been held in four different buildings. In 1929 Clyde Grange moved into its own new hall. While we still have an indebtedness, we are able to pay some on the principal each year.

The growth of Clyde Grange has never been phenomenal, but always gratifying. We now have a membership of about four hundred. We have the honor of having nine Golden Sheaf members, four of whom are still living. We also have a total of ninety-seven Silver Star members.

With our degree team, our tableaux, our balanced lecturer's program, our Juvenile Grange, all of these things work for the betterment of the order and mutual help of the members.


Master, Benjamin Weed; Overseer, Malcolm Little; Lecturer, Adrastus Snedaker; Steward, Adelbert Gordon; Assistant Steward, W. H. Barnes; Chaplain, M. W. Jenkins; Treasurer, Seth Bowen; Secretary, J. W. Strang; Gatekeeper, Anson Burnett; Ceres, Alice V. Burnett; Pomona, Mariette Bowen; Flora, Sara A. Little; Lady Assistant Steward, Caroline Bowen; Executive Committee, Adraxtes Snedaker, William Stewart, Henry Southard.


Benjamin Weed, Malcolm Little, Adrastus Snedaker, George Watson, William Devereaux, Eugene Hickok, Wallace Weed, George Baird, Valoris Ellinwood, Frank Closs, David Emigh, Edward Catchpole, William LaRue, Charles Roy, Fred Kelsey, Chester Baird, Agnes Parish, Ray Watson, Lynn Devereaux, Nettie Syron, Wayne Kelsey, Smith Horton, Clarence Earls, Clarence Heckle, Richard Hunt, Walter Benning, Howard Vanderbilt, Harold Gage.


Master, Harold Gage; Overseer, Roscoe Harper; Lecturer, Bertha Nelson; Steward, Albert Davis; Assistant Steward, Roy Heit; Chaplain, Estella Noble; Treasurer, Ray Watson; Secretary, Mrs. Lydia Gage; Financial Secretary, Mae Mason; Gatekeeper, Kenneth Lundy; Ceres, Helan Benning; Pomona, Marion Parkman; Flora, Florence Finch; Lady Assistant Steward, Marion Finch.


Lee Andrew
Mr., Mrs. J. Austie
Ethel Arnold
Carl Austie
Mr., Mrs. L. Austie
Alice Allen
Wm. Ackert
Ida Ackert
Thomas Allen
Elizabeth Allen
J. E. Ammerman
Bertha Andrews
Helan Anderson
Earl Austee
Guy Arnold
Chester Baird
Clarence Brand
Eugene Barnes
Seymour Bowens
Joe Barton
Eva Biert
Lenhardt Bramer
Georgiana Bramer
W. S. Blackman
Lynn Barton
H. H. Benning
Lavon Barnes
Clara Brockinyre
Leon Burt
Chas. Burch
Nora Burch
Albert Blakman
Earl Bradley
Mattie Bradley
Willis Beecher
M. D. Brown
Mr., Mrs. S. Burgdorf
Olive Burtis
Walter Benning
Robert Brand
Clifford Bastian
Chas. Barrett
Arthur Barnes
Josephine Barker
F. B. Barker
Fred Burley
Olive Benning
Hannah Brown
Helan Berining
Margaret Burch
Mabel B. Bishop
Mrs. Carol Burns
Belle Benning
Geo. Burch
Jessie Barnes
Julia Cook
Eva Cross
Orville Clum
John Converse
Edna Crandall
Allen Conrow
Cora Conrow
Frank Class
Chas. Cooney
Grace Cooney
Myron Cleveland
May Cleveland
Howard Carey
M. Dete Carey
Edward Clark
Emma Clark
Bessie Chalker
Frank Caves
Florence Caves
Kenneth Conrow
Mrs. Louis Chatterson
Mrs. Royce Chalker
Royce Chalker
Louis Chatterson
Lavern Cain
Grace Collier
Marton Davison
Lynn Devereaux
Blanche Devereaux
Wm. Desmond
Anna Dawson
Mary Durling
Mrs. C. Dinsmore
Amos Desmond
Frank Dinsmore
Edith Dubois
Nellie Dickson
Mr., Mrs. G. DeVall
Grace DeVinny
Alida Dilks
Lois Devereaux
Loyd Daley
Doris Dawson
Ellen Dawson
Clarence DeVinney
Wm. Devereaux
Albert Davis
Harriet Davis
Clarence Earls
M. Earls
Wm. Earls
Edra Earls
Laura Exner
Emma Freeland
Lucy Freeland
Stella Fisher
Percey Freeland
Mr., Mrs. L. Furman
A. J. Foot
Ella Fee
Jeanette F. Kise
Inez Fierman
Chas. Fisher
Timothey Foley
Elvin Fincher
Emma Finch
Marion Finch
Isac Fisher
Florence Finch
Ethel Finch
Frank Finch
Mr., Mrs. Wm. Fleury
J. J. Gatchell
Ella Godfrey
Mae Godfrey
Minnie Garrett
Gary Graham
Lena Gatehill
Jesse Godfrey
Luella Godfrey
Harold Gage
Henry Gunkler
Lucena Gunkler
Fred Gage
Ezra Gunkler
Gertrude Gunkler
Nera Glover
Ray Glover
Mr., Mrs. A. Garrett
Burt Graham
Katherine Graham
Harriette Gillitte
Thomas Gallagher
Martha Gallagher
Grace Gatchell
Glorence Hurlburt
John Hess
Geo. Harper
Cora Harper
Geo. Huckle
Mrs. G. Huckle
Wm. Hannett
Richard Hunt
Wm. Hunt
Henry Heisler
Mrs. H. Heisler
Smith Horton
Wm. Heit
L. P. Hunt
Martha Hess
Mrs. J. Hess
Clarence Huckle
Mrs. Wm. Hannett
Rosco Harper
Helan Heit
Reba Huckle
Emma Haynes
Leslie Hickey
Ernest Hess
Doris Heit
Arthur Hutchings
Clarence Hutchings
Roy Heit
Ernest Hatch
Mary Hannett
Charlotte Hannett
M. C. Haight
Louise Harper
Mrs. Wm. Jenkins
Elmer Jenkins
Reuben Juffs
Delia Juffs
Lewis Jordan
Mamie Jordan
Edgar Kelsey
Fred Kroeger
Mrs. Wm. Karser
Wayne Kelsey
Eber Kelsey
Anna Kroeger
Mable Kise
H. C. Kise
Adah Kise
John Kise
Wm. Kaiser
Chas. Kaiser
Kenneth Kise
Dora Kelsey
Nelson Kise
Stanley Kellogg
Julia Kelsey
Julia K. Swarthout
Alfred Ketchum
Karl Kaiser
Mrs. Wm. LaRue
Edw. Lester
May Lockwood
Walter Lundy
W. A. Lawrence
John Livingston
Mrs. J. Livingston
Chester Lundy
Mr., Mrs. A. Lundy
Mrs. R. Lundy
Mrs. W. H. Lawrence
Mrs. F. Luffman
Herbert Lundy
Edwin Luffman
Herbert Lundy
Edwin Luffman
Lena Lockwood
Harry Leacey
Frank Lester
Jennie Lester
Irwin Langdon
Harold Luffman
Kenneth Lundy
Grace Lundy
Henry Lester
Ambrose Lockwood
Helan Parkman
Olive Lundy
Dorothy L. Huckle
Ernenst Luffman
Wm. Luffman
Willis Meade
Nellie Meade
Frank Mitchell
Richard Maringer
Fred Malchow
Marion Meade
Susan Meade
Carrie Malchoff
Lena Malchoff Spies
Mr., Mrs. A. Malchoff
Fred Malchoff
Greta Marshall
Sherman Madigan
Chas. Malchoff
Eva Malcoff
Mr., Mrs. C. Malchoff
Grace Mesner
Chas. Mesner
Darwin Miner
Chris Malchoff
Anna Malchoff
Patrick Mulcahy
Martin Murray
Wm. Mason
Mae Mason
Harold Mann
Emma Nelson Higgins
Bertha Nelson
Ralph Nelson
Alice Nelson
Fred Noble
Estella Noble
Chas. Noble
Frank Noble
James Noble
Lena Noble
Alfred Noble
Wm. Narrigan
Ethel N. Smith
Walter Noble
Mrs. A. Noble
Raymond Noble
Chas. Odell
Mrs. Ida Odell
Mrs. Pearl Osborne
Louis Osborne
Thomas Powers
Jennie Pannell
Irving Pichering
David Perry
Adelia Perry
Jesse Petteys
C. G. Roy
Addie Roy
Israel Roy
Wm. Rose
Mrs. Wm. Rose
John Rose
Wm. Rose Jr.
Blanche R. Hickson
Dr. Clarence Rottger
Mrs. C. Rottger
Margaret Robinson
Anna Robinson
Frank Shotwell
Mrs. Lottie Southard
Mr., Mrs. Geo. Sprague
Mrs. Ida Stone
Erule Stack
Mrs. Clarence Syron
Clarence Syron
Ray Southard
Sarah Southard
Edith Syron
Wm. A. Syron
Chas. Steitler
Cora Steitler
Elmer Stone
Mrs. Elmer Stone
Freda Smith
Harry Sloan
Eliz. Sears
C. P. Sears
Lydia Stopful
Frederick Smith
Helan Smith
Irving Smith
Emma Smith
Mable Smith
Clarence Smith
Mrs. Ray Syron
Ward Syron
Lydia S. Gage
Ina Stevens
Clarence Turpening
Mrs. C. Turpening
Ruth Thorn
Dell Thorn
Geo. Tibbitts
Bertha Tibbitts
Abram Tack
Eliz. Tack
Clark Tindall
Bertha Tindall
Claire Turpening
Roy Van Cleef
Amy Van Cleef
Mary Vanderbilt
Chas. Vanderbilt
B. E. Valentine
John Versprille
Olive Versprille
Howard Vanderbilt
A. H. Wykle
Ray Watson
Mrs. Ray Watson
Mrs. Anna Waught
Geo. Watson
Mrs. Geo. Watson
I. L. Wilson
Mrs. C. Welch
Chas. Winchell
Daniel Wood
Edw. Welch
Ezra Williams
Amelia Williams
Edith Walden
Robert Watson
Stephen Watson
Catherine Wykle
Franklin Weller
John Yater Sr.
Wm. Young
Barbara Zulauf


Huron Grange was organized Feb. 20, 1874, at the home of Luther Weed on Dutch Street in Huron by Lewis H. Clark of Sodus and a Deputy Strang. There were twenty-eight charter members: Mr. and Mrs. Luther Weed, Mr. and Mrs. Ichabod Brink, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Green, Mr. and Mrs. James Green, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dickinson, Mr. and Mrs. Ephrian Munger, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Demmon, Alonzo Lampson, G. A. Slaght, Henry Gillett, Wm. Sandell, Emory Parsons, Smith Payne, Egbert Delong, Horace Demmon, Spencer Terbush, David Green, and Susan and Kezia Dickson. Luther Weed was named as the first Master, J. Witkins Demmon as Secretary and J. C. Dickinson as Lecturer. The Grange received its charter on Aug. 4, 1874, and was incorporated in April, 1882. For a time meetings were held in Dutch Street School House then in Cosads Hall and then in the Town Hall. In 1883 land was purchased and a two story hall, 22 by 58 feet erected. The installation in 1884 was probably the first meeting in the new hall. On April 2, 1904, it was voted to organized a Juvenile Grange and on May 3, 1904, State Master, E. B. Norris of Sodus organized Juvenile Grange No. 1 the first in New York State. Clarence Wraight was the first Master and Mrs. W. W. Lefavor the Matron. The Juvenile was dormant for a time but has lately been reorganized and is now prospering. During the sixty years of its existence this Grange has had only eleven Secretaries: J. W. Demmon, G. A. Slaight, A. F. Dowd, C. L. Webb, Dana P. Waldron, Robert Stanley, Gertrude Hatcher, Bessie Olmstead, D. H. Miller, Ethel Blaisier, Emma Phillips and Irene Andrews. The high tide in its membership was two hundred fifty-six. At present about one hundred eighty are enrolled. In May, 1934, this Grange celebrated its sixtieth anniversary with State Master Fred J. Freestone in attendance and who at the same time formally dedicating the hall which had been in use for fifty years.


Luther Weed, 1874, 75, 76, 77, 78, 91; R. H. Newell, 18879; A. F. Dowd, 1880, 81, 83, 84, 85, 86, 97: N. C. Vought, 1882; R. H. Cole, 1887, 88, 89; G. A. Slaght, 1890; W. A. Olmsted, 1892; S. L. Sherman, 1893, 94; C. H. Woodruff, 1895, 96; R. E. Stanley, 1898, 99; P. D. Thomas, 1900, 01; Perry Prindle, 1902; W. W. LeFavor, 1903, 06, 09, 10; C. L. Webb, 1904, 05; Gertrude Hatcher, 1907, 08; Dana P. Waldron, 1911, 12, 13, 19, 23, 34, 35, 36; Earl Henry, 1914, 15, 16, 27; D. H. Hiller, 1917, 18; Robert Stanley, 1920, 21, 30, 31; E. G. Hatcher, 1922; Fred Phillips, 1924; C has. Wirth, 1925, 26; Harry Woodruff, 1928, 29; H. G. Demmons, 1932, 33.


Master, Dana Waldron; Overseer, Maurice Trowbridge; Lecturer, Edith Trowbridge; Steward, Herman Wright; Assitant Steward, Carl Yotter; Chaplain, Mrs. Margaret Henry; Treasurer, Earl Henry; Secretary, Josephine Yotter; Ceres, Winifred Fowler; Pomona, Louise Feiock; Flora, Eva Talcott; Gatekeeper, Geo. Newbury; Lady Assistant Steward, Lorraine Kettle; Executive Committee, Arthur Vernoy, Robert Stanley, and Daniel McMullen.


Lester Abbott
Emmons Abbott
Blanch Abbott
K. H. Andrus
Mrs. K. H. Andrus
Irene Andrus
Clarence Alborn
Mrs. C. Alborn
Ed. Baldridge
Mrs. E. Baldridge
Wm. Blaiser
Mrs. W. Blaiser
Ruth Borden
Anna Briggs
Chester Briggs
Dewey Brundige
Mrs. D. Brundige
Bessie Bush
Clyde Breckons
Mrs. C. Breckons
Herbert Baldridge
Edgar Chapin
Harlow Chapin
Mr., Mrs. Tom Cline
Lewis Cline
Mrs. L. Cline
Albert Cline
Judson Correll
Mrs. J. Correll
Lawrence Correll
Mrs. L. Correll
Grant Claus
Mrs. G. Claus
Bruce Coe
Mrs. Bruce Coe
June Cool
Mrs. C. S. Dennis
Gay Demmons
Mrs. G. Demmons
Frank DeForest
Lee Dowd
Mrs. L. Dowd
James Davis
Frank Ekert
Mrs. F. Ekert
Roderick Ekert
Albert Ellis
Wm. Eygnor
Mrs. W. Eygnor
Marion Eygnor
Glen Egynor
Mrs. G. Egynor
Fred Feiock
Mrs. F. Feiock
Lyle Fosmire
Mrs. L. Fosmire
Teunis Fowler
Mrs. T. Fowler
Dewitt Fowler
Mrs. D. Fowler
Fay Fowler
Mrs. F. Fowler
Geo. Garton
Mrs. G. Garton
Ida Garton
Albert Garton
Mrs. A. Garton
Geo. Garner
Orson Gillet
Frank Green
Douglas Garton
Wm. Heck
Earl Henry
Mrs. E. Henry
Wayne Henry
Mrs. W. Henry
Russel Henry
Mrs. R. Henry
Clayton Hill
Wm. Hill
Mrs. W. Hill
Lawrence Hines
Llewellyn Jones
Mrs. Arthur Kettle
Percival Kettle
Mrs. P. Kettle
Andrew Kline
Herbert Knapp
Wm. LeFavor
Mrs. W. LeFabor
Herman Lund
Mrs. H. Lund
Delia Lasher
John Mables
Raymond McQueen
Mrs. R. McQueen
Jessie McQueen
Harry McQueen
Mrs. H. McQueen
Daniel McMullen
Mrs. D. McMullen
Rallph Morrell
Mrs. R. Morrell
Geo. Newbury
Jesse Olmsted
Mrs. J. Olmsted
Nellie Olmsted
Richard Pardy
Gustave Pankratz
Mrs. G. Pankratz
Jay Penner
Fred Phillips
Mrs. F. Phillips
Geo. Prindle
Mrs. G. Prindle
Elliott Qureau
Mrs. E. Qureau
Frank Qureau
Mrs. F. Qureau
Theo. Reyn
Mrs. T. Reyn
Deda Seeber
C.H. Slaght
Mrs. C. H. Slaght
Robert Stanley
Mrs. R. Stanley
Alfred Stockledger
Joseph Stockledger
Henry Shortsleeves
MRs. H. Shortsleeves
Burt Sheldon
Mrs. B. Sheldon
Roy Sherman
Mrs. R. Sherman
May Shear
Lawrence Stone
Mrs. L. Stone
Flossie Schwartz
Mr., Mrs. F. Tague
Seward Tellier
Wm. Tillack
Maurice Trowbridge
Mrs. M. Trowbridge
Mrs. Andrew Thomas
Robert Talcott
Mrs. R. Talcott
Glen Tryon
Mrs. G. Tryon
A. VanderWinckele
John VanderWege
Mrs. J. VanderWege
Arthur Vernoy
Mrs. A. Vernoy
Frank Versprill
Bertha Versprill
Gus VanGosig
Dana Waldron
Laura Waldron
John Wallace
Mrs. J. Wallace
Mary E. Wilcox
Ralph Wilkinson
H. V. Wilson
Mrs. H. V. Wilson
Chas. Wirth
Mrs. C. Wirth
Clarence Wraight
Edmund Wright
Chas. Wright
Mrs. C. Wright
Herman Wright
Mrs. H. Wright
Harry Woodruff
Mrs. H. Woodruff
Myron Williams
Mrs. M. Williams
Mr., Mrs. C. H. Yotter

Newark Grange No. 366

The Newark Grange was organized on Monday evening, December 13, 1875, with forty-two charter members. The only living one is R. S. Post of St. Petersburg, Florida. The late James H. Miller was the first Master. During the first ten years after the organization, the Grange had hard sledding. In October of 1885, seventeen candidates were initiated. Miss Minerva McLaughliln is the only living one of these candidates. In 1910 when A. G. Leroux was master, 115 were given the third and fourth degrees as a result of a membership drive. From 1884 to 1889 Grange fairs were held in the Opera House and nothing was spared to make them a success and much artistic work was done in many lines. We often recall the beauty spots created by Mrs. C. F. Lincoln, Mrs. B. D. Foster and Mrs. Eben Barten. These fairs were undoubtedly the means of starting the town fair. In 1885 with the proceeds of the fair a library was started with the purchasing of $50 worth of books. On December 13, 1900 the twenty-fifth anniversary was celebrated with an elaborate program. The first Juvenile Grange was organized December 5, 1905. In December, 1907 the Grange purchased the lot on which the building stands. The building was erected after many months of planning and deliberation and here A. M. Lincoln and Mrs. R. S. Post spent much time on the financial planning with Abram Garlock on the job all the time. The building was dedicated on March 8, 1911 with appropriate ceremonies and at the time it was judged as the finest Grange building in the state. In 1925 the Fiftieth Anniversary was celebrated with National Master Lowell as principle speaker. Former Governor Miller of Ohio paid a splendid tribute to the order, when he said, "The Grange has been behind every progressive movement that sought to uplift and help humanity." He also said that many of the great movements that have been adopted in this country were either proposed or advance by the Grange.


James H. Miller, P. K. Shaw, John J. Cornwell, Peter Garlock, Daniel M. Ketchum, R. S. Post, O. M. Lincoln, C. P. Lincoln, Abram Garlock, G. W. Van Auken, Frank A. See, John Hartnagle, S. E. Budd, Adelbert Ridley, A. Leroux, Lyman Robinson, Edward Bauer, Mrs. John Hartnagle, Ray Nelson, Myrle Ridley.


Master, Irving Heldenreich; Overseer, Jerome LaMote; Lecturer, Mrs. Albert Hartnagle; Steward, Rallph Weimer; Assistant Steward, Stanley Rice; Chaplain, Mrs. Frank Rasch; Treasurer, Ray Nelson; Secretary, Miss Nellie Goseline; Gatekeeper, Carl Fisher; Ceres, Mrs. Phillip Schwab; Pomona, Miss Roberta Van Deusen; Lady Assistant Steward, Miss Frances Nary; Financial Secretary,Miss Minerva McLaughlin; Matron of Juvenile Grange, Mrs. Irving Heidenreich; Executive Committee, Miss Hoetzel, Mr. Hyman, Mr. Rasch.

C. W. Appleman
Mrs. C. W. Appleman
C. B. Abenshene
Mrs. C. B. Abenshene
William Austin
Mrs. W. Austin
Charles Austin
Holley Austin
John Beck
Catherine Beck
Willard Burgess
Mrs. W. Burgess
Mrs. George Bauer
S. E. Budd
Mrs. William Baylord
Isaac Blondell
John Blondell
Otis Bird
Mrs. Renier Bertou
Clarence Bloom
Mrs. C. Bloom
Edward Blackman
Edna Baker
Cornelius Boeye
Charles Boyer
Frank Burgess
Mrs. F. Burgess
Mrs. William Baylord
Roger Bloom
Clarence Bruinsme
Lester Burgett
Herman Cook
Mrs. H. Cook
Mrs. Fred Cornwell
Mrs. John Cornwell
Elmer Cunningham
Clara Cunningham
Mrs. Mit'ell (sic) Chadwick
Stanley Cowles
C. W. Clark
Mrs. C. W. Clark
Abram W. Clark
Horatio Clark
Mrs. Eugene Catlin
J. W. Craver
Louis Clauss
Mabel Clauss
Mrs. Horatio Clark
Mrs. John Cambier
William Cole
Clarence Dey
Mrs. C. Dey
E. J. DeLue
Mrs. E. J. DeLue
Orie Decker
Mrs. O. Decker
Jacob DeCann
J. N. Durfee
Ellis F. DeWitt
Isaac DeCann
Mrs. I. DeCann
Mrs. Helen Dorn
John DeReu
Henry DeCann
John DePaum
Howard DeCann
Mrs. H. DeCann
Serfaas DeWind
Clyde Dick
Mrs. Clyde Dick
Hattie Eckert
Fred Eckert
Philip Eckert
Mrs. P. Eckert
Joseph DeWandel
Bernard DeWandel
Stanley DeWeaver
Abram Decker
Lewis DeVelder
H. L. Dator
Mrs. H. L. Dator
L. F. Donk
August Dennis
August DeWeaver
John DePauw
Servass DeWind
Clark Dorn
Peter DeReu
August DeRuyter
Mrs. W. Ehrhardt
Mrs. Fred Eckert
Daniel Frey
Mrs. D. Frey
Henry Frommer
Mrs. H. Frommer
Mrs. August Floodman
Mrs. Adam Frey
Fred Filkins
Orrin Gaas
Mrs. L. Farnsworth
Sanford Farnsworth
Mrs. S. Farnsworth
Marion Filkins
Mrs. M. Filkins
Mrs. B. P. Foster
Carl Fisher
Ford B. Fisk
Frederic M. Finewood
Henry E. Finewood
William H. Fisher
William Y. Fisher
James Farnsworth
C. Arthur Frey
Mrs. C. A. Frey
Frederic C. Finewood
Edward Finewood
Wm. H. Farnsworth
Ross Finch
Mrs. R. Finch
Edward Fisher
Jacob Faas
Mrs. J. Faas
Leonard Glerum
William Garlock
Mrs. W. Garlock
Charles Gansz
Mrs. C. Gansz
Alta Gale
Rena Ganbill
Mrs. Louis Giesy
Mrs. Abram Garlock
R. S. Gifford
Fred Graf
Mrs. F. Graf
W. B. Garlock
George W. Glenn
H. M. Galusha
Marine B. Glelrum
Fred Greule
Mrs. Catherine Geer
Charles L. Giesy
John P. Goosen
Chris Glerum
M. F. Gibbs
Mrs. M. F. Gibbs
John Glerum
Marvin Glerum
Mrs. M. Glerum
Peter Goebert
Nellie Goseline
Mrs. Marine Glerum
Roy Howland
Mrs. R. Howland
Harry Humbert
Mrs. Harry Humbert
Mrs. F. G. Hartnagel
LIsaac Havert
Frank Hyman
Mrs. F. Hyman
John Hartnagel
Mrs. J. Hartnagel
Curtis Hartnagel
Mrs. C. Hartnagel
R. A. Hoff
Mrs. R. A. Hoff
Mrs. Wm. Holland
Henry Hartnagel
Mrs. Hartnagel
Charles Heidenreich
John T. Hutchby
Charles Hinkle
Floyd Hoppel
Albert Hartnagel
Mrs. A. Hartnagel
Burt Hornbeck
Mrs. B. Hornbeck
Hiram Hornbeck
Emma Hoeltzel
Minnie Hoeltzel
Alta Hartnagel
Fred C. Harker
C. Edward Hartnagel
Mrs. Eva Heidenreich
Mrs. William C. Hoff
Charles Hoad
John Havert
Aarthur Hinkley
Charles W. Heath
Fred Harder
Mrs. F. Harder
Henry Harder
William Heinrich
Mrs. W. Heinrich
Bert Huntley
Wilson Haddon
Arthur Hyman
Mrs. A. Hyman
C. W. Herman
Philip H. Henkel
Jacob Havert
Mrs. J. Havert
Irving E. Heidenreich
Mrs. I. E. Heidenreich
Arthur L. Hackett
Frank Hartnagel
Mrs. F. Hartnagel
George Hartnagel
Glenn Hartnagel
Mrs. Bert Hornbeck
James Hart
Mary Henkel
Mrs. Albert Henkel
Cornelius Johnson
Emma M. Jacobs
E. Anna Jacobs
Mrs. John G. Kaupp
Mrs. Leila Ketchum
M. B. Knapp
Mrs. M. B. Knapp
Jacob King
A. G. Leroux
Mrs. A. G. Leroux
John Lanse
Alice Lyman
Florence Luckenbach
Jacob Laible
Mrs. J. Laible
Daniel Ledain
Peter Leanhouts
Edwin Lindstrom
Mrs. E. Lindstrom
Mrs. Fred Lehr
Leopold Lamote
Mrs. J. A. Lamote
J. A. Lamote
H. G. Lincoln
Cornelius Libbert
Peter Lanse
L. F. Lee
Mrs. L. F. Lee
Calvin Leary
Nina Lause
R. P. Mosher
Mrs. R. P. Mosher
John Martin
Mrs. John Martin
Mrs. Eva Monroe
Kenneth Miller
Mrs. K. Miller
C. C. Miller
Mrs. C. C. Miller
William Malchoff
Mrs. W. Malchoff
Lewis Mullie
Mrs. L. Mullie
John Menzner
Mrs. Alvin Miller
G. A. Munn
Dr. J. F. Martin
Mrs. J. F. Martin
J. W. Mimms
Mrs. Clara E. Mills
Henry Martin
Mrs. H. Martin
Mrs. Mary Mercer
Gustave Markendorf
Minerva McLaughlin
Theodore McFaul
Peter T. McFaul
A. E. McClelland
Mrs. Edna Munn
Mrs. Hattie Nichols
William Norsen
Frank J. Norrison
Ray E. Nelson
Mrs. R. E. Nelson
Albert Nodecker
Cuyler Nye
John B. Norsen
Mrs. J. B. Norsen
Frances Nary
William Naeye, Jr.
Frank Orbaker
Peter Orso
Harry Parker
Mrs. H. Parker
Edward Palmer
Mrs. Harriet Powell
R. S. Post
Mrs. R. S. Post
James Plyter
Lester Pulver
Mrs. Frances Pomeroy
P. G. Price
Mrs. P. G. Price
R. W. Patrick
Mrs. R. W. Patrick
August Price
Fred Parkman
Mrs. Pauline Parcells
Mrs. Margaret Pollock
Elmer Patterson
Mrs. E. Patterson
Mrs. Fred Parkman
MRs. Matie Pulver
George H. Rankert
Mrs. G. H. Rankert
Nelson Ridley
Mrs. N. Ridley
Lloyd Ricley
Mrs. L. Ricley
Myrle A. Ridley
Lyman Robinson
Mrs. L. Robinson
Henry Ranckert
Mrs. J. D. Reeves
Paul Reeves
Louis W. Rooker
Frank Rasch
Mrs. Frank Rasch
Susie Reynolds
Frank Rooze
Floyd M. Reppard
Grover Ryan
Agnes C. Rogers
John B. Rooze
Stanley Rice
Earl Rice
Mrs. E. Rice
George F. Stell
Mrs. G. F. Stell
Louis P. Stell
Wallace Sison
Mrs. John Stuerwald
Mrs. D. M. Sedgwick
William Schwartz
Charles Schwartz
Mrs. C. Schwartz
Mrs. Isaac Smith
Mrs. Selina Stevens
George Scheer
Mrs. W. J. Schutt
Fred C. Shaw
Mrs. F. C. Shaw
Mrs. Nellie Schreiber
C. H. Stuart
Mrs. E. H. Schwab
Raymond Seigwalt
Mrs. R. Seigwalt
Mrs. Jacob Schlicht
George J. Schwab
Abram Sanders
Mrs. Abram Sanders
Newton Sapp
Mrs. Maud Sowers
Mrs. Ethel E. Schwab
W. R. Sanderson
Mrs. W. R. Sanderson
Mrs. J. B. Sherman
Frank E. Sherman
Leonard Short
Pauline Shortall
Edna Schendel
Mrs. Stella Tator
Isaac Tack
Mrs. I. Tack
John Tack
Mrs. J. Tack
Mrs. George Troke
J. C. Tellier
Mrs. J. C. Tellier
J. W. Thorn
Deroy Taylor
Mrs. D. Taylor
Richard Tank
Leon Taylor
Mrs. L. Taylor
Fred Stuerwald, Jr.
Arthur Tack
Mrs. Arthur Tack
Leon Tack
Mrs. L. Tack
Charles Utter
R. L. VanDeusen
Mrs. R. L. VanDeusen
Roberta VanDeusen
Issac VanGys
Benjamin VanCamp
George W. VanAuken
Mrs. G. W. VanAuken
Chas. E. Vanderbrook
Merton C. VanAuken
Peter Verbridge
Mrs. P. Verbridge
A. Ververs
J. VanHanchan, Jr.
Anthony Vinke
Claude Vienna
Mrs. C. Vienna
Alex VanHanehan
M. H. VanGorder
John Vanderlinde
Mrs. M. H. VanGorder
Jacob Vercrouse
John VanHanehan
John VandenBeckens
William VanNorman
Mrs. W. VanNorman
Edward VanHooft
William VanStine
G. Fort VanHoesen
Andrew Vandevoorde
Harry VanHanehan
Mrs. Merton VanAuken
James VanCamp
John Vanderlinde
Robert VanHooft
Mrs. Mabel Verbridge
John Walters
Harold Walters
Mrs. Harry Walters
Harry Walters
Mrs. Helen Welcher
Henry M. Witt
Hazel Welcher
Mrs. E. A. Welcher
Clifford Wilber
Philip Weinman
Velora E. Welcher
Frank Weimer
Ralph Weimer
William Weimer
Mrs. W. Weimer
George West
F. J. Welch
Charles E. West
Sherman Wilson
Mrs. S. Wilson
Verne Whitbeck
George Wilck
Mrs. George Wilck
Earl Welcher
Mrs. E. Welcher
Mrs. Viola Werely
Al. Winfrey
Lynn Wrench
Rose Weber
Robert Wagner
Mrs. Lynn Wrench
Mrs. Clara Wagner
Clarence Witt
Mrs. C. Witt
Mrs. Emma Young


The North Rose Grange was organized February 6, 1906 by County Deputy S. E. Budd of Newark, with 20 Charter Members.


Master, W. W. Catchpole; Overseer, Wm. H. Cole; Lecturer, George W. Marshall; Steward, Chas. S. Cole; Assitant Steward, Frank Hill; Chaplain, [blank space in book]; Treasurer, Wm. L. Shear; Secretary, George C. Catchpole; Gatekeeper, Wm. Sedler; Ceres, Mrs. Wm. H. Cole; Pomona, Mrs. George W. Marshall; Flora, Miss Alice Catchpole; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Chas. S. Cole.


E. W. Catchpole, 4 yrs.; Wm. H. Cole, 2 yrs.; C. M. Clapp, 1 yr.; Kendrick L. Osborn, 1 yr.; R. L. Oaks, 2 yrs.; Chelsea D. Harper, 2 yrs.; Hiram McOmber, 1 yr.; Fred H. Thomas, 2 yrs.; Perry S. Shear, 2 yrs.; Mrs. Gladys Harris, 2 yrs.; E. W. Catchpole, 3 yrs.; R. L. Oaks, 2 yrs.; Fred H. Thomas, 1 yr.; Claude Gillette, 4 yrs.


Master, Claude Gillette; Overseer, R. L. Oaks; Lecturer, Mrs. Rosa Murray; Steward, John Murray; Assistant Steward, Lorence Blaisdell; Chaplain, Mrs. R. L. Oaks; Treasurer, S. C. Woodward; Secretary, Mrs. Charlotte Gent; Gatekeeper, Frank Barnes; Ceres, Rhoda Galloway; Pomona, Grace Pitcher; Flora, Mrs. B. F. Wilson; Lady Assistant Steward, Miss Eudora Oaks; Executive Committee, Ralph Closs, Frank Dennis, Fred Thomas.


Frank Anthony
Darwin Barnes
Frank Barnes
Mrs. F. Barnes
Linwood Barnes
Ray T. Bradburn
Mrs. R. T. Bradburn
Walter E. Bullock
Miss Harriet Buchanan
Chas. H. Buerman
George Barnes
Lorence Blaisdell
Florence Blaisdell
E. W. Catchpole
Geo. C. Catchpole
James Calkins
Mrs. J. Calkins
Arthur B. Chaddock
Mrs. A. R. Chaddock
Ralph J. Closs
Clinton D. Dillingham
Frank Dennis
Mrs. F. Dennis
Mrs. Minnie Dagle
Wells M. Dodds
Warren L. Edwards
H. Ross Ellinwood
Laurence W. Fox
Geo. W. Fitch
Evelyn F. Fitch
Frank Faejone
Mrs. Edna Gage
Henry Gage
Mrs. H. Gage
Fletcher Galloway
Mrs. F. Galloway
Maurice Garlic
Mrs. Margaret Garlic
Charles Gray
Mabel M. Gray
John W. Gent
Charlotte Gent
Beulah M. Gent
Claude Gillette
Mrs. C. Gillette
Fred Hoppel
Mrs. Hannah Hodel
E. R. Hay
Frank E. Henderson
Mrs. F. E. Henderson
Frank HIll
Mrs. F. Hill
Alyce Hill
Wm. C. Humbert
Irving Jewell
Marvin Jeffers
Mrs. M. Jeffers
Frank Jeffers
Mrs. Georgia Jeffers
Ernest J. Kelley
Mrs. E. J. Kelley
Mrs. Miranda L. Knox
Irving Legg
Mrs. I. Legg
Mahlon Lape
Henry Lawrence
Mrs. H. Lawrence
Frank Loveless
Herman Lyman
Harlow Lyman
Ralph Lyman
Rev. J. C. Langford
Wm. Marshall
Doris Maunder
Gilman Marshall
Wm. C. Metcalf
Fred A. Mertz
Mrs. F. A. Mertz
John Murray
Mrs. Rosa Murray
Frederick Murray
Dorothy Murray
Geo. A. Mitchell
Mrs. G. A. Mitchell
Chas. McCall, Jr.
Louis Naglor
Robert Norris
Robert L. Oaks
Mrs. R. L. Oaks
Chas. O. Oaks
Eudora Oaks
Seth C. Oaks
Hazel Oaks
Horace Putnam
Mrs. H. Putnam
Wells J. Putnam
Leland Pratt
Mrs. L. Pratt
Geo. L. Porter
Chas. D. Pitcher
Mrs. Chas. D. Pitcher
Mrs. C. Pepperdine
Bert Richardson
Mrs. B. Richardson
Wm. O. Rolfe
Ed. A. Satter
Mrs. Ed. A. Satter
Mrs. Chas. Seager
Arthur J. Seelye
Mrs. A. J. Seelye
Maurice Seelye
Harry P. Shear
W. L. Shear
Annabell Shear
Perry Shear
Mrs. P. Shear
Mrs. Lillian Sidler
Mrs. Genevieve Smith
Willard Sutter
Mrs. Ada Sutter
Joseph Smith
Mrs. J. Smith
Fred H. Thomas
Mrs. F. H. Thomas
Wm. E. Thomas
Wm. H. Tompkins
Abram Vandermulen
Mrs. Maria VanHout
S. C. Woodard
B. H. Wilson
Mrs. B. H. Wilson
Chas. Wilson
Wm. Wood
Miss Maude Wescott
Nelson M. Yancey


Red Creek Grange was instituted May 31, 1902 with 23 Charter members. Thirty-first Anniversary, May 31, 1933. Anna Wright, Past Master presiding. Four young ladies rendered two song selections. Brother Raymond Cooper, Overseer of New York State Grange gave an inspiring talk. Brother Danny Waldren, Assistant of State Grange talked on Grange Insurance. County Deputy, Brother Carl Fairbanks told him we must hold fast to the Grange and what it stands for in these trying times. Brother Wadsworth, Past Deputy and one that helped institute Red Creek Grange, 31 years ago, kept all laughing by the jokes he told. W. G. Phippen told about the trying time in getting the grange started. At roll call two charter members were present, Brothers Henry Ingersole and W. G. Phippen.


Master, Wesley Hall; Overseer, Geo. Phelps; Lecturer, O. F. Jines; Steward, D. N. Hunter; Assistant Steward, H. Perkins; Chaplain, C. Cortright; Secretary, W. G. Phippen; Treasurer, P. Maliney; Gatekeeper, E. Mitchell; Pomona, Mrs. M. J. Kimball; Flora, Mrs. Geo. Phelps; Ceres, Miss Hattie Hall; L. A. Steward, Mrs. Emma Foster; Trustees, Fred Baker, D. D. Becker, Wm. Clark.


Wesley Hall, 2 yrs.; Will Sharp, 2 yrs.; Geo. W. Brinkerhof, 1 yr.; Geo. Robertson, 1 yr.; Silas Wright, 4 yrs.; Eugene Ford, 2 yrs.; James Douglass, 2 yrs.; D. D. Becker, 1 yr.; Eugene Ford, Will Sharp, 2 yrs.; Geo. Wright, 1 yr.; Anna Wright, 5 yrs.; Henry Ingersoll, 1 yr.; Eugene Ford, 1 yr.; Harry Ford, 1 yr.; Anna Wright, 5 yrs.; Willis Blarsdale, 2 yr s.; Eugene Ford, 2 yrs.


Master, Eugene Ford; Overseer, Henry Ingersoll (just passed on); Lecturer, Anna Wright; Steward, Bart Blandino; Assistant Steward, Harry Ford; Chaplain, Grace Ford; Secretary, Silas Wright; Treasurer, Miran Ingersoll; Gatekeeper, Sam Anthey; Pomona, Miriam Wright; Flora, Blanch Viele; Ceres, Mayford Miller; Lady Assistant Steward, Seraph Ford.


Floyd Aldrich
Edith Aldrich
Sam Anthony
Mrs. J. Hulburt
H. H. Burgdorf
E. C. Baldwin
Frank Burgdorf
Ballard Burgdorf
Chas. Burgdorf
Michael Brady
Geo. W. Blass
Sumner Baron
Robert Burns
Millie Burns
Clifton Burgdorf
Gertrude Burgdorf
Grant Bishop
Wm. C. Barnes
Floyd Burdgorf
Minerva Burgdorf
Bart Blandino
Goilispe B landino
Vincenza Blandinio
Frank Blass
Anna Blandino
Chas. Blandino
Chas. Carter
Jennie Carter
Anna Coolirean
Henry Craine
Pearl Craine
Grace Cartner
Emmet Dykeman
Peter Dwyger
Sprague Eddy
Belle Eddy
E. A. Ford
Grace Ford
Jay Forguson
Edith Forguson
Edith Forguson
Harry Ford
Seraph Ford
W. P. Howland
Chas. Hawley, Jr.
Romain Hubbard
Chas. H unter
Marian Ingersoll
Martha Johnson
Roy R. Jenkins
J. Mat Jones
W. U. Kreutzer
Jennie Kreutzer
Low Kellogg
Sarah King
John King
Theo. Kleege
Ray W. Kimball
Elsie LaDue
E. A. Mackie
Adelia Mackie
Herbert Miller
Mayford Miller
Mildred Newsbaum
Earl O'Brine
Geo. S. Phelps
Ed. C. Perkins
Geo. Palmer
Grace Palmer
Frank Riley
Ella Riley
Clark Reitz
Mildred Reitz
Leslie E. Reed
Geo. Stothard
Lawson Smith
A. J. Stafford
J. D. Stafford
Howard Showers
Dolly Showers
Frank Streb
Geo. C. Stiles
Harry Seaman
Winifred Seaman
Roy H. Smith
Lena Sutliff
R. C. Sutliff
Smith Alex Sex (sic!)
Chas. Taber
Alice Thompson
C. J. Timerson
Susie Timerson
Henry Tellier
R. A. Viele
Mary C. Viele
Blanch Viele
W. C. VanAllstyne
E. E. Wood
H. H. Whiting
Myrtie Whiting
Silas Wright
Anna Wright
Geo. P. Wright
Miriam Wright
G. G. Wood
Geo. Wolfe
Clara Wolfe
Eugene F. Wilson
Edwin Wood

SOURCE: information abstracted from Official Directory and History of Wayne County Granges, Patrons of Husbandry, 1936, compiled by Earl E. Smith, Sodus, N.Y., publisher and printer not stated.

The site coordinators have no information about individuals listed or about the specific granges. We realize that some of the spellings look incorrect, may be incorrect, and probably are incorrect. But as you recognize your relatives, typing this up was worthwhile. The lists have been proofread against the original book, and to maintain the historical integrity of this resource, the spellings of your relatives' names will remain as in the original. We thank you in advance for not emailing us with questions but directing ALL inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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