Part 1

Lincoln (Ontario), Marion, North Wolcott, Savannah, South Butler
South Sodus, Wallington, Walworth


Lincoln Grange was organized in 1874 as Ontario Center Grange No. 122. The organization took place in the Masonic Hall and F. A. Hill was the first Master and Nelson Manie the first Secretary. For the next few years meetings were held in various places sometimes in halls and sometimes in the homes of members. In 1896 the Grange moved to Kennedy and Hatch's Hall at Lincoln and was then known as Lincoln Grange. In 1905 the Grange was incorporated and purchased the lot, store and hall of Arthur Hatch and wife. In the spring of 1906 a cheese factory was built and in 1909 an addition thereto. In January, 1926, the Grange Hall again burned to the ground. The former Methodist Church was purchased and remodeled into a modern Grange Hall. During the past sixty years there have been about twenty masters including, F. A. Hill, Stephen Sabin, Henry Brewer, Loren Jennings, Leroy Sharp, Wm. T. Braithwaite, Stephen Hooker, Austin Risley, George Church, Everdick Burdick, Henry Burrows, Marlet Downs, Joseph Hurlburt, Warner D. Esley, Charles Drushel, William F. Walz, Ernest Strobeck, Wellington Church, Jay Welker, Albert Schumacher, Scott Parker and Frank A. Welker, the present Master.


Master, Frank Welker; Overseer, Clarence Forman; Lecturer, Scott Parker; Steward, Clinton Forman; Assistant Steward, Albert Schumaker; Chaplain, Mrs. Polette Rolland; Treasurer, Henry Forman; Secretary, Wm. Sternie; Gatekeeper, Warner Esley; Ceres, Vivian Church; Pomona, Mrs. Clarence Forman; Flora, Mrs. Warner Esley; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Albert Schumaker; Juvenile Matron, Mrs. Scott Parker.


John Abrahams
Ansel Anthony
George Albright
Ed. Burneister
Mrs. Wm. Burneister
Wm. T. Barmaster
August Beuschneider
Carrie Beuschneider
George Brown
R. F. Brown
George Burrow
Mrs. G. Burrow
H W. Burrow
Mrs. H. W. Burrow
Fred Bushwood
Mrs. F. Bushwood
Wm. Buyck
A. E. Buyck
Mrs. George Baher
Cora Church
Vivian Church
W. C. Church
Elsie Church
Walter Clemans
Evva Clemans
Ellis Collier
Harry Crane
Mrs. H. Crane
Albert Croucher
Charles Clark
Mrs. C. Clark
Chris Cook
Mrs. C. Cook
Rheta Belle Church
Albert Dinse
Mrs. A. Dinse
John Doyle, Sr.
Mrs. J. Doyle, Sr.
Charles Druschel
Mrs. C. Druschel
Frank Druschel
Isaac DeRie
Anthony DeMallie
John Ehda
A. B. Eugert
Warnier Esley
Mrs. W. Esley
Byard Esley
John Foote, Sr.
Mrs. J. Foote, Jr.
Clarence Forman
Mrs. C. Forman
Fred Forman
Mrs. F. Forman
Henry Forman
Mrs. H. Forman
Clinton Forman
Mrs. C. Forman
Mrs. Reika Forman
Norman Fosclick
Harriet Fosclick
Fred Frey
Mrs. Jennie Foulkrod
Carl Guiegaw
Mrs. C. Guiegaw
Harrison Granger
Ora Gaston
Carolne Gentle
William Hicks
Lewis Hardy
W. J. Hulbert
Frank Henning
Cooley Jacobs
Lee Jacobs
Mrs. L. Jacobs

Fred Kerner
Stella Kerner
Richard Kier
John Klous
Chas. Kutruff
Mrs. C. Kutruff
Lester Kent
Frank Keck
Albert Lash
John Lancy
Lewis Lasch
Raymond Luke
Henry Luke
Ernest Luke
John Marteus
Lewis Milduhn
Mrs. L. Milduhn
Mrs. Ada Meehs
Mrs. Robert Morris
Donald Morris
Edward Nortier
Mrs. E. Nortier
Stanley Oestreich
Scott Parker
Mrs. S. Parker
Geraldine Parker
Harold Pugsley
Mrs. H. Pugsley
John Pitt
Phillip Pitt
N. B. Read
Mrs. N. B. Read
Luther Read
Mrs. L. Read
P. Rolland
Mrs. P. Rolland
Gustave Rosenmeyer
May L. Risley
Henry Scheel
Albert Schumacher
Mrs. A. Schumacher
Ernest Strobech
Mrs. E. Strobech
Wm. Swaddling
Wm. Sass
Mrs. Wm. Sass
Adrian Sonneville
Wm. Stirni
Walter Valentine
Mrs. W. Valentine
Jacob J. VanHall
John Vane
Mrs. J. Vane
A. VanWyckhouse
Daniel Vanderlyke
Wm. Wahl, Sr.
Louis Wahl
Mrs. L. Wahl
Wm. Walz
Irving Walz
Mrs. I. Walz
Jay J. Welker
Wm. J. J. Welker
Frank Welker
Mrs. F. Welker
George Welker
Lyell Welker
Irving White
Mrs. I. White
Peter Wright
Clara Wright
Henry Woods
Robert Woods
Douglass White


Marion Grange was organized June 3, 1874 by Deputy Riggs of Palmyra. There were 29 charter members, 19 gentlemen and 10 ladies. Deputy Riggs conferred the four degrees at the time of organization. The four deg rees took just five minutes. Some of the charter members were, H. J. Clark, Philo D. Denel, Stephen Reeves, Luther R. Jagger, J. Smith Crane, Willis Clark, Ed. Clark, Jas. D. McDowell, Oliver Hill, Sidney Durfee, Salem Sweezey, Chester Sweezey, David C. Dean, Wm. Croucher, R. R. Warner, Mrs. S. R. Jagger, Mrs. J. S. Crane, Mrs. J. D. McDowell, Mrs. Olive Hill, Mrs. S. F. Durfee, Mrs. S. W. Sweezey, Mrs. D. C. Dean, H. E. Van Altine, H. B. Smith.


Master, J. S. Crane; Overseer, C. F. Sweezey; Lecturer, Stephen Lewis; Steward, J. D. McDowell; Assistant Steward, Oliver Hill; Chaplain, Wm. Croucher; Treasurer, S. W. Sweezey; Secretary, A. F. Durfee; Gatekeeper, John Malcom; Ceres, Mr. S. C. Durfee; Pomona, J. D. McDowell; Flora, Salem Sweezey; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Oliver Hill.


Master, Morris Deyo; Overseer, Simeon Merton; Lecturer, Mrs. Ed. Luce; Steward, Herbert Bockhout; Assistant Steward, Jacob Russell; Chaplain, Chas. Stearns; Treasurer, Edgar T. Luce; Secretary, J. Cook; Gatekeeper, Wm. Johnson; Ceres, Mrs. Kate Skinner; Pomona, Mrs. Elmer Boss; Flora, Mrs. John Ward; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Jacob Russell.


Stanley Allart
Elmer Allen
Wm. Baylord
Chas. Benton
Mrs. C. Benton
C. Blankenburg
Mrs. C. Blankenburg
J. Blankenburg
Adrien Bleik
Abram Bobine
Elmer Bockhout
Elmer Boss
Mrs. E. Boss
Edward Bowens
Camile Brandt
Bert Breemes
C. Bushart
Elmer Bushart
Isaac Buyck
John C ambier
Peter Catchman
Wm. Chapman
Mrs. W. Chapman
Wm. Chittenden
John Claysen
Cornelius Collier
J. H. Collier
Wm. Collier
Mrs. W. Collier
J. Cook
Mrs. J. Cook
Peter Corcoran
Wm. Corcoran
Elmer Crane
J. Crane
Orin Crane
C. Albert Curtis
C. Roy Curtis
Miles Dean
Albert De Blas
Anthony DeGilleke
Abram DeNeering
Jacob DeNeering
Daniel DeRight
Jacob DeRidder
Mrs. Wm. Dey
Wm. Dey, Jr.
Mrs. Wm. Dey, Jr.
Mrs. Matie Deyo
Morris Deoy
John Drave
Mrs. John Drave
Leon Drury
Mrs. L. Drury
Wm. Drury
Mrs. Wm. Drury
Edw. DuBois
Isaac Dubois
Fred Durfee
Katherine DuRie
Wright Farnsworth
Hellis Faro
Isaac Faro
Jacob Faro
Cornelius Gensen
Clarence Gibbs
Chas. Gildersleleve
Mrs. Isaac Gilman
Wm. Guy
Doris Hemmings
John Hemmings
Mrs. J. Hemmings
Abram Hendricks
Peter Hendricks
Abram Hermanet
Lloyd Hollister
Mrs. L. Hollister
Ruth Hollister
Mrs. A. Hopkins
Adam Hosbach

Abram J. Johnson
Mrs. A. J. Johnson
Abram Johnson
Mrs. A. Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Wm. Johnson
Arthur Kenyon
Anthony Kooman
John Krocke
Marenus Levis
Mrs. Dehlia Lookup
Mrs. Carrie Love
Floyd Love
Mrs. F. Love
Denton Luce
Edgar Luce
Mrs. E. Luce
George Luce
John Lutyne
Charles Lyons
George Mander
Louis Marion
Carey Merton
Simeon Merton
John Moque
Isaac Naeye
John Naeye
Jacob O'Meal
Daniel Ocque
Isaac Ocque
Mrs. O. Pratt
Isaac Quaars
Osbert Pratt
John Quaars
Mrs. J. Quaars
Glen Ressue
John Ressue
John Rich
John Romack
Asa Russell
Cornelius Russell
Henry Russell
Mrs. H. Russell
Jacob Russell
Mrs. J. Russell
Mrs. Mary Russell
Glen Sherman
Alvah Sherwood
Isaac Shippers
John Shippers
Raymond Skinner
Mrs. R. Skinner
Chas. Stearns
George Stearns
Lucien Sweezey
Mrs. L. Sweezey
Edw. Tassell
Cornelius Tellier
Francis Van DeValle
Marenus Van DeVelde
Marenus Van DeBrook
Mrs. M. Van DeBrook
Jacob VanGee
Jacob VanHall
John VanHall
Peter VanHall
Henry VanKowenburg
James VanKowenburg
John VanKowenburg
George Vergowe
Mrs. G. Vergowe
Daniel VerPlank
John Ward
Mrs. J. Ward
Arthur White
James White
Wm. White
Truman Wilson
Kingsley Young
Roy Young


The North Wolcott Grange was organized April 30, 108 with 18 charter members. The first Master was G. W. Sampson and the first Secretary was Mrs. L. M. Sampson. The meetings were over Fields Store at first. The new Grange Hall was dedicated in 1917.


Daniel Robertson,, George Sampson, W. R. Younglove, Charles Weaver, Charles Rouse, Walter Mack, Lynn Munger, Harry Ford, Oscar Howland, John Cox, Norris Flint, George Sampson, Clayton Brewster.


Master, Clayton Brewster; Overseer, Victor Lovelace; Lecturer, Mercedity Lovelance; Chaplian, Lelah Sampson; Secretary, Maude Younglove; Treasurer, Floyd Younglove; Ceres, Carrie Corey; Pomona, Winnie Wolven; Flora, Hattie Howland; Gatekeeper, Clair Younglove; Steward, Florence Sampson; Assistant Steward, Frank Corey; Lady Assistant Steward, Edna Brewster; Finance Committee, John Cox, Oscar Howland, George Wolven.


Ida Luther
Fred Brown
Wm. Fink
Mrs. Wm. Fink
Ernest Larkin
Harold Kyle
Melvin Roberts
Claude VanPalten
George VanPalten
Chas. Roberts
Carl Younglove
Ernest Flint
Sibley Brundidge
Chas. Weaver
Mrs. Chas. Weaver
Mercedith Lovelace
Robert Bennett
Horace VanAlstine
Nelson Vought
Mrs. N. Vought
Nettie Munger
Mary Peer
Floyd Younglove
Mrs. F. Younglove
Clair Younglove
Oscar Howland
Mrs. O. Howland
George Harnden
Lawrence Rasheck
Julius DeSchacht
Carmiel Schran
J. M. Burcroff
Iva Howland

Margaret Cox
John Cox
Norris Flint
Albert Larkin
DeWitt Silsbie
Clayton Brewster
Mrs. C. Brewster
Mamie Kuepflerle
Agnes Cooper
Frank Corey
Nelson Field
Robert Bennett
Victor Lovelace
Katie Wolven
Florence Sampson
Fred Bauer
Mrs. F. Bauer
Chas. VanHorn
John Flint
Clayton Rasbeck
Mrs. C. Rasbeck
William Larkin
Ray Younglove
Chas. Wolven
Mrs. Chas. Wolven
George Sampson
Mrs. Frank Corey
John Ferguson
George Wolvin
Mrs. G. Wolvin
Jason Hulburt
Mrs. J. Hulburt



Master, Harold DiSanto; Overseer, John DiSanto; Lecturer, Bertha DiSanto; Steward, Keith Van Dyne; Assistant Steward, Ray Fadden; Chaplain, Irving Wilsey; Treasurer, George Noble; Secretary, Agnes DiSanto; Financial Secretary, Daniel Metcalf; Gatekeeper, Clarence Beebe; Ceres, Mary Noble; Pomona, Melvina Reed; Flora, Helen Hadden; Lady Assistant Steward, Gladys Fadden; Trustees, I.R. Farrand, Keith Van Dyne, Arthur Reed; Pianist, Mrs. Howard Wood.


Mrs. Jane Abbott
Ernest Abbott
Jane Braggerly
Clarence Beebe
Mrs. Clarence Beebe
Charles Bishop
E. P. Browne
Mrs. E. P. Browne
Flora Braggy
Earl Baker
Merton Cotton
Wm. Culver
Mrs. Mary Davis
Milo Darrow
Mrs. Milo Darrow
Peter DiSanto
Mr., Mrs. John Dank
Augustus Dank
Judson Drable
Mr., Mrs. J. DiSanto
Agnes DiSanto
Harold DiSanto
Vivian DiSanto
Alfred DiSanto
Harl Dickens
Mrs. H. Dickens
Mr., Mrs. W. Dickens
John Donahue
Mrs. J. Donahue
I. B. Farrand
Mrs. Ella Farrand
Floyd Ferris
Ed. Fennell
Ellis Ford
Mrs. Ellis Ford
Mr., Mrs. R. Fadden
LeGrande Gay
Raymond Gay
Hattie Gardenir
Charles Gillette
John Gould
John Grimes
Grover Glasglow
Fred Ganz
Howard Gray
Oscar Hall
Mrs. O. Hall
Will Harmon
Julia Herbst
Joseph Herbst
A. D. Harder
Mrs. Geo. Horn
M. Hultenschmits
Mrs. M. Hultenschmits
Henry Hopkins
Marion Hadden
Mrs. Marion Hadden
Raymond Jenks
Mr., Mrs. I. Jackson
Ed. Kennedy
Edna Lutwiller
Ezra Metcalfe
Mrs. Ezra Metcalfe
Mr., Mrs. D. Metcalf
Leo Metcalf
Dean Metcalf
Mrs. Dean Metcalf
Helan Metcalf
Marion Metcalf
Mary May
J. H. McLoud
Donald McLoud

Earl McGonigal
Mrs. E. McGonigal
Charles Mettler
J. C. Morgan
Albert Moore
Mrs. Carlton Murray
Charles A. Mead
Charles Mead, Jr.
Duard Merriot
Robert Maricle
Mr., Mrs. H. Noble
Tom Noble
Mr., Mrs. G. Noble
John O'Connor
Charles O'Connor
Richard O'Connor
Ned Olmstead
Mrs. N. Olmstead
Arthur Olmstead
Frank Penta
Mrs. Ida Philips
Byron Rising
Elmer Rogers
Lislie Rogers
Mrs. Mary Ray
Mr., Mrs. A. Reed
Edwin Reed
Adah Reed
Kenneth Reed
Raymond Buckler
F. E. Roberston
Mrs. F. E. Roberston
Mr., Mrs. R. Rynders
Robert Rynders
Clarence Stickles
Mrs. Nellie Sherman
George Springstead
Wm. Southwick
Mr., Mrs. R. Stevenson
Mr., Mrs. G. Sippert
Laverne Sippert
Anna Sippert
Fred Taylor
Mary Thatcher
Frank Tomilson
Mrs. Frank Tomilson
Frank VanHee
Grover VanNostrand
Mrs. G. VanNostrand
A. U. Vought
Mrs. Geo. VanDyne
Keith VanDyne
Mrs. K. VanDyne
Bertha Waterman
Mr., Mrs. K. Whipple
Florence Whipple
Irving Wilsey
Mrs. I. Wilsey
Charles Winters
James Winters
Geo. Wolfe
Augustus Wollert
Sheridan Wood
Howard Wood
Mrs. Howard Wood
Mrs. Gipson Wood
Llewellyn Welch
Mrs. L. Welch
Rufus Welch
W. R. Wiles
Mahlon Weaver


South Butler Grange was organized April 25, 1910 with thirteen Charter members, in Davis Hall at South Butler. Meetings were held in Davis Hall and in I. O. O. F. Hall until a building was bought and in April, 1925, we moved in our new hall. Two of our members, F. Percy Fry and B. E. Carpenter are Past Masters of Pomona Grange. Mrs. B. E. Carpenter has been Pomona and Mrs. Stanley Tyler is now Lady Assistant Steward of Pomona Grange of Wayne County.


Master, George W. Wilson; Overseer, Casper Lampman; Lecturer, Mrs. Frank E. Davis; Steward, Arthur Grant; Assistant Steward, Walter Candee; Treasurer, Mrs. Lena Grant; Secretary, Mrs. Garry Mount; Gatekeeper, Orville Acker; Ceres, Nellie Acker; Pomona, Mrs. Walter Candee; Flora, Mrs. Della Pasco; Chaplain, William M. Pasco; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Arthur Grant.


George W. Wilson, W. E. Hall, Bert E. Carpenter, F. Percy Fry, Charles I. Mead, Walter Candee.


Master, Bert E. Carpenter; Overseer, Mrs. Ella Lockwood; Lecturer, Mrs. Nettie Candee; Steward, Ernest Lockwood; Assistant Steward, Walter Candee; Chaplain, Rev. R. R. Knight; Treasurer, George Candee; Secretary, Mrs. Howard L. Tyler; Gatekeeper, Calvin Wells; Ceres, Mrs. Florence Wells; Pomona, Edna Halsted; Flora, Mrs. Jane Carpenter; Lady Assistant, Mrs. Nellie Halsted; Trustees, F. Percy Fry, Ernest Lockwood, Howard L. Tyler.


Mrs. Asa Acker
Orville Acker
Mrs. O. Acker
Mrs. Alta Aurand
Geo. Aikins
Mrs. Stella Aikens
Mrs. Ada Aikins
Leslie Andrus
Erma Acker
Geo. Baird
Mrs. G. Baird
Wm. Bar Relle
Mrs. Jennie Bassett
Levi Borden
Vern E. Bowler
Edward Burke
John Burke
George Candee
Mrs. G. Candee
Walter Candee
Edna Candee
Thelma Candee
Raymond Candee
Bert Carpenter
Mrs. B. Carpenter
Mrs. Andrew Cool
Wm. Cool
Chas. Colvin
Dan Curren
Clarence Deypher
Lyman Dratt
Mrs. L. Dratt
Russell Douglas
Wm. Eakins
Geo. Ely
Garrett Forshee
Frank Foster
Ida Foster
George Foster
Mrs. G. Foster
Clarence Fowler
F. Percy Fry
Mrs. Frank Fry
Howard Gay
Earl Gay
Maud Gay
Mrs. Glenn Gillette
Fred Graham
Claude Graham
Orpha Hall
Nellie Halsted
Edna Halsted
Harmon Hallenbeck
John Hill
Maude Hill
W. D. Johnson
Mrs. W. D. Johnson
Wm. Johnson
Myrte Johnson
Lulu Kasson
Rev. R. R. Knight
Mildred Kline
Harry Latimer

Chas. Livingston
Mrs. C. Livingston
Abigail Livingston
Minnie Livingston
Ernest Lockwood
Ella Lockwood
Maurice G. LeRoy
Alice M. LeRoy
Joseph Loughran
Chas. Mead
Harry Mead
Fred Merrill
Mrs. F. Merrill
Chas. Mosher
Helen Noble
John Pangburn
Viola Pangburn
Wm. Pasco
Mrs. Wm. Pasco
Clarence Reed
Mrs. C. Reed
Chas. Reed
Mrs. C. Reed
C. E. Reynold
Mrs. Mary Rising
Anthony Saeli
Rose Saeli
Adrian Scott
Ethel Scott
Gordon Shoecraft
Pheobe Shoecraft
Roland Slocum
Lorena Slocum
Azel Smith
Mary Smith
Anna Smith
Carlyle Spickerman
Mrs. C. Spickerman
Millie Sprague
Grace Sweeting
J. Melvin Taylor
Mrs. J. M. Taylor
Howard Tyler
Mrs. H. Tyler
Stanley Tyler
Erva Tyler
Judson VanDuesen
Marcia VanVleck
Harriet Vincent
Geo. Weeks
Agnes Walker
Mrs. G. Weeks
Anna Welch
Ella Whalen
Calvin Wells
Mrs. Florence Wells
Jas. H. Williams
Marion Wilde
Robert Wolfe
E. J. Wood
Mrs. E. J. Wood
Julia Warner
Bert E. Weeks
Peter Wojcieke


Excelsior Grange was organized in North Lyons, date unknown, and held meetings at homes of the members and also in a hop house on the B. P. Van Marter farm, north of Lyons and two miles from South Sodus. Trouble arose that divided the Grange, part of the members going to Lyons and others organized a unit in the Van Marter hop house on April 18, 1874, which is South Sodus Grange, No. 175. It is said that B. P. Van Marter was the first Master. There were 31 charter members. From 1874 until 1890 the meetings were held in the Methodist Church and in different halls in South Sodus. For the first few years it had a steady growth, then slowly declined until about 1905 when it had only about 40 members. Later it began to pick up and gained in membership; in December, 1925 we had about 100 members. Since then we have lost in members till now we have only half that number. December 2, 1916 we created a sinking fund for the purpose of building a hall, we started with $25, to which we added, until in the summer of 1932 we purchased the M. E. parsonage which we made into a Grange Home and it was dedicated on June 28 by Worthy Master M. Freestone, the best of all it is all paid for.


Master, James Buyck; Overseer, Leonard Lasher; Lecturer, E. J. Van Marter; Steward, Miles Heinrich; Assistant Steward, Claire Mourey; Chaplain, Mrs. Jessie Lasher; Treasurer, Learn H. Lasher; Secretary, Mrs. Helena Van Marter; Gatekeeper, Leroy Van Marter; Ceres, Mrs. Elizabeth Bramer; Pomona, Mrs. Mary McDowell; Flora, Mrs. Carrie Bates; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Viola Heinrich.


A. E. Bates
Mrs. A. E. Bates
John Bliek
James Buyck
Mrs. J. Buyck
Arthur Bramre
Mrs. A. Bramer
Gordon DeGelleke
Gordon Buzzerd
Ora F. Brown
Lloyd Everhart
Geo. Finch
Mrs. Marie Faas
Susie Faas
Isaac Frenouw
Ernest Frenouw
Jessie Gulick
Frank Hadden
Mrs. M. Harrington
Henry Herrmann
Geo. Heinrich
Miles Heinrich
Mrs. M. Heinrich
Mrs. Sophia Hosford

L. D. Hosford
Geo. Herman
Mrs. Anna Herman
Clayton Henry
Mrs. C. Henry
Mrs. Wm. Hewitt
Learn Lasher
Palmer Lester
Wm. Morrow
Mrs. W. Morrow
Mrs. Mary McDowell
Claire Mourey
Mark Noody
Chas. Raymer
Glen Kitchen
Marjorie Pitcher
Mrs. Bernice Sharp
Kenneth Smith
E. J. VanMarter
Mrs. E. J. VanMarter
LeRoy VanMarter
Lionel B. VanMarter
Albert Wager
Isaac Wagemaker


Wallington Grange was organized in 1874 with C. W. Tinklepaugh as first Master and Philip Hood as Secretary.


Master, Bert Thompson; Overseer, John Buerman; Lecturer, Mrs. Peter Van Haute; Chaplain, Helen Proseus; Treasurer, C. N. Reynolds; Secretary, C. S. Naracon; Gatekeeper, John Burlee; Ceres, Grace Raymer; Pomona, Hattie Burlee; Flora, Grace Stark; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. Bert Thompson.


Abram Burlee
James Bartleron
Mrs. J. Bartleron
Katherine Bridger
Vida Buerman
Samuel Burns
Wm. Berkley
Raymond Brown
Charles Bond
Myrtle Bond
Willis Champlin
Ernest Chrisler
Mrs. E. Chrisler
Ida Davis
Charles Edmonds
Dora Espenscheid
Evelyn Gatchell
Charles Green
Bertrand Hewson
P. G. Halstrum
Roy W. Palmer
Isaac Burlee
Mrs. I. Burlee
Lee Edmonds
Clara Merritt
Henry Tyndall
Rena C. Palmer
Elizabeth Braggins
Ray Braggins

Isaac DeNeef
Mrs. I DeNeef
Darwin Wideman
Ethel Wideman
Harry Herbert
Leta Herbert
Anna Sherman
John Halcus
John McMillan
Ralph M. Palmer
Harry Olmstead
Wm. Parks
Aldus Porter
Wm. Peck
Frank Raymer
Bell Sargent
Frances Shannon
Marrion Shannon
Arthur Sherman
Jacob Tack
Wm. Vanderzille
Leon Vanderzille
Neil Furber
Ross Espenscheid
Arthur Mayau
Carrie Boyd
H. S. Youngs
Salome Wermuth


Walworth Grange was organized January 28, 1875, with 37 Charter members. The Hon. Lucien I. Yeomans was the first master. The first meetings were held in the homes of the Patrons. Then the Masonic Hall was rented for a short time. In 1877 the old Walworth Academy building was rented and the second floor was remodeled by the husbandmen and Matrons. As we all know a Grange wouldn't be a Grange without the dinners so after a few years the Grangers made the first floor of the Academy building into a dining room and kitchen. This building served as a Grange Home until March, 1929, when it was wrecked to make room for the new Walworth High School. In the Spring of 1929 the Grangers purchased the old Pacific Hotel located on the four corners in the Village of Walworth. Again the Patrons cooperated and remodeled the building. The second floor is used for a Grange Hall, dining room, serving rooms and a kitchen. The first floor is rented for a barber shop, a feed store, a living apartment and a room used by the firemen and the town for voting purposes. This building has been painted and repaired so that every Granger is proud of its home. Walworth Grange takes pride in knowing that one of the former members helped to organize the Wayne County Mutual Fire Insurance Company which was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in 1878. The men who were responsible for the Insurance Company were, Rowland Robinson of Sodus, A. T. Sheldon of Pultneyville and Albert Yeomans of Walworth. The company filled a long felt need for fire protection to the Patrons of Wayne County. In 1880, Mr. Billings, the Master of Walworth Grange, gave a few volumes to the grange. This started the library whose shelves fill the wall space on the one side of the Grange Room. Books are added each year through the efforts of the Book Club of Walworth Grange members. Thus the Grangers are supplied with new reading material. The library is popular with all ages of grangers and their families. Walworth Patrons are justly proud of its library. There are fifteen of Walworth's sixteen past masters who are still members of the local grange. Most of them taking an active part in Grange work. One serves as Grange Treasurer; three are on the board of trustees and one is chorister of the Grange. We have two Golden Sheaf members and 23 Silver Star members. About 25 of our members have just made applications for their Silver Star Certificates. One of the activities of the Grange which all of the Patrons take pride in and show a great interest in is the exhibit which they put on at the Palmyra Fair. Why shouldn't they, they have won on all their exhibits except one.


Lucien T. Yeomans, 4 yrs.; William Billings, 1 yr.; Lucien I. Yeomans, 2 yrs.; Williams Edgerton, 2 yrs.; John Langdon, 3 yrs.; Leroy Baker, 2 yrs.; Albert Yeomans, 4 yrs.; Leon M. Sherburne, 4 yrs.; Mrs. Albert Yeomans, 2 yrs.; Frank Tuttle, 2 yrs.; Mrs. Albert Yeomans, 1 yr.; George Wignall, 2 yrs.; George J. Trowley, 2 yrs.; Wellington M. Lawrence, 2 yrs.; Ulysses W. Sherburne, 2 yrs.; George J. Trowley, 1 yr; Charles C. Lawrence, 2 yrs.; Valorus J . Bassage, 2 yrs.; Frank W. Carman, 2 yrs.; Robert Coveney, 2 yrs.; Truman B. Yuker, 2 yrs.; Lloyd Bassage, 2 yrs.; Clifford M. Huntley, 2 yrs.; Robert W. Wignall, 2 yrs.; Alfred J. Lewis, Jr., 1 yr.; Floyd B. Friedenburg, 3 yrs.; George R. Wignall, 1 yr.; Clarence Ginegan, 2 yrs.; Leander W. Baker, 3 yrs.


Master, Leander Baker; Overseer, Frank Dedie; Lecturer, Emily Huntley, Robert Wignall, F. B. Fredenburg, John Forney; Steward, Frank Carman; Assistant Steward, Carl R. Dayton; Chaplain, Elizabeth Kline; Treasurer, W. M. Lawrence; Secretary, Alice L. Dayton; Flora, Maude Pembroke, L. A. Steward, Caroline Frowley; Trustees, G. R. Wignall, W. M. Lawrence, Robert Coveney.

A. H. Almekinden
Mrs. Almekinden
Mr., Mrs. H. W. Arnold
Mr., Mrs. L. Baker
I. J. Bassage
Lloyd Bassage
Mrs. L. Bassage
Mrs. Cora Bavis
Mrs. Anna Boynton
F. N. Carman
Orlie Clark
Robert Coveney
Mrs. R. Coveney
Miss Mary Coveney
John Connolly
Mrs. J. Connolly
Mr., Mrs. Frank Dedie
Daniel Dayton
Mr., Mrs. C. Dayton
Dr., Mrs. E. E. Esley
Mrs. Emma Esley
Alvah Evans
Allison Ford
F. B. Fredenburg
Mrs. F. B. Fredenburg
George Frowley
Mrs. G. Frowley
Charles Frowley
Mrs. C. Frowley
Fremont Fulner
Clarence Ginegan
Mrs. C. Ginegan
John Forney
Mrs. J. Forney
Arthur Hatch
Mrs. Ethel Hack
Mrs. Edwin Horton
Miss Ella Horton
Mrs. Ray Hoffman
A. E. Huntley
Mrs. A. E. Huntley
C. M. Huntley
Mrs. C. M. Huntley
A. Hoste
Elizabeth Kline
Howard Kessler
Mrs. H. Kessler
N. M. Lawrence
Mrs. N. M. Lawrence
C. C. Lawrence
Mrs. C. C. Lawrence
F. J. Lawrence
Mrs. F. J. Lawrence
Mrs. Nettie Mastin
William Malcolm
Mr., Mrs. G. Millin
Marshall McKue
Mr., Mrs. Clyde McKee

Bert Molner
Mrs. B. Molner
Mrs. Norman Nutt
Harold Nutt
Ednah Newbury
Mrs. Clara Oldrin
Mrs. Lelia Osterhout
Mrs. Minnie Phillip
Jacob Pembroke
Mrs. J. Pembroke
Albert Pembroke
Mrs. A. Pembroke
Jacob Petty
Jennie Rosecrans
Simeon Russell
Harold Reynolds
Mrs. S. Russell
Mrs. H. Reynolds
I. M. Salyerds
Frank Sawyer
John Scott
Mrs. J. Scott
V. N. Sherburne
John Soudan
Lloyd Soudan
Peter Tabor
Mr., Mrs. F. Tabor
Mrs. Ella Tuttle
Charles Tuttle
Mrs. C. Tuttle
George Wignall
Mrs. G. Wignall
Robert Wignall
Mrs. R. Wignall
Walter Wilson
Clara Yeomans
Mr., Mrs. T. B. Yuker
Lee Doansen
Mrs. L. Doansen
Mrs. George Beadle
Peter Balzar
Anna Balzar
Charles Griswald
Mrs. C. Griswald
Abram Haak
Mrs. A. Haak
Harry Monroe
Harland Wray
Mrs. H. Wray
Mrs. Amanda Unfall
Isaac Allaart
Richard Kommer
Abe Hoffmans
Jacob Gossye
Rev. Albert Asquith
Mr., Mrs. G. Bailey
Mrs. A. Asquith
Magdeline Tellier

SOURCE: information abstracted from Official Directory and History of Wayne County Granges, Patrons of Husbandry, 1936, compiled by Earl E. Smith, Sodus, N.Y., publisher and printer not stated.

The site coordinators have no information about individuals listed or about the specific granges. We realize that some of the spellings look incorrect, may be incorrect, and probably are incorrect. But as you recognize your relatives, typing this up was worthwhile. The lists have been proofread against the original book, and to maintain the historical integrity of this resource, the spellings of your relatives' names will remain as in the original. We thank you in advance for not emailing us with questions but directing ALL inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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