Source: "Boyd's New York State Directory. 1872. 1873. 1874.," by Andrew Boyd. Syracuse, N.Y.: Truair, Smith & Co. Printers. 1872.

Alloway, Wayne Co.

Payne Thomas, general store
Schneider A., hotel

Alton, Wayne Co.

In the town of Sodus.

Case Albert, general store
Espenschied A., harness
Harris James, general store
Phils George W., blacksmith
Rowland Reuben R., general store
Welch Wm., shoes

Clyde, Wayne Co.

Clyde was incorporated May 2, 1835. Population about 3,500. It is 186 miles from Albany and 112 from Buffalo. The village is located on river Clyde; containing six churches, two banks, extensive distilleries, steam flour mills, furnaces and shops for manufacture of agricultural implements, cooperage, brewery, two malt houses, tannery and other manufactories, as well as extensive forwarding and commission establishments. Glass of an excellent quality is made here. One-third of all the peppermint grown in the United States is raised about here.

Adams A.E. variety, Glasgow
Aurand H. Mrs. dress maker, S. Park
Bedell L. jeweler, Glasgow
Briggs & Palmer, bankers, Glasgow
Child S. jewelry, Glasgow
Clyde Times, J.M. Scarritt, publisher, Glasgow
Cole & Kenyon, Clyde Hotel, N. Park
Collins C.D. justice of the peace, Glasgow
Colvin N.P. physician, Glasgow
Cooper A. Cooper House, Glasgow
Costello C. clothing, Columbia
Cowles G.W. lawyer, Glasgow
Crane & Saxton, lawyers, Glasgow
Crowell J. shoes, Glasgow
Cuykendall M.S. furniture, Glasgow
Dennison A. sewing machines, Glasgow
Dennison P.G. dry goods, Glasgow
Fields A.S. furniture, Glasgow
Fisher A. & Son, dry goods, Glasgow
Forbes James, prop. Thompson House, r. of Depot
Fowler J. livery, Clyde Hotel
Genung & German, sash and blinds, Water
Greene J. druggist, Glasgow
Griswold, Elliott & Co. bankers, Glasgow
Groesbeck & Bro. grocers, Columbia
Groescup P. baker, Glasgow
Hamilton C. & Son, dry goods, Glasgow
Horton W.F. hardware, Glasgow
Hovey N. lumber and coal, Columbia
Howe & Finch, clothiers, Glasgow
Humphrey F. & Son, foundry, Waterloo
Husick C. bar ber, Glasgow
Ives Wm. C. jeweler, Glasgow
Lape & Spaulding, grocers, Glasgow
Lux E. & Son, coopers, n. Columbia
Matseson R.R. hats and caps, Glasgow
Merrick C. dry goods, Glasgow
Murphy J. grocer, Columbia
Newman William, American hotel, Lock
Nichols J.M. grain, &c. Ford
Ostrander A.H. druggist, Glasgow
Pardee A. dry goods, Glasgow
Parr T. Mrs. millinery, S. Park
Perkins R. dry goods, Glasgow
Perry Wm. F. liquors, Glasgow
Ranger & Whitmore, photographers, Glasgow
Reed C.W. flour and feed, Ford
Robinson T. lawyer, Glasgow
Robinson W.H. harness maker, Glasgow
Roffee E.M. dentist, Glasgow
Sands E. flour and feed, Columbia
Seaman L.E. grocer, Columbia
Sherman B.F. Sherman House, Columbia
Sherman E.W. druggist, Columbia
Simmons Miss, millinery, Glasgow
Skinner & Co. stave manufs. Waterloo
Smith J.E. druggist, Glasgow
Smith T. maltster, n. Glasgow
Smith & Arnold, physicians, Glasgow
Southwick, Reed & Co. glass works Factory
Strauss J. merchant tailor, Glasgow
Streeter S.D. & J.M. grain malt, Ford
Stoetzel, G.F. baker, Columbia
Stum L. miller, Ford
Taylor E.P. & L.S., tanners, Geneva
Terry J.G. lumber, Columbia
Thalheimer J. clothing, Glasgow
Thorn T.P. maltster, Ford
Thorn & Fox, maltster, Water
Tibbitts E. Mrs. fancy goods, N. Park
Tipling T. grocer, Glasgow
Tremper J.E. grocer, Glasgow
Vandenberg A. harness maker, Glasgow
Vandenberg & Baker, lawyers, Glasgow
Waters Wm. ticket, freight and station agt
Weed S. physician, Glasgow
Wells C.B. marble works, Columbia
Westfall H. restaurant, Glasgow
Wiley I. justice peace, Ford
Willoughby S. confectioner, Glasgow
Wood S.W. & Co., engines and boilers, Ford
Young L.H. lawyer, Glasgow

East Palmyra, Wayne Co.

Gerrard G. W., grocer
Saper Foster, blacksmith

Fairville, Wayne Co.

Beckwith John A., harness
Burnett James, tanner
Crandell L.A., physician
Deigle Jacob, blacksmith
Flick, Peter, wagons
Frits Charles, steam saw mill
Harr Jacob, shoemaker
Gridley E.A., country store
Lidinger Valentine, wagons
McIntyre W., tavern
Raymond Samuel, boots and shoes
Van Inwagen Cornelius, tavern
Van Inwagen L., groceries &c.

Huron, Wayne Co.

Beach R. E., carriage maker
Catchpole & Co., saw mill
Dunbar Nelson, country store
Feeck L. A., builder
Feeck Wm., builder
Harris R. Mrs., hotel
Lamb Wm. 2d, cooper
Morton Alvin, blacksmith
Upson H. J., insurance agent

Joy, Wayne Co.

Dennison Asa, saw mill
Green Benjamin B., stave factory
Hopp John, blacksmith and wagons
Laubenheimer L., country store
Muhl Philip, cooper
Tinklepaugh W.H., country store
Wells Collins, shoemaker

LakeSide, Wayne Co.

Ellsworth Ira, blacksmith
Hopkins, H.O. & P., saw mill
Palmer R., saw mill
Rood, E.J., carriage maker
Sands, Alexander, country store
Weeks, B.B., carriage maker

Lyons, Wayne Co.

Is on the N.Y.C.R.R. 193 miles from Albany and 105 from Buffalo; contains many fine edifices, including a Court House of tasteful cut stone, with a fine portico and dome. There are seven churches, a Union school house, two newspapers, two banks, a variety of stores and manufactories of different kinds. Population about 4000.

Abert, Classen & Co. foundry, 124 Canal
Ackerman James, blacksmith, Canal
Agett Wm. W. carpenter, Canal
Althen D. saloon, Church
Althen Philip, tailor, Water
Arnold C. saloon, Broad
Baltzel H. boots and shoes, Broad
Bashford J. cider vinegar, Water
Barrell & Co. meat market, Water
Beachman Robert, jeweler, 10 Canal
Beadle J. boots and shoes, Canal
Beadle Thomas, boots and shoes, Canal
Bennett E.A. boots and shoes, Canal
Bennett J. Mrs. dress maker, Canal
Bennett & Case, livery, Water c. Phelps
Berns Henry, shoes, Canal
Berns & Son, shoes, Canal
Boehmler F. & Son, furniture, Broad
Boheim J. cabiner makers, n. Phelps
Bottum & Gillett, physicians, William
Bourne J.H. hardware, Water
Bourne & Weller, meat market, Canal
Bristol N. Miss, milliner, Broad
Brownell J.N. sheriff, Church
Camp J.H. lawyer, Church
Carver J. restaurant, Water
Christman & Kreiss, flour, Water
Clark W. & W.H. lawyers, William
Collins T.W. lawyer, Masonic Block
Cosart C. Mrs. millinery, Canal
Cosart E.C. milliner, Canal
Cowles A.I. drugs, Canal c. Williams
Cramer Geo. W. insurance agent, Canal
David W.G. physician, Phelps
Degolyer J.F. crockery, Williams
Deuchler P. carriages, Geneva c. Lawrence
Dickerson H.G. & Son, hats and caps, 15 Water
Dillenbeck M.H. druggist, Water
Dunwell Almerin, blacksmith, Geneva
Engle D. boots and shoes, Canal
Espenhaim Charles F. bending works, Canal
Ewalt Peter, hair dresser, Canal
Fehr J. meat market, Canal
Finch J. harness maker, Canal
Fitch J.O. jewelry, Canal n. William
Forfar James, coal and lumber, Geneva
French W.A. dry goods, William
Fres & Son, grocers, Canal
Gates A.W. lawyer, Masonic Block
Gavitt S.B. banker, William
Getman G.W. druggist, William
Globe House, Jacob Sees, Canal n. William
Graff H. marble works, Water
Hano John, Congress Hall, Water
Harrington Thomson, pottery, Canal
Hartman Harriet Mrs. dress maker, Water
Hartnagel Geo. dry goods, &c. Water
Hatter J.M. dry goods, Canal
Haynes J.B. blacksmith, William
Hecox J.J. grocer, Water c. Broad
Hobey Hiram, hats and caps, Canal n. Geneva
Hopkins J. foreign ticket agent, n. Depot
Hotchkiss H.G. essential oil manuf. Water
Hoyt E.J. Miss, dress maker, Canal
Huff & Johnson, drugs and groceries, Canal n. Geneva
Jameson H. dentist, Canal
Keoster C. lager beer brewer, Maple
Knapp C. Starrs Hotel, Canal
Knoblock J. harness maker,Canal
Knowles G.W. produce, Water
Kruetzer Wm. hardware, William
Lauster G. meat market, William
Leach Miles S. flour and feed manuf. 51 Water
LInes S.V. & Sons, shoes, Water
Lyons National Bank, William c. Canal
Lyons Republican, W.T. Tinsley, publisher, Church
Lyons Yeast Co., R.D. Lane, William
Mackin S. grocer, Water
Marshall Stephen, planingmill, n. Canal
Marshall & Son, coal and lumber, Geneva
Mason Clark, lawyer, William
McGown J. & E. Misses, dress makers
Medbery A.M. & D.D. grocers, Water
Merrick & Cole, bankers, William
Mirick J. & Son, grocers, Canal
Moore H.S. confectionery, Canal
Moran Daniel, clothing, Canal
National Hotel, L. Deuchler, Canal n. William
Nellis N. wines and liquors, Broad
O'Leary Jerry, hair dresser, Canal
Patterson, Newton & Bro. dry goods, Canal, n. Geneva
Pell C. & Son, clothing, Water
Perrine W.D. jeweler, Broad
Playford L. dress maker, Canal
Price G.P. restaurant, Canal
Price E.B. & Son, grocers, Canal c. Geneva
Puls P. grocer, n. Phelps
Pulver E. saloon, Water
Putney W.H. wire goods, Geneva
Randall J. Mrs. fancy goods, &c. Canal
Rapp Peter, baker, Canal
Ravell C.H., photographer, Canal
Remsen & Redgrave, hardware, Canal c. Geneva
Rice C. & Co. dry goods, Water
Robinson J. carriages, Geneva
Robinson Wm. sash and blinds, Sodus
Rogers & Cosart, shoes, Water
Rogers Bros. nurserymen, Maple
Rorabacker & Rodenbecker, brewers, Maple
Roys C.H. lawyer, Church
Rudd J.H. stationer, William
Sanford & Co. grocers, at the Lock
Schermerhorn L. photographer, 37 William
Schneider J.P. grocer, Water
Shaw Jacob, painter, 17 Maple
Smeet Wm. Graham Hotel, William
Starr's Hotel, G.W. Knapp, Canal
Stephen P.J. boots and shoes, Canal
Stolz & Straus, clothing, Canal n. William
Stone & Fordham, root beer, Canal
Strang G.C. dry goods, Canal
Sylvester E.W. nursery and wine manufr. Sodus Road
Theisc C. shoemaker, Canal
Tinsley W.T. editor and prop. Lyons Republican, Church
Tower A.H. livery, Park
Tucker C.B. physician, Canal
Van Auken J. boots and shoes, Canal
Van Camp Wm. editor and prop. Wayne Democratic Press, Masonic Block
Van Etten J.W. lawyer, ins. agent and postmaster, Masonic Block
Vaughn Misses, ladies' furnishings, Canal
Vosburgh H.D. physician, Canal
Walrath A. Exchange Hotel, Broad
Watrous H.H. dentist, Canal
Wayne Democratic Press, Wm. Van Camp, publisher, Masonic Block
Weaver G. steam saw mill, Canal
Weaver John, saw mill, Canal
Weller & Bourne, meat market, Canal
Welling J. lawyer, Masonic Block
Wickson & Van Wickle, foundry and machine shop, Broad
Wilder Sylvester, restaurant, Canal
Wilder V. restaurant, Canal
Weden A. harness maker, Water
Yackel P. boots and shoes, Water
Zwelling Wm. harness maker, Canal
Zimmerlin & Miller, bakers, Canal

Macedon, Wayne Co.

On the N.Y.C.R.R., 88 miles from Buffalo.

Acker & Eddy, clothing
Allen, Russell & Co. millers
Allen & Clevenger, millers
Ausman & Ripley, canal grocers
Bickford & Huffman, seed drills, &c.
Brace Walter, country store
Chase Benj. wool, buffalo robes and produce
Cramer L.L. grocer
Dean Martin, shoemaker
Everson Chas. hardware, tin, &c.
Fillumford W. & L. tannery
Glen & Herendien, produce and coal
Greene Henry, builder
Herendeen C.B. grocer
Kelly Asa S. boots and shoes
Little John, drugs
McCann J, canal grocer
McCormick John blacksmith
Marshall W.G. agricul. implts.
Mumford W. & L. tanners
Ouseman & Ripley, canal grocers
Purdy A. country store
Rathbun & Son, harness
Rogers Wm. canal grocer
Russell, Allyn & Co. millers
Smith, Parmington & Cady, blacksmiths
Van Dusen C.L. nursery
Whitney & Ackley, hotel
Wilcoxen & Packard, hardware
Wilson M.N. nursery
Wilson Wm. miller

Macedon Centre, Wayne Co.

Hicks E. country store

Marengo, Wayne Co.

Allen A.M. farmer and country store

Marion, Wayne Co.

Cary Preston, blacksmith
Curtis J.S. & B.F. carriage manufacturers
Davis B.D. blacksmith
Gillett & Hathaway, coopers
Garlock A. produce
Gurnee I.H. boots and shoes
Heslor A. grocer
Hesler J. & C. com. mers
Hollens J. general store
House Frederick, painter
House S.G. physician
Huggins C.C. banker
Lay & Co. fanning mill manufacturers
Lusk N.J. general store
Manley R. Mrs. milliner
Newton A.B. grocer
Odell J.D. milliner
Parks Wm. blacksmith
Pulver Alfred, general store
Richards D. physician
Sanford M.J. Miss, fancy goods
Sayers A. physician
Short A.B. hardware
Skinner S.W. physician
Smith & Green, founders
Stanton O.H. general store
Taber H.R. lawyer
Turck James, grocer
Vanderveer & Winslow, grocers
Williams A.P. painter
Wolf John, carriage maker
Wright E.R. physician
Youngs, Hessler & Smith, flouring mill

Newark, Wayne Co.

Named in honor of Gen. Anthony Wayne. It is a canal village and important station upon the N.Y.C.R.R., 31 miles from Rochester. It has a bank, a weekly newspaper and several manufactories.

Aldrich H. coal, E. Newark
Allen George, carriage trimmer, Canal
Anderson John, baker, Canal
Bagley & Robinson, carriage manufrs. Canal
Baker Henry, wagon maker, E. Newark
Bartle & Eames, lumber dealers and planing mill, Canal
Bartle & Garlock, machine shop, Water
Blackmer E. dry goods, Main
Blakely J.G. stoves and tinware, Canal
Bridger James, grocer, n. Depot
Briggs S. physician, Miller
Brown N. meat market, Palmyra
Burnhan E.K. lawyer, Main
Clark & Co. glove manufrs. Palmyra
Cook Geo. grocer, E. Newark
Cookenham Wm. wagon maker, E. Newark
Crandall G.B. mint still and cider mill, Water
Crandall T. meat market, Main
Cronise & Co. hardware, Main
Cronise & Owen, dry goods, E. Newark
Davis Mason, boots and shoes, Palmyra
Dawley P. grocer, Middle Lock
Dillenbeck A.M. dry goods and postmaster, E. Newark
Duffy T. barber, Main
Edge E.A. fruit canner, n. Canal
Filkins Hiram, coal and lime, Palmyra
Finley L. omnibus line, Canal
First National Bank of Newark, Main
Fitch C.H. stoves, E. Newark
Ford D.L. notary public, Canal
Ford J.D. justice, Canal
Ford J.W. grocer, Main
Frear C.H. grocer and town clerk, Main
Freeman C.J. restaurant, Canal
Fry & Niderer, carriage manfs. Willow ave
Gardenier Z.B. livery, Willow ave
Gaslin Geo. B. marble works, Palmyra
Gehres Peter, European hotel
Gillson J.B. Newark Hotel, Willow ave
Gorman Wm. blackmith, Van Burn
Hankenson J.W. clothing, Main
Harrington & Wolfrom, painters Willow ave
Harris O.W. boots and shoes, Palmyra
Heath G.A., furniture, E. Newark
Horton J.S. boots and shoes, E. Newark
Hyde A.H. cooper, n. Depot
Jackson & Perkins, market gardeners, n. Miller
Kenyon M.M. druggist, Main
Krum S. baker, Canal
Lamereaux & Richmond, lumber, E. Newark
Langdon E.D. Railroad House and livery, opp Depot
Lewis G.L., N.Y. Central House, opp. Depot
Lusk A.D. grocer, Lower Lock
Lusk Jacob, cabinet ware, Willow ave
Mallory & Grant, millers, E. Newark
Matteson J.S. maltster, Palmyra
McCall L.C. millinery, Main
McGregor P. shoemaker, Main
Miller Frank, harness maker, Willow ave
Miller V.F. harness maker, E. Newark
Miller M. saloon, Willow ave
Morse H.H. dry goods, Main
Morse R. clothing, Main
Mundy & Penoyer, hats, caps and furs, Main
Newark Couriet, J. Wilson, editor and prop. Palmyra
Nichols & Clark, millers, n. Cemetery
Norton L.M. lawyer and county judge, Main
Nutten W.F. physician, Miller
Nye E. Miss, fancy goods, Canal
Padget B.M. dentist, Canal
Pearson G.W. boots and shoes, Main
Pease D.A. photographer, Main
Pierson Henry, grocer, Palmyra
Pierson S.S. banker, Palmyra
Pomeroy C.G. physician, Main
Pratt L.S. meat market, Main
Prescott Joel H. postmaster and insurance agent, Palmyra
Price G.H. grocer, Upper Lock
Pyatt & Co. grocers, Main
Reid & Barney, dry goods, Main
Richman D. shoemaker, Willow ave
Rose L.L. grain dealer, E. Newark
Rose & Kemper, maltsters, E. Newark
Rush Wm. saloon and livery, E. Newark
Sherman D. A. coal, Canal
Sipson J. tailor, Willow ave
Smith & Jameson, millers, north of Depot
Soverhill A. lawyer, Main
Soverhill & Nicholy, dry goods, Main
Stewart J.E. jeweler, Main
Stuart C.W. & Bro. nursery, Willow ave
Tease Wm. tanner, Palmyra
Thomas J. saloon, Palmyra
Tracy & Greenwood, plow manufs. Canal
Weh & Mills, wagon manufs. Willow ave
Wheeler Benj. tanner, E. Newark
Whitney Wm. H. druggist, Palmyra
Wilber J.C. & Co. plow manufs. Main
Wilcox D.F. dentist, Palmyra
Williams Wm. B. & Son, grocers, n. Palmyra
Wiliams & Briggs, lawyers, Main
Wilson J. publisher Newark Courier, Palmyra

North Huron, Wayne Co.

Boyd James jr., blacksmith
Chase J. W. & D., grocers
Ellis L. R., miller
Martin George, builder
Prindle Cassius, builder
Smith Geo. W., agent for A. Smith, Clyde, dry goods

North Rose, Wayne Co.

Dickinson William, country store

Ontario, Wayne Co.

Bear Wm. carriage maker
Birdsall Wm. boots and shoes
Brant John physician
Bundy L.J. agt. for Ontario Iron Co. grocer
Carey A.W. blacksmith and justice of peace
Casey Daniel, harness
Casey F. Mrs., milliner
Davis Philo, country store
Decker Benjamin, saloon
De Long, J.L. country store
De Long & Rice, country store
De Marse Eli, stove manufr.
Ellsworth John, blacksmith
Franklin Thomas, country store
Freeman Lucius, hotel
Gates T.R. milliner and dressmaker
Lyon William, hotel
Marsh Eli D., cooper
Ontario Iron Ore and Blast Furnace Co., Henry Millington supt.
Owen Wooster, stoves and tin
Parnell George, feed cutters, &c.
Pearce Thos., physician
Peer T.J., physician
Pratt A.J., country store
Reed George Miss, dress maker
Reed W.M., country store
Richmond Nathaniel, wagons
Richmond Samuel, carriage maker
Risley Cornelius, harness maker
Sanders Wm. H., wagons
Sands Alexander, country store
Smith Henry, painter
Smith Ira, blacksmith
Tuair James, blacksmith
Whitcomb Edward, physician

Ontario Centre, Wayne Co.

Elsworth John, blacksmith
Franklin & Warren, dry goods and groceries
Hill Abner, grist mill
Pratt Alanson J., country store
Smith H. Mrs., hotel
Whitcomb E., physician

Palmyra, Wayne Co.

An important canal village, and a station upon the New York Central Railroad, 105 miles from Buffalo. It contains 5 churches; a weekly newspaper; a gas light company; a bank. Population about 3,300.

Adams M.H. physician, Main
Aldrich David, dry goods, Main n. Market
Allen Joseph, scale manfr. William n. Canal
Anderson Edwin M., boots and shoes, Main
Atkinson R.E., photographer, Main
Averill E.S. postmaster, Main
Barnhart Thomas, flour mill, ft. Railroad ave
Barron Orrin, boots and shoes, 3 Market
Benham Eli, restaurant, Main
Bennett C.W., flour and feed, Main
Besley Isaac, grocer, Main n. Fayette
Besley & Burnett, physicians, Main
Birdsall & Sanford, dry goods, Main n. Fayette
Bortles G.P. grocer, Main
Bostwick G.W. ins. agt. Main
Bowdish L. Mrs., fancy goods, Main n. Fayette
Bowman W.H. & Son, hardware, Main c. Market
Briggs & Co. stoves and hardware, Main
Brown F.C., dentist, Main
Brown Geo., grocer, Main
Buckley L.G., harness maker, 1 Market
Bulmer John, lumber, Canal n. Holmes
Chase E.P., grocer, 88 Main
Clevenger B.C., flour, Market n. Main
Cochran &Langdon, liquors, Market n. Canal
Cooper Robt., hotel and livery, opp. Depot
Corcoran John, saloon, Market n. Main
Corning John W. grocer, Main
Corning Joseph W., lawyer, Main
Cram T. Exchange Hotel, Canal c. Main
Cram V.S., hotel and livery, opp. Depot
Cray Asher S., tile manufr. r. Station
Crookstone James A., grocer, Main
Cuyler George W., planing mill, Canal n. William
Davis B.H., grocer, Main n. Market
Deyo Chas., harness maker, Market n. Canal
Doran ___, grocer, Canal n. Clinton
Elton G.M., photographer, Main n. Market
Everson E.C., cigar manufr. William
Everson G.F., saloon, William
Farnham W.H., dry goods, carpets, &c. Main
Finely M.C., justice peace, Village Hall
First National Bank of Palmyra, Main c. William
Ford R., meat market, Main
Foster J., agricultural implements, n. Canal
Foster & Smith, boots and shoes, Main
Goodell Lewis, meat market, William n. Canal
Goodenough Hiram, furniture manufr. Main n. Fayette
Graham Thomas A., carpenter, Canal n. William
Hale R., Palmyra hotel, Main
Harkness S.E., sewing machines, Main
Hislop Francis, tailor, Main
Hogan P., dry goods, Main
Hopkins M. lawyer, Main
Jeffrey John, blacksmith, Canal n. Market
Jerome Hiram K., lawyer, Main
Johnson M.A. Miss, dress maker, Main
Jones Manufacturing Co. (printing presses) Jackson
Kingman C.M., physician, Main
Lake H.W., blacksmith, Canal r. Clinton
Lakey Ira, malt and produce, Canal n. William
Lapham W.L., clothing, Main
Lord Frederick, dentist, Main
Lord Mrs., fancy goods, Main
Lovett Joseph C., dry goods, Main
Lyon Lyman, banker, Main
Marsh A.W. physician, Main n. Market
Matt Valentine, saloon, William
McIntyre Samuel B., lawyer, Main
McLouth Chas., lawyer, Main
Moore Richard, restaurant, Market n. Main
Moore W.F., commission merchant, Main
Myrick A.G. & Son, marble works, 14 Market
Nolan John, grocer, Market c. Canal
North H.M., dentist, Main
Osborne W.H.H., insurance agent, Main
Page Ebenezer, blacksmith, Main junction Canal
Palmyra Courier, E.S. Averill, prop. published every Friday at $2.00 per annum
Payneer W.H., meat market, Main n. Fayette
Peddie James, lawyer, Main
Pettit C.P. & Co. druggists, Main
Phelps Wm. S., grocer and liquor dealer, 27 Market
Reeves L.A., physician, Village Hall
Rice A., jeweler, Main
Robinson A.G., grocer, Canal c. Clinton
Robinson H. Miss, millinery, Man
Robinson Seneca, livery, Market n. Canal
Rogers, Knowles & Co. bankers, Main n. Market
Root & Marshall, stoves, tinware, crockery, etc. Main n. Market
Rouse S.A., stationer, 84 Main
Sanford David P., grocer, Main c. Market
Sawyer Samuel, carpenter, William n. Canal
Seaman L.L., cloths, &c. 84 Main
Seely M. Mrs., dress maker, Main n. Fayette
Seeley C. & Bro. iron and carriage goods, Main
Senn Martin, market, Canal c. Clinton
Shanly Michael, grocer, Canal c. market
Shattuck C.L., ticket agent, N.Y.C.R.R.
Sheigley John, harness maker, Main n. Fayette
Sherman A., wagon maker, Fayette
Sherman Wm., market n. Main
Shurtleff J.H., botanic druggist, Market n. Main
Smith Wm., baker, 82 Main
Stevens O.S., clothing, 5 Market
Southwick W.H., produce, 5 Market
Stevens Walter, junk, Market n. Main
Stoddard & Strain, shoes, Main n. Market
Sylvester Oakds, drugs, William n. Canal
Taylor J.W. & Co., vinegar manfrs. Main n. Canal
Teller H., wagon maker, Main
Throop W.H., Eagle Hotel, Main
Tripp E.G., Mrs. millinery Main
Tucker Wm. L., drugs, Main n. MArket
Tyler W. jr. tailor, &c. Main
Walton Wm., provisions and fish, Main c. William
Wayne County Journal, A.B. Clemons & Co. proprs. Main
West E.G. & Bro. stoves and tinware, Market n. Canal
White J.J., watch repairer, Main
Whittaker & Hislop, saloon, Market n. Main
Williams F. jeweler and stationer, Main
Williamson A.D. Mrs., furniture dealer and undertaker, Market n. Canal
Williamson J.S., blueing and extract manfr. 88 Main
Williamson Wm., cigars, Main
Wilson Isaac, flouring mill, n. Palmyra
Wismer Jacob, boots and shoes, Main
Wood Garner, grocer, Canal n. Market
Woods Wm., wagon maker, Market c. Canal
Ziegler Jacob, carriage maker, Market n. Canal

Port Glasgow, Wayne Co.

Harris Richard, hotel
York & Dunbar, grocer

Pultneyville, Wayne Co.

Auchampant H., harness
Brewer Aaron, blacksmith
Cregg James B., miller
Creighton J.H., carriage maker
Fish & Benton, country store
Gazely Joseph, hotel
Griffin, Lacy & Co., country store
Pallister George, shoes
Pallister Bros., commission merchants
Reynolds John, dry goods and drugs
Robinson P.H. & Co., grocers
Stoddard & Shove, tanners
Todd, Beardsley & Ledyard, manfrs. vinegar

Red Creek, Wayne Co.

On Rochester branch of the Erie Railway.

Barber Geo. D. & Co. painters and wagons
Boland & Barber, grocers
Burt C. Mrs., milliner
Campbell C.C., drugs and medicines
Cantwell C., drugs
Clark William, cooper
Cooper George, harness
Coplin George M., harness
Covert & Cheeseboro, saw mill
Foster Edward, harness
Green B.B., hotel
Green & Andrews, grist mill
Hubbard W.F., musical instruments
Ingmyer Lewis, tailor
Jenkins Leroy, grocer
Kegan Patrick, blacksmith
Longyear Cyrus B., boots and shoes
Mead N., harness maker
Merritt G.F., grocer and drugs
Mosher Isaac F. & Co. hardware
Palmer Geo. A., blacksmith
Phelps James, blacksmith and wagon maker
Quivey A. & Co. dry goods
Rush Mrs., milliner
St. John V.R., dry goods and groceries
Shafer J., tailor
Swartz S.W., livery
Teachout E.K., grocer
Viele S.H., cabinet maker
Warner John, miller
White & Cuyler, country store
Williams Albert, butcher
Wing A.C., photographer
Wood Wm. O. & Son, tanners

Rose, Wayne Co.

Borless R.C., lawyer
Chaddock Jared, grist mill
Christler M. & L. coopers
Close C.H., cattle
Colburn J.W., harness and sewing machines
Collier J. & G. ,country store
Coon Lewis, physician
Cox Samuel D. threshing machines, &c.
Deadley W.N., produce
Dickinson William, country store
Dickson J.J., physician
Dodds J.J., restaurant and livery
Dodds William, meat market
Dudley L.H., stoves, &c.
Ellinwood G.W., postmaster
Garlic J.L., cabinet maker
Harmon Peter, carpenter
Holbrook J.H. boots and shoes
Horne J.M., physician
Horton William, shoemaker
Knapp H. livery
Lee & Sheffield, cheese factory
Lyman Samuel, sewing machines
Mix William A., miller
Nichols John, cooper
Pimm E.F., hotel
Stearns & Bearman, grocers
Thayer S.W., hotel
Thomas E.N., horses
Thomas P.J.T., wagons, &c.
Tindall P.R., blacksmith
Valentine Jackson, country store
Wade Dudley, cattle
Wilson Jonathan, shoemaker
Wright C.S., dry goods


On the N.Y.C.R.R. 39 miles from Rochester.

Andrews Cyrus, grain dealer
Austin D.C., station agent
Avery W.H., boots and shoes
Blanshan & Betts, grain, &c.
Burritt Wm., wagon maker
Casey A.E., saloon
Caton W. Mrs., millinery
Deffendorf Hiram, cooper
Farnham A.S., harness
Gregg A., grocer
Hall A.S., wagon maker
Hamilton C.A., drugs
Harrington D., saw mill, &c.
Hopkins Alfred, saw mill, &c.
Jepson & Kent, blacksmiths
Kent & Way, country store
Kirby D.S., tailor
Munson Archibald, grain, &c.
Payne F. Miss, milliner
Phelps & Jump, drugs
Powell P.J. hotel
Quackenbush Abram, meat market
Ramsdell & Co. saw mill
Reamer L.D., blacksmith
Safford G.W., cheese factory
Smith Bela, hardware
Smith W.G., physician
Stackes T.M., undertaker
Stultz & Smith, dry goods
Titus Ira, produce
Towner H.D., stoves
Way O.M., physician
Wise Fred, harness maker
Wood Charles, produce
Woodworth Wm. W., physician

Sodus, Wayne Co.

Allen, C.J., saloon
Belden R.B. cider mill
Birdsall Joseph, blacksmith
Borradaile C.R. produce and stock
Chase & Fuller, carriages
Coy Mercy Miss, milliner
Delano & Brown, harness
French Edward C. carriages
Gaylord C.D., hardware
Gaylord L.M., physician
Gaylord & Landon, country store
Gramke John, tailor
Granger Thomas & Co. fanning mills
Green E.A., banker
Green & Winchester, country store and drugs
Harper Thomas, boots and shoes
Hopkins Benjamin A., miller
Kelley E.W., grocer
Leighton Jonathan, clothing
Lund Robert, manufr. cabinet ware
McIntyre M.Miss, milliner
Mack H., country store
Newell Philander, miller
O'Brien Wing, furnace
Preston George, miller
Pulver C. & J., coopers
Rogers J.C., country store
Sager Aaron & Bro. millers
Snyder C., blacksmith
Stuver Jas. W. blacksmith and wagon
Thirkell W.B., physician
Tillitson George W., drugs
Tryon Governeur, boots and shoes
Whitney L., hotel
Williams A.B., country store
Wylie John, cabinet ware

Sodus Centre, Wayne Co.

Borradaile Richard S., country store
Cramer & Mitts, furnace
Curtis Alanson W. boots and shoes
Harris Robert, hotel
Kensier Bros., blacksmiths
Klump Daniel, blacksmith and produce
Knapp L.A., country store
Mather Elisha, grist and saw mills
Pealer John F., staves, &c.
Reynolds Lewis, grist and saw mills
Thomas Wm., harness
Tinklepaugh P.W., saloon
Vanderbilt Wm., tanner
Van Volkenburgh Samuel, boots and shoes

Sodus Point, Wayne Co.

Bates ___, boat owner
Case Geo. H., hotel
Field Warren H., country store
Hunter Wm., ship builder
Lewis J.H. (near), grocer
Rogers ___, boat builder
Wickham Thos. & Fred., country store

South Butler, Wayne Co.

Clapp W.H., carriages
Conro Jacob, hotel
Graves H.K. & Son, dry goods
Hamilton Wm., grist mill
Hibbard E.P., boots and shoes
Hibbard Jeremiah, manuf. cheese boxes
Holdridge E.L., carpenter, &c.
Hough J.E., country store
McGuire Frank, blacksmith
Smith H.W., harness
Wadsworth & Lathrop, country store
West C., blacksmith

South Sodus, Wayne Co.

Bockoven D.C., blacksmith
Bower John, blacksmith
Fonday Giles, mechanic
Jewell Bradner, wagons
Rose P.S., physician
Sherman Marshall, country store
Warren A.P., dry goods
Warren G.D., hotel &c.

Walworth, Wayne Co.

Six and one-half miles from Palmyra
Baker J.W., country store
Buckley J.R. & C.A. coopers, saw mill, and cider factory
Burns Alexander, blacksmith
Chapman R.D., country store
Cook George, builder
Craggs John, grist and saw mills
Fowler B.F. & Son, saw mill
Gilbert & Chase, coopers
Ingraham S., physician
Kipp Alonzo, tannery
Rabe & Elliott, boots and shoes
Rose H.G.C., physician
Shult Luther, country store
Slade Day, blacksmith
Trimble Geo., painter
Walworth Cheese Factory
Wright Wm. P., harness
Yeoman E. (near) small fruit
Yeoman T.G., nursery, &c.

Wayne Centre, Wayne Co.

Barton E., wagons &c.
Dennis M., country store
Donohue Henry, carpenter
Durham B., carpenter
Perkins Harvey, carpenter
Rodenbach Peter, blacksmith
Shaw J.P., cooper
Soper E.P., staves

West Walworth, Wayne Co.

Hoag Benj. H., harness
Miller S. L., country store
Reed Nathan R., country store
Williams & Son, blacksmiths
Wooster O. A., blacksmith

Wolcott, Wayne Co.

12 miles from Clyde.

Armstrong & Phillips, dry goods and shoes
Brown C.C., carriages
Bullock & Smith, carriage makers
Church H. & Son, grocers
Conyer Daniel, nursery
Cornwell & Johnson, country store
Curry L.T., harness
Curtis & Peck, foundry
DeWitt Geo. H., painter
Drury Alvin, saw mill
Dudley & Paddock, clothing
Forbes Lucius, hotel
Foster Samuel, drugs and grocer
Gilbert Moses R., blacksmith
Graves & Merrill, country store
Harrison Henry, blacksmith
Joslyn Charles N., jeweler
McBride & Knapp, blacksmiths
Mead & Silliman, saw mill
Moore N.W., miller
Nash Amos, produce
Paddock W.W., hardware
Palmer J.V., grocer
Purdy Mary Mrs. hotel
Rice Decatur, grist mill
Rogers & Smith, blacksmiths
Rumsey Lacy, miller
Sebring Jeremiah, saw mill
Sheldon H.S., harness
Smith C.P., dry goods
Westfall James V.D., banker
Wilson Benjamin, physician
Wright Gilbert, tanner

Cruso, Seneca Co.

Is in the town of Tyre.

Faulkner W., blacksmith

Dublin, Seneca Co.

Beal & Collamer, country store
Brown ___, blacksmith
Brownell Bros., meat market
King D., hotel
Osborne J., blacksmith
Trikler P., wagon maker
Tryon G., shoemaker
Van Vleet A., tanner

Tyre, Seneca Co.

Clark E. C., country store
Van Ness P., wagon maker

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