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Source: names abstracted from a 4-page pamphlet, titled as above. This event took place at the Clyde Grange Hall on April 18, 1947.


Interlocutor - Kenneth E. Lundy

Men - Ward Syron, Ezra Gunkler, Charles Kelsey, Raymond Fox, G.M. Smith, Herbert Gantz

Women - Mary Vanderbilt, Ida Moore, Charlotte Hannett, Gertrude Gunkler, Ethel Syron, Caroline Smith

Special Characters - Nettie Syron, Jessie Barnes, Albert Davis, Chester Baird, Walter Benning, Roscoe Harper, Lynn Devereaux, Bertha Kulow, Herbert Lacey

Blossoms - Janet Harper, Roseann Gantz, Alice Benning, Bonny Kulow, Betty Kulow, Gloria Swanson, Louise Smith, Joyceann Smith, Georgia Hannett, Shirley Smith, Wayne Rice, Kenneth Swanson, Ronald Smith

Aunt Panzy - Iva Comstock

Chorus - Grace Lundy, Helen Heit, Esther Fowler, Olive Benning, Louise Harper, Cora Harper, Harriett Davis, Lena Noble, Ida Osborne, Nellie Meade, Rena Rice, Ocie Hoy, Stella Fisher, Alice Nelson, Doris Kelsey, Julia Herbst, Florence Swanson, Lizetta Parkman, Marion Parkman, Katherine Graham, Esther Vanderbilt, Roy Heit, Howard Vanderbilt, Fred Burley, George Ketchum, Carl Malchoff, Wayne Kelsey, Clayton Comstock, Thomas Allen, Alfred Hoy, Kenneth Swanson.

Pianist - Mrs. Lynn Devereaux


Opening Chorus - "Old Kentucky Home" and "How-Do-You-Do"
Introduction of Interlocutor
Address of Welcome
Introduction of End Men
Double Quartette of Ladies of the Grange - Grace Lundy, Helen Heit, Olive Benning, Harriett Davis, Esther Fowler, Louise Harper, Esther Vanderbilt, Betty Vanderbilt
Imitation - Jesse Young
Vocal Duet - Bobbie Krueger, Laverne Anstee
Majorettes - Mary Jane Gunkler, Geraldine Hoatland
Vocal Solo - Charles Rooke
Vocal Solo - Albert Davis and Chorus
Male Quartette - Fred Burley, Roy Heit, Howard Vanderbilt, George Ketchum
Saxophone Duet - Kathleen Anstee, Gloria Smith
Violin Solo - Madeline Lacey
Suitcase Three - Bob Henry, Leon Anstee, Don Henry
Vocal Solo - Betty Vanderbilt
Mandolin Solo - Madeline Lacey


Ushers - Margaret Anthony, Mae Godfrey, Audrey Fisher, Mary Jane Furman, Elizabeth Miller, Mary D. Benjamin, Bessie Bauser, Doris Swanson

Stage - James Noble, Arthur Hutchings, George Tibbetts, LeRoy Noble, Arthur Jenkins

Make-up - Joseph Herbst, Alfred Noble, Charles Noble, Ethel Smith, Clara Conrow, Mary Strong, Elizabeth Noble, Elizabeth Allen, Cora Conrow

Pop-Corn Committee - Prudence Gantz, Mable Krueger, Esther Sloan, Helen Smith, Janette Fox, Susan Anstee, Myrtle Anstee

Arrangement of Chairs - Vreeland Rice, Charles Shafer

Chair Committee (evening) - Fred Kulow, Ray Glover, Leon Burt, Eber Kelsey, Richard Hunt, John Kise, Howard Krueger, Albert Blakeman, Norman Sloan

Decorations, Service and Hospitality Committee - Lena Noble, Ida Osborne, Mable Finch, Mable Krueger

General Arrangements - Stella Noble

Singing - Grace Lundy

Orchestra - Irwin Anstee, Don Henry, Bob Henry

Programs - The Parkmans

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