The 1886 - 1887 Directory of the village of Clyde, Town of Galen, Wayne County, N.Y. is useful as a research alternative to the 1890 US census, which was destroyed in a fire. The directory names home and business owners, as well as residents who did not own their own homes, and notes occupations of all residents. Addresses can be used to search for or verify home ownership.

Our appreciation for transcribing the full directory goes to Contributing Editor Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1886 - 1887 Directory of Clyde
Town of Galen, Wayne County, New York
Part 3, Surnames S - Z

Abbreviations used in this work
ab-above. ave-avenue. bet-between. b or bds-boards. c or cor.-corner.
do-ditto. E.-East. Ex.-Express. ft-foot h-house. ins-insurance.
Junc-Junction. N.Y.C.R.R.-New York Central Railroad. N.-North. n-near.
opp-opposite. P.O.-Post Office. r-rear. S.-South. St.-Street.
Tel.-Telegraph W.-West. W.S.R.R.-West Shore Railroad.


Sager Jacob, cabinet maker, 17 Caroline
Salsman Lillie Miss, clerk, bds W. Genesee
Sandell Robert, laborer, h DeZeng n Duncan
SANDS EDWIN, groceries and provisions, 21 Glasgow, h 14 Geneva
Sands Herbert, clerk, 21 Glasgow, bds 14 Geneva
Saunders William H. Mrs., h N. Park
Saxton A. F., bookkeeper, the Briggs National Bank, bds E. Genesee n Glasgow
Saxton C. T. (Vandenberg & Saxton), Graham block, h E. Genesee cor Galen
Saxton Daniel, harnessmaker, bds E. Genesee c Galen
Saxton Mattie Miss, bds DeZeng ab Factory
Sayles E. M. Mrs., hom. physician, S. Park, h do
Sayles John R., clerk, 37 Glasgow, h S. Park n Sodus
Sayles S. J., travelling salesman, h W. Genesee n Lock
Schanlin John, laborer, bds 11 W. Genesee
Schindler Alice Miss, bds 34 W. Genesee
Schindler Edith Miss, h 34 W. Genesee
Schindler Henry, h Lock n Columbia
Schindler James, laborer, h Lock n Columbia
Schindler Sarah, widow, h 34 W. Genesee
Scott Julia, widow, h Galen n Ford
Scutt Freeman (Austin & Scutt), 57 Glasgow, h do
Scutt Lester, carpenter, bds 21 Waterloo
Scutt Peter, carpenter, h 21 Waterloo
Scutt Polly Miss, h 21 Waterloo
Seaman E. Mrs., h Water cor Waterloo
Seaman H. C., grocer, Water cor Waterloo, h do
Seif John, upholsterer, bds 17 Caroline
Shafer Marcus, carpenter, Ford, h Lock cor DeZeng
Sheehan Dennis, laborer, h Duncan n DeZeng
Sheehan James, bottle blower, bds Duncan n DeZeng
Sheehan Minnie, tailoress, bds Duncan n DeZeng
Sheldon Andrew D., laborer, h 8 Waterloo
Sheldon Hattie M. Miss, bds 8 Waterloo
Sheldon Henry, baggageman, W. S. R. R. h 28 Water
Shepard F. H., clerk, 3 Glasgow, bds Clyde Hotel
Sherman E. W., bookkeeper, h Factory n DeZeng
Shove Benjamin Rev., pastor First M. E. Church, h Sodus cor Caroline
Sickles Isaac, farmer, h Mill
Simmons A, Miss, milliner, Glasgow n Clyde Hotel, h do
Simmons H. E., house painter, bds Ford cor Galen
Simmons Richard, carpenter, h Glasgow n DeZeng
Simmons S. M. Miss, milliner, Glasgow n Clyde Hotel, h do
Simons John, cartman, h Factory n DeZeng
Simons Peter, bds DeZeng cor Factory
Sisco Joseph, harnessmaker, bds Frederick n Lock
Sisco Sophrona, widow, h Meadow cor New
Skinner Charles, farmer, h Waterloo n Water
Skinner F. M., laborer, h Ford n E. Genesee
Skinner Mary Miss, bds Waterloo n Water
Skinner Sarah Miss, bds Waterloo n Water
Skinner S. H., h Waterloo n Water
Slade Amanda, widow, h 15 Caroline
Sloan George, manager, office Columbia n Sodus, h Lock n DeZeng
Sloan Norman, farmer, h Orchard n Water
Smith A. H., maltster, h Caroline n Factory
Smith A. S. Mrs., h 1 Glasgow
Smith Chester, h W. Genesee cor Lock
Smith C. A., delivery clerk, h 6 Orchard
Smith C. O. (Smith & Ford), 5 Glasgow, bds River
Smith Edmond, hostler, bds Ford cor Galen
Smith Frank, laborer, h Lock n brick yard
Smith John B., laborer, h 31 Geneva
Smith J. E., druggist, Glasgow n Ford
Smith Marshall, h 69 Glasgow
Smith Seth, justice of the peace, bds Sodus n W. Park
Smith Thomas, maltster, h E. Genesee n Glasgow
Smith Timothy R., stage driver, h Washington n Sodus
SMITH & FORD, (C. O. Smith and C. H. Ford), tobacco, cigars, liquors, etc., 5 Glasgow
Snedaker A., gentleman, h Sodus n N. Park
Snyder Calvin, teamster, h Lock cor Frederick
Snyder Cora Miss, bds Lock cor Frederick
SNYDER W. A., horse dealer, h Washington c Sodus
Somes Nathaniel, laborer, h DeZeng cor Galen
Soule Stephen W., bookkeeper, h Columbia cor Lock
Sours Philip, carpenter, 39 W. Genesee, h do
Spaulding G. R., farmer, h Washington cor Lock
Spencer Ford A., clerk, 18 Glasgow, h 45 Sodus
SPENCER JOHN M., manufacturer of the Spencer pump, 45 Sodus, h do See page 135
Spillane John, bottle blower, bds DeZeng cor Duncan
Spillan John, laborer, h DeZeng cor Duncan
Spillane Morris, bottle blower, bds DeZeng cor Duncan
Spillane Thomas, laborer, bds DeZeng cor Duncan
Sprague Charles, laborer, bds American House
Stark Carrie, assistant cook, Clyde Hotel
Stark Cora, chamber maid, Clyde Hotel
Staub John, bottle blower, h Caroline ab Factory
Staub Mary E. Miss, bds Caroline ab Factory
Stevens H. B., propr. Clyde Gas Works, res. Rochester
Stevenson George, blacksmith, Ford cor Galen, h 12 Waterloo
Stickles George, laborer, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Stickles Jerry, laborer, h DeZeng cor Galen
Stiles George E., drug clerk, 17 Glasgow, bds Sodus opp the park
Stillman John R., sexton, h Sodus cor Frederick
Stock John (H. Lauster & Co.), 12 Glasgow, h Water
Stockin Elma R., widow, h Sodus cor Caroline
Stoeker John, gardener, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Stoeker John, jr., laborer, bds Glasgow ab Sodus
Stoeker Julia Miss, bds Glasgow ab Sodus
Stoetzel C. E. Mrs., h 10 Glasgow
Stoetzel C. M. Miss, bds 10 Glasgow
STOETZEL E. FRED, bakery and restaurant, Glasgow n Columbia, bds do. See page 135
STONE GEORGE H., dry goods, carpets, oil cloths, etc, Adams block, 25 Glasgow, h River
Stout Eliza A., widow, h Sodus n Columbia
Stow DeL., lawyer and ins. agt, Sodus cor W. Genesee, h do
Straughan Charles, assistant P. M. and village trustee, h 18 Geneva
Strauss J., clothier and tailor, 22 Glasgow, h Sodus n S. Park
Street Robert, laborer, h Cayuga n the cemetery
Streeter Jessie Miss, bds 17 W. Genesee
Streeter J. M. (J. M. Streeter & Co.), Ford n Galen, h 17 W. Genesee
STREETER J. M. & CO. (R. H. Cole), maltsters, Ford n Galen
Streeter Stephen D., hardware, etc., 13 Glasgow, h Caroline
Strong E. D., foreman, h S. Park
Strong F. M. Mrs. (Harper & Strong), S. Park, h do
Sullivan Annie Miss, dressmaker, bds Lock n brickyard
Sullivan Mary, widow, h Lock n brickyard
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 58 Columbia
Sullivan Timothy, bottle blower, bds Lock n brickyard
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, bds 58 Columbia
Sullivan William, laborer, bds Lock n brickyard
Sutter Elizabeth, widow, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Swagler Elias, laborer, h 44 Galen
Swadler Libbie Miss, bds 44 Galen
Swift S. P., traveling salesman, h DeZeng n Glasgow
Swift William, tin peddler, h DeZeng n Glasgow
Swift William Mrs., dressmaker, DeZeng n Glasgow, h do
Syron I. H. Mrs, h 13 Geneva
Syron Nellie L. Miss, bds 13 Geneva


Taylor Belle Miss, dressmaker, 75 Glasgow, h do
Taylor Clarence, freight agt. W. S. R. R., h Water n Mill
Taylor Fannie Miss, dressmaker, bds 75 Glasgow
Taylor George, traveling salesman, h 75 Glasgow
Taylor George Z., tanner and currier, Geneva n Waterloo, h Waterloo n Geneva
Taylor John M., clerk, bds W. Genesee
Taylor L. S., postmaster, h Geneva n Waterloo
Taylor Michael, laborer, h Ford cor Galen
Taylor William, blacksmith, bds 8 Ford
Terry A. F., h DeZeng cor Glasgow
Terry Brothers (Fred H. and George D.), druggists and stationers, Glasgow cor Columbia
Terry Fred H. (Terry Bros.), h DeZeng n Glasgow
Terry George D.(Terry Bros.), h DeZeng cor Glasgow
Thayer Emily, widow, h Caroline cor Factory
The Briggs National Bank, J. W. Hinman cashier, Glasgow opp the Park
THE CLYDE DEMOCRAT, W. E. Churchill, editor, 2 Glasgow See page 137
THE CLYDE TIMES, Irwin A. Forte, publisher, Ford n Glasgow See page 137
The Hamilton Bank, C. Hamilton, banker, Glasgow
Thomas Hattie B. Miss, dressmaker, 51 Sodus, h do
Thomas John Mrs., h 51 Sodus
Thomas William H., hostler, Clyde Hotel
Thompson Agnes Miss, teacher, h Caroline cor Factory
Thompson James, laborer, h 25 Geneva
Thorn P. R., maltster, bds 15 Factory
Thorn Seward T., student, bds 15 Factory
Thorn S. D., piano tuner and music teacher, h Caroline n Factory
Thorn Thomas P., maltster, Ford, h 15 Factory c Caroline
Tibbets A. E., house painter, h Lock n Frederick
Tibbets Charles, house painter, bds DeZeng n Lock
Tibbetts H. E., millinery and fancy goods, N. Park, h DeZeng n Sodus
Tillow Harvey, carpenter, Caroline h Factory
Tillow William, harnessmaker, bds Frederick n Lock
Tipling C. A., lawyer, 18 Glasgow, h W. Genesee
Tipling James H., house painter, bds W. Genesee cor Duncan
Tobin Ellen Miss, bds 11 Columbia
Tobin Michael, bds 11 Columbia
Tobin William, saloon and livery stable, 11 Columbia, h do
Transisco George, laborer, h Meadow n New
Traver Asa, farmer, h Sodus cor Caroline
Traver Heman, farmer, bds Sodus cor Caroline
Tremper J. E. estate, groceries, 31 Glasgow
Tremper J. M., manager, the Tremper estate, 31 Glasgow, h E. Genesee n Sodus
Tremper Margaret, widow, h E. Genesee n Glasgow
Tremper Martha, widow, h W. Genesee n S. Park
Trenaman Thomas, machinist, h DeZeng n Factory
Tuck Charles, mason, h Galen n DeZeng
Tuck Frank, carpenter, h DeZeng n Galen
Tucker A., laborer, h DeZeng n Galen
Tucker Ollie Miss, bds DeZeng n Galen
Tucker Sarah, widow, bds Galen n DeZeng
Tuffs George, supt. Gas Works, h Caroline n Lock
Turner Charles, laborer, h Sodus n Washington
Turner John, maltster, h 73 Glasgow
Turner J. B., clerk, bds River
Turner J. H., boiler maker, h Lock n DeZeng
Turner May Miss, school teacher, bds Sodus n Washington
Tuttle Anna Miss, dressmaker, Water n Mill, bds do
Tuttle C. E. Miss, compositor Clyde Times, bds Water n Mill
Tuttle David A., h Water n Mill


Underhill Robert, harnessmaker, h DeZeng n Galen


Vail E., glass blower, h DeZeng below Catherine
VanAlstyne George M., carpenter, h DeZeng cor Galen
VanAlstyne Hannah, widow, h DeZeng cor Galen
VanAlstyne James, laborer, h Elizabeth n DeZeng
VanAmburgh Charles, laborer, h 88 Glasgow
Van Buskirk Amelia L. Miss, bds 33 Caroline
Van Buskirk Henry J., law student, bds 33 Caroline
VAN BUSKIRK J. T., justice of the peace, Barse Block, Ford, h 33 Caroline
Vandenberg J. (Vandenberg & Saxton), h DeZeng cor Sodus
Vandenburg & Saxton (J. Vandenberg and C. T. Saxton), attorneys and counsellors at law, Graham Block, Glasgow
VanDuser John, house painter, h Columbia cor Lock
VanNess Ida Miss, bds Geneva n W. S. crossing
VanNess James H., laborer, h 22 Meadow
VanNess John, farmer, h Geneva n W. S. crossing
Van Tassel Adelbert L., h Glasgow n Clyde Hotel
Van Tassel Katherine H., widow, h Columbia cor Lock
Van Wickle Charles D., cutter, h W. Genesee n Duncan
Velie Cornelius, farmer, h Geneva ab W. S. crossing
Vincent Albert, laborer, h Lock cor Fulton
Vincent Isaac, bds Galen n E. Genesee
Vincent Josiah, laborer, h Galen n E. Genesee
VROOMAN J. B. REV., pastor First Baptist church, h 3 DeZeng


Wadley Martin, bus and stage line, h DeZeng n Lock
Waite Harvey, cooper, h Water n Waterloo
Waite Willard, constable, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Waldurff S. E., agt. agricultural implements, h Lock n Frederick
Walsh Eugene, saloon, 13 Columbia, h do
Walsh John W., saloon, 25 Columbia, h do
Warren Frank, bottle blower, bds 36 Caroline
Warren William, bottle blower, h 36 Caroline
Washier John, laborer, h Lock n Columbia
Washier Mary, widow, bds Lock n Columbia
Waterbury H. A., clerk, 1 Glasgow, h W. Genesee
Waters Esther, widow, h N. Park
Watson James C., street com., h Lock n Washington
Watson W. D., engineer, h 21 W. Genesee
Watterson John, glass cutter, h 18 W. Genesee
Weaver Daniel, laborer, h Ford
Weaver Mary, widow, h Sibley n W. Genesee
Weaver Nellie Miss, domestic, DeZeng cor Glasgow
Weaver Nora Miss, bds Sibley n W. Genesee
Weaver Rebecca, widow, h Ford
Webers Julius, cigar manufacturer, Columbia n Sodus
Wehr Charles, baker, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Weirts Theodore, harnessmaker, h Galen n DeZeng
Welch Edward, laborer, h Cayuga ab the cemetery
Welch Ellen, widow, h New
Welch Ellen Miss, bds Cayuga ab the cemetery
Welch James, laborer, h DeZeng n Rees
Welch Joseph, tinsmith, bds Cayuga n Water
Welch P. J. (Welch & Bequillard), bds 19 Glasgow
Welch Sylvester, laborer, bds New
Welch & Bequillard (P. J. Welch and Charles Bequillard), merchant tailors, Adams block, Glasgow
Wells C. C., glass flattener, h 32 W. Genesee
Wells E. B., granite and marble works, Glasgow S. Canal bridge, h Water
Wendell Burt, laborer, h Fulton n Factory
West Emma Mrs., bds 15 DeZeng
Western Union Telegraph Co., Sanford C. Jones, manager, 5 Glasgow
Westfall B. F., clerk, bds Ford n Glasgow
Westfall Charles, paper hanger, bds Ford n Glasgow
Westfall William H., bartender, h Ford n Glasgow
Westfall W. W., hairdresser, Glasgow c S. Park, h Ford n Glasgow
Wetherby W. H. S., jeweler, 27 Glasgow, h DeZeng n Lock
Whalen Kate, widow, h Gravel n Cayuga
Wheeler Jennie, widow, h Sibley n W. Genesee
Whitbeck Stultz, horse trainer, Galen stock farm, h do
White Charles, laborer, h 4 Lock
White Charles A., grocer, 29 Columbia, h do
Whiting H. G., clerk, Glasgow opp Ford, h Sodus n S. Park
Whiting H. G. jr., grinder, bds Sodus n S. Park
Whiting Irene Miss, bds Sodus n S. Park
WHITNEY HOBART B. REV., rector St. John's Episcopal Church, h 9 W. Genesee
Wichmen Emma, kitchen girl, Clyde Hotel
Williams Albert, teamster, h 15 DeZeng
Williams Thomas, glass blower, h 36 W. Genesee
Willis L. A. Mrs., bds 77 Glasgow
Willoughby S. E., variety store, Glasgow n S. Park, h do
Wilson Frederick M., lawyer, bds 46 W. Genesee
Wilson Fred P., laborer, bds DeZeng n Lock
Wilson Henry P., teamster, h DeZeng n Lock
Wilson Kittie B. Miss, dressmaker
WILTSIE BURT N., saloon and billiard parlor, 11 Glasgow, bds Clyde Hotel
Winters Catherine Miss, bds 35 Meadow
Winters Charles (Brewster & Winters), Water n Waterloo
Winters F. P., bds 35 Meadow
Winters James, mason, h 35 Meadow
Winters John, mason, bds 35 Meadow
Winters Joseph, mason, bds 35 Meadow
Witherill Ira C., laborer, h Factory
Witt Mary F. Miss, bds 42 Galen
WITT MICHAEL, florist and market gardener, 42 Galen, h do
Wood A. B., stationary engineer, h 24 DeZeng
Wood Charles, carpenter, h Galen n DeZeng
Wood Eleanora Miss, teacher, bds E. Genesee n Glasgow
Wood Ella Miss, bds 16 Waterloo
Wood Henry, machinist, bds 16 Waterloo
Wood H. Mrs., h E. Genesee n Glasgow
Wood Ray, machinist, bds 16 Waterloo
Wood S. W. (S. W. Wood & Co.), Ford opp Galen
Wood S. W. & Co., engine mfrs., Ford opp Galen
Wood Vinnie Miss, bds E. Genesee n Glasgow
Wood W. B. (Wood & Keesler), bds Clyde Hotel
Wood & Keesler (W. B. Wood and J. A. Keesler), flouring and grist mill, Ford n Galen
Woodbeck J. L., ointment mfr., h DeZeng n Catherine
Woodbeck Manly, laborer, h DeZeng n Catherine
Worden Ada Miss, bds Factory
Worden John V., laborer, h Factory
Wright Adelbert P., clerk, Columbia n Sodus, h do
Wright Charles, laborer, h New
Wright Etna S. Miss, bds Caroline n Rees
Wright Ford M., bds Caroline n Rees
Wright Frank, laborer, bds Caroline n Rees
Wright John, h Caroline n Rees
Wright, J., h. Columbia n Sodus
Wright Libbie Miss, bds New


Zeluff C.E., meat market, 9 Columbia, h 9 DeZeng
Zeluff Eliza A., widow, h Sodus n DeZeng
Zeluff Fred D., butcher, bds Sodus n DeZeng

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