The 1886 - 1887 Directory of the village of Clyde, Town of Galen, Wayne County, N.Y. is useful as a research alternative to the 1890 US census, which was destroyed in a fire. The directory names home and business owners, as well as residents who did not own their own homes, and notes occupations of all residents. Addresses can be used to search for or verify home ownership.

Our appreciation for transcribing the full directory goes to Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1886 - 1887 Directory of Clyde
Town of Galen, Wayne County, New York
Part 1, Surnames A - O

Abbreviations used in this work
ab-above. ave-avenue. bet-between. b or bds-boards. c or cor.-corner.
do-ditto. E.-East. Ex.-Express. ft-foot h-house. ins-insurance.
Junc-Junction. N.Y.C.R.R.-New York Central Railroad. N.-North. n-near.
opp-opposite. P.O.-Post Office. r-rear. S.-South. St.-Street.
Tel.-Telegraph W.-West. W.S.R.R.-West Shore Railroad.


Abert George, machinist, h Sodus n Columbia
Ackerman M. A. Mrs., teacher Clyde High School, h Sodus n Columbia
Adams Albert E., chief engineer fire dept, h 28 Glasgow
Alder J. W., station agent N. Y. C. R. R. bds Clyde Hotel
Allen Charlotte, widow, h DeZeng n John
Allen Emma J. Miss, bds DeZeng n Glasgow
Allen Louis, boatman, h Ford cor Galen
Allen Nelson, laborer, h Sibley n DeZeng
Allen Peter, horse trader, h Factory ab Fulton
Allen P. B., carriage maker, Geneva cor Mill, h do
Allen P. B., Jr., carriage maker, h Geneva cor Mill
Allen Thomas, laborer, h DeZeng n John
Althen A. F., barber, S Park n Glasgow, bds DeZeng n Glasgow
American Express Co., J. W. Alder, agt., Glasgow S. Canal bridge
American House, William LaVancher, prop, Ford
Ames Charles, machinist, bds Water cor Orchard
Ames Robert, tallysman, h Water cor Orchard
Andrews Graham, dentist, bds Water cor Mill
Andrews Lydia, widow, h Galen n E. Genesee
Anguish Albert, baggage master N. Y. C. R. R., h Lock cor Frederick
Angus Gilbert, cartman, h factory n Columbia
Armitage B. W., meat market, Columbia n Glasgow, h Orchard
Armitage Carrie Miss, bds Orchard
Armitage Eliza, widow, h 6 DeZeng
Armitage James M., drug clerk, h 6 DeZeng
Arnold J. N., physician, Glasgow, h 11 DeZeng
Arzberger Martha Miss, tailoress, bds Caroline n Glasgow
Arzberger Rosa Miss, tailoress, bds Caroline n Glasgow
Arzberger Thomas, ice dealer, Caroline n Glasgow, h do
Aurand E. L. Mrs., h Waterloo n Geneva
Aurand Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, bds Waterloo n Geneva
Austin Friend (Austin & Scutt), 57 Glasgow, bds do
AUSTIN & SCUTT, (Friend Austin and Freeman Scutt), carriage and sleigh manufacturers, r 57 Glasgow See page 107
Avery Charles, harnessmaker, h Lock n brick yard


BABCOCK & SMITH, (Worden Babcock and Frank R. Smith), proprieters Clyde Hotel, N. Park cor Glasgow
Bacon Gaylord, bottle blower, h 38 W. Genesee
Bailey Samuel, laborer, h Mill
Baker Carrie Miss, domestic, 15 DeZeng
BAKER GEORGE O. attorney and counsellor at law, Glasgow cor Ford, h Water n Cayuga
Baker Homer, glass worker, h Lock cor Caroline
Baker William G., student, h Water n Cayuga
Ball Charles T. laborer, h factory n Fulton
Ball Frederick, laborer, bds Factory n Fulton
Ball Henry, laborer, h Factory n Fulton
Barber E. N. bds W. Genesee ab Duncan
Barber William, carpenter, h Lock n Fulton
Barber William, teamster, h Canal
Barnard J. S. hom. physician, Graham block, h 3 W. Genesee
Barnes R. R. ready made clothing, Graham block, h Caroline
Barrick Ann, widow, h 49 Sodus
Barrick William, saddler, h 49 Sodus
Barrows Albert, carpenter, h Lock n Frederick
BATES W. H. REV. pastor Presbyterian Church, h 22 Caroline
Becker George, gate tender, N. Y. C. R. R. h E Genesee n Glasgow
Becker John M. carpenter, h Lock n Washington
Becker William, laborer, h 6 Waterloo
Beman William, boatman, h DeZeng n Lock
Benjamin Anson, laborer, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Benjamin Manly F. h Lock c Washington
Benjamin Nelson, bds Glasgow ab Sodus
Benninghoff Albert, clerk, 31 Glasgow, h Waterloo cor Geneva
Benninghoff Frank, student, bds Waterloo n Geneva
Benninghoff Milton, physician, S. Park, h Waterloo cor Geneva
Bequillard Charles, (Welch & Bequillard), Adams block, h Reese cor Lock
Bettles Thomas, gardener, h DeZeng n John
Bills Frank, foreman, h Orchard n Water
Birdsell Frank, clerk, 20 Columbia, bds Geneva n Sodus
Birdsell Fred, clerk, 21 Glasgow, bds 20 W. Water
Birdsell George, laborer, h Mill n Waterloo
Birdsell Rose Miss, bds 20 Water
Birdsell William A. machinist, h Mill n Geneva
Blaisdel Charles, laborer, h 3 DeZeng
Blaisdel P. laborer, h Fulton n factory
Bliss Almira, widow, h N. Pearl
Bliss George S. (Bliss and Davis), 23 Columbia, h N. Park
Bliss Ida Miss, bds N. Park
BLISS & DAVIS (George S. Bliss and Lorenzo Davis), hardware, stoves and tinware, 23 Columbia. See page 109
Blodgett A. T. h Galen n DeZeng
Blodgett Charles W. retoucher, bds Galen n DeZeng
Blodgett John M. travelling salesman, h 7 DeZeng
Blodgett M. J. glass cutter, also doors, sash and blinds, h Caroline n Factory
Blodgett William, glass gatherer, bds Columbia c Rees
Blowers Anna Miss, domestic, 7 DeZeng
Bofinger William, helper, h Mill n Waterloo
Boles Mattie Miss, bds 83 Glasgow
Boles William, boatman, h 83 Glasgow
Bonser Louisa Miss, bds W. Genesee ab Duncan
Booth Harriet, widow, h 33 DeZeng
Bowman Chester, laborer, h 19 Geneva
Bowmaster John, marble cutter, h Glasgow, s Canal bridge
Bowmaster Margaret, widow, h Glasgow s Canal bridge
Boyce Addison, laborer, h Duncan n W. Genesee
Boyce Peter, laborer, h ab Factory, n Fulton
Boyle Patrick, laborer, h Meadow n New
Bradburn E. A. hairdresser, 41 Glasgow, h do
Bramer William, laborer, h Cayuga n Water
Bramer William, laborer, h Rees n Columbia
Breed Charles, barber, 14 Glasgow, bds do
Breed Moses, h Galen n DeZeng
Brewer Charles, laborer, h DeZeng n Glasgow
Brewer Elijah, laborer, h Factory head Frederick
Brewer James, boatman, h Ford cor Galen
Brewer William, boatman, h Ford cor Galen
Brewster Clystie Miss, dressmaker, Ford cor Galen, h do
Brewster Kate Miss, bds Ford cor Galen
Brewster Sarah Mrs. boarding house, Ford cor Galen
Brewster William (Brewster & Winters), h Waterloo n Geneva
Brewster & Winters (William Brewster and Charles Winters), carriage makers, Water n Waterloo
Brink J. Y. Mrs., bds 15 Factory
Britton Satie Mrs., bds 85 Glasgow
Brown Addie Miss, bds Factory head Frederick
Brown Albert, laborer, bds Factory head Frederick
Brown Charles, hostler, Clyde Hotel
Brown Charles, teamster, bds 17 DeZeng
Brown Charles W., laborer, bds Factory, head Frederick
Brown Fred, laborer, bds 15 Caroline
Brown G. A., harness maker, also dealer in carriages, 1 Glasgow, h Caroline cor Factory
Brown John, laborer, h John n DeZeng
Brown Johnson, maltster, h John n DeZeng
Brown Sarah, widow, h 15 Caroline
Brownell Emma, widow, h 54 Columbia
Bruen Charles C., house painter, h 20 Geneva
Bruen J. W., boiler maker, bds 20 Geneva
Bruen Mary A., widow, h 20 Geneva
Burch Ziba, hostler, h DeZeng cor Galen
Burke Frank, hostler Galen stock farm, Glasgow h do
Burlison George, oven boy, h 33 DeZeng
Burnett Katherine Dell Miss, bds Columbia cor Lock
Burnett William, civil engineer and surveyor, h Columbia cor Lock
Burton Hiram, farmer, h 70 Glasgow
Burton L. W., h 70 Glasgow
Burton Phebe C., widow, h 70 Glasgow
Bush Peter, laborer, h Ford cor E. Genesee
Butler Ann, widow, h Caroline n Lock
Butterly John, shoemaker, h 52 Columbia


Cady Henry, druggist, 17 Glasgow, bds 19 do
Cain John, section hand N. Y. C. R. R., h DeZeng n Hill
Cain Mary Miss, dressmaker, h Meadow n New
Cain Patrick, laborer, h Meadow n New
Cain Sylvester, glassblower, h Meadow n New
Cain Thomas, section boss N. Y. C. R. R., h Gravel n Cayuga
Campbell P. Mrs., bakery, S. Park h do
Canby J. P., clerk, h Lock n DeZeng
Canning James M., clerk, 16 Glasgow, h 84 do
Canning M., grocer, 16 Glasgow, h do
Carlton Jerry, gate tender N. Y. C. R. R., bds American House
Carman Lizzie Mrs. domestic, 15 Sodus
Carpenter Mead, glass blower, h W. Genesee
Carris E. J. grocer, 7 Glasgo, h S. Park cor Sodus
Carris Lewis H. student, bds S. Park cor Sodus
Carroll Michael, laborer, h John n DeZeng
Case Charles, bds 8 Ford
CASE H. livery and sale stable, also proprietor Clyde, Rose and Wolcott stage, office, r Clyde Hotel, h Glasgow cor Caroline See page 111
Casey A. H. Mrs. h 19 DeZeng
Cavanagh Thomas, cooper, h Factory cor DeZeng
Cavanaugh John, bottle blower, h 12 Rees
Cavanaugh John, laborer, h 26 Meadow
Chamberlain Charles, laborer, h Factory
Chamberlin Lewis H. dentist, bds 61 Glasgow
Champion Frank, livery, h 5 DeZeng
Champion Frank, livery stable, Sodus n Canal bridge, h DeZeng
Child S. J. jeweler, Glasgow opp Ford, h 13 W. Genesee
Childs G. C. hom. physician, Glasgow cor Ford, h 5 W. Genesee
Childs John H. bds 5 W. Genesee
Childs Kittie Miss, bds 5 W. Genesee
Church James C. farmer, h Waterloo ab Geneva
CHURCHILL W. E. editor the Clyde Democrat, 2 Glasgow, h Caroline See advt.
Clabby James, glass flattener, h 46 Columbia
Clabby Lizzie Miss, bds 46 Columbia
Clark Emory, laborer, h Lock n Washington
Clark Horace, laborer, bds 8 Ford
Clark Nettie A. Miss, bds Lock n Washington
Clarke S. H. h 9 Waterloo
Clum Catherine, widow, h 37 W. Genesee
Clum Seth, laborer, h Galen n DeZeng
Clyde Glass Works, H. B. Stevens proprietor, tow path n Sodus
Clyde High School, Edward Hayward principal, Sodus cor Caroline
CLYDE HOTEL, Babcock and Smith proprietors, N. Park cor Glasgow
Cockshaw John, h W. Genesee n Duncan
Cole R. H. (J. M. Streeter & Co.), resides Huron N. Y.
Colegrove C. F. laborer, h Reese in DeZeng
Colegrove C. W. laborer, h Rees n DeZeng
Colegrove Frank, laborer, bds John n DeZeng
Colegrove Henry, laborer, h Rees n DeZeng
Colegrove John, laborer, h Rees n DeZeng
Colegrove William, laborer, h John n DeZeng
Colegrove William jr. bds John n DeZeng
Collier A. D., clerk, bds Sodus n DeZeng
Collier J. H., grocer, Glasgow, bds Clyde Hotel
Collins Chauncey B., h Sodus n Caroline
Collins Leonard, boarding house, Ford n Glasgow
COLVIN D., physician and surgeon, Sodus cor W. Genesee, h do
Compson H. K., boat builder, h 6 Orchard
Converse Eugene, butcher, h Meadow n Water
Converse Hiram, gardener, h Meadow opp New
Converse Ira, butcher, h Meadow cor New
Converse Julia Miss, bds DeZeng n Glasgow
Conway Mary J., widow, h 2 Waterloo
Cook George, porter Clyde Hotel
Cook O. F., farmer, h Glasgow, junc Sodus
Cook Orator F., student, bds Glasgow, junc Sodus
Cookingham J. J.,clerk, Glasgow, h W. Genesee
Cookingham L. D., grocer, 18 Glasgow, h W. Genesee
Coon George W., miller, h Ford n Galen
Cooper A. Mrs., h DeZeng n Lock
Cooper Byron, painter, bds DeZeng n Lock
Cooper Calantha, widow, h 4 Rees
Cooper C. S., photographer, 63 Glasgow, h 65 do
Cordon Mary Miss, dressmaker, bds 30 Meadow
Cordon Michael, laborer, h 30 Meadow
Cordon T. J., clerk, 33 Glasgow, bds Meadow
Corrigan J. G., marble and granite works, Glasgow, h 17 DeZeng
Corrigan Richard. laborer, h 7 Glasgow
Corrin E. Q., clerk 13 Glasgow, h Geneva n Waterloo
Cosselmon Albert, laborer, h Factory
Cosselmon Charles, laborer, h Glasgow, ab Sodus
Costello Ann, widow, h 24 Meadow
Costello C. C., clothier and tailor, 17 Columbia h do
Costello James, laborer, bds Duncan n DeZeng
Costello James, Laborer, h Cayuga ab cemetery
Costello John, laborer, h Cayuga ab cemetery
Costello J. T., clerk, 17 Columbia, bds Waterloo n Seneca
Costello Katie Miss, bds Duncan n DeZeng
Costello Maggie Miss, dressmaker, bds Meadow n New
Costello Mary Miss, dressmaker, Cayuga ab cemetery h do
Costello Mary, widow, h Duncan n DeZeng
Costello Michael, laborer, h Cayuga ab cemetery
Costello Michael, laborer, h 29 Meadow
Costello Michael, laborer, h Duncan n DeZeng
Coughlin Patrick, h DeZeng n Duncan
Courtemarsh Henry, section hand W. S. R. R., h 33 Geneva
Cowles G. W. county judge, Adams block, h Caroline
Crane Adelia C. widow, h 39 Caroline
Crane Nellie L. Miss, bds 39 Caroline
Crawford Joseph Mrs. h Ford below E. Genesee
CRAWFORD WILLARD, milk dairy, Ford below E. Genesee. See page 113
Crosby A. B. laborer, bds Sodus n DeZeng
Crouch Louis, teamster, DeZeng cor Lock
Croul F. C. dentist, h 19 W. Genesee
Crowel Grace Miss, bds Sodus n Caroline
Crowel Mary Jane, widow, h Sodus n Caroline
Crowley James, laborer, h Ford below E. Genesee
Cumings Lawrence, hostler, bds 11 Columbia
Current Timothy, section hand N. Y. C. R. R. h Mill n Geneva
Cushman John, boatman, h Ford cor Galen


DAVIS A. restaurant and billiard parlor S. Park, h 11 Caroline
Davis Austin, laborer, bds Factory n Columbia
DAVIS J. H. hotel and restaurant, 19 Glasgow, h do
Davis John, jr. teamster, h W. Genesee ab Duncan
Davis John W. farmer, h W. Genesee ab Duncan
Davis Loren, clerk, 23 Columbia, bds Factory n Columbia
Davis Lorenzo (Bliss & Davis) h Factory n Columbia
Davis Mary, widow, h 11 Caroline
Davis William, foreman, h 18 Waterloo
DeGolyer, George, building mover, h Elizabeth
DeGolyer James, watchman N. Y. C. R. R. h 17 Waterloo
DeGraw Mary, widow, h DeZeng n Glasgow
DeLany F. A. h 84 Glasgow
DeLany Henry S. h Glasgow, cor Caroline
DeLany P. H. Mrs., h Glasgow cor Caroline
Delisle Emma Mrs., h Columbia n Factory
Demming F. B., carpenter, h Galen n DeZeng
Demming Sarah, widow, h Galen n DeZeng
Denison A. J., pianos, organs, sewing machines, etc., 23 1/2 Glasgow, h Lock n Frederick
DENISON C. E., boots, shoes and rubbers, 4 Glasgow, bds Sodus n S. Park See page 115
Denison Charles H., bds Lock n Frederick
DENISON P. G., dry goods, carpets, etc., Graham Block, h Sodus opp the Park
Denison P. G., Jr., bookkeeper, bds Sodus opp the Park
Dennington George A. ticket agent and operator N. Y. C. R. R. h Waterloo
DeZeng P. M. h Sodus n S. Park
Dickerson Charles, laborer, h DeZeng n Galen
DICKIE JAMES, groceries and provisions, 49 Glasgow, h do
Dixon Henry, hairdresser, 21 Columbia, h Sodus n Columbia
Dogan H. A. Miss, dressmaker, bds 41 Sodus
Douglass Derrick, supt. Clyde glass works, h 20 Caroline
Driscoll Catherine, widow, h 20 Meadow
Driscoll James, section hand N. Y. C. R. R. h 20 Meadow
Drury Frederick, farmer, bds Lake n Washington
Dunham A. (A. Dunham & Co.) h Prospect Hill
Dunham A. & Co. (James Dunham) blacksmiths
Dunham Andrew, blacksmith, h Hill cor DeZeng
Dunham James (A. Dunham & Co.) h Prospect Hill
Durkee Polly, widow, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Durkee William M. Boiler maker, h Water n Waterloo
Dussler Fred, glass cutter, bds 15 Columbia
Dussler George, bds 15 Columbia
Dussler George, jr. saloon, 15 Columbia, h do
Dussler Louise Miss, bds 15 Columbia


Ekert Anna Miss, clerk, bds River
Ekert Arsenius, shoemaker, h 22 Geneva
Ekert John H. clerk, bds Geneva n Waterloo
Ekert Peter, moulder, bds 22 Geneva
Eldridge Charles, can maker, bds 17 Glasgow
Eldridge Florence Miss, dressmaker, bds 17 Glasgow
Eldridge S. Mrs. dressmaker, 17 Glasgow, h do
Ellenwood E. M. clerk, 20 Columbia, h Caroline n Glasgow
Ellenwood, H. furniture dealer, Glasgow S. Canal bridge, h Water
Ellenwood William H., clerk, bds Water n Waterloo
Elliott Charles, h 16 W. Genesee
Elliott Ellen, widow, h W. Genesee n Lock
ELY CHARLES D. (Ely, Son & Hoyt), also proprietor Galen Stock Farm, h 11 W. Genesee See adv. inside back cover
Ely Charles H. carriage painter, and repairer, 55 Glasgow h do
Ely Julia Miss, h Sodus n S. Park
Ely William C. (Ely, Son & Hoyt), factory cor Canal, h W. Genesee cor Lock
Ely W. D., gentleman, bds W. Genesee cor Lock
ELY, SON & HOYT (William C. Ely, Charles D. Ely and George H. Hoyt), manufacturers window glass, bottles and fruit jars, factory cor Canal See page 116
Englehardt John, cutter, 22 Glasgow, h E. Genesee
Ernst Henry, cooper, h Factory n Caroline
Ernst Lizzie Miss, bds Factory n Caroline
Ernst, William, laborer, bds Factory n Caroline
Exner Addie Miss, bds Frederick n Lock
Exner Carrie Miss, bds Frederick n Lock
Exner Horace, harnessmaker, Frederick n Lock, h do
Exner John, laborer, h Rees n W. Genesee


Faatz Christiana, widow, h Galen n E. Genesee
Farrell Edward, laborer, bds 26 Water
Farrell John, laborer, h 26 Water
Farrell Julia Miss, tailoress, bds 26 Water
Farrell Mary Miss, bds 26 Water
Farrell Thomas. laborer, bds 26 Water
Featherly Adah Miss, h 79 Glasgow
Felten Charles, cooper, h Factory n DeZeng
Ferguson Abraham, laborer, h Lock n brick yard
Ferguson David, farmer, h Geneva ab W. S. crossing
Ferguson John G. laborer, bds Lock n brick yard
Fero Hannah, widow, h Galen n DeZeng
Fesenfield Eliza Miss, bds 29 Geneva
Fesenfield Eve, widow, h 29 Geneva
Field Albert L. finisher, bds 78 Glasgow
Field W. N. furniture and undertaker, 47 Glasgow, h E. Genesee
Fields Ambrose S. clothing, 37 Glasgow, h Glasgow n DeZeng
Fields George A. cutter, bds 78 Glasgow
Finch Ernest E. clerk, 23 Glasgow
Finnan Michael, maltster, h DeZeng cor John
Fish Betsy A. widow, h Caroline n Rees
Fish M shoemaker, 45 Glasgow, h do Washington
Fisher Adam (Fisher & Son), 3 Glasgow, bds Sodus n
Fisher John P. undertaker, h Glasgow cor DeZeng
Fisher M. A. (Fisher & Son), 3 Glasgow, h Sodus n Washington
FISHER & SON (M. A.), boots, shoes and rubbers 3 Glasgow
Fisk Jabez, h 21 Geneva n Glasgow
Fisk James, laborer, h 23 Geneva
Fisk Jennie Miss, bds 21 Geneva
Fitzgerald James Mrs. h DeZeng cor Elizabeth
Flanagan Anthony, laborer, h Mill
Flynn Emmett, bds 55 Sodus
Flynn E. D. butcher, 9 Columbia, bds Waterloo n Meadow
Flynn George, mason, bds Cayuga n Water
Flynn John, carpenter, bds Cayuga n Water
Flynn Mary, widow, h 55 Sodus
Flynn S. E. Miss, clerk, bds Sodus n DeZeng
Foote Josiah, laborer, h 57 Sodus
FORBES A. V. news dealer, bookseller and stationer, music, etc., 27 Glasgow, h Factory n Genesee
Forbes Charles W. clerk, 27 Glasgow, bds Factory n Genesee
Forbes Tobias, h Factory n Genesee
Ford C. H. (Smith & Ford), 5 Glasgow, bds River
Forncrook H. S. contractor, h Lock n Washington
FORTE IRWIN A. publisher "The Clyde Times", Ford n Glasgow, h Caroline n Glasgow See advt
Fowler H. A. h 60 Glasgow
Fraher Alice, widow, h Meadow n New
Fraher Bridget Miss, bds Meadow n New
Fraher Daniel, horse dealer, h Ford
Fraher Edward, laborer, h Meadow n New
Fraher James, laborer, h 7 Columbia
Fraher John, section hand, W. S. R. R. bds 7 Columbia
Fraher Margaret Miss, bds Meadow n New
Fraher Walter, laborer, h 26 Waterloo
Francis R. H. hairdresser, 14 Glasgow, h do
Franklin John, coachman, W. Genesee cor Lock
Frawley Mary, widow, h Cayuga n Water
Fulkerson Hannah, widow, h DeZeng n Glasgow


Gaffney Ellen, widow, h Burrall
Gaffney John, section hand, N. Y. C. R. R. bds Burrall
Garlic Tabitha, widow, h 86 Glasgow
Garlic W. H. horse shoer, Ford n E. Genesee, h Glasgow junc Sodus
Garrity Mary, widow, h 5 Lock
Garrity Rose Miss, bds 5 Lock
Garrity William, can maker, bds 5 Lock
Gay Albert, boatman, bds Mill
Gay Henry, laborer, h Mill
Gay Sarah, widow, h Waterloo ab Geneva
German Carrie Mrs. h 17 Waterloo
Gibson M. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 43 Sodus, h do
Gillett A. H. (Gillett & Gridley), 51 Columbia, h do
Gillett John C. student, bds 51 Columbia
Gillett Lizzie Miss, bds Glasgow
Gillett William, seed grower, h Glasgow n Galen stock farm
Gillett & Gridley (A. H. Gillett and Edward Gridley), produce dealers, 51 Columbia
Gilroy Anna Miss, milliner, bds 32 Meadow
Gilroy Edward, laborer, h 32 Meadow
Gilroy E. glass blower, h Caroline
Gilroy Lida Miss, millinery and fancy goods, Adams block, h 32 Meadow
Goesbeck Darwin, glass cutter, h Lock n Columbia
Golden Edward, boatman, bds DeZeng n Hill
Golden Mary Miss, bds DeZeng n Hill
Golden Thomas, h DeZeng n Hill
Golden Thomas, jr. laborer, bds DeZeng n Hill
Gordon Elizabeth, widow, h 8 Waterloo
Gordon Lester, farmer, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Graham Archibald M. h Glasgow n Caroline
Graham A. G. farmer, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Graham Charles, farmer, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Graham Eliza, widow, h Glasgow n Caroline
Graham Frank, laborer, bds DeZeng n Catherine
Graves Almira, widow, h 15 Caroline
Graves Charles, boatman, h Lock n Caroline
Graves Charles, painter, h E. Genesee n Galen
Graves Edward N. h Galen n E. Genesee
Graves George P. bds 15 Caroline
Graves Robert, laborer, h Factory
Green Leila Miss, h 54 Columbia
Greene James G. assistant principal Clyde High School, bds W. Genesee n Factory
Greene Silas P. clerk, 29 Glasgow, h W. Genesee n Factory
GREENE J. & SON, drugs, paints, crockery, etc. 29 Glasgow, h W. Genesee n Factory
Gregg G. A. lawyer, Graham block, h W. Genesee n Hill
Gregg Robert, laborer, h W. Genesee n Hill
Gregg Robert M. marble cutter, bds W. Genesee n Hill
Gregory Aaron Mrs. h Water n Cayuga
Gregory James, laborer, h DeZeng cor Galen
Greiner Barney, bds Columbia n Sibley
Greiner John, glass blower, h 48 Columbia
Gridley Edward, (Gillett & Gridley), 51 Columbia, h Sibley cor Columbia
Griffin Katie Miss, bds Duncan n DeZeng
Griffin Margaret, widow, h Duncan n DeZeng
Grimshaw John, carpenter, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Griswold Cornelia, widow, h Sodus n Columbia
Groesbeck C. S. grain dealer, 28 Columbia, h 79 Glasgow
Groesbeck Mary, widow, h 57 Columbia
Groesbeck W. H. groceries, etc. 16, 18 and 20 Columbia, h 7 DeZeng
Groeskoph Isaac, laborer, h 35 Geneva
Guimo Daniel, laborer, bds Sodus n Frederick
Guimo Maggie Miss, bds Mill
Guimo Polly, widow, h Mill
Guy Michael, blacksmith, h Duncan n DeZeng


Haight George, laborer, h Water n Geneva
Hak Charles, shoemaker, Caroline n Rees, h do
Hak John, clerk, 10 Glasgow, bds Caroline
Hamilton Alonzo, laborer, h Factory ab Fulton
Hamilton Arthur, bds Sodus cor DeZeng
Hamilton C. propr. the Hamilton Bank, Glasgow, h Sodus cor DeZeng
Hamilton C. H. travelling salesman, bds Sodus n N. Park
Hamilton Fred, laborer, h W. Genesee ab Duncan
Hamilton Thomas, laborer, h W. Genesee ab Duncan
Hand Lucy E. Miss, school teacher, bds 18 DeZeng
Hand Nellie R. Miss, school teacher, bds 18 DeZeng
Hand Sarah Mrs. h 18 DeZeng
Handlon John, section hand, h tow path, ab canal bridge
Hanley J. section hand, h DeZeng below Catherine
Hardy John, laborer, bds DeZeng cor Rees
Hardy Saliby, laborer, h DeZeng cor Rees
Harmon Mary, widow, h 47 Sodus
Harper I. E. Mrs.(Harper & Strong), S. Park, h do
Harper R. L. foreman, h S. Park
Harper & Strong (Mrs. I. E. Harper and Mrs. F. M. Strong), milliners, S. Park
Harrigan James, laborer, h Meadow n New
Harrington Joseph, farmer, h Geneva n W. S. crossing
Hart Eugene, laborer, h E. Genesee n Ford
Hart Samuel C. teamster, h 33 Geneva
Hartney Martin, section hand, h Duncan n DeZeng
Haugh Frank, clerk P. O. bds DeZeng below Catherine
Haugh John, laborer, h DeZeng below Catherine
Hayward Edward, principal Clyde High School, h Sodus n Caroline
Hyland Benjamin, pot maker, h 42 W. Genesee
Heit Jacob (Heit & Son), h Marengo road
Heit J. D. (Heit & Son), bds Clyde Hotel
Heit Lottie, widow, h 22 Water
Heit & Son (Jacob Heit and J. D. Heit), boots and shoes, 24 Glasgow
Hemingway Dwight E.(H. C. Hemingway & Co.), bds Clyde Hotel
Hemingway H. C. & Co. packers of canned goods, Geneva n W. S. crossing
Hendricks Albert, carpenter, h 54 Columbia
Hendricks Louis, laborer, h Burrall
Hendricks Thomas, foreman, W. S. R. R. bds Cayuga n Water
Hessian Thomas, h 44 W. Genesee
Hessian Thomas, jr. blacksmith, h 44 W. Genesee
Hinman J. W. cashier The Briggs National Bank, Glasgow, h E. Genesee n Glasgow
Hixenbaugh Clara N. Miss, bds Columbia cor Rees
Hixenbaugh Ida S. Miss, tailoress, bds Columbia cor Rees
Hixenbaugh Leroy, glass gatherer, bds Columbia cor Rees
Hixenbaugh Sarah, widow, h Columbia cor Rees
Hoffman Seymour, glass packer, h Columbia n Rees
Hoffman Vincent, carpenter, bds 17 Caroline
Hogan James, laborer, h John n DeZeng
Hogan Thomas, laborer, bds John n DeZeng
Holdridge Emma, widow, h Columbia n Factory
Holearn Honora, widow, h W. Genesee ab Duncan
Holearn Martin, section hand N. Y. C. R. R. h Mill n Glasgow
Holearn Mary, widow, h Mill
Holland E. H. hairdresser, S. Park n Glasgow, h DeZeng
Holland William, h Columbia n Sodus
Hollenbeck William, teamster, h towpath ab Canal bridge
Holmes A. O. coal and wood, Glasgow, S. Canal bridge, h Sodus n S. Park
Holt E. I. (E. I. Holt & Co.) h Lock n Caroline
Holt E. I. & Co., (Lewis Holt) meat market S. Park
Holt Lewis (E. I. Holt & Co.) S. Park, h do
Hosack Charles Mrs. h Lock ab Washington
Hosack Ida C. Miss, bds Lock ab Washington
Hovey Uretta, widow, h Caroline cor Factory
Howard J. L. justice of the peace, h 24 Water
Howe A. F. Mrs. h 19 DeZeng
Howe C. A. clothier, 23 Glasgow, h Caroline n Rees
Howe F. M. Mrs. millinery and fancy goods,S. Park, h do
Howe Nellie Miss, milliner, N. Park, bds DeZeng n Sodus
Howes Thomas, engineer, 28 Columbia, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Howley Bridget, widow, h 38 Waterloo
Howley John, section hand W. S. R. R. bds 38 Waterloo
Howley Patrick, tailor, bds 38 Waterloo
Hoyt George H. (Ely, Son & Hoyt) Factory cor Canal h 3 W. Genesee n Sodus
Hoyt G. H. jr. bds 3 W. Genesee
Hughson E. N. tinsmith, h Lock cor Frederick
Hull Harriet Miss, bds Cayuga cor Water
Hull J. C. shoemaker, h Cayuga cor Water
Humphrey Elmer, painter, h Galen n Ford
Hunt W. A. assistant cashier Briggs National Bank, h 31 W. Genesee
Hurley Dennis, laborer, h Lock cor Washington
Hurley John, laborer, h E. Genesee n Ford


Ingersoll Mary A. widow, h Factory n Columbia

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