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Wayne County, NY

This page is for posting photos of Wayne County residents or photos taken at Wayne County studios that *you'd like to reunite or share with a descendant or will be donating to a historical society*. If you have a Wayne County photo you'd like to post on this page, let us know and tell us what you have and we can discuss file format. Please do not send pictures or other types of files without notice, as I delete all email that I'm not expecting that contain attachments.

George Dean Metcalf


Purchased in Wayne County in the fall of 2006, a real photo postcard of George Metcalf, a lifelong resident of Savannah, with "Little George Metcalfe. July 1913 - 9 months old" written on back in old-fashioned handwriting.

In the 1910 U.S. Census, George's parents were residing in Ashtabula, Ohio - Daniel S. Metcalf, age 24, and Jessie F. Metcalf, age 31, no children listed. The 1920 U.S. Census has George D. Metcalf, age 7 years and b. NY, residing in Savannah with father Daniel, age 33 b. Ohio, mother Jessie, age 41 b. NY, brother Leo F. age 8, sister Marion E. age 5, and sister Helen age 2 years 9 months. Parents and all 4 children were residing in Savannah in 1930, however two first names are different. In one household are: David S. Metcalf age 44, Jessie Metcalf age 50, Leo Metcalf age 19, Dean Metcalf age 17, Marion Metcalf age 15, and Helen Metcalf, age 12. Dean and George are the same person - note that in 1920 his middle initial was "D." and as you'll see below, he apparently went by the name Dean. The SSDI has George Metcalf, b. 13 Nov 1912, d. Nov 1978, last location Savannah, Wayne County, NY. The 1936 Grange Directory shows that he was married at that time.

Our online County Historian's Office reading of the Beadle or Wiley (a.k.a. New Evans) Cemetery in Savannah shows his parents and brother Leo, as well as other Metcalfs. Keep in mind that this reading lists interments only up through 1986, and some previous interments might have been missed by the reader(s). It's not that large a cemetery and perhaps someone would like to go out and reread it.

METCALF, Ezra R., 1881-1949 (according to the 1930 census, Ezra was also born in Ohio. He might be related to Daniel Metcalf.)
METCALF, Ruth, 1893-19 (possibly Ruth Metcalf b. 1 May 1893, d. May 1976, last residence Lyons, NY.)
METCALF, Daniel S., 1886-1961
METCALF, Jessie F., 1879-1945 (see news report below regarding her health.)
METCALF, Leo, 1911- (possibly Leo Metcalf, b. 9 Mar 1911, d. 7 May 1991.)
METCALF, Edna J., 1919-
METCALF, Larry D., N.Y., Sp 4, Co D, 18 Inf. Div. Viet Nam S.S. - P.H., March 1, 1942-Dec. 7, 1967
METCALF, Stephen, 1964

George / Dean, his parents and siblings were all members of the Savannah Grange in 1936, at which time his father Daniel was their Financial Secretary. Metcalf family members in our on-line 1936 Grange membership list are:

Ezra Metcalfe
Mrs. Ezra Metcalfe
Mr., Mrs. D. Metcalf
Leo Metcalf
Dean Metcalf
Mrs. Dean Metcalf
Helan Metcalf
Marion Metcalf

From our site's on-line transcription of the Nov. 2, 1944 issue of The Lake Shore News - "Mrs. Daniel Metcalf returned from Buffalo Wednesday evening and is showing some improvement. Her daughter Mrs. Robert Renner is caring for her." According to the cemetery list, Jessie Metcalf passed away in 1945. Mrs. Robert Renner was Helen Metcalf. The SSDI has: Robert J. Renner, 9 Jul 1917 -19 Mar 1994, and Helen Renner, 24 Apr 1917 - 24 Feb 1999, Savannah, Wayne County, NY.

There are still individuals of the surnames Metcalf and Renner residing in Savannah. The coordinators of this site would appreciate receiving additional information, or corrections / verifications, to add to this page, and in turn to provide to the County Historian's Office to keep with the photograph.


"I have 2 photos (no names-no dates) on heavy cardstock I'd like to post. They are from a studio:

Whitmore (in fancy black old English or Old German type style)

Miller Block

Clyde, N.Y.

The photos were found in an old, hand tooled leather picture album. Most of the pictures were labeled, but these were not, leading me to believe that the granddaughter of the person putting it together didn't recognize these two.

The families in the album were related to the MANN, LEONARD or ARNOLD families. The Leonards had brown hair and eyes like the man in the photo, the Leonards had red or light brown hair and blue eyes like the woman in the photo. I'm not sure about the Manns. They were Quakers in North Carolina. Naturally, I don't know all the families marrying into this clan so I can't include all their names. I also have checked the LDS census for Wayne Co in 1880 for anyone born 1820-1860 with those 3 last names with no luck.

These families basically stayed put in Indiana, and New York, especially way up by Canada, well, it just doesn't make sense! The closest these families came to NY was near Philadelphia 100 years or more before these pictures were taken.

Based on the information from this article, I have dated the pictures from about 1875-1880. Naturally, a Clyde NY index of businesses might show the Whitmore Photographers (located in Miller Block) in business sometime around those dates which might narrow it down."

Suzy Wert

Unidentified Husband

Unidentified Wife


Below are two antique cabinet card photographs, both titled on back "Jane Treat," who was a resident of Huron. To save server space, I've scanned the photos only, omitting the mountings. The first photo, by style of dress and cabinet card mounting, was taken ca 1895. The second photo, which could have been taken at any time between 1900 and 1910 or so, was taken by "Staunton, Artist, Wolcott, N.Y." Jane was the wife of Clinton A. Treat. I found all of the Treat family lineage and census information by perusing the usual databases on line. Identification of Jane's maiden name was nowhere to be found, but she might have been raised in Cayuga County. Additional information about Jane and the Treats, and corrections / verifications of information below would be appreciated.

Jane's husband Clinton A. is listed twice in the 1867-68 Directory of Wayne County, under both Huron and Wolcot. He was a farmer with 103 acres. Jane herself is listed in the 1914 farm directory as "Jane M. Treat", widow of Clinton A., retired resident of town of Huron, post office Wolcott. Clinton A. Treat's family resided in Mentz, Cayuga County.

Our site's listings for Evergreen Cemetery, Town of Huron, show the following family members listed consecutively, so probably buried near each other:

TREAT, Augustus, Nov. 12, 1796 - July 3, 1870
TREAT, Rhoda, wife, Oct. 8, 1793 - July 3, 1881
TREAT, Clinton A. 1828 - 1885
TREAT, Jane M., wife, 1830 - 1917
CASTERLINE, Squire, Apr. 12, 1770 - Feb. 19, 1831
CASTERLINE, Bethia, wife, Oct.17, 1773 - Oct. 4, 1865

From the 1880 CENSUS of HURON, Wayne County, NY:

Clinton A. TREAT, 53, Farmer, b. NY, fa. b. VT, mo. b. NJ
Jane M. TREAT, Wife, Keeping House, 50, b. NY, fa. b. NY, mo. b. NY
Rhoda TREAT, Mother, 86, b. NJ, fa. b. NJ, mo. b. NJ
James A. MILLIE, Other, 21, b. NY, fa. b. NY, m o. b. NY
Josephine E. MILLIE, Other, Female, 17, b. NY, fa. b. NY, mo. b. NY

1870 CENSUS - I didn't find Clinton A., Jane, or his parents.

From the 1860 CENSUS of GRAND RAPIDS, Kent County, MI:

Oscar F. Treat, 35, b. ca. 1824 NY (1870 census - Oscar Treat, Rockford, Kent, MI, b. abt 1825)
Mary A. Treat, 32, ba. ca. 1827 NY Female (1870 census - Mary Treat, Rockford, Kent, MI, b. abt 1828)

Augustus Treat, 64, b. ca. 1795 NY
Rhoda Treat, 66, b. ca. 1793 NJ
Augustus C. Treat, 32, b. ca. 1827 NY
Jane M. Treat, 30, b. ca. 1829 NY

Joseph H. Treat, 41, b. ca. 1818 NY
Elizabeth Treat, 44, b. ca. 1815 NY (still there in 1870)
Aaron J. Treat, 12, b. ca. 1847 NY
Augustus Treat, 9, b. ca. 1850 NY (still there in 1870)
Demaris M. Treat, 7, b. ca. 1852 NY Female (still there in 1870 and listed as male)

From the 1850 CENSUS of MENTZ, Cayuga County, NY. All of these people are on the same page in the census:

Augustus Treat, b. abt 1796 CT
Rhoda Treat, b. abt 1793 NJ
Clinton Treat, b. abt 1828 NY
Jane Treat, b. abt 1830 NY

Anna Treat, b. abt 1787 NY
De Forest Treat, b. abt 1846 NY
Eliza Treat, b. abt 1822 NY
Isaac Treat, b. abt 1820 NY
Mary Treat, b. abt 1828 NY
Mary Treat, b. abt 1849 NY
Oscar Treat, b. abt 1824 NY
Sarah Treat, b. abt 1829 NY
William Treat, b. abt 1828 NY
William Treat, b. abt 1790 NY

The following information is a compilation from various online LDS sources, so exercise caution in using it without verifying from primary sources:

Clinton Augustus Treat was born March 20/ March 26, 1828 in Mentz NY, son of Augustus Treat and Rhoda Casterline. He died April 24, 1857. His father Augustus, son of Aaron Treat and Betsey Monroe, was born November 12, 1796 and died in Wolcott NY July 3, 1870. On three census, Augustus's birth state is variously given as NY, VT and CT. Clinton A.'s mother Rhoda Casterline/Casterlain, daughter of Squire Casterline and Bethia Horton, is said to have been born October 8, 1793 and died in July 1882 (1881 on Evergreen Cemetery list). A Squire Casterline is listed in the 1830 census for the town of Mentz, Cayuga County, and the 1800 census of the Town of Aurelius (from which Mentz broke off), Cayuga County, also lists a Squire Casterline. Squire Casterline who is probably Rhoda's father is listed in Evergreen Cemetery with a death date of 1831.

As Clinton A. Treat's parents and maternal grandparents are buried with him and Jane in Evergreen Cemetery, it's reasonable to think that they moved from Mentz to Wayne County. However, one's last residence and burial place aren't necessarily the same. Other Treats residing in Mentz are found in later censuses and on the Cayuga Co. GenWeb site. The LDS gives no information that Clinton A. married or had children.

Jane Treat

Jane Treat

Jane Treat


An 1880s/90s antique cabinet card photograph titled on back "Rhea's Grandfather," with ornate back side logo for S. S. Richards, Artistic Photography, Newark, N.Y. Rhea isn't a common first name, and this photo was found a few miles south of Newark. If you can i.d. this gentleman, please contact the site coordinators.

Rhea's Grandfather


Here's an antique carte de visite photograph of toddler Ada Hill, with back side logo of "David A. Foote, Art Gallery, Over Cornwell's Store, Wolcott, N.Y." I found an Ava Hill in the 1880 census of Huron, who might be this little girl.

Lorenzo HILL, Self, M, Male, W, 31, NY, Cooper, NY, NY
Mary HILL, Wife, M, Female, W, 28, NY, Keeping House, GER, GER
Malvina HILL, Dau, S, Female, W, 10, NY, Attending School, NY, NY
Ada HILL, Dau, S, Female, W, 6, NY, NY, NY
Carrie HILL, Dau, S, Female, W, 2, NY, NY, NY
Gracie HILL, Dau, S, Female, W, 1M, NY, NY, NY
Henry ZIGLER, BroL, S, Male, W, 25, NY, Cooper, GER, GER
Frank KING, Other, S, Male, W, 25, CAN, Cooper, CAN, CAN

In 1880, photographer David A. Foote and family were residing in Wolcott:

David A. FOOTE, Self, M, Male, W, 36, NY, Photographer, NY, NY
Ettie FOOTE, Wife, M, Female, W, 34, NY, Keeping House, NY, NY
George N. FOOTE, Son, S, Male, W, 2, NY, NY, NY
Rose REED, Other, S, Female, W, 17, NY, Servant, NY, NY

If she's related to you, please contact the site coordinators to tell us about her.

Ada Hill

Ada Hill

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