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This profile of the family of Manoah Delling and Sally Glidden was kindly donated by Jeannie Cunningham. Jeannie's contribution was in response to her finding the short bio of Charles M. Delling contained in Grips' Historical Souvenir of Wolcott, N.Y., and the subsequent posting of his photograph after she contacted us. If you have information to share with Jeannie about this extended Delling family, she'd love to hear from you.

"Thank you SO MUCH for the photo of C.M. Delling! It is one more piece of the puzzle. You are more than welcome to attach the request for info to the photo. Thanks again. I appreciate everything you've done!"

UPDATED 10/14/07
Hi, I've a couple of things to add to the Delling Family history. I've located a photo of Manoah Delling and Hester Voight Delling. Also a photo of one of their children, David Jackson Delling and his wife Sarah.
Jeannie Cunningham

THE DELLINGS (according to Jeannie!)

Additional notes by Alma Johnson appear in [brackets].

Manoah DELLING (b. 1782, NH), husband of Sally GLIDDEN (b1791, NH), from Bangor, Maine, moved to Bigelow neighborhood of Wolcott Twp in 1812.

[Manoah DELLING was residing in Sodus Twp, Wayne Co NY in 1830. By 1840 he had moved to Wolcott Twp, Wayne Co NY. John W. DELLING, b abt 1808 ME, also was living in Sodus Twp, in 1830 and 1840; by abt 1851 he had resettled his family in Oakland Co. MI. He may be a son of Manoah and Sally, or perhaps a brother of Manoah.]

Children of Manoah and Sally:

1.  True DELLING, b. 28 Mar 1810
2.  Manoah DELLING, b. 1819. (my husband's great-great grandfather)
3.  Ira DELLING [b. abt 1823 NY; see 1850 NY census]
4.  Luther DELLING, b. 1827 (approx.)
5.  Sarah DELLING [b. 1810-1820; see 1830 NY census]
6.  Mary DELLING [b. 1810-1820; see 1830 NY census]

Manoah DELLING (the father) [b. 1782], was a Baptist minister who eventually settled in Lyons, NY on a farm which in the 1940s was owned by a great-granddaughter, Mary Delling. Manoah died 30 Jul 1851 and is buried in the Zurich Cemetary, Arcadia, Wayne Co., NY. (Manoah is listed as "Sr." in a DELLING family record supplied by Susan Creller, which means the father and grandfather were also Manoahs!)

Manoah's son, Luther DELLING [b abt 1827], married [25 Dec 1851 in Harrison, Winnebago Co IL] a woman named Miranda [Miranda LOWELL, b 11 Jul 1832 NY]. They lived [in Winnebago Co. IL at least until 1867] and moved to Missouri [by 1870]. It appears he fought in the Civil War,* and later he or Miranda received a pension. They later moved to Oklahoma, which is where Luther's pension was last accounted.

Luther DELLING and Miranda had at least four [five] children:

[0.  Lois E. DELLING, b. abt 1854 IL; see 1860 IL census]
1.  Odillia [or Adela M. or Edillia] DELLING [b. abt 1856 IL; see 1860 IL census]
2.  Fred DELLING [b. abt 1862 IL; see 1870 MO census]
3.  Frank DELLING [b. 1866 IL; see 1870 MO, 1900 OK censuses]
4.  Nora DELLING [b. 1867 IL; see 1870 MO, 1900 OK censuses]

(*) It also appears that Luther fought in the Civil War, Co. C, 74 IL Inf. Union as a sergeant.

Manoah & Hester Delling

Manoah Delling and wife Hester Eliza Voight Delling

Manoah's son, Manoah DELLING (#2) [b 1819], married Hester Eliza VOIGHT (b. 31 Mar 1817 NY). They moved to present day Mower Co., Minnesota, which at the time was part of the Wisconsin Territory, where they made their home. Manoah purchased 40 acres of land in Brownsville, Mower Co. MN, around 1859. [Click here for larger view of above photo.]

Children of Manoah and Hester:

1.  Luther W. DELLING, b. 3/28/1848 [NY] (my husband's great grandfather)
2.  George W. DELLING [b abt 1851 WI; see 1870 MN census]
3.  Charles M. DELLING, b. 1857 [Charles Manoah, b abt 1858 MN -- see 1870 MN census]
4.  Mary DELLING
5.  Jackson DELLING [David J., b. abt 1844 NY; see 1870 MN census]
6.  Nicolas DELLING
7.  Sarah DELLING
8.  Joseph DELLING [Joseph H., b. abt 1855 MN; see 1870 MN census]

David Jackson & Sarah Delling

David Jackson Delling and his wife Sarah

[Click here for larger view of the photo.]

Luther W. DELLING [b. March 28, 1848] was, technically, born in Wisconsin Territory, which very shortly after his birth, (May 1848) became the Minnesota Territory. Hence the MN/WI confusion. (MN and WI were one territory until WI became a state on May 29, 1848. Luther was born March 28 which puts him in WI for an actual birth location.) Luther was born around Madelia MN, where Manoah was an innkeeper.

Luther W. DELLING [b. 1848] moved in 1870 to MO to live with uncle Luther DELLING (b. abt 1827, his father Manoah's brother) and Miranda. This move occurred sometime between the taking of the censuses in MN and MO, which were a month apart. Luther then met and married the (possibly) widowed Ellen CRAIG, who had at least three children by her first (?) husband William CRAIG.

Luther W. DELLING (b1848) and his wife moved to TX where they had three children:

1.  Manoah George Delling (b. Aug. 29, 1879, d. Feb 5, 1949)
2.  Winfield Delling (b. 1882, d. 1886?)
3.  Rosebud Delling (b. May 1884, d. 1914)

Luther W. and Ellen "Nellie" DELLING moved to Colorado City TX where Luther served as the third sheriff of the city from 1899-1901. Luther died Aug 3, 1903, Nellie died in 1908. Luther and Winfield are both buried in Colorado City Cemetery, Mitchell Co, TX. No record of where Nellie is buried.

Manoah "Blaze" George Delling (b. Aug. 29, 1879, d. Feb 5, 1949) spent his entire life in Texas. He spent several years as a Texas Ranger, worked in Panama during the construction of the canal, and spent the remainder of his life as a customs inspector in Larado. Manoah married Marie Emilia Havre (b. Nov 16, 1883, d. Feb 17, 1983) on Aug 9, 1909 in Brownsville TX. Manoah and Marie had one daughter.

1. Ruth Elizabeth Delling (b. Oct 7, 1910, d. Ap 4, 1983). Ruth was born in Sanderson TX.

Ruth married Samuel Ethelbert Cunningham (b. April 12, 1910, d. April 12, 1984). They lived in Larado and San Antonio TX for the remainder of their lives. Ruth and Samuel had three children.

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