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Lists and Indexes of General Interest

Index to 1895 Cowles' Family Sketches

List of Family Files at Palmyra Kings Daughters Library

Table of Contents to "Rose Neighborhood Sketches"

Names Index to "History, Reminiscences, Anecdotes and Legends of Great Sodus Bay, Sodus Point, Sloop Landing, Sodus Village, Pultneyville, Maxwell"

Ancestral Sightings - From NYS Resourcess

Newspaper notices, brief bios, etc. spotted by your fellow researchers
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Part 7   Part 8   Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12

Ancestral Sightings - From Out-of-state Resources

Newspaper notices, brief bios, etc. spotted by your fellow researchers
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Wayne County Families & Bios

Short Biographies of Wayne County Residents

Ontario County Residents, Wayne County Connections

Chenango County Residents, Wayne County Connections

Kent County MI Residents, Wayne County Connections

Wells H. Axtell of Newark

Simeon Brant

Bruinix/ Goossen Family of Marion

The Buckleys of Walworth

The Campe/Camp Family

Wealthy Collins

Autobiography of Luther Rice Delano

Descendants of Manoah Delling

A Bible Story: Samuel Dennis' Family Bible

The Hon. Nelson Ferris: and Ferris family documents

Tribute to Richard Ferris

Tribute to Mrs. Sarah "Sally" Weeks Ferris

The Fuller Family

Charles Edmund Gage

Descendants of John Gage and Margaret Foster

James Galloway of Palmyra

The Gould Family

George Winfred Gould

The Gould Boys

Albert G. Graham

Assemblyman Marvin I. Greenwood

The Family of William Griswold

The Hathaway Family of Palmyra

Town of Butler Hendersons

James Jenner Hennessy

Pvt. James R. Hickey of Palmyra

Historical Women Firsts of Wayne County

The Abner Johnson Family

Relations of Elihu Jones of Huron

Price Witter Kinney

The Lape Family

On Deacon Walter Lyon

Augusta Mallison

The Merrell Brothers in the Civil War

Oscar W. Osborn

Alvah M. and Robert L. Ostrander

Mary Ann Patterson

The Peirson Family

Ethel Raymer Poray's "Memories of Childhood"

The Post Family of Butler

Col. Oscar E. Pratt

Rochester Politicians From Wayne County 1903

Ethel Raymer Poray's "Farm Life Before Electricity"

Alfred Seelye Roe

History of the Sherman Family of Marion

Menzo Smith, Civil War Soldier

Meet Verna

Ebenezer Still

Descendants of Elijah Taylor

The Family of Robert Tedman

Tipling & Brown Family Bible Inscriptions

Descendants of Isaac Christian Vought

The Wadley Family

Obituaries of the Wykle Family

Original Research Projects

From Palmyra, NY to Palmyra, MI - Our Migrating Ancestors

Family Reunions

Photo of 1905 Feiock Family Reunion

Photo of 1926 Feiock Family Reunion

Gilbert Family Picnic, 1887

1920 Heit Family Reunion Photo & List

Petteys Family Reunion Photos

Wooden Family Reunion List ca. 1936


Found Family Fotos Pt. 1: photographs of local people that you'd like to reunite with a descendant or are donating to a historical society

Found Family Fotos Pt. 2: photographs of local people that you'd like to reunite with a descendant or are donating to a historical society

Found Family Fotos Pt. 3: photographs of local people that you'd like to reunite with a descendant or are donating to a historical society

Found Family Fotos Pt. 4: photographs of local people that you'd like to reunite with a descendant or are donating to a historical society

Found Family Fotos Pt. 5: photographs of local people that you'd like to reunite with a descendant or are donating to a historical society

Group Photo of Beadle Family of Lyons NY

Group Photo of Butler Hendersons

Contant / Farnsworth Family Photos

Photos of Children and Descendants of Robert and Christiana Foote Jeffers

Portrait of Elijah Sherman Mosher

Portrait of Libby Rapp Brooks of Lyons

Sherman/Case Family Treasures (photos of Bible records and quilts)

Letters, Special Items and Keepsakes

Allen Family Letters

War of 1812 Pension Records of Noah Austin

James Duane Galloway Letter, Palmyra 1912

The Autograph Book of Julia T. Bancroft Gould

Names from Irving Webster Crane's Day Book

Feiock Family Birthday Book

The Autograph Book of Lois Moseley 1837-1838

Letters from Amos Snyder of Red Creek

Memorabilia of the Tipling Family


The Bastian Scrapbook

The Scrapbook of John P. Chatterson
Part 1, A - C   Part 2, D - H   Part 3, J - P   Part 4, R - Z

The Old Scrapbook, Pt. 1

The Old Scrapbook, Pt. 2

The Old Scrapbook, Pt. 3

The Old Scrapbook, Pt. 4

The Old Scrapbook, Pt. 5

Newspaper Clippings and Collected Family Ephemera

Documents Docket: small documents of historical interest

The Coleman Clippings Part 1 - a collection of newspaper clippings about the Coleman Family and other families of Sodus and Newark

The Coleman Clippings Part 2 - excerpts from the February 14, 1906 Arcadian Weekly Gazette

The Coleman Clippings Part 3 - abstracts of Coleman Family legal documents & society notes

Wills and Deeds

1876 Probate Notice of Polly Veeder

Some Photographers of Wayne County, as well as the Finger Lakes and Central New York

Alice M. Conklin, Newark NY

Albert L. Russell, Lyons NY

Dr. Major Albert Veeder, Psychic Photographer, Lyons NY

Wayne County-Related Family History Web Sites

If your family history site has **predominantly** Wayne County NY content, and does not tax older computers, send us your URL and we'll take a look. Current listees - please let us know of changes in your website address. Researchers requesting that their sites be posted on this list must provide a working reciprocal link to our website before your site is linked from this one.

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Descendants of James Adams and Sarah Dunn following the line of James Adams of Wayne Co. New York : excellent discussion about migration

Keith Armitage's ARMITAGE Family History Page: an early 19th Century Irish family of Seneca County NY and eastern Galen, Wayne County, NY.

Daniel L. Ashton's Home Page: with genealogical information on the ASHTON and PRATT families.

BAILLARGEON-OHMANN ANCESTORS: fabulous pictures of Lyons & Ohmann ancestry and more to come hopefully on Brundage & Hood

1895 Diary from Wolcott/Owasco/Phelps/Lyons NY: transcribed by Anne M. Cady

Patrick Denning of Newark NY: he was a member of President Lincoln's Body Guard. Site of David Holcomb.

DENNIS Family Genealogy: several generations lived in Zurich, Town of Arcadia, prior to moving to Michigan -- see the piece on Samuel Dennis's Bible -- and a few cousins, including Town of Rose Editor Frank Dennis, lived in Rose.

Elwyn Frey's FREY Family in Arcadia

Susan M. Gates Davis's Genealogy Page - The Gates-Nichols portion of the website has genealogy of the DeCAN, BRUZIJN/BERZINE and DeVOIST families who were all from Wayne County. Also included are a few Bruijsschaards. These families all emigrated from Zeeland in the Netherlands to Wayne County, New York, and some later moved on to OttawaCounty in Michigan.

The Doyle's of Wayne County, NY: Dan says: I found your web site while looking for Sodus info on the web and thought you might like to see the link to my family tree site. I have not done much with it for a couple of years, because of work and family, but there is a lot of info from Sodus on it. My family immigrated to NY in the mid 1850's from Ireland and started farming here, my Dad was the last one to farm it on the family homestead on Boyd Rd. Mom and Dad sold the farm in 81 and have since passed away. My grandfather was on the board that built The Church of The Epiphany in Sodus nearly 80 years ago now.

Sheila Hoffman's Central NY Area Families: including the Mead family from Wayne County

Genealogy of Onias HOPKINS and his wife Sarah WILLIAMS; one family's story of moving to Michigan

Kathy (SPARR) MOTT's Genealogy Page: family page of Volunteer Kathy Mott, including her Wayne County lines.

A Biography of William VREDENBURGH Revolutionary War Veteran and Three Generations of His Descendants: excellent research by Larry Mark Vredenbugh. Links back to Larry's huge Vredenburgh Family site. This site is fantastic, including the Seelye and Converse families!

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