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Town of Walworth

Wayne County, NY

Finley Cemetery

Town of Walworth

Wayne County, NY

Finley Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 441 (Walworth-Marion Rd) West. As you enter Walworth, take Right onto Walworth-Marion Rd. Cemetery is hard to see from road. Behind house in trees. There is an access road to the cemetery. See picture.

Sometimes spelled Findley. In farm lot on Valorus Bassage property.

Checked and corrected November 1974 by Walworth Anthony Wayne Yorker Club, under supervision of Gene Bavis.

Brown, Phebe, wife of John, June 20, 1844, 63yr
Chamberlain, Marian, wife of L__d, Mar. 17,1841
Findley, Mary, wife of Charles, Apr. 9, 1838, 76yr
Findley, Charles, Oct. 21, 1828, 89yr
Findley, Martin, Nov. 10, 1821, 19yr
Robbins, Selinda, wife of Capt. Lester, Apr. 15, 1845, 57yr
Robbins, Proctoro, son, May 15, 1835, 15yr 5mo
Robbins, Emma Jane, dau., Feb. 2, 1845, 29yr 3mo 5da
Robbins, Capt. Lester, Jan. 6, 1854, 60yr 6mo 26da, War of 1812
Finley, Prudence, wife of John, June 2, 1830, 40yr
Finley, John, apr. 23, 1867, 83yr 8mo 21da
Findley, Reuben, Apr. 5, 1787 - Apr. 14, 1877, 90yr 9da
Findley, Sarah, wife, May 1, 1789 - Mar. 10, 1867, 77yr 10mo 10da
Delong, Frances A., dau. of Jas. L. & Pamela, Mar. 10, 1855, 3yr
Finley, Alzora G., dau. of Reuben & Sarah, Sept. 2, 1849, 22yr 3mo 23da
Finley, Infant son of Reuben & Sarah, no dates
Finley, Reuben Jay, son of Franklin, Sept. 14, 1849, 7yr 3mo 10da
Finley, Nathan W., Dec. 17, 1832, 39yr
Finley, Abigail, consort of Nathan W., Dec. 23, 1832, 37yr
Robinson, Malinda, wife of Richard, Oct. 15, 1849, 31yr 8mo 12da
Clark, Harriet, wife of Douglass, Aug. 28, 1839, 22yr 11mo 22d
Hoyt, George, Nov. 3, 1846, 50yr 4mo 14da
Payne, Roger, Aug. 4, 1828, 57yr
Caldwell, Alsmena, wife of Isaac, Mar. 11, 1853, 83yr 5mo 8da
Caldwell, Isaac, Apr. 18, 1829, 62yr 7mo 6da
Hinckley, Angelina, wife of James, Dec. 3, 1830, 29yr
Hinckley, Nathan, Sept. 27, 1839, 67yr
Hinckley, Olive, wife, Mar. 15, 1843, 67yr 7mo 12da
Lasher, Theron, son of Conrad & Ellen Lasher, died March 15, 1839, aged 8 mo.
Park, William Henry, son of Hiram & Hannah Park, died Nov. 14, 1845, 6yr 5mo

Finley Cemetery

Finley Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Finley Schoolhouse, or Lusk, Cemetery

Town of Walworth

Wayne County, NY

Finley Schoolhouse, or Lusk, Cemetery

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2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 441W (Walworth-Marion Rd.) into Walworth. Take right onto Walworth-Ontario Rd. First Left is Finley Rd., about 2/10th mile down on right side in woods all overgrown. See Picture for sign.

Last summer (year 1998) we were kindly provided with three lists of this same cemetery by the county historian's office, two of them being nearly identical typescripts. No date of reading was given for these but a note on one refers to the fact that the school house was a private home as of 1951. I decided to combine all three lists into what is not so much a reading as a comparative study and analysis of raw data. References are made throughout in regards to one or the other reading, although what I refer to as Reading #2 is my "baseline reading". What I conjecture to be the earliest of the three lists is referred to as Reading #3. There may have been a fourth reading as Reading #3 refers to yet another record that is not Reading #2.

The most recent reading was dated August 10, 1994, and was a Boy Scout Eagle Project masterfully done by Nathanael M. Ruth, when he was a member of Walworth Troop 113, Finger Lakes Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Gene Bavis, Former Scoutmaster of Troop 113, tells us that: "Upon completion of this leadership project and all of the other requirements, he earned his Eagle Badge, the highest rank in Scouting. Not only did we benefit from his work, but other Scouts who helped him benefitted from the experience." [per Gene Bavis, Former Scoutmaster, Troop 113, Deputy Town Historian, Town of Walworth and Trustee & Newsletter Editor, Walworth Historical Society]

This is my own interpretation of the data presented. I hope you will forgive any errors in interpretation and enjoy reading it as much as I did putting it together. The original lists are available for your study at the Office of the County Historian. As Reading #1 is most descriptive, insofar as row numbers were assigned and the cemetery "walked" from a well-defined starting point, I am following this set-up so that you can visualize the stones in their original relative placement and descendants can benefit from associations of proximity. Row #1 starts in the north east corner of the cemetery and runs along the west side of the school house property.

The heading of Reading #1 says:
Lusk Cemetery Project
Finley Road
Walworth, N.Y.
August 10, 1994
Nathanael M. Ruth

The heading of Reading #2 says:
Finley Schoolhouse or Lusk Cemetery, Walworth
Three miles north of Walworth village, then west one eighth mile on north side of road next to school house (converted into house in 1951). Cemetery overgrown, stones down and family lots undefined.

The heading of Reading #3 says:
Lusk Cemetery, also known as Finley School House Cemetery
Three and one half miles north of Walworth, then west on eighth mile. North side of road next to a school house.

Persons whose full or fragmental stones were still in place in 1994 are marked with a *. Reading #1 was thorough, indicating field stones, condition, displaced stones, partial bases with no inscriptions, etc. Approximately ten stones disappeared in the 43 years before the last reading, including those of Henry and wife Louisa Graham, several Clums, and some individuals who may have been the sole representatives of their surname's presence in the area. Several full and legible stones were not taken note of by the first two readers. Interestingly, stones missing in the earlier readings were not in any particular row but dispersed throughout the cemetery, so no one row was missed in the two earlier readings.

An added note - I felt that putting this together was an opportunity to convey to the many researchers now discovering genealogy that no cemetery listing can ever be considered complete or authoritative. Error does occur in the process of gathering cemetery inscriptions. Sometimes this is intentional, as in the case of only taking note of stones of particular individuals, or ignoring children and initialed footstones. Sometimes it's an oversight, as multiple readers may have thought someone else covered an area or stone - or no one thought to walk around to the other side. Inscriptions will degrade or a stone break up depending on the type of stone originally used. The reader may have been put off from venturing into an area by poison ivy or sumac. Stones may have been face down. A cemetery may have continued to be active after the last reading was done many years ago. The latter point is the case with many of our cemetery lists. Or part of a cemetery may have been turned to more "useful" purposes by later caretakers or developers. Yes, there really are snakes in the grass, and vandals in every generation. And, of course, the rumor goes that there are always a few more persons buried in a cemetery than stones erected.

Nathanael Ruth's project was well-chosen, will benefit researchers for generations to come. Wherever you live, is there a cemetery that hasn't been read in a while that you could spare a day to go out and read with a friend or relative? Should it matter that your own ancestors aren't in your area cemeteries? They belong to someone and preservation of this disappearing heritage starts at the level of a kind individual with foresight. For all of the above reasons, and there are more, new readings with a fresh eye are urgent. End of soapbox. Enjoy.

M. Magill
Wayne County NYGenWeb
January 1999

Finley Schoolhouse, or Lusk, Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Row #1:

* Clum, Mary E., 1830 - 1898 [not listed in Readings #2 and #3]
* Clum, Ferdinand, 1819 -1910 [not listed in Readings #2 and #3]
* Clum, Maria, 1815 - 1898 [not listed in Readings #2 and #3; on double stone with Ferdinand]

Row #2:

* Buck, Sidney, son of H. E. & Sylvia, Nov. 20, 1851, 2yr 2mo 13d [Reading #1 says Nov. 10, 1831, 3yr 2mo 13da, eulogy inscription unreadable]
* Lasher, John J., 1790 - 1860 [not listed in Reading #2 but present in Reading #3]
*L.E.B. - headstone missing but next to Banks stone [not listed in Readings #2 and #3]
* Banks, Harriet L., dau. of H. S. & Margaret Banks, d. Sept. 7, 1861, 8yr 8mo; "And then the angel came and took me away." [not listed in Readings #2 and #3] * King, Margaret Clum Banks, wife of Nelson, 1822 - 1897
* Bogardus, Catherine, wife of M. B., Dec. 15, 1858, 46yr 10mo 26da
* Clum, John V., son of Ferdinand & Maria, Jan. 6, 1853, 4yr [Reading #1 says d. June 6, 1853, 3yr 4mo 16da]
* Clum, Harriet Helena, dau. of Philip I. & Nancy L. Clum, d. June 20, 1850, 5yr 8mo 24da [not listed in Readings #2 and #3]
* Bogardus, Franklin, son of M. B. & C., Feb. 21, 1853, 5yr
T.C.B. - headstone missing but next to Franklin Bogardus [not listed in Readings #2 and #3]
"Handmade stone which appears to be unmarked found at the base of tree in front of T.C.B. stone" [not listed on Readings #2 and #3]
"Handmade stone which appears to be unmarked found at the base of tree in front of T.C.B. stone" [not listed on Readings #2 and #3; this is another stone.]
* Clum, Jacob H., Sept. 1854 [Reading #1 says stone is broken and deteriorated]
* Blackman, Mary Ann, wife of John, Feb. 6, 1849, 23yr 4mo 2da [Reading #1 says 27da]
C___ en - headstone missing but next stone to Maryann Blackman. Base says C. M. [not listed on Readings #2 and #3]
Next to this "headstone base with a crude stone next to it." [not listed in Readings #2 and #3]
* Roys, Malinda, wife of Levi L., 1829 - 1873
Another footstone, possibly misplaced, stating A. B. C., headstone missing. [not listed in Readings #2 and #3]

Row #3:

* Banks, Josephine E., dau. of H. S. & Margaret Banks, d. Feb. 9, 1863, 11yr 1mo 1da; Phenie - "His sparkling crown lacked just one gem to grace his royal diadem." [not listed in Readings #2 and #3]
* Straight, Mary, wife of Nehemiah., July 18, 1828, 59yr 4mo 15da
* Straight, Nehemiah, Nov. 18, 1840, 69yr 10mo 11da [Reading #1 notes this could be 1810]
* Straight, Amasa D., March 28, 1829, 21yr 8mo 10da [Reading #1 notes this could be 24 years and could be 10 days]

Row #4:

No stones

Row #5:

Another headstone base only, in line with footstone of Amasa Straight [not listed on Readings #2 and #3]

Row #6:

* Bolster, Richard, eldest son of John & Nanes Bolster, d. Jue 21, 1831, 22yr 7mo 16da [Reading #1 says "could be "Jan" of Aug"; not listed in Readings #2 and #3]
Also in this row are the following stones which appear to all go together:
  * A fragment of a headstone, A.M.B., leaning against a tree
  * A fieldstone on the edge inscribed M.P.B., and
  * A base saying G. A. B. [ none of these listed in Readings #2 and #3]

Row #7:

*Graham, Wilbur F., son of Ancel (Anderson) B. & Maria S., Sept. 20, 1862, 14yr 11da [not listed on Reading #3; A fragment of one stone, saying only Wilber F., was found in row 3 of Reading #1. The reader says that the "cemetery entrance may have been between rows 7 and 8. This area lines up with what was the crest of the hill at the road." The rest of the Grahams are buried in "Row 8"]

Row #8:

* Graham, Wm. H., Sept. 19, 1842, 2yr 3mo 9da [not listed on Reading #3]
* Graham, Sally E., April 6, 1845, 1yr 2mo 12da [not listed on Reading #3]
[Reading #1 notes they are on one stone, children of Henry & Louisa Graham]
* Graham, children of Henry & Louisa, on another double stone [not listed in Reading #3; Reading #1 says top of headstone is missing; one child was ___ & 3da and the other was __ 2mo & 14da]

Reading #1 takes note that in the same row are two bases, one stating "He giveth his beloved sheep". [Typist's note: these are probably Henry and Louisa Graham, both stones noted in Readings #2 and #3.]
Graham, Henry, 1875, 75yr
Graham, Louisa, wife of Henry, June 21, 1864, 61yr 1mo 17da

* Graham, Anderson B., June 26, 1860, 36yr 1mo 26da [Reading #1 says name is Anderson S. Graham]
Reading #1 states that next to this stone is a headstone base only, with fragments of the headstone, and another headstone base slab.
* Andrews, Polly, wife of Edwin & dau. of Geo. & Polly Grimes, May 1841, 23yr [not listed on Reading #3; Reading #1 says "Saved by Grace"]
* Grimes, Clarissa, dau. of Geo. & Polly, Aug. 1847, 22yr [not listed in Reading #3; Reading #1 says died Aug. 1837, 32 yr, "Gone but not lost"; stone broken in half]
*Grimes, Polly, wife of George, Dec. 2, 1830, 44yr [not listed in Reading #3; Reading #1 says "Gone but not forgotten"]
Reading #1 states that a stone with headstone missing follows Polly Grimes
* Mary P., dau. of _____vato, d. Apr. 25, ___ [not listed in Readings #2 and #3; stone found against tree and broken in several pieces]

Row #9:

* Deitz, M., April 27, 1821 ( Reading #2 says: "this is a very interesting red sandstone rudely carved by hand") [Reading #1 shows that this now appears as 1821 M ___ Deitz ____ Apr. 27, handmade of red sandstone, script lettering and in very poor condition]

* Phipps, Joseph, Feb. 20, 1877, 83yr [not listed in Reading #3; Reading #1 says could be 89 years]

There is a sizeable gap between the stones of Joseph Phipps and Sarah M. Cowel.
* Cowel, Sarah M., dau. of Wesley & Delia, d. Sep. 13, 1818, 1yr 6mo, "Happy infant only blest till in greatful slumber rest" [not listed in Readings #2 and #3; noted that it could be 1848]
* Cowel, Sally, wife of Benj., July 29, 1843, 61yr 2mo 22da
* Cowel, Samuel B., Feb. 14, 1853, 32yr 1mo 4da
* Cowel, Joann, wife, Jan. 8, 1854, 28yr 11mo 25da [Reading #1 states she is wife of Samuel B. Cowel, 28yr 11mo 23da]
* Cowel, Matilda A., their dau., 1854, 3yr 5mo [Reading #3 has note: "This does not agree with another record taken (see next page) which lists Joann as wife of Jos. Mitchell and Matilda as their daughter." Typist's note - there was no second page to Reading #3; Reading #1 specifically states she was dau. of Samuel B. and Joann Cowel and aged 3yr 5mo 16da]

Row #10:

[Typist's note: On Reading #1 there are 3 ravaged stones stones about 4 feet to the west of the row whose first stone is that of Elizabeth Bailey . Reading #1 states that one propped up against a tree says ____ died __ 184-, another has nothing left but part of the word "age", and a third says J_____ B., ___ of.
* Bailey, Elizabeth, wife of Ira, Jan. 19, 1811 - Sept. 22, 1832 [not listed in Reading #3]
* Mitchell, Mary, wife of Henry, born Germany, July 16, 1811 - Mar. 21, 1873 [listed as Mary Miller in Readings #1 and #3; Reading #1 says she was born in 1814.]
Following Mary's stone are two that cannot be read, one of which may belong to the following person whose reading no longer survives. I surmise this as both earlier readers assigned Mary to the Mitchell family:
Mitchell, Joseph Judson, only son of Thos. & Laura, Oct. 26, 1847, 2yr

Row #11:

* Cowel, Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Sarah J., d. Dec. 26, 1819, aged __ yr 11mo 20da [not listed in Readings #2 and #3; noted that it could be 1849] * Cowel, Franklin, son and Mary J., dau., of Benj. & Sarah (Sally), dates buried [not noted in Reading #3]
The above two stones were no longer buried in 1994:
*Cowel, Franklin, son of Benjamin & Sarah J., d. March 13, 1824, aged ____ [Reading #1 notes that the day could be 1821, 1831 or 1894] * Cowel, Mary J., dau. of Benjamin & Sarah Cowel, d. March 7, 1841, 3yr

Row #12:

* Millard, Hannah, wife of Samuel, Sept. 8, 1830, 67yr 4mo 4da
[Typist's note: Included in Row 12 with Hannah Millard, whose name appears on the earlier lists in context with the following Douglass stones in Row 13, are several broken stones with no trace of writing.]

Row #13:

* Douglas(s), Dorcas, wife, 1833 [listed as wife of S. D. on Reading #3 and wife of Samuel in Reading #1]
* Douglas(s), Samuel, 1834
* Douglas(s), Maria, 1841, 13yr [Reading #1 states died 1841, aged 11? years; double "s's" at the end of each name]
* Deits, Sarah Jane, wife of Stephen, Apr. 7, 1859, 20yr [spelled Deitz in Reading #3; death date given as Apr. 7, 1852; spelled Deits in Readings #1 and #2]
* Mitchell, Joseph, d. April 18, 1853, 39yr 3mo 6da [Typists note: he is buried far from Joann Cowel; In both Readings #2 and #3 he is listed as Joseph Mitchell, Apr. 18, 1853, 69yr 3mo 6da]

Row #14:

[Typist's note: Reading #1 takes note of one partial footstone, inscribed "A. B." This could be that of one child whose stone was observed in Readings #2 and #3: Boynton, Armena, dau. of B. E., 1852, 1yr 20da
The following persons' stones were not present, or were totally degraded in 1994, but were observed by the first two readers:

Clum, Josephine C., dau. of Jacob H. & Elizabeth, Jan. 3, 1850, 12yr 8mo 3da
Clum, Joseph Enoch, Jan. 5, 1850 [not listed in Reading #2]

Norcutt, William H., May 9, 1833, 22yr 9mo
Fills, Sarah Jane, dau. of David & Harriet C., Dec. 9, 1812, 4mo 3da [Reading #3 lists her as Adah Jane, dau of D.]
Deits, Analiza, wife of Stephen, Jan. 20, 1857, 21yr [spelled Deitz on Reading #3; only death year of 1857 given]
More?, Margaret, 1st wife of Joseph (stone sunk in ground)
Bolster, John B. Jr., son of John & Hannah, 1848, 16yr 5mo
as well as the afore-mentioned Armena Boynton, the Mitchell infant and the Graham couple.

Nathanael Ruth noted that there were several rows and plots marked only with fieldstones.

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