St. John's Episcopal Cemetery

Village of Sodus

Wayne County, NY

Located back of this church in the village of Sodus.

Orin, Jan. 27, 1872, 82y

Stephen Green, Jan. 31, 1833, ordained deacon Nov. 16, 1856, ordained priest, May 30, 1858, fell asleep Aug. 27, 1859
Sister Eliza (no dates)
Maria Tamson, dau. Josiah & Dorothy, Apr. 26, 1835-March 11, 1854

"I know that my Redeemer liveth"

Josiah, Sept. 6, 1799-Aug. 24, 1886
Dorothy, wife of Josiah, born Apr. 25, 1792, fell asleep Apr. 18, 1871

"Mystery made known which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory"

Seth, Feb. 21, 1841, 27y 8m 11d

In memory of Hannah POYER of Fishkill, D.C., wife of Joshua Carman who d. Feb. 15, 1839 in the 29th year of her age
In memory of Catherine O., dau. of Joshua and Hannah, Feb. 1, 1839, 17 months

Amos, Dec. 4, 1851, 81y 1d
Sarah, wife, Oct. 6, 1843, in the 71st year of her age
Amos Jr., July 9, 1838, 31y 10m 27d
Electa, dau. Amos & Aphame, March 12, 1844, 10y 5m 7d

HOPKINS.....Elizabeth, wife of Townley, March 16, 1846, 24y 1m 13d
Also an infant daughter by her side aged 13 days

"Farewell my friends and sisters dear
Though I am dead yet sleep I here
My end you know, my grave you see
Therefore prepare to follow me."

Eunice, wife of Townley, Jan. 6, 1853, 20y 10m 29d

Thomas, Oct. 4, 1870, 80y "Gone but not forgotten"
Willie E., son Thos. C. & Susanna RICHARDSON, Jan. 10, 1862, 8 months 25 days
Susanna, wife of Thomas, May 5, 1873, 82y "Heaven is my home"
Thomas, son Thos. & Susanna, Feb. 27, 1840, 10y
Mary A., dau. Thos & Susanna, Oct. 12, 1838, 1y 9m

Elizabeth, wife of William, Jan. 4, 1838, 51y

"Shall we all die
We shall die all
All die shall we
Die all we shall."

Aphame, wife of Sidney ALLEN, May 9, 1848, 38y 3m 21d (first husband was Amos CASE)

Mary J., dau. Levi & Lois, June 4, 1844, 7y 2m 28d
John P., son Levi & Lois, Feb. 6, 1843, 3m 14d

In memory of Richard Jr., Aug. 26, 1830, 24y 4m 5d

John, Nov. 6, 1853, 68y
Fanny, wife, Dec. 18, 1826, 30y

Dr. Elijah F., Aug. 3, 1828, 36y Erected by his son, J. E. McKINNEY

"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord that they May rest from their labors and their works do follow them."

John M., Apr. 19, 1842, in his 26th year
Sarah CLARK, mother of John M., Feb. 25, 1849, 70y
Sara E. HURFORD, wife of John, July 28, 1841, 28y

In memory of Evert L., Oct. 6, 1835, 20y

"How short the race our friend has run
Cut down in all his bloom
His course but yesterday begun
Now finished in the tomb."

In memory of Jabez, Oct. 11, 1838, 25y
In memory of Mary, wife of Peter, Dec. 12, 1838, 50y
Peter, Jan. 2, 1852, 75y
Gertrude A., dau. Peter & Mary, Feb. 16, 1840, 15y
Martha M., dau. Peter & Mary, Jan. 16, 1845, 21y 10m 10d
Ursula, dau. Robt. & Rebecca, May 22, 1853, 28y 8m 14d
Eliza LEVY, wife of Joseph, Apr. 28, 1830, 30y 11m 11d
Anna M., dau. Peter & Rebecca, Oct. 7, 1840, 7y 6m 22d
David, Nov. 24, 1845, 25y (2 struck out & handwritten 7 over it) 9m 24d
In memory of Delia, dau. David & Mary, June 10, 1839, 21y
In memory of Hannah, dau. David & Mary, June 7, 1839, 40y

Peter, Jan. 2, 1852, 75y
Mary, wife, Dec. 12, 1838, 50y
Gertrude A., dau., Feb. 16, 1840, 15y
Martha M., dau., Jan. 16, 1845, 21y 9m 10d

Catherine L., wife of Thomas, Nov. 1838, 28y

Phillip N., March 31, 1849, 59y, War of 1812

Mary, wife of Peter MINK and relict of Philip FELLOWS Aug. 6, 1796-March 22, 1879

In memory of Sophia, wife of Dr. John M., March 26, 1839, 26

Elisha, b. Saybrook, Conn., June 9, 1785, died Sodus Center, May 21, 1848
Susan W., wife, Sept. 3, 1835, 50y
Samuel R.S., Sept. 27, 1832, 21y
Elisha, born in the town of Sodus, Nov. 3, 1817, died at Sodus Center, Feb. 3, 1877

Joseph, Jan. 9, 1858, 70y
Amy, wife, Sept. 17, 1869, 80y 6m 8d

"In her death her children realize the loss of an affectionate and kind parent, and the church a pios and devoted mother in Israel."

Here repose the remains of Noble Luke USHER who closed his earthly pilgrimage May XX, MDCCCXLII, 59y, his bereaved family erect this monument to his memory
Sacred to the memory of Mary BAKER USHER, our mother, born in the city of Dublin, died in Savannah, Sept. XXVII, MDCCCXLVIII, aged LXVI years

Thomas Q. M. Sergt., 9th N.Y.H.A., died at Fort Reno, Washington, D.C., Aug. 11, 1864, 24y

George L., Jan. 27, 1890, 70y 16d
Sarah J., wife, May 3, 1886, 48y

Warren G. 1861-1920
Minnie E., wife, 1866-1911

HEIDENREICH.Albert F., 1882-1932
Eva M., wife, 1886-19
Doris May 1917-1925

E.A., Jan. 28, 1890, 34y 6m 10d
Mary, 1857-1919

Francis E., son W.J. & S.E., Aug. 29, 1880, 2y 7m 25d

Sarah Ann, wife of Joel, Sept. 6, 1844, 23y 10m 5d

Lucy Ann, wife of Thos. P., Feb. 15, 1849, 29y 2m 2d

"She is gone we trust to a land of love
Her cares and afflictions are no more.
And may we soon meet her above
When our troubles and trials are o'er."

Willie, son of William C. & Susanna, Jan. 10, 1862, 8m 25d

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