Holbrooks, Ferris, Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery

Town of Savannah

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Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery

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Located in the northwest part of Savannah Township, on the east side of Hadden Road, about 100 yards south of Ferris Road. A note in the Report of Town of Savannah Historian - 1981 states, "Mr. O'Connell Ferris tells me that this Cemetery was incorporated with New York State as Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery."

The sign in front of this cemetery reads: PILGRIMS REST.

Joseph Ferris on June 29, 1863, donated this one-half acre of land in Savannah, New York to be used for a cemetery plot.

The following information is from a list provided by the Wayne County Historian's Office for Holbrooks or Ferris Cemetery. The list appears to have been compiled about 1943. Burials have continued at this cemetery. It is poorly maintained.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 31 towards Savannah. Make Left onto Hadden Rd. The Cemetery is on the Right hand side near the road, just before Ferris Rd. and Hadden Rd. split.

John, son Isaac H. & Clorinda, 1852, 2y
Isaac, Oct. 21, 1859, 39y
Clorinda, dau. Samuel & Mary Ann, Oct. 3, 1859, 2y
John, Nov. 14, 1842, 61y 10m 6d
Dolly, wife, Oct. 5, 1859, 72y 7m 17d
Milly Jane, dau., Nov. 23, 1840, 20y

George 1858-1936
Lottie, wife, 1857-1939
Mary G., wife also, 1877-1914
Lillis M., dau, P. & A., July 20, 1849, 9m 20d
Peter, Apr. 3, 1898, 76y
Almira, wife, Sept, 12, 1849, 22y
Permelia, wife also, Sept. 15, 1883, 51y 1m 2d

Edwin H. 1850-1908
Mary A., wife, 1860-19

Rial P., March 4, 1887, 82y 11m 20d
Margaret S. 1820-1901
Hattie May, dau. Leonard & Augustina, 1887, 12y

Peter G., Nov. 6, 1870, 40y 9m

Frankey, gr-child of Pomeroy & Catherine, Dec. 21, 1867, 1y 4m l0d
Rebecca J., wife of Harvey, Feb. 1, 1864, 43y

Samuel S. 1825-1903
Sarah A. 1823-1893
Mary E. 1854-1910
William K. 1860-1882
Lottie 1877-1880
Newton A. 1851-1880
McClellan 1862-1928

Chauncey, March 3, 1883, 73y
Polly, wife, April 24, 1860, 54y

Archibald (no dates)
Mehetable, wife, Dec. 16, 1893, 68y 3m 17d
Chas. L. (no dates)
Viola L., wife, (no dates)

William, Dec. 23, 1876, 36y 3m 16d

O'Connell 1870-1942
Nora 1875-1899
John 1835-1909
Dolly Jane, wife, 1842-19l4
Jefferson 1862-1890
Ira, Nov. 29, 1804-Feb. 3, 1874

Elbridge G., Sept. 8, 1899, 82y, Co M, 9 N.Y.H.A.

John L., Sept. 17, 1846, 28y 8m 2d
Jerusha, dau. Wm. & Phebe A., 1847, (age buried)
Peter, Jan. 23, 1844, 71y 13m 28d

James, April 21, 1877, 24y 5m

William, July 6, 1905, 60y, Co D, 148 Reg.

Leonard Jr., 1859, 45y
William, Feb. 22, 1862, 52y
Joseph, Oct. 18, 1807-Feb. 6, 1884
Lucretie, wife, June 19, 1811-March 27, 1874
Caleb, son, March 27, 1864, 31y 2m 16d
Nina C., dau., Floyd & Grace, 1918-1920

Arvilla, dau. Wm. & Isabella, Apr. 9, 1866, ly 1m 12d

James M. 1840-1910
Adelia C. Carncross, wife, 1847-19
John W., June 8, 1873, 72y
Lydia, Apr. 8, 1883, 71y
Younglove M. 1838-1912
Sarah, wife, 1836-1903
Elva May, dau., Feb. 25, 1863, 9m

Harvey O., Sept. 15, 1919, N.Y. Corp., 6 Inf. Div. I
Oscar F. 1868-
Harriet E., wife, 1873-1907
Hester 1913
Hilda G., dau. O.F. & H.B., 1893-1895
Aaron F. 1833-1909
Sarah Ferris, wife, 1834-1918
Harold S., 1898-1929, Mich. Gun., Co 29 Inf.
Ernest R., Pvt. N.Y. 346 Inf., 87 Div., July 4, 1927

Gilbert E., March 15, 1851-Jan. 29, 1891
Eli H. 1842-1920
Sarah J. Weeks, wife, 1842-1883
Alice, dau., 1868-1873
Ulysses 1869-1873
Mary 1870-1873
Sylvester 1808-1880
Charlotte E, wife, June 14, 1861, 37-9-22
Edwin S., son, 1848-1883
Chas., son Eliud & Lydia, 1819-1950

Thomas 1805-1889
Elizabeth, wife, 1818-1893

Lillie, wife of Everett, 1857-1883
John W., March 2, 1869, 4y 9m 19d
Harry, March 7, 1869, ly 6d (chn. of H.W. & C.L.)

Lydia L., dau. P. & C. Blasdell, wife of Oscar, August 13, 1866, 19y

Lucius, Feb. 6, 1901, 53y, Co H, 9 N.Y.H. Art.
Cinderella, wife, 1846-1870
Harriet, wife, 1865-1934

Samuel 1818-1903
Aseneth, wife, 1822-1885
Sophia E. 1845-1873
Wallace 1847-1920
Jennie, wife, 1852-1885
Clarence 1877-1878

Richard, Sept. 6, 1795-Aug. 6, 1886 (Flag)
Mehetable, wife, Feb. 28, 1796-Jan. 25, 1863

Laura C., wife of John, July 10, 1850, 21y

Gustavus 1854-1935
Margaret, wife, 1864-
Emma, wife, 1856-1884
Mabel E. 1878-1883
Henry 1876-1877 (Mabel & Henry children of G. & E.)
Henry 1821-1904
Emeline, wife, 1823-1896

Russell C., Nov. 25,1822-
Everetta C., wife, Aug. 8, 1819-Jan, 9, 1887
R. Adelbert, Dec. 11, 1854-Feb. 24, 1863
R. Herbert, Nov. 13, 1860-Feb, 22, 1863
(children of R.C. & E.C.)

End of original list.

Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Corrections, based on a visit to the cemetery by Richard L. Ferris on May 3, 1996.

There are two markers for Rial P. Betts:
Rial P. Betts, 1803 - 1886 (on a small marker mounted flat in the ground)
Rial P. Betts, Died Mar. 4, 1887, Aged 82 yrs. 11 mo. 20 ds. (on a large marker)
Only the larger marker is on the original list.

Individual markers for Joseph and Lucretia Ferris were broken off and partially unreadable. They were leaning against the larger Ferris/Widrig monument. Lucretia's name is misspelled as "Lucretie" on the original list.

Caleb H., son of Joseph & Lucretia Ferris, Died March 27, 1864, Aged 34 yrs. 3m. & 16 d's (original list says Caleb Ferris and lists age as 31y 2m 16d). This marker was broken off and laying flat on the ground.

Russel C. Widrig, Born Nov. 25, 1822 (original list has name spelled Russell)
Euretta C., his wife, Born Aug. 8, 1819, Died Jan 9, 1887 (original list has name spelled Everetta C.) [Euretta C., daughter of Richard and Mehetable Ryan]

Additions, based on a visit to the cemetery by Richard L. Ferris on May 3, 1996, unless otherwise noted.

Three markers side by side [inscriptions provided by Nina M. (Ferris) Matteau, a Wayne County native]:
Margaret, dau. of Joseph & Lucretia Ferris, 1846-1852
Joseph Jr., son of Joseph & Lucretia, 1848-1852
Dolly, dau. of Joseph & Lucretia, 1852

Nelson Ferris, 1855-1906 [son of Joseph and Lucretia]

Ida Seamans Ferris wife of Nelson Ferris 1858-1943

Paul J. Ferris, 1899-1984 [single marker]
Esther Markle, 1913-[Paul J. was son of Nelson and Ida. According to Esther's son, Lawrence G. Ferris, Esther died October 1, 1994 in Oswego, NY. She is buried at Pilgrim's Rest.]

O'Connell Ferris, 1844-1923 [single marker]
Lucy L. His wife, 1850-1927 [Daniel O'Connell Ferris, son of Joseph and Lucretia, and his wife, Lucy L. Patrick. She was born in Marcellus, MI]

Floyd D. Ferris, 1883-1955 [single marker]
Grace C. 1897-1921 [son of D. O'Connell and Lucy]

Nina C. dau. of Floyd & Grace Ferris, 1918-1920

Baby Roy Ferris, 1948 [son of O'Connell and Greta Ferris]

Bertha Hanson, wife of Hans J. Hanson, 1881-1965 [daughter of Nelson and Ida Ferris]

Contributed by Richard L. Ferris of Aiea, Hawaii

Ferris family notes: Leonard Ferris settled in Savannah in 1820. Accompanying him were his parents, Caleb and "Judah," the former having been steward, and the latter a nurse in the Stewart Family, in New York City, and Richard Ryan. Leonard Ferris and Richard Ryan were War of 1812 veterans of NY militia regiments. Leonard Ferris was born in Westchester County. Richard Ryan was born in New York City. His older sister, Elizabeth (or Sarah Elizabeth) Ryan, was born in Ireland. Leonard Ferris married Elizabeth Ryan and they had nine children. Four of them, Joseph Ferris, William Ferris, Leonard Ferris, Jr., and Margaret Sarah (Ferris) Betts, are buried at Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery. The other five migrated west. Nelson J. Ferris is buried at Mishawaka City Cemetery in St. Joseph County, IN. Ellen Jane (Ferris) Carkenord is buried at St. Edward's cemetery in Mendon, St. Joseph County, MI. Richard R. Ferris, John Allen Ferris and Louisa (Ferris) Hawes are buried at Pierson Cemetery in Cheshire Township, Allegan County, MI with two generations of Ferris descendants. Joseph Ferris, oldest of Leonard's nine children, donated the property to start Pilgrim's Rest. Eight of Joseph's 10 children are buried here: Caleb H., Sarah (Ferris) Hall, Dolly Jane (Ferris) Davis, D. O'Connell, Margaret, Joseph Jr., Dolly and Nelson.

Submitted by:
Richard L. Ferris
Aiea, HI

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