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Some time ago, I promised pictures to go with my write up of Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery at Savannah, Wayne Co., NY. All of these pictures were taken during my whirlwind visit to Wayne County on May 3, 1996. I had been in Syracuse, NY for work-related training and stayed an extra day and drove about 85 miles west to Wayne Co. I was told it was the warmest day of the year, so far. It got up to a high of near 60 (57 or 58) in the early afternoon. Drove to Lyons, the county seat, and visited the Wayne Co. Historical Society Museum, the County Historian's Office and the Court House. Drove east through the Town of Galen and the Village of Clyde to the Town of Savannah. The Ferris Homestead is on the east side of Hadden Road, about 1/4 mile north of Route 31. Spent about two very delightful hours interviewing Mrs. Greta (Pangburn) Ferris, widow of O' Connell Ferris (1915-1992). Found out about this cemetery just before I left there.

It was starting to rain and get cooler, and I had not had any lunch. Wasn't going to stop because of the weather, but figured when am I going to get another chance? So turned left in the Village of Savannah, drove up Route 89 to near Butler Center. Turned around and went back to South Butler, then zig-zagged through the dirt roads to Ferris Road. The cemetery is on the east side of Hadden Road, about 100 yards south of the intersection with Ferris Road. I got soaked stomping around this cemetery and caught a nasty cold to bring home. It was worth it! Unfortunately, I was running out of film. If I had another two rolls of film, I'd have probably shot them all up.

It rained off and on that afternoon and Pilgrim's Rest can be a dreary place when the sun is not shining. The cemetery really is in terrible condition. The other pictures will show broken and knocked over markers, and long grass. There were some downed branches, but don't believe they show in the pictures. There was one place in the center of the cemetery where it looked like someone had collected a bunch of broken tablet type markers and stacked them neatly. Looked like a pile of lumber (no picture). We will probably never know where those markers were set originally.

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Pilgrim's Rest

"Joseph Ferris, on July 29, 1863,
donated this one half acre of land in
Savannah, New York to be used
for a cemetery plot."

Johnand Dolly (Blasdell) Allen

This picture is of the grave markers for John and Dolly (Blasdell) Allen. John's reads, "JOHN ALLEN, DIED, NOV 14, 1842, Aged 61 year, 10 mo. & 6 d." Dolly's reads, "DOLLY ALLEN, wife of, JOHN ALLEN, DIED, OCT 5, 1859., Aged 72 Year, 7 mo. & 17 d."

Pilgrim's Rest

Grave markers for Nelson Ferris and Ida M. (Seamans) Ferris. Nelson's marker reads, "NELSON, FERRIS, 1855-1906". Ida's marker reads, "IDA SEAMANS, FERRIS, WIFE OF, NELSON FERRIS, 1858-1943" There was another marker behind this tree (no picture), for Nelson and Ida's daughter, Bertha. Bertha's marker reads, "BERTHA FERRIS HANSON, WIFE OF HANS J. HANSON, 1881-1965"

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Contributed by Richard L. Ferris of Aiea, Hawaii

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