Goldsmith Family Plot

Town of Palmyra

Wayne County, NY

Located on the original Paul Goldsmith farm on the Palmyra-Marion Road. This plot never had any gravestones. It is on a small hill just east of the highway next to the north line of the property. Iron posts mark the boundaries of the plot.

The following information was obtained on August 29, 1960 from Miss Margaret Goldsmith occupant of the property and descendant of David and Paul Goldsmith. The facts were recorded by Miss Goldsmith's mother.

Goldsmith  Paul, May 30,1850, 80y
Goldsmith  Olive, wife of Paul
Goldsmith  David, son of Paul & Olive, Nov. 1887, 77y
Goldsmith  Eliza Smith, wife of David, 1814-1878, of Trenton, N.J.
Goldsmith  Festus, son of David & Iliza, 1849-1855

2005 Driving Directions - in 2005 Daryl VerStreate, while making his pictorial survey of Wayne County cemeteries, was unable to locate this cemetery.

This list was donated by the Office of the County Historian, Wayne County, NY.

Volunteer typist: Allyn Hess Perry

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