"Brick Church Cemetery"

Now called "Baptist Rural Cemetery"

Sodus Center, Town of Sodus
Wayne County, NY

Part 1

Baptist Rural Cemetery Sign

Located about six miles north of Lyons village, in the town of Sodus. In the restoration of this cemetery, the stones were taken up, the land cleared and leveled, the stones replaced with no regard to family. It is a tragic sight, to observe when copying. The brick church at this cemetery is said to be the oldest in Wayne County. It is not in general use today (circa 1950).

[Note: the above was written about 1950, by the unknown reader of the cemetery. In 2005, the old brick Baptist church and cemetery are owned by the Baptist Rural Cemetery Association of Sodus Center, Inc. The phone number on the sign is too small to read. For information about how to contact them, please get in touch with the Office of the County Historian in Lyons NY.]

2005 Driving Directions - South Geneva Road into Sodus from Lyons. The Cemetery is on the corner of Brick Church Road and South Geneva Rd.

Collier, Jason, Nov. 18, 1857, 66y 3m 14d
Collier, Lucretia, wife, Aug 1, 1846, 50y 6m 14d
Collier, William N., son N.H. & M.J., Sept. 12, 1860, 3y 11m 12d

Rogers, John H.L., son H.A. & B.A., Feb. 8, 1855, 12y 7m 19d

"Will you meet me in heaven
To enjoy the rich feast
Where angels are bowing
At Jesus' feet."

Pullen, Nicholas, Jan. 7, 1843, 63y
Pullen, Sarah, wife, Feb. 5, 1856, 81y

Johnson, Charles D., son William & P., Jan. 7, 1827, 8m 15d

Moore, Harriet B., wife Rev. Jas. G., Nov. 5, 1852, 42y 9m 11d

"Blessed are the dead that which die in the Lord"

West, Dea. Samuel, Dec. 15, 1844, 85y

Knapp, Mary Ann, wife A.B., Feb. 22, 1845, 29y

Storms, Jeremiah, Feb. 12, 1840, 66y
Storms, Alexander, 1857, 69y, War of 1812 Inf.
Storms, Maria, wife of Samuel W., Sept. 30, 1836, 25y
Storms, Ambrose G., Jan. 29, 1860, 26y 4m 6d
Storms, Samuel W., May 15, 1878, 72y 10m 22d

Clark, Matthew, 1832, 80y, Revolutionary War

Gilbert, Amos, 1832, 80y, Revolutionary War

Miles, Charles, Sept. 18, 1828, 29y

"A fatal stroke that rent my heart
We little thought so soon to part
But so it is ordained to be
I hope in heaven to meet with thee."

Miles, William, July 31, 1823, 48y
Miles, Rachel, wife, Apr. 21, 1855, 81y

Carpenter, Azel, Jan. 5, 1882, 80y 14d
Carpenter, Evoline, wife of Azel, Apr. 5, 1852, 47y 10m
Carpenter, Eliza W., dau. Azel & Elizabeth, Apr. 11, 1826, 1y 11m 21d
Carpenter, Elizabeth, wife of Azel, Feb. 28, 1842, 58y (Clark-1847)
Carpenter, Blair, Nov. 25, 1849, 22y 5m 14d

Swift, Harris B., July 24, 1843, 37y 1m 22d
Swift, Nancy G., wife, Jan. 20, 1889, 83y 7m 4d

Allen, Levi, Jan. 20, 1867, 87y (handwritten note points to Nancy G. Swift and says "her father")
Allen, Nancy, wife, June 28, 1827, 29y 8m 22d

"A fatal stroke that rent my heart
We little thought so soon to part
But so it is ordained to be
I hope in heaven to meet with thee."

Young, William, Dec. 1848, 87y, War of 1812 Inf.

Proseus, Hannah, dau. John & Hannah, April 10, 1838, 14y 2m 13d

Blair, Mars, 1857, 76y
Blair, Samuel, Apr. 16, 1827, 84y, War of 1812
Blair, Mary, wife, Jan. 24, 1841, 79y

Snedaker, Isaac, Feb. 11, 1841, 61y
Snedaker, Margaret Ann, wife, Jan. 31, 1826, 41y

Peeler, John F., Nov. 15, 1808-April 13, 1875
Peeler, Susannah, wife, 1811-1890
Peeler, John F., son, Feb. 19, 1862, 23y 9m

"When those we love are snatched away
By death's resistless hand
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay
That friendship must demand."

Peeler, Edwin A., son, April 14, 1852, 11d
Peeler, Henry, 1836-1919
Peeler, Rhoda A., wife, 1839-1914

Bowman, William, Sept. 21, 1856, 33y

"Friends nor physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine it here
When Christ our Saviour doth appear."

Bowman, Martha, wife, June 20, 1823-April 30, 1900

Peeler, Henry H., Feb. 2, 1818, 38y

Sutton, Joseph, Aug. 4, 1846, 67y

"My dearest friends as you pass by
Look on this grave; see where I Lie
Friends or physicians could not save
Me from this cold and silent grave.
For God has called me to the skies away
Prepare to follow me while you may.'

Sutton, Annie, wife, Jan. 11, 1870, 89y

"God is my refuge"

Shirts, Jacob, Feb. 1, 1863, 89y 4m 10d

"God is my refuge"

Shirts, Christiana, wife, Apr. 9, 1869, 75y 8m

Turner, Amanda, wife of John, Aug. 20, 1846, 23y

Fox, William N., son Henry & Mariah, Jan. 31, 1853, 6y 8m 26d

Coats, Nancy H., wife of John, June 27, 1850, 30y

"The memory of the just is blessed"

Knapp, E.A., June 21, 1870, 76y, War of 1812

"Gone but not forgotten"

Knapp, Elsie Emery, wife of Alexander, Apr. 8, 1883, 83y
Knapp, Alanson M., Aug. 13, 1793-Sept. 2, 1863, 70y 21d, War of 1812
Knapp, Rodney C., Apr. 19, 1847, 22y
Knapp, Americus Y., son R.C. & L.C., Apr. 5, 1847, 9m 2d
Knapp, John, Dec. 7, 1839, 42y
Knapp, Otis C., Jan. 12, 1832, 31y
Knapp, Robert L., son Lyndon & Susan, Sept. 20, 1835, 6y 13d
Knapp, John, Oct. 20, 1835, 67y, War of 1812
Knapp, Susannah, wife, Sept. 16, 1838, 68y
Knapp, Elijah A., son Elijah & Elga, Feb. 8, 1825, 2y 2m 20d

Chittenden, Elizabeth, wife of James, Mar. 10, 1869, 65y

Bradshaw, James, Apr. 4, 1872, 87y
Bradshaw, Eunice D., wife of James, Oct. 29, 1875, 75y
Bradshaw, William, son, Aug. 13, 1862, 36y
Bradshaw, Putnam, 1863, 34y, Co. C, 98 Inf., Civil War

Rose, Johnny, son Henry & Lydia, 1864, 3y 8m 20d (Clark- Feb. 20, 1861)

"Gone but not forgotten"

Rose, Henry, son Henry & Lydia, Jan. 26, 1864, 1y 7m 7d

"We loved him"

VanAuken, Levi, Sept. 17, 1831, 72y 6m

Golden, Susan, wife of Ephram, Sept. 27, 1858, 30y 6m 21d

"Dear as thou wert and justly dear
We would not weep for thee
One thought shall check the starting tear
It is that thou art free.
Not death itself hath stopped thy song
Though death hath closed thine eyes
Thy thoughts doth now to nobler heights
And sweeter raptures rise."

Taylor, Ann, consort of Elijah, June 25, 1834, 29y

"How can a bosom cease to heave
For the loss of one so kind
Who never gave one angry word
To mar a peaceful mind."

Taylor, Alfred S., son, 1815, 10d (Clark says Mar. 19, 1845, 10y, 10d)

"Sleep on dear child and take thy rest
To call thee home God thought it best."

Taylor, William, Sept. 9, 1856, 77y, War of 1812
Taylor, Ann, wife, Oct. 6, 1862, 85y
Taylor, Leroy F., son Wm. & Harriet, Sept. 8, 1858, 13y 1m 25d

"Brother thou art gone to rest
Thine is an early tomb
But Jesus summoned thee away
Thy Saviour called thee home."

Wilson, Mary, wife of George & dau. W. & H. Taylor, Apr. 15, 1861, 25y 8m 16d

"Sister thou art gone to rest
Thy trials and crosses are oer
And sorrow pain and suffering now
Shall never distress thee more."

Taylor, William H., son Wm. & Harriet, Dec. 3, 1864, 24y 3m 24d, enlisted Sept. 1861 in Co. C, N.Y. Cavalry
Taylor, Jane A., wife of A., Sept. 2, 1850, 39y

Short, James L., Aug. 23, 1880, 46y
Collier, Mary S. Collier, Feb. 6, 1882, 81y

Edwards, James Esq., Nov. 9, 1875, 81y 7m 13d

"To that bright better land
Where parted friends will come
Safe from the threatening storms of time
To life immortal and sublime
God called him home."

Edwards, Mary A., wife, May 13, 1861, 62y (Clark records say 1864)

"Mother thou art sleeping now thy dreamless sleep
Low in thy grassy bed
Where nature's dewey tears will weep
Above the lowly dead.
The green sod's growing brightly on
Thy cold and clayey breast
But thou heedest not their dampness now
Thy weary heart's at rest.
O though thou art within the grave
Thou canst not be forgot
Thy memory will brightly gleam
Within some fond loved spot.
And thou mayst sleep in silence on
Within thy calm low bed
Thy sleep will not be broken now
By busy careless tread."

Edwards?, Little Georgie (no dates, no surname, from Clarks records, but on the pages with James & Mary Edwards)

"Little Georgie they have laid thee down among the silent dead
And the earth lies cold and heavy now above thy narrow bed
Then our little angel Georgie will thy spirit sometimes come
Whispering words of love and comfort to the hearts that grieve at home."

Alden, John, June 14, 1883, 56y 7m
Alden, Almyra, wife, Sept. 4, 1907, 74y 5m

McCollum, Robert, Feb. 11, 1835, 70y 28d, Soldier

"He lived in the constant discharge of his duties to man and in the devout worship of his God. He died ready and willing to exchange earth for Heaven."

Knapp, Lyndon A., Sept. 20, 1872, 72y 9m 18d

"Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep
From which none ever wakes to weep
A calm and undisturbed repose
Unbroken by the last of foes.'

Knapp, Susan, wife, Oct. 1, 1858, 56y 10m

"Farewell my soul will weep while memory lives
From wounds that sink so deep no earthly hand releives
Gently thy passing spirit fled sustained by grace devine
O may such grace on us be shed and make our end like thine."

Corwin, James, June 29, 1850, 65y 11m 25d

Fuller, Seymour S., son W.M. & M., Sept. 18, 1851, 4m 3d

Robinson, Ann, dau. Thomas & Susannah, Jan. 1823, 2y 10m

Manchester, Mary, wife of Richard, Sept. 20, 1846, 57y

Locke, Chas. H., Dec. 12, 1853, 18y 5m 15d
Locke, Phebe A., 1853, 4y 11m 13d (children of O.E. & Sybel)

McIntosh, Daniel, May 10, 1849, 68y 7m 22d

"A happy man though on life's shoals his bark was roughly driven, yet still he braved the surge because his anchorage was heaven."

McIntosh, Phebe M., wife, May 25, 1843, 58y 9m 3d

"Farewell dear mother thou art gone
Farewell we know thy rest is sweet
And faith and love bid us to hope
With thee a ransomed world to meet."

McIntosh, Elizabeth R., dau., May 24, 1842, 19y 6m 10d

"Weep not for her, that glorious land
In heaven surrounds her now
And wreaths of immortality
Are blooming on her brow."

McIntosh, Gregor, Jan. 11, 1861, 42y 4m 3d
McIntosh, Terza, wife, Jan. 20, 1858, 30y 11m 8d

Dunning, Sarah G., wife of L., May 22, 1852, 24y 8m 23d

Rogers, Adelaide L., wife of B.F., Aug. 4, 1861, 31y 5m 23d

"You will visit my grave often won't you"
"Dearest sister thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

Featherly, Sarah E., wife of Robert F., Sept. 11, 1875, 23y 4m 5d

Short, James, April 8, 1838, 54y (Clark records say 34y)

Pollock, Lester, son J. & J., Oct. 7, 1862, 2y 7m

"Gone home to live forever"

Phelps, Martha Ann, dau. W.M. & H.A., Nov. 6, 1859, 12y 11m 18d
Phelps, John A., son, Dec. 8, 1859, 4y 15d

Miller, Harry C., son J.H. & H., Nov. 23, 1857, 5m 2d

Locke, George, 1861, 22y

"If a man die shall he live again"

Pitcher, Jacob, July 12, 1876, 75y
Pitcher, Eliza, wife, Feb. 19, 1840, 35y
Pitcher, Elizabeth, dau., March 19, 1857, 24y 8m 4d
Pitcher, William, son, March 1, 1846, 6m 10d

"Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care
This lovely bud to heaven conveyed
And bid it blossum there."

Pitcher, William, Jan. 13, 1863, 77y 9m 4d
Pitcher, Betsy, wife, Feb. 4, 1887, 92y 11m 6d
Pitcher, William, Jan. 13, 1873, 87y, War of 1812 Inf.
Pitcher, Simeon, 1854, 89y, War of 1812 Inf.

Taylor, Annette, wife of Harrison H., May 27, 1873, 30y 10m
Taylor, Edward, 1827-1908
Taylor, Mary E., wife, 1840-19
Taylor, Edward, 1861, 27y
Taylor, Loesa R., wife, Oct. 14, 1864, 27y 1m 5d

"She is gone but not forgotten"

Vanduzer, John, June 21, 1857, 46y 16d

"He rests in hope"

Vanduzer, Cynthia C., wife, Nov. 15, 1890, 76y 5m

Knox, Mary J., wife of George, June 9, 1865, 22y

Seger, Eliza, wife of Daniel, Nov. 1, 1864, 16y 8m 26d

Hart, Ann, wife of Samuel G., Mar. 21, 1865, 44y 11m 20d

"We part dear wife but for a while
A brief farewell is given
We trust that through our Saviour's death
We soon shall meet in heaven.
The sting of death is gone."

Hollenbeck, Dea M., Aug. 29, 1856, 59y 5m

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Hollenbeck, Catharine, wife, May 29, 1862, 61y 6m 21d

Pope, Jonathan, June 13, 1848, 83y 4m 11d

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Messinger, Isabela, wife of Edward, Apr. 18, 1862, 26y 3m 19d

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Messinger, John W., March 13, 1859, 79y 4m 18d, Soldier

"There is rest in heaven"

Granger, Elisha, Jan. 22, 1847, 52y
Granger, Emeline, dau. E. & Sally, Oct. 22, 1833, 4y (Clark-14y 3m)

Pollock, James, Dec. 21, 1866, 63y

"Dearest husband thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God who hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.
Yet again we hope to meet you
When the day of life is fled
And in heaven with joy to greet you
Where no farewell tear is shed."

Pollock, Elizabeth, dau. J. & Sophia, April 11, 1860, 7m 4d

"Happy infant early blest
Rest in peaceful slumber rest."

Gault/Gale, Sophia, wife of Alvan, Sept. 2, 1830, 29y

Hall, Richard W., son M.M. & S.A., 1847, 17m

Reed, Harvy, June 25, 1850, 54y

Wooley, Isibel, wife of Peter, Nov. 13, 1845, 23y 6m 19d

"Remember friends as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now soon you must be
Prepare to die and follow me."

Wooley, Charles, son P. & P., Apr. 22, 1842, 12y 3m
Wooley, Polly, wife of Peter, Feb. 24, 1841, 27y

Espenscheid, John, Oct. 16, 1781-March 31, 1849
Espenscheid, Catharine, wife, Feb. 5, 1788-Dec. 20, 1835

Stearns, Madison L., Nov. 17, 1870, 50y 7m 21d

"Gone but not forgotten"

Stearns, Esther, Aug. 31, 1872, 38y 8m
Stearns, Lemuel, March 18, 1872, 78y 8m

"Rest in hope"

Stearns, Lydia, wife, Jan. 12, 1855, 68y 7m
Stearns, Louisa, dau. Lemuel & Lydia, Oct. 13, 1849, 19y 9m 15d
Stearns, Lydia, dau. Lemuel & Lydia, Apr. 13, 1844, 23y 8m (Clark-1841)

Brower, Peter, Dec. 8, 1834, 60y 7m 8d, War of 1812
Brower, Catharine, wife, Sept. 28, 1847, 72y 3m 18d
Brower, Aaron, Sept. 1, 1836, 35y 6m

Cole, Rosamond L., dau. Seth & Lucretia, Feb. 15, 1850, 30y 2m 2d

"Peace in Jesus"

Cole, Stephen, May 1, 1855, 31y 1m
"Onto thy hands O Lord I commit my spirit"

Steele, Franklin L., son H.L. & H., Feb. 24, 1852, 8m 17d
Steele, Delberteen, son H.L. &. H., Oct. 20, 1854, 3 weeks 4 days
Steele, Alberteen, dau. H.L. & H., Jan. 9, 1855, 3m 5d

Wilcox, William, son Potter & Nancy, May 22, 1851, 2y 5m 12d
Wilcox, James J., son Potter & Nancy, Dec. 24, 1853, 1y 8m 5d

Caves, Minnie, 1874-1882

Hopkins, Solomon, May 13, 1884, 46y 5m 17d
Hopkins, James, June 19, 1852, 84y 7m 15d

"Useful in life, calm in death
At God's call resigned his breath."

Hopkins, James Jr., son J. & Diana, Jan. 26, 1854, 23y 7m, 22d

"Friends and physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave.
Nor can they confine it here
When Christ doth call it to appear."

Hopkins, James, Apr. 15, 1869, 66y 1m 4d
Hopkins, Diana, wife, July 13, 1867, 66y 7m

"At rest"

Allen, Harriet, dau., L.D. & E.M., 1852, 2y

Grafke, Matilda, dau. F. & C., 1855, 10m

DeWitt, Ada Delphene, dau. D.W. & O.A., Sept. 12, 1851, 1y 26d

Doncker, Eliza C., dau. J.C. & M., Aug. 6, 1859, 2y 10m 21d

Mitchell, Leonard C., 1867, 19y
Mitchell, Maude E., 1874-1938

Espenscheid, Chloris V. 1909-1910
Espenscheid, Louise, wife of F., 1853-1918
Stell, Versa L. Espenscheid, wife of M.S. Stell, 1879-1909

Steele, Halsey L., Jan. 25, 1870, 46y 4m 25d

"I shall be satisfied when I awake in his likeness"

Steele, Hannah, wife, March 7, 1903, 76y 5m 19d

Stearns, Sarah A., 1822-1901

Lester, Allen 1808-1885
Lester, Samantha, wife, 1807-1875
Lester, Augusta, wife of Orren, May 12, 1869, 19y 29d

Messenger, William, 1824-1907
Messenger, Lucretia, wife, 1828-1920

Powell, Josephine, 1851-1929

Smedley, Solomon G., March 27, 1889, 92y, War of 1812 Inf.

Lent, Charles D., March 3, 1910, 81y, 9 Reg. N.Y. Vol.
Lent, Laura L., wife, Sept. 25, 1914, 84y
Lent, Charles M., May 3, 1905, 39y, Co. H, B. Rg. Penn. Vol.

Edwards,Theodore 1822-1893
Edwards, Maria, wife, 1825-1899

Camp, Samuel H., 1852-1918
Camp, Minerva, dau. S.H. & E.J., 1892, 3y

Smith, Lucy A., wife of Luther, Sept. 2, 1870, 75y 2m 11d

Fowler, George 1841-1911, Civil War
Fowler, Harriet E., wife, 1846-1939
Fowler, Adelbert H., son, 1876-1912
Fowler, G. Elliot, son, 1873-1874

Hoxie, Gertrude, 1843-1926

Clark, Martha L., 1851-1936

Ashford, Byron M., 1862-1918
Ashford, Lucy Shaw, wife, 1861-1939

Cole, Seth Jr., 1829-1903
Cole, Kate E., 1852-1921
Cole, M. Elizabeth, wife of Seth Jr., Oct. 20, 1869, 34y 4m 21d

Odell, Melvin R., Dec. 15, 1835-Feb. 11, 1909
Odell, Sophia Camp, wife, 1848-1918

Camp, Jesse B., May 16, 1819-Apr. 16, 1891
Camp, Laura M., wife, Sept. 12, 1876, 50y 10m 10d

Whiting, William G., 1833-1893
Whiting, Emeline, wife, 1836-1893
Whiting, Maria P., wife, Dec. 13, 1870, 27y 1m 21d "Return my soul unto thy rest"
Whiting, Frances J., dau. W.G. & M., 1865-1906

Reynolds, Betsy Jane, wife of Clark, Apr. 26, 1870, 48y 5m 10d

Blowers, Warren, Jan. 7, 1869, 45y 7d "Gone but not forgotten"
Blowers, Adeliza, wife, March 25, 1881, 54y 4m 27d
Blowers, Edward, 1830-1895

Bryant, Lillia Boyd, 1852-1926

Proseus, F. Jerome, 1833-1893
Proseus, Maria, wife, 1838-1919
Proseus, John, 1873-1918

Dennis, Warren B., son A.F. & E.A., Feb 11, 1866, 8m 5d
Dennis, Lillie May, dau. A.F. & E.A., Oct. 19, 1875, 4y 7m 1d

Cole, Lucretia, wife of Seth, Jan. 5, 1874, 71y
Cole, Lily Jeanette, Feb.-Nov. 1878

Webler, E.A., 1879-1922
Webler, Helena B., wife, 1875-1937
Webler, Henry, 1838-1912
Webler, Harriet C., wife, 1850-1926

Arms, Almira, wife of Morris, March 10, 1869, 57y

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"

Pollok, Erastus, Sept. 16, 1885, 70y 2m 20d
Pollok, Lamantha, wife, Oct. 22, 1888, 69y 6m 5d
Pollok, Thomas C., Nov. 15, 1830-
Pollok, Ratie M., wife, July 19, 1848-Oct. 11, 1901
Pollok, Emma, dau. E. & L., May 3, 1866, 20y 9m

"None knew her but to love her
None named her but to praise"

Pollok, Bigalow, Oct. 13, 1865, 26y

"We mourn the loss of our beloved
But the Saviour called him away
And he is safely now in heaven
Far better off than we today.
Back to earth we do not wish thee
Though thy form we'd like to see
Soon our days will all be numbered
Then we hope by grace to meet thee."

Rancart, Philip, Aug. 1, 1904, 70y
Rancart, Harriet, wife, July 25, 1875, 47y 4m 22d
Rancart, Elnora Gatchell, wife of Philip, 1841-1909

Towns, A.G., March 20, 1904, 79y
Towns, Jane Lemmon, wife, Jan. 2, 1892, 59y 6m
Towns, Asa G., d. Allen, Hillsdale Co., Mich., Jan. 26, 1860, 68y 2m 19d
Towns, Aurilla, wife, March 13, 1872, 75y 5m 29d

Sucher, William G., son Wm. H. & Mary J., 1882, 3y

Johnson, William, Oct. 5, 1871, 72y 3m 18d

Jewell, John, 1832-1902
Jewell, Mary Lemmon, wife, June 1841-1912

Lemmon, Elijah, Dec. 27, 1879, 82y 7m 5d, War of 1812

"I have fought a good fight
I have finished my course
I have kept the faith."

Lemmon, Ann, wife, July 14, 1900, 97y 25d

Hood, Helen, wife of Leonard, May 19, 1884, 46y 1m 23d

Taylor, William, Apr. 21, 1872, 68y 8m
Taylor, Harriet, wife, June 12, 1898, 93y 4m
Taylor, Nancy, 1811-1901

Stell, Henry J.
Stell, Mary S., wife, 1853-1915
Stell, Alice, dau., 1886-1912

Brockett, Lyman E., 1910-1934

Turpin, Mortimer A., 1880-1939
Turpin, Cora Toughy, wife, 1883-19

Mayou, Abram, 1876-1939
Mayou, Zena T., wife, 1880-19

Mables, Abram, 1879-19
Mables, Elizabeth T., wife, 1872-19

Riggs, John F., 1879-1937

Reynolds, William E., 1859-1932

Welch, William, 1864-19
Welch, Cornelia Kitchen, wife, Sept. 23, 1936

Hendricks, George F., 1856-19
Hendricks, Elizabeth, wife, 1859-1909

Peters, Bert E., 1877-19
Peters, Marian H., wife, 1892-1937
Peters, Seward & Winfred, sons, 1919

Klumpp, Daniel, 1834-1901
Klumpp, Magdalena, wife, Sept. 14, 1878, 41y 5m 26d
Klumpp, Irwin W., son, Oct. 6, 1878, 2m 3d
Klumpp, Eva S. & Lizzie, daughters
Klumpp, Helen L., 1861-1937
Klumpp, Dora, Jan. 2, 1872, 1y 28d
Klumpp, Eddie C., 1873-1935
Klumpp, Freddie W., (no dates)
Klumpp, Charles E., Sept. 19, 1909
Klumpp, Emma D., Nov. 5, 1929
Klumpp, Hattie C. (no dates)

Messenger, Edward, Feb. 16, 1899, 91y
Messenger, Lydia A., wife, June 2, 1875, 65y 8m 5d "Gone but not forgotten"

Hopkins, George, 1842-1903
Hopkins, Mary E., wife, 1849-1917

Pitcher, Chester, 1830-1904
Pitcher, Maria Antoinette, wife, 1839-1925
Pitcher, Newton, son, May 12, 1884, 27y 10m 21d

Hewitt, Orson O., 1796-1888
Hewitt, Nancy Ann, wife, 1799-1873
Hewitt, Willis, son, 1832-1885
Hewitt, James O., son, 1839-1898

Gaffield, George J., son M. & D., June 17, 1877, 1y 1m 8d

"Only a little baby
Gone to its heavenly rest
Only a little tender lamb
Safe on the Saviour's breast."

Cramer, Philip, 1828-1874
Cramer, Elizabeth, wife, 1826-1903
Cramer, Eugene, son, 1871-1895
Cramer, William, 1865-1903

Walhizer, A.G., 1849-1915
Walhizer, Elizabeth, wife, 1852-19
Walhizer, Clinton L., son, 1873-1917

Keir, Elizabeth, wife of A.G., Apr. 3, 1843-Jan. 2, 1912

Fowler, Cora Burlee, 1872-1926

Hermenet, Frances E., 1911-1931

Collins, Mary Johnston, wife of Edmond, 1857-1940

Davis, Rev. H.W., 1854-1930
Davis, Inez Sage, wife, 1862-1936

Reynolds, Isaac, 1840-1910, Co. I, 98 Reg. N.Y. Vol. Inf.
Reynolds, Catherine, wife, 1838-1911
Reynolds, Maude, 1868-1927

Calhoun, Charles, 1842-1929, Co. D, I Michigan Sharp Shooters

Whitney, Lorenzo, 1820-1908
Whitney, Matilda, wife, 1823-1896

Tinklepaugh, Chas. Westley, 1836-1916
Tinklepaugh, Louise Zorado Ackerman, wife, 1841-1913

Burlee, John, 1843-1922
Burlee, Jane, wife, 1843-1920

Seaman, H.F., M.D., 1843-1914
Seaman, Augusta C., wife, 1850-1934

Brown, Anna, wife of Mathew, May 7, 1873, 18y 8m

Coon, Edward, 1867-1938

Feltman, Martha J. 1855-19
Feltman, Henry Felkman, 1858-1928

Raymer, Henry, 1863-19
Raymer, Augusta E., wife, 1867-1922
Raymer, Ambrose H., son, 1888-1898

Koon, William B., 1855-1899
Koon, Addie C., wife, 1860-1918
Koon, Matilda Bramer, 1882-1920

Cottrell, Clive Monroe, 1875-1936

Case, Marshall, 1857-1934

Mallinder, R.H., 1878-1940

Case, Lewis, Oct. 25, 1897, 72y

Lemmon, Rose, 1853-1917
Lemmon, Mae. A., 1878-1904

Webler, Fred C., 1874-1935
Webler, Clara M., wife, 1874-1922

Metz, Saloma, 1842-1907

Morgan, Israel, 1832-1916
Morgan, Mahala, wife, 1834-1903
Morgan, Mary Delores Walsh, 1922-1922

Trowbridge, Theodore S., 1837-1897
Trowbridge, Emily J., wife, 1839-1931
Trowbridge, Melvin C., son, 1863-1908

Weber, Jacob 1835-1911
Weber, Magdalena, wife, 1842-1896
Weber, George, son, 1870-1896

Kansier, Christoper, Dec. 2, 1878, 68y 1m 1d
Kansier, Frederica, wife, 1898, 90y
Kansier, Frederick, 1837-1917
Kansier, Dorothea, wife, 1840-1931
Kansier, William H., 1838-1903
Kansier, Mary E., wife, 1841-1926
Kansier, Bertha, 1868-19-

Reynolds, Eli, Apr. 23, 1903, 87y
Reynolds, Samantha, wife, Nov. 28, 1893, 69y 8m

"Fond parents weep no more
I am free from pain and care
To Jesus arms I'll go and rest
Oh come and meet me there"

Reynolds, Polly A., dau., Oct. 6, 1863, 4y 1m

"This lovely rose ere it had bloomed
Was snatched by death, laid in the tomb
Her maker has called her away
As if too good on earth to stay"

Reynolds, Edward C., son, 1882, 24y 7m
Reynolds, Clark, June 11, 1900, 88y

Polhamus, Albert, Sept. 9, 1875, 65y 9m 22d
Polhamus, Lucy E.A., wife, Apr. 4, 1885, 69y 4m 20d

Gaffield, Matthew K., 1840-1918
Gaffield, Delia C., wife, 1848-1920

Hawks, Seth, Jan. 21, 1821, 60y
Hawks, Tirzah, wife, Jan. 11, 1823, 58y

Walling, William, May 25, 1849, 61y 4m, Soldier War of 1812
Walling, Catherine, wife, Feb. 8, 1868, 69y 1m 2d "Gone but not forgotten"
Walling, Phebe, dau., May 25, 1849, 16y 4m
Walling, George, May 17, 1846, 23y

"And may each sympathizing friend
Unto the solemn voice attend
Which faintly echoes from the sod
It is prepare to meet thy God."

Walling, Harriet, dau., Nov. 3, 1838, 1y 2m 19d

Bartlett, Samuel, Oct. 26, 1820, 43y

Bancroft, Thaddeus, June 20, 1830, 82y, War of 1812 Inf.
Bancroft, In memory of Mrs. Mary, consort of Thaddeus, Aug. 15, 1813, 50y

"Life's busy scenes with me are oer
No change will ever await me more
But readers pause prepare to be
A lodger in this place like me."

Griffiths, David, son of G. P., Feb. 14, 1821, 1y 2m 18d

Barnard, Doct. Samuel, Sept. 4, 1815, 51y

Brown, Horace, Aug. 6, 1837, 27y 3m 28d

"Friends nor physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine him here
When Christ shall call him to appear."

Taylor, Samuel Jacobs, Jan. 27, 1829 - Apr. 1, 1900
Taylor, Edward, Sept. 27, 1854, 61y 6m 26d, War of 1812

"Behold young man as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me."

Taylor, Mary Ann, wife, Sept. 28,1845, 48y 5m 29d

"This marble slab was reared to show
Whose dust it is that sleeps below
Likewise to tell the passer by
That she in life prepared to die."

Taylor, Benjamin - no dates on monument
Taylor, Miranda - no dates on monument
Taylor, Othanil - no dates on monument

Walker, Joseph P., 1835-1864, G.A.R. flag (Clark records say died Nov. 21, 1864, 29y 4m 5d, of Co. D, 111th Reg. N.Y.S.V.)

Good night to hope's illusive bow
To love's soft pious light
To brightest joy dispelled by woe
A long a last good night."

Walker, Marian, wife, 1838-1878
Walker, Burtie, son of J. & L.M., March 14, 1862, 1y 6m 12d

"Good night to hands now clasped and cold
To hear be now freed from pain
To loving lips beneath the mould
That greet not mine again."

Delano, William, Apr. 25, 1875, 89y
Delano, Hannah, wife, Oct. 18, 1827, 35y
Delano, Asenath Ann, Aug. 20, 1827, 1y 9m 20d
Delano, Infant, born & died, Oct. 6, 1827

Parker, Charlotte Ann, wife of Zina, Nov. 29, 1854, 26y

Jenks, Stephen, Jan. 8, 1850, 73y 2m 29d
Jenks, Mary, wife, May 3, 1865, 80y 8m 21d

Randall, Hathaway, Feb. 18, 1859, 81y 11m 20d
Randall, Priscilla, consort of Hathaway, Sep. 13, 1828, 23y 4m 25d (Clark records say 53y)

"I lay my body down to sleep
Peace is the pillow for my head
While well appointed angels keep
Their watchful stations round my bed."

Randall, Mary, wife, Jan. 29,1870, 64y 2d "Gone but not forgotten"
Randall, Willard, 1857, 78y, War of 1812 Inf.
Randall, Peleg G., Aug. 15, 1896, 89y 8m 21d
Randall, Sally, wife, Sept. 5, 1876, 70y 1m 3d "There is rest for the weary"

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